Rating of planer machines: choose a machine for working with wood


Thicknessing machines are designed to work with wood. This is a special type of planer designed to work with blanks and adjust them in thickness. Often, parts are processed that have already passed through the planer. If you live outside the city, or love working with wood, check out our ranking of the best thicknessing machines for the home workshop. It is important to choose equipment that is suitable in size and cost, and also pay attention to some characteristics. We will tell you what you need to pay attention to when buying.

TOP of the best thicknessing machines for the home workshop

10. Metabo DH 330

The device is distinguished by a long thicknessing table, as well as high reliability of the design. The number of knives for woodworking — 2. The bed is missing. Thickness of thickness — 3 mm.


  • quality assembly;
  • comfortable, smooth table;
  • fast wood processing;
  • small body size.


  • knives need to be replaced after 3-4 months of use.

Buyers note that they are satisfied with the purchased machine and use it in their home workshop for the manufacture of furniture and various wood decor. In order for the device to work without interruption, it is necessary to strictly follow the operating instructions, and change the knives in time, preventing them from becoming dull.

9. Encore Corvette 222

Thicknesser Enkor is sold in a complete set, which includes a handle, legs, fixing screw, adjusting device, caliber, and other parts. The main advantage is the presence of an adjustment scale, with which you can set the exact settings for wood processing. The machine is easy to use, has a special handle with a roller.


  • body stability due to the presence of a wide frame;
  • comfortable handle;
  • factory settings;
  • compact size of the device.


  • in most cases, replacement of knives is required already in the first months of operation.

Despite the fact that the device works without significant failures and breakdowns, it is necessary to change the knives regularly, and many users consider this the main disadvantage of the machine. However, it is perfectly calibrated and allows for accurate and high-quality processing of any wooden surfaces.


Thicknessing machine from the SPETS company has a power of 2000 W and a shaft speed of 8000 rpm. With proper use, you can ensure high-quality processing of wooden blanks and fit to size. The maximum workpiece height is 160 mm.


  • affordable price;
  • quality assembly;
  • small body;
  • high-quality workpiece processing.


  • some parts require replacement after 12-16 months of operation.

According to buyers, the SPEC CRM-2000 machine is the most suitable option if you need to purchase a budget device with good characteristics. The machine is suitable for work in a home workshop. High-quality processing of a tree is possible at observance of rules of use of the equipment.

7. Makita 2012NB

The thicknessing machine is suitable for processing boards to a depth of 3 mm. The device is equipped with two working knives for cutting wood. The station is missing. The equipment has small dimensions and can fit even in a small workshop.


  • high-quality factory setting;
  • silent mode of operation;
  • self-positioning legs;
  • the presence of a chip extractor;
  • durability.


  • the cost of the device is higher than that of some models with similar characteristics.

When working with a thicknessing machine, you can change knives — the device will last for many years if you replace worn knives in time and lubricate and polish individual parts.

6. SR4-20M-01

Using the CP4 machine, the master can plan planing of boards and beams. This equipment is perfect for small workshops, in particular for small-scale production of furniture and wood products.


  • rigid frame damping vibration;
  • a separate electric motor for the feed drive;
  • comfortable table;
  • quality rollers;
  • good assembly of the machine, reliable parts.


  • high price.

Buyers note that the CP4 device, despite the high price, has many positive characteristics. The table moves manually, while the machine is very convenient to use. The surface of the table is smooth, which allows processing boards in accordance with all standards for furniture production. The design is very simple, reliable and convenient.


The thicknessing machine from the manufacturer DEWALT is very popular among buyers. With the help of equipment, you can carefully process a wooden blank, giving it a perfectly flat and smooth surface.


  • compact size;
  • high quality;
  • mounting holes in the device;
  • aluminium case;
  • the presence of a protective cover.


  • high price.

According to buyers, with the help of the DeWALT thicknessing machine, you can perform work of any complexity and prepare the tree for further use, giving it an ideal shape. There are no problems during operation if you follow the instructions.


The maximum depth of thickness for this machine is 2.5 mm. Workpieces are fed at high speed, do not slip and are carefully processed. On the machine, workpieces with a height of not more than 130 mm can be processed.


  • good value for money;
  • high power;
  • quality processing;
  • small design size.


  • lack of a compartment for collecting shavings.

