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The most important indicator of any gaming computer is its internal component, that is, the technical base. However, one cannot deny the role of peripheral devices that help to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of what is happening. The most important component that helps to do this, of course, is the monitor. Choosing it is often not as easy as it might seem, because all of them are unique in their own way and are designed for use in various conditions.

Yes, choosing this kind of device is sometimes very difficult, but I promise you that by carefully studying my rating of the best gaming monitors and going to the store, you will be able to choose the best option for yourself that will serve you faithfully for many years.

Rating of the best gaming monitors

LG UltraGear 24GN600-B

An excellent monitor with high performance and high-quality detailed images. The diagonal of the device is 23.8 inches, which is enough for 95% of gaming tasks. Also, it should be noted the presence of a vertical synchronization function and support for HDR10 technology (improving the quality of the final image). The matrix is ​​standard (IPS), but there are no glare and dead pixels at all. The presence of a huge arsenal of interfaces is also an undoubted positive quality of this gaming unit.

Permission 1920×1080 pix
Matrix IPS
Screen refresh rate 144 Hz
Response time 1 ms
  • high dynamic contrast;
  • many useful game settings for the features of each gamer;
  • the ability to change the color gamut to reduce power consumption;
  • The matte finish on the screen does a good job of dampening glare.
  • HDR10 technology greatly expands the color gamut.
  • You cannot change the horizontal angle of the monitor.

MSI Optix G27CQ4

This is a 27″ curved gaming monitor. The device is based on a VA-panel, which features support for a response time of 1 ms, as well as a refresh rate corresponding to 165 Hz. Such parameters contribute to a realistic and clear image, even if you like to download fast-paced games. AMD FreeSync technology helps synchronize frame output between the monitor and graphics card, resulting in a smoother gaming experience. Anti-Flicker technology protects against screen flicker, and Less Blue Light technology avoids blue light exposure to the eyes.

Permission 2560×1440 pixels
Matrix VA
Screen refresh rate 165 Hz
Response time 1 ms
  • AMD FreeSync dynamic synchronization technology;
  • curved design;
  • quality-designed LED-backlight around the entire perimeter of the product;
  • good anti-reflective coating;
  • the possibility of mounting on the wall.

Acer Nitro VG240Ybmiix

The Acer Nitro VG240Ybmiix monitor is designed specifically for gamers. It is available in black color, thanks to which it will fit into any interior. The screen diagonal is 23.8 inches. When designing the model, experts removed the frames from three sides. This solution provides maximum immersion in the gameplay, you can enjoy a high-quality image. The matrix is ​​made using IPS technology. Provides wide viewing angles — 178 degrees. The pixel response time is 1ms and the screen refresh rate is 75Hz. The built-in speaker system will be an additional advantage.

Permission 1920×1080 pix
Matrix IPS
Screen refresh rate 75 Hz
Response time 1 ms
  • a reliable support with three points of fastening;
  • frameless screen;
  • the ability to change the angle of inclination of the device vertically;
  • powerful 4-watt surround sound system;
  • accurate color reproduction;
  • Black Boost technology enhances detail in low-light gaming scenes.
  • the ubiquitous DisplayPort connector is missing.

Asus VG279Q

The Asus VG279Q monitor is aimed at fans of computer games. This model has a 27-inch 1920 x 1080 IPS display that delivers detailed images with true-to-life colors from edge to edge. With a 1ms response time, 144Hz refresh rate and Adaptive-Sync technology, tearing and stuttering are eliminated. The Shadow Boost feature enhances image detail in dark areas for increased user reaction to enemy actions. With the help of proprietary utilities GamePlus and GameVisual, you can configure any game settings.

Permission 1920×1080 pix
Matrix IPS
Screen refresh rate 144 Hz
Response time 1 ms
  • GameFast technology can significantly reduce the display delay of the picture;
  • adaptive image synchronization FreeSync;
  • accurate color reproduction with a high level of contrast;
  • additional processing of shadows to create a better output image;
  • all the necessary interfaces are present (DVI-D, DisplayPort, HDMI).

