Top 8 Truck Gadgets 2021 — What Should Drivers Buy for the Holidays?


If you are looking for a gift for a driver close to you and do not know what to buy for him, read the recommendations below in this article. It’s a good idea to buy something practical that will help at work, improve it, or keep the driver safe. Thus, you will show your concern and at the same time be sure that the gift will not be hidden in the depths of the wardrobe, and will definitely find its use.

Where can I find a gift for the driver?

The biggest source of inspiration, of course, is the Internet. Here you will find a lot of ideas, as well as stores that have a separate category of car gadgets. You can buy electronic gadgets in popular stationary networks. There will be someone on the site who will help with any doubts, explain the differences between the individual models.

Practical truck gadget — car camera

Mounted on the windshield, it captures what is happening on the road in the driver’s field of vision. Thanks to him, he can avoid problems, prove someone else’s mistake or frivolity. A very useful device in case of a collision or damage to the load, for example, during heavy braking. The recording can also be used in attempts to illegally arrest and impose fines.

Stopsleep — a ring that will not let the driver fall asleep

Decreased concentration happens to everyone. In the case of a driver, even a moment of inattention can have dramatic consequences. This device is designed to control the user’s brain activity and when he starts to fall asleep, activates the vibration and beeps.

Cabin floor mats

For a driver who goes on long trips and would like to feel at home in the cabin, you can purchase a set of eco-leather floor mats. This is a very effective material, and at the same time practical. These rugs are easy to clean with a damp cloth or damp cloth. In online stores you can find a set of floor mats for a specific truck model.

Coffee maker

Coffee is the main fuel of every driver. The car cigarette lighter will allow your driver to prepare a quality drink at any time.

kitchen gadgets

What else is useful to the driver on a long journey? A camping stove, a refrigerator connected to the cigarette lighter, a thermos, a set of tourist dishes, high-quality cutlery at hand.

Wireless charger

Does not require connection of any cables, works on the principle of induction. This greatly simplifies charging the phone even in extreme conditions.


By purchasing a navigation system for a truck, you will help the driver quickly determine the best route, taking into account all restrictions on tonnage and height.

Decorative Gadgets

Thanks to them, the space inside the car will become individual and unique. Drivers often hang a sign with their name, the flag of their country, city or favorite sports team in a prominent place. Illuminated LED displays with the name or selected logo on the back wall are currently popular.
If you’re thinking of something for a truck driver, you can buy a tractor-printed T-shirt or a fun themed slogan, a calendar, or an original scarecrow that will wave to passers-by from the passenger’s window.

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