Customers are satisfied with the device and note that it is great for a home workshop for making furniture and woodwork. The main advantage is simple and convenient operation, as well as the absence of malfunctions in the device, which can lead to breakdown in the future.

3. ZUBR RS-320

Thicknessing machine ZUBR RS-320 is a convenient and high-quality equipment for a home workshop. The maximum possible depth of thicknessing is 2.5 mm. The equipment is equipped with two knives. The station is missing.


  • full set;
  • favorable cost;
  • high-quality processing of blanks;
  • a smooth table that reduces the friction of the wood.


  • small dimensions.

According to buyers, the ZUBR machine is a great option for a workshop. Thanks to the presence of a glass smooth table, the wood slides easily over the surface.

2. Belmash SDR-2200

The machine is designed to work with wood and is suitable for both planing and thicknessing. With the help of the machine, the master can give the tree the necessary shape. Workpieces are automatically fed through a special «window» in the machine. The design is equipped with a convenient mechanism with which you can move the machine to any place or even transport it.


  • Comfortable 45 degree tilt
  • quality assembly;
  • high performance;
  • durable case;
  • full set.


  • Parts may be damaged if the operating instructions are not followed.

Buyers believe that the Belmash thicknessing machine is convenient and high-quality equipment that is great for a home workshop. The main advantages of the machine: a parallel fence, the presence of a planer shaft, as well as the possibility of broaching the workpiece, which does not leave any marks on the wooden surface. The price of the equipment corresponds to the criterion of «quality».

1. Wmt-318 craton

Thicknessing machine Kraton wmt — 318 is designed for processing beams to obtain a given thickness. The equipment is equipped with an overheating protection system, which allows the machine to work for a long time, without significant failures and breakdowns. Due to the high speed of rotation of the shaft, the master can achieve good, high-quality wood processing. Power — 1500 watts.


  • high shaft speed;
  • affordable cost;
  • compact size of the device;
  • automatic workpiece feed.


  • there may not be enough planing depth for some jobs.

Buyers are 100% satisfied with the quality of the equipment and believe that this is one of the best tools at a bargain price. The machine is compact and easy to use. In addition, the manufacturer delivers equipment throughout Russia, which is also very convenient for most buyers.

Table of comparative characteristics of planer-thickness machines

To understand which machine to choose for work — planer or thicknesser, it is necessary to study their characteristics and technical features.

Feature/Description Planer Planer
Processed material Wood Wood
Purpose Rectilinear planing Flat chipping
Cutting tool knife shaft knife shaft
Shaft location Bottom of workpiece Top of workpiece
Thickness calibration Not Yes

A jointer is perfect if you need to prepare the base plane of a wooden blank. The thickening machine allows not only to level the board, but also to make the second side of the workpiece parallel to the first side.

How to choose a thicknessing machine

Before deciding on the purchase of a thicknessing machine, it is necessary to take into account several factors and characteristics. A woodworking machine is an expensive thing, and in most cases you can get by with an ordinary planer or jointer. However, if wood processing takes a lot of time, or the production of furniture or wooden blanks has been organized, then purchasing a thicknessing machine is the best solution.

The main advantages of the machine:

  • high performance;
  • safety;
  • processing quality.

To purchase the best thicknessing machine, you need to pay attention to several factors:

  • price. High cost often becomes an obstacle to buying, despite the fact that the device may be of high quality and excellent performance. An important nuance — buying a cheap machine does not mean that the device will not be of high quality, however, it may have less power or a reduced level of performance. Buying a machine for home repair, you can save money, but if the plans include the production of furniture, it is recommended to choose a quality model at a decent price;
  • place. Despite the fact that thicknessers are small-sized, they still require a special place for their installation and storage. Sometimes buyers take into account the dimensions of the equipment, but forget to take into account the length of the boards that will be processed;
  • technical characteristics of the device. When buying, you should pay attention to the width and length of the cut, the weight of the equipment and the shaft speed. Power is also an important indicator — for standard work, an average power of up to 1500 watts is sufficient. To work with hardwood, a device with a power of up to 1800 watts is required.

In order not to make a mistake when buying, you should choose equipment in accordance with the goals. If you plan to manufacture furniture, then the more powerful the machine, the better. For home use and the manufacture of simple wooden products from softwood, a budget, simple machine is suitable.

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