What to choose: multicooker or multicooker-pressure cooker?


The range of modern household appliances is increasing every day. Such assistants in the kitchen as multicookers and pressure cookers are very popular with housewives. They save time, and the dishes are much tastier. But what is better to buy, a slow cooker or a pressure cooker? Let’s look at their features in order to make the right choice.

The principle of operation of multicookers and multicookers-pressure cookers

The principle of operation of these two household appliances is very similar. A conventional slow cooker is a kitchen appliance that cooks food using heating elements. The case is closed with a lid, which can be opened during cooking and see the stage of readiness of the dish. The lid has a steam release valve.

In the pressure cooker, the lid is completely sealed, so high pressure is created inside. There is a special «pressure relief valve» for regulating the pressure. Due to the high pressure, the temperature inside the bowl rises significantly. This contributes to the rapid preparation of the dish (on average, dishes are cooked 2-4 times faster than in a conventional slow cooker).

Compare the main characteristics

To determine which is better, a comparison of the main characteristics of the devices will help us. Below we will compare the speed of cooking, economy, quality, convenience and other features.

Cooking speed

From the name it is clear that the pressure cooker is designed for faster cooking (2-4 times faster). Nevertheless, it is worth considering the time for pumping and depressurizing (about 20 minutes), so it is better to cook fast food in an ordinary slow cooker.


Here it is worth comparing not only the cost of the device, but also the amount of electricity consumed. A pressure cooker is more expensive (especially modern models), but the energy consumption is much lower due to fast cooking.

Food quality

It is believed that multicookers-pressure cookers retain vitamins much better, in addition, the dishes are somewhat tastier and juicier. However, the multicooker also prepares healthy dishes, especially for the dietary table (steam cutlets, fish and much more).

Ease of use

The multicooker can be opened at any time during operation. If you want to check the readiness of the dish, feel free to open, look, mix and all this without stopping the cooking process. The pressure cookers do not provide for tearing off the lid during operation, more precisely, of course, you can open it, but at the same time the pressure will disappear, and it will take some time (10-20 minutes) to resume the cooking process.

What is better to choose: a slow cooker or a pressure cooker?

An unambiguous answer to this question cannot be given. These are two indispensable appliances in the kitchen, each of which has its pros and cons. If a large number of programs is important to you, and you want to cook complex dishes, then definitely choose a slow cooker. A pressure cooker is more suitable for those who need to quickly cook delicious food, which will retain the maximum of useful vitamins.

The most important advantage of a multicooker-pressure cooker is the cooking speed. So, for example, meat soup in a Redmond slow cooker will cook up to 2 hours, and in a pressure cooker of the same manufacturer less than 30 minutes. Noticeable difference, isn’t it?

Overview of the best multicookers

Panasonic SR-TMJ181BTW

The multifunctional model Panasonic SR-TMJ181BTW will become an indispensable assistant in the kitchen. 10 cooking programs allow you to cook a wide variety of dishes, even such as compote and dumplings. The keep warm function will keep your food warm for up to 12 hours.


  • The volume of the bowl is 4.5 liters;
  • Electronic type of control;
  • Number of programs — 10;
  • Teflon coated;
  • Keep warm function.

REDMOND SkyCooker M800S

This is the world’s first multicooker with remote control technology. REDMOND SkyCooker M800S will be a godsend for people who do not have enough free time for cooking. Just install the application on your mobile phone and all functions will be available to you from a distance.

  • The volume of the bowl is 5 liters;
  • non-stick ceramic coating;
  • Touch control;
  • Delay timer;
  • Remote control from a smartphone;
  • The total number of programs is 48.

Overview of the best pressure cookers


REDMOND RMC-P350 is one of the most popular models on the market. Many positive reviews will say more for it than any household appliance expert. Such popularity is associated with high build quality and wide functionality of the device. With this pressure cooker, the limits of cooking possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

  • The volume of the bowl is 5 liters;
  • Delayed start timer;
  • Function pressure level changes;
  • Number of automatic programs — 14;
  • Non-stick coating Daikin (Japan).

Moulinex CE 500E32

Moulinex CE 500E32 is a fairly powerful device with a large number of automatic programs. Buyers speak about this model mostly positively, this is not strange, because Moulinex makes very high-quality and functional household appliances.

  • Power — 1000 W;
  • The volume of the pan is 5 liters;
  • Functions «maintaining temperature» and «own recipe»;
  • Possibility to cook under pressure and without it;
  • Ceramic coating.
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