How many RAM sticks are better to put — 2 or 4: Top 5 best models


How to choose RAM (RAM, ddr), which memory module is better

Not so long ago, RAM was far from being in the foreground when assembling a personal computer. As a rule, the focus is on the processor and video card. It may seem to many that there is no difference which RAM module to install — the main thing is to have more of it. Indeed, in the past, RAM did not have the strongest impact on computer performance, but these days, high-frequency modules can increase overall performance quite a lot. Therefore, choosing a RAM is as responsible as other components.

The industry of components for a modern PC is constantly evolving and RAM is not left out. Almost every year we can see how new technologies appear, various systems are being modernized. All this greatly improves the performance of the modules, which become less «hot» and «gluttonous» in terms of energy consumption. Often innovative models cannot be installed in outdated types of PCs.

Many could see special markings on various RAM modules — DDR (double data rate). This shows which generation the RAM is related to. DDR and DDR 2 are already quite old today and cannot be found on sale. DDR3 is still popular as it predates the current DDR4. If we consider the assembly of computers today, then the fourth generation RAM would be the best choice. Finding out if a module will be compatible with your computer is pretty easy. Each type of memory has its own connector, so it will be impossible to install the wrong memory.

How many planks to install

If you want to upgrade your PC, it is important to take into account many different features and nuances. Of course, the main issue when choosing a RAM will be its quantity for optimal performance. Suppose that you need to install enough RAM on your PC to be able to comfortably play modern video games. In this case, sixteen gigabytes will be enough. However, there are some nuances here. It is necessary to properly choose not only the brand, but also the number of modules.

If the motherboard has 2 slots, then it is optimal to install 2 slats of eight gigabytes each. So the system will work noticeably faster — in 2 channels. When installing sixteen gigabytes of memory, the system operates in 1 channel. All this will reduce performance in terms of speed. If the board has sixteen memory slots, then it is possible to start operation in 4 channels as much as possible.

If the board has 4 slots, then it is better to install 2 sticks of 8 gigabytes each. For everything to work in two channels, you need to install the modules not side by side, but by color. As a rule, the board has slots of various colors. Many may be wondering why 2 bars and not 4.

The fact is that it is better not to install immediately into all available RAM slots, since:

  • In the future, you may need to upgrade your personal computer again, increasing the amount of RAM. If everything is full, then it will be problematic to upgrade — you will have to get rid of the old slats. If there are free slots, then it is enough just to buy the required number of slats by installing everything into the system.
  • Significant memory loads will negatively impact the system
  • If you install 4 bars, then if you need to overclock, it will be much more difficult to do this.

What is the size of the RAM modules

The amount of RAM is one of the main indicators, which will be indicated in gigabytes. Everything is quite simple here: the more memory, the better, since the amount of data stored in RAM will depend on this. For computers in offices, the best choice would be a value of four to eight gigabytes. In the past, only a few gigabytes were enough, but modern software is becoming more demanding on hardware, so it is better to have at least a small margin for the future.

For computer builds that are designed for more demanding software, it is better to take at least eight gigabytes of RAM. If a personal computer is intended to work with professional software and video games, then sixteen gigabytes of RAM would be the best choice at the moment.

Modern motherboards can support all 64 GB of RAM, however, as mentioned above, it is important to distribute the brackets across several channels.

Choosing RAM: characteristics, certifications and features

On the modern market there is a fairly large assortment of RAM, which differ in their specifications, characteristics and types. In addition to the DDR standard, there is also DDR4D DIMM, DDR4 SO-DIMM.

DIMM stands for Dual In-line Memory Module, i.e. double sided module. All this shows only the form factor.

SO-DIMM is quite an interesting solution. Small Outline Dual In-line Memory Modules are modules that are much smaller than standard sticks. As a rule, these solutions are used in portable technology.

There are different kinds of RAM form factors. There are solutions with radiators, which are often installed in cases with a transparent window — everything looks very impressive. If we talk about practical benefits, then the radiator provides additional cooling. Such modules will be relevant for gamers and those who like to overclock the system. There are also additional markings that indicate the type of memory in terms of buffering:

  • U-DIMM — no buffer
  • R-DIMM — Buffered
  • LR-DIMM — has a buffer and reduced power consumption
  • FB-DIMM — fully buffered memory

Is it possible to install modules with different frequencies and timings

Frequency and timings are the main characteristics of the RAM, which for the most part affect performance. The higher the memory frequency and the lower the timings, the more productive the RAM will be. The nuance here is that if you increase one value, the second will also increase. So it’s important to strike a balance here. As a rule, memory with high frequencies and lower timings is quite expensive.

For PCs that are meant to be used in the office, it doesn’t make much sense to buy high-speed RAM. If a computer is required for video games, then high-quality high-frequency memory is the best choice.

You can install RAM with different timings if there are no other alternatives. The main thing is to check the characteristics of the motherboard and processor. It is important that everything is compatible.

Is it possible to work with RAM from different brands on the same laptop

If there is a need to install RAM from different brands in a portable laptop, then the RAM will function. It is important that other nuances and differences are also taken into account when purchasing RAM. As a rule, different brands of RAM will not lead to a malfunction of the memory.