Samsung C32JG54QQI

This monitor with a diagonal of 31.5 inches and a working area of ​​697 × 392 mm will be the best choice for a gamer. It has a curved design and supports total immersion in the game. The resolution of the VA-screen (2560 × 1440 pixels) guarantees maximum clarity and detail in every scene, and AMD FreeSync technology ensures smooth and imperceptible frame changes. The design has all the necessary connectors for connecting other devices — DisplayPort, HDMI, headphone output. Due to the eye protection technology, you can spend many hours in front of the monitor without the slightest discomfort for the eyes.

Permission 2560×1440 pixels
Matrix VA
Screen refresh rate 144 Hz
Response time 4 ms
  • curved WQHD screen provides a wide field of view;
  • several preset settings for FPS, RTS, RPG, AOS games;
  • high contrast ratio (3000:1);
  • elegant black case with a minimum of unnecessary elements.
  • the response time is 4 ms, which is unsuitable for dynamic shooters.

I personally owned this miracle of technology for about 2 years. The impression, to be honest, was extremely good. Yes, the response time suffers a little, but other parameters are at a level beyond praise. In addition, it is impossible not to note the unique and most convenient menu of individual settings.

Iiyama G-Master Black Hawk G2440HSU-B1

Iiyama G-Master is the perfect model for long gaming sessions. With an incredible 1ms pixel response time, you’ll experience an unparalleled experience while watching action-packed footage. This model’s Black Tuner feature allows you to adjust the brightness of dark areas so you can see every detail and object in a dark image. The model became the owner of a matte screen coating, due to which reflections and glare will not interfere with working with it. Thanks to eye protection technology, prolonged sitting at the display will not be accompanied by discomfort and visual fatigue.

Permission 1920×1080 pix
Matrix IPS
Screen refresh rate 75 Hz
Response time 1 ms
  • large working area (527×296.5 mm);
  • high pixel density (92 PPI);
  • availability of all necessary connectors (HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, headphone output);
  • automatic stabilization of the input voltage (100-240 V);
  • Black Tuner technology provides additional illumination in poorly lit areas of the screen.
  • not detected.

Samsung C34G55TW

The Samsung C34G55TW monitor with a diagonal of 34 inches (86 cm) and a resolution of 3440 × 1440 pixels guarantees the user the highest quality image with smooth refresh. Curved matrix (1000R), LED backlight and eye protection technology provide the user with maximum comfort during long hours of work. The model’s 2500:1 contrast ratio is paired with 178° horizontal and vertical display angles, as well as AMD FreeSync and HDR10 dynamic refresh technologies. The monitor features a three-sided bezel-less design and a slim black shell.

Permission 3440×1440 pixels
Matrix VA
Screen refresh rate 165 Hz
Response time 1 ms
  • dynamic screen update (AMD FreeSync Premium);
  • increased contrast (Mega DCR);
  • understandable Russian-language documentation;
  • convenient settings menu;
  • light weight (5.2 kg without stand, 5.6 kg with stand).

Before purchasing this device, I thought and analyzed a lot, since there was no right or wrong, because it costs a lot. In general, the choice was right. The monitor is really gaming and is suitable for all genres of games. The picture here is maximally saturated with various colors, and black tones can smoothly flow into lighter ones, if necessary.

Differences between gaming monitors and regular monitors

When purchasing a monitor for games, you should understand in which direction to look for the appropriate product. And to know this, you need to find out the main differences between standard office monitors and models of the gaming segment.

There are two significant differences:

  • The technical parameters that gaming models have are much better, since the user needs to provide the fastest possible response, image smoothness and, of course, beautiful graphics.
  • Design and ergonomics, which should be combined and complement the technical component of monitor models from the gaming segment. Often the forms of such products are sophisticated and can be adjusted as flexibly as possible to the needs of each gamer.

Selection Tips

In this paragraph, we will consider the criteria that will once and for all help you decide which gaming monitor is best to purchase so as not to regret your choice in the future.

  1. Diagonal. A similar parameter, roughly speaking, is responsible for the size of the monitor, or to be more precise, its display. Basically, gamers take medium or large models so that they fit as much game information as possible. Also, a lot can depend on your vision: if you have a bad one, then you need a larger diagonal.
  2. Matrix. Among the types of matrices, three fundamental ones can be distinguished: TN, IPS and VA. The former are relatively inexpensive, have poor color reproduction and are already out of fashion. The next matrix (IPS) provides the gamer with chic color reproduction, high contrast, wