Which whiskey is better: rating of the best alcoholic drinks for whiskey lovers


Whiskey is both simple and everyday, but at the same time an elite drink. The degree of whiskey class depends on its characteristics: cost, aging, raw materials used. Favorites include Irish and Scottish varieties, however, there are many other drinks that deserve attention. We have selected 8 of the best whiskeys and compiled a rating that takes into account all the pros and cons of each drink, as well as their main characteristics and method of production.

TOP best whiskey

8. Bells

Whiskey brand «Bells» is very popular in Russia — it can be found on the shelves even in ordinary grocery supermarkets. However, this brand came from Scotland, and in addition to Russia, it has earned great popularity in England. Bells Whiskey is a blend of over 30 grain and malt spirits. The Bells trademark was registered in 1896. Today, this drink is sold in more than 100 countries around the world. The peculiarity of Bells whiskey is a pure honey-amber hue, woody-nutty, as well as fruity notes on the palate. The price for a small bottle is too high, but this is due not only to the great popularity of whiskey, but also to its excellent quality.


  • fragrant, sweet drink;
  • sold in all stores;
  • suitable for many dishes;
  • premium quality;
  • Sold in bottles of various sizes.


  • high price for a small bottle;
  • there is a smell of alcohol.

7. Dewars

Whiskey «Dewars» is a popular drink with a century of history. This is a classic blended whiskey, made according to ancient technologies, but on modern equipment. Produced in Scotland, on the East Coast. In the United States of America, Dewars whiskeys are very popular. Whiskey color is pale yellow. Taste notes are revealed gradually, at first you can notice the taste of sweet rice and honey, which is gradually replaced by fruity-woody notes.


  • affordable price that matches the quality;
  • pleasant taste, which gradually opens;
  • premium quality;
  • there is a noticeable aftertaste;
  • no pronounced taste of alcohol.


  • without a promotion, the price may seem overpriced.

6. «Jameson»

Irish blended whiskey has earned great fame all over the world due to its special manufacturing technology and unusual taste. Whiskey is made by triple distillation, and the taste of the drink is strongly reminiscent of a mixture of ginger ale and marmalade. The founder of the company had a big goal — to create a quality, delicious premium drink, and he did what he wanted. The production process has been perfected by 100%, every stage has been worked out, from the assembly of grains to the installation of corks on bottles. The peculiarity of the technology used is that Jameson whiskey is triple distilled. Despite the fact that some aromatic notes disappear during the distillation process, the whiskey becomes lighter and more pleasant on the palate. Thanks to careful processing, the smell and taste of alcohol almost completely disappears, you can notice light, sweet notes.


  • delicate taste filled with different notes;
  • triple distillation;
  • sold in all stores;
  • high quality drink;
  • carefully crafted manufacturing process.


  • high price for a large bottle.

5. «Jim Beam»

Jim Beam brand drink is served in many cafes and restaurants, and is also very popular among customers due to its bright, pure color and rich aroma. Whiskey has been produced in Kentucky for more than two hundred years, and the uniqueness of the drink is given by the local technology of preparation — bluegrass, which grows in the USA along with corn, is added to ordinary rye. The taste of the drink turns out to be extremely unusual — you can catch notes of caramel and vanilla in it, and then a whole bouquet of taste and aroma begins to unfold — notes of resin and cream appear.


  • sold in many stores;
  • soft, pleasant taste;
  • premium quality at a bargain price;
  • the popularity of the drink not only in Russia, but also in America;
  • light aftertaste;
  • no discomfort the day after drinking whiskey.


  • alcohol content is present.

4. Ballantines

Blended scotch from Ballantines is the best solution for true connoisseurs of quality alcohol. In the whiskey line, one of the best-selling products is the Ballantines Finest drink. The main flavor note, which is felt especially brightly, is vanilla and cream. The Ballantines Finest drink is highly valued by gourmets. This is a traditional, classic whiskey, which is produced according to an old recipe, invented back in 1910 by the founder of the company.


  • it is easy to distinguish a fake by identification marks: the original bottle has a convex engraving with the brand name, and the Latin “B” is printed on the cap;
  • rich, pleasant aftertaste with apple notes;
  • high quality of the product;
  • old, unique recipe.