How to properly install RAM

The installation is pretty easy. Users with little experience in terms of knowledge of components will be able to cope with this task. Before starting the installation, it is important to gain access to the slots on the motherboard itself. As a rule, this will be enough to simply remove the cover on the PC case.

Then you need to bend the jumpers on the sides, and then insert the RAM module. You need to hold the module by the edge. It is not recommended to press in with force — the module should enter quietly. Only at the end can you press harder to firmly fix everything in the connector. Then you need to snap the latches. It remains only to turn on the computer. The system itself will recognize the new memory. Installation of additional software is not required, although there are certain models for which you need to install programs — but this is quite rare.

Rating of the best manufacturers of RAM

Today, modules can be found in the assortment of almost every brand that manufactures components. When choosing a brand, it is recommended to take into account the popularity of the manufacturer.

RAMs are becoming more affordable, and their characteristics allow you to work comfortably — whether it’s video games or demanding software that is used in professional needs.

Top most famous brands:

  1. Kingston. This manufacturer from the United States of America is known for its solutions for various components that are associated with different types of memory. On sale you can find a variety of models: from flash drives to solid state drives and RAM modules. The brand has proven itself on the positive side, as it delivers excellent solutions at an adequate cost, which in turn are distinguished by reliability.
  2. HyperX. Another famous brand from the United States of America. This company is a sub-brand of Kingston. The manufacturer also produces SSDs, flash drives, and various RAM modules. On sale you can find quite interesting solutions that are especially popular among video game lovers.
  3. Patriot Memory. The most famous brand of various components, whose headquarters is located in the United States of America. Various RAM modules from this manufacturer are of high quality and reliability, but the components are quite expensive.
  4. AMD. This company is known for its processors. However, the brand is engaged in the production of a wide variety of components, including RAM modules, which are quite common for computers based on processors from this brand. RAM modules are quite good performance and durability.
  5. ADATA. This company is known to many for a large number of flash drives, solid state drives, which are quite common in the domestic market. In the assortment of the manufacturer there are quite good modules of RAM and other components.

Kingston, ValueRAM KVR16N11/8

This solution belongs to the DDR3 type. This RAM is one of the best in its segment. This memory module has a DIMM form factor and has a low profile. All this allows installation in various non-standard cases and small computers. This model has eight gigabytes of memory. The characteristics of this solution are optimal for many computers that are five to ten years old. Among the advantages, one can single out an adequate price and the possibility for further overclocking.


  • good characteristics;
  • low profile;
  • adequate price.


  • may not be suitable for some motherboards.

G.SKILL, Aegis F4-3000C16D-16GISB

Another fairly high-quality DDR4 RAM module, which has good performance in terms of operation. Among the advantages, one can single out a clock frequency of three gigahertz and a bandwidth of twenty-four thousand megabits per second. Presented in the form of two modules of eight gigabytes. There is XMP support. This solution will be the best choice for personal computers that are designed for today’s demanding video games. Also, such a solution is often put in laptops. This module has excellent performance, they will cope well with increased loads.


  • excellent performance;
  • reliability and long service life;
  • attractive design.


  • no radiator.

HyperX, Fury HX426C16FB3K2/16

This solution is one of the best in its characteristics and price. This RAM refers to DDR4 and has a DIMM form factor. This memory has a fairly good performance in terms of operation, which can exceed even more expensive solutions. These modules have a total memory of sixteen gigabytes (two modules of 8 GB each). One of the main advantages of this solution is the presence of a radiator, which will provide additional cooling. All this will be relevant for those who assemble a computer for video games and work with demanding software. In addition, many solutions from this brand have a rather interesting appearance, which will be a good choice for cases with transparent covers.


  • quality modules;
  • adequate cost;
  • excellent characteristics;
  • radiator.


  • no EEC support.

Patriot Memory, VIPER RGB PVR416G300C5K

This DDR4 RAM also has a DIMM form factor. Among the advantages of this RAM, one can note the moment that this solution is one of the most popular among personal computer users — you can find a large number of positive reviews from real buyers on the network. The amount of memory of this RAM is sixteen gigabytes, which are divided into two modules of eight gigabytes. An interesting feature of this module is the presence of LED backlight, which will look beautiful in cases with a glass cover. The presence of LED backlighting will not be a factor that will greatly affect the consumption of electrical energy, but it will make the overall look quite attractive for lovers of everything bright.


  • the presence of colorful LED backlight;
  • good characteristics;
  • can be accelerated.

ADATA, XPG Gammix D10 AX4U300038G16A-DB10

Many may know this brand by flash drives, which are quite common on sale. If we talk about RAM, then this model is quite affordable. This RAM will be an actual choice for many users who use their computers for various purposes. The characteristics of this solution is quite good for its price segment. Memory is presented in the form of two modules of eight gigabytes. There is support for XMP, due to which it is possible to easily overclock the RAM, achieving higher performance in terms of performance.


  • the ability to overclock memory;
  • universal application;
  • good characteristics;
  • affordable cost.


  • heats up quickly.
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