Characteristics of forensic microscopes


Forensic microscopes are special optical devices used to analyze, compare two samples. They are used in the identification of drawings, cartridge cases, handwriting, seals, locks, fingerprints.

Based on the results obtained, experts give an opinion, which plays an important role in solving a crime. Therefore, such equipment has high quality and accuracy.

Arstek can order microscopes and accessories that will help in solving any problems. The catalog contains laboratory devices that are suitable for examining various materials, determining similarities and differences in paired samples.

Equipment characteristics

Such microscopes have a dual design, consisting of a pair of identical objectives with a common optical-mechanical module. This property is indispensable when analyzing fingerprints, comparing them with an archive or database.

The model consists of a tube and a beam-splitting mechanism with two optical devices for viewing materials separately. The optical-mechanical module combines two images into a single space, which is viewed in parallel. Thanks to the dividing line, the pictures will not overlap each other. This feature allows you to do the following:

  • Compare two items in a common visual space.
  • Analyze each sample at multiple magnification.
  • Partially or completely overlay lenses.
  • Carry out contrasting using polarization, ultraviolet waves, fluorescence, etc.

Samples with different parameters, shapes and shades are suitable for analysis. Special holders are used to fix objects or preparations on the stage.

Device Benefits

Design features in forensic microscopes form the following advantages:

  • The effectiveness of the analyzes carried out. Detailed and numerical information excludes errors that may appear during visual identification of samples.
  • Survey efficiency. High-precision optics allow the equipment to generate a report after examination.
  • The multiplicity of magnification, innovative methods of illumination of the working field provide a thorough study of materials, the quality of expertise.

The use of microscopes in comparison

The main field of application of the devices is comparative examination in forensic trace science and ballistics. Documents, bullets, cartridge cases, prints of hair, fingers, tissue fibers, small objects and particles are also examined.

The equipment allows for:

  • Observation, study of objects in various modes.
  • Conduct contrast tests.
  • Get images with enhanced color resolution.

The equipment is suitable for use in expert medical forensic structures, government agencies, research institutes involved in ballistics and trace science.

Comparative devices can be combined with digital video and photo cameras, computer programs for image analysis. The devices have almost 100% accuracy, there is no risk of errors and inaccuracies.

The diversity in the nature of the tasks performed leads to the need to develop several types of microscopes, equipping them with special devices to expand the field of research.

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