  • not sold in all stores.

3. Chivas Regal

The production of one of the most popular whiskey «Chivas Regal» was started in ancient times, back in 1801. The Chivas brothers, who became the founders of the company, independently developed the whiskey recipe and created a unique, delicious drink. To date, this brand is one of the most famous and bought not only in Scotland, but also in other countries. The cost of the drink depends on the exposure. On sale you can find bottles of Chivas Regal whiskey aged 12.15 or 18 years. The composition has a pronounced fruity-honey-floral taste. Whiskey is suitable for women who prefer tasty, aromatic drinks without a pronounced aftertaste of alcohol.


  • long exposure;
  • very mild taste;
  • aftertaste with notes of honey, fruits and flowers;
  • unique production technology;
  • suitable for women who do not like strong drinks.


  • high price for a small bottle.

2. «Johnie Walker»

The history of the Johnie Walker whiskey company goes back more than 200 years, and the drink itself has become so popular that it is sold in many countries of the world, with rare exceptions. Johnie Walker whiskeys are produced using a unique technology and have an unusual taste, thanks to which they were awarded various prizes and won in nominations. Even the person who does not drink alcohol has at least once heard of Johnny Walker whiskey. One of the best types of whiskey in the line is The Ultimate. It receives the most positive reviews and is considered a kind of hallmark of the brand — both powerful and soft taste with notes of chocolate, raisins and toffee is liked by many lovers of high-quality, expensive alcohol.


  • there is no smell of alcohol;
  • bright taste notes of chocolate and raisins with an admixture of toffee;
  • premium quality.


  • Many fakes are sold that are difficult to distinguish from the original.

1. Jack Daniels

The most popular whiskey in the ranking, and in many countries of the world, is Jack Daniels. Opinions about the taste are largely similar, but someone believes that this drink is the «food of the gods», while others argue that it is «ambrosia». However, many agree that this is one of the best whiskeys in existence today. The company has been operating for more than 140 years, and all this time, customers receive a high-quality drink made in accordance with all standards and technologies. The uniqueness of the brand lies in the use of pure spring water, selected greens and a filter made from maple coals. The whiskey has a mixture of different smells and tastes: nuts, hot spices, smoke, and banana.


  • an unusual combination of flavors;
  • affordable price for a premium quality drink;
  • proven production technology;
  • using clean water to make whiskey;
  • sold in all stores, not only in Russia, but also in the US, Europe.


  • no significant shortcomings.

What you need to know when choosing whiskey

High-quality alcohol is very different from low-quality alcohol — the difference is noticeable from the first sip. An improperly prepared drink has a strong alcoholic aroma and taste. However, it is impossible to notice this while the bottle is closed and is on the shelf in the store.

Luckily, there are a few easy ways to determine the quality of a whiskey without opening the bottle:

  • the type of whiskey is the first thing you should pay attention to. Malt whiskey is made from pure barley malt, while grain whiskey is made from whole grains. The most popular option is blended whiskey. When blending, two types of drink are mixed — malt and grain, resulting in an ideal drink with a light, pleasant taste;
  • it is also important to look at the region of production. Whiskey from Scotland is considered the standard of quality, but it is also the most expensive option. For those who like a tart taste, Canadian whiskey is suitable, and for those who prefer barley, whiskey from the USA;
  • dwell time matters. The minimum period is 3 years, but popular producers tend to age whiskey from 4 to 18 years. Little aged varieties are much cheaper, but the taste will be very different from the reference;
  • it is important to study all the labels that are on the package — they can tell a lot about the drink. So, the words «Double wood» mean that the drink was aged in two barrels — from bourbon and sherry, and the words «Natural Coloring» mean that the composition does not contain any harmful, synthetic dyes.

Advice! Another nuance worth paying attention to is the originality of the bottle. Even in large stores, you can run into a fake. To prevent this from happening, you need to study the markings and visual features of the brand in advance, and check the presence of these “chips” on the bottle before buying. But even at first glance, noticing uneven stickers and «went» letters, refuse to buy — this is the most obvious sign of a fake.

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