Rating of cereals for the first feeding: what kind of porridge to choose for the first feeding


Each mother chooses only the best cereals for the first feeding. The child grows so fast that already in the third or fourth month of his life, the parents have a question: What to choose for complementary foods? How to check the composition? All cereals that are sold in stores are divided into several types: with gluten and without gluten. Porridge is an important element of the children’s diet, all pediatricians recommend introducing foods with the presence of buckwheat or rice flakes into the diet. The rating of cereals for the first complementary foods was prepared taking into account the reviews and ratings left by buyers, as well as based on the advice of pediatricians.

What are the types of baby cereals

There are two main groups of cereals — with and without dairy products. Cow’s milk is not always healthy, it is one of the strongest allergens that is not recommended for babies.

On sale you can find such options for cereals as:

  • one-component — from one cereal;
  • multicomponent — from 2-3 cereals;
  • with yogurt, cookie crumbs or cottage cheese;
  • with dried fruits.

For babies from three months old, only simple cereals are suitable — one- and two-component, without any additives.

Advice! If the child has not yet eaten any porridge, it is best to start complementary foods with a single-component one, so it will be easier to understand the cause of the allergy if the baby is covered with red spots.

TOP baby hypoallergenic cereals without milk

5. Fleur Alpine Buckwheat

Whole-grain, nutritious product is made in compliance with the technology, and provides the child with the necessary vitamins and minerals to normalize the digestive tract. You can prepare the mixture both in water and in milk, if it is not contraindicated for use.


  • without preservatives;
  • does not disturb the child’s digestion;
  • preparing quickly;
  • sold in many stores;
  • has a light buckwheat flavor.


  • the price is higher than other manufacturers.

According to buyers, porridge is great for baby food, the main thing is to cook it strictly according to the instructions. Children eat porridge with pleasure, they do not have any reaction or allergy.

4. Semper buckwheat

Package weight — 180 g. Porridge is suitable for feeding babies from four months. The product is prepared easily and quickly, does not require cooking. It is enough just to fill the porridge with water according to the instructions.


  • without milk in the composition;
  • liquid consistency;
  • the presence of vitamins and minerals;
  • good taste.


  • the price is higher than other manufacturers.

According to buyers, Semper porridge is great for the first feeding and children like it. Semper’s production is completely organic, there are no harmful additives and components in the porridge that can harm the baby’s digestive system. The preparation of the product is very simple — just pour the flakes with water and stir until completely dissolved.

3. Nestle hypoallergenic dairy-free porridge

One package is enough for several months of use. The product is made from one component and does not cause allergies.


  • profitable price;
  • hypoallergenic components;
  • useful elements necessary for the baby;
  • big package.


  • in most cities it is sold only in the children’s world.

According to buyers, Nestle porridge is the best option for baby food. The porridge dissolves quickly, has a simple taste that kids like. Children eat the product with pleasure, and often prefer Nestle porridge to any other cereals.

2. Gerber buckwheat

The weight of a standard package is 180 g. The porridge is made from one component and does not require cooking. The product is enriched with probiotics and iron.


  • hypoallergenic components;
  • fast cooking;
  • useful trace elements for the child;
  • no maltodextrin in the composition;
  • profitable price.


  • no measuring spoon in the box.

The porridge cooks quickly and dissolves well. According to most mothers, children like porridge due to the sweet taste, but there are no sugar and other harmful substances in the composition.

1. Baby Sitter rice (from 4 months)

The main advantage of this product is the presence of vitamins and microelements that a child needs for full growth and development. Rice is a completely natural, hypoallergenic component. In the production of porridge, rice groats are ground into flour, due to which they quickly boil when poured with water.


  • one-component composition;
  • ease of preparation;
  • large volume of packaging;
  • no cooking required
  • there are no preservatives and any additives;
  • no gluten.


  • porridge of this brand is not always available in convenience stores.

Customers find Baby Sitter porridge to be a great first food option. It is hypoallergenic and dairy-free, easy and quick to prepare and does not require cooking.

The best gluten-free cereals

4. Hipp buckwheat porridge

Hipp baby porridge made from buckwheat flakes is sold in a package weighing 200 g. The composition does not contain gluten, additional additives and sugar, only one component of completely natural origin is used.


  • cooking time — five minutes;
  • one-component composition;
  • the presence of nutrients for the health of the child;
  • no additives that can cause allergies.


  • there is no measuring spoon in the box.

Customers believe that all Hipp cereals, including buckwheat, are an excellent option for baby food from 4 months. Preparing the product is very simple, just dilute with hot water and stir. Children happily eat porridge, without any consequences, they do not develop allergies or other gastrointestinal disorders.

3. Fleur Alpine with Prebiotics

The product is made from high quality, organic raw materials. The composition contains prebiotics that help improve the child’s immunity and improve the functioning of the digestive tract.


  • simple preparation;
  • one component;
  • lack of palm oil and preservatives;
  • absence of gluten.


  • small package.

Buyers note that children like Fleur Alpine corn porridge, it does not cause disturbances in the digestive tract, and also does not contribute to allergies. Porridge is very convenient to cook, just dilute with water. The composition, according to buyers, is perfect, there is nothing superfluous in the porridge.

2. Fleur Alpine 3 cereals

Dry porridge based on whole grains is easily diluted with hot water. This is an organic baby food product made in Germany.


  • suitable for children from 6 months;
  • simple preparation;
  • detailed instructions on the package;
  • no added sugar and salt.


  • small package at a high price compared to other manufacturers.

According to buyers, the only disadvantage of this porridge is its thin consistency, especially if you add a little more water than is necessary according to the instructions.

1. Bebi hypoallergenic porridge

Porridge is suitable for children from 4 months. Package weight — 200 g. The product contains prebiotics, which help to improve the digestion process. Porridge consists of one component and does not contain any harmful components, including added sugar and salt.


  • lack of palm oil and preservatives;
  • no gluten in the composition;
  • easy and quick to prepare;
  • consists of one component — buckwheat flakes.


  • with insufficient dilution of porridge with water, lumps appear.

According to buyers, this product is great for complementary foods and children like it. Packaging is used sparingly, children like all the flavors of porridge, including buckwheat. The main advantages include composition, taste and ease of preparation. There is only one minus — if you pour an insufficient amount of water, lumps appear.

How to choose the right porridge for the first feeding

Although gluten itself does not pose any danger, some people develop gluten intolerance, and eating it can cause a serious allergic reaction. When a child is small, you should not check if he has allergies or not, it is best to choose cereals that do not contain gluten.

One-component cereals made from buckwheat, millet, corn or rice are best suited.

Doctors recommend using only simple, one-component cereals for the first feeding. In this case, the child’s intestines will work normally, without failures and dysbacteriosis.

The main task for each parent is to choose such cereals to which the baby will not have any reactions. Manufacturers present a wide choice for consumers, it is only important to find such cereals that are suitable for starting complementary foods.

You should pay attention to the fact that the grains are completely peeled and crushed to the smallest grains. Porridge made from buckwheat or rice flour is best absorbed by the body, digested quickly and does not cause discomfort. It is very difficult to prepare the right cereal at home, so it is better to choose the right product in the store.

Pediatricians give some advice for new parents:

  1. The ideal option is dairy-free cereals. Milk contains the protein casein, which can cause severe allergies.
  2. It is important that the composition is 100% gluten-free.
  3. You should choose cereals that are ready to eat. Well, if they contain not only protein, but also iron.

When introducing complementary foods, it is necessary to observe the reaction of the child to each product — this way you can quickly understand if an allergy occurs and eliminate dangerous foods.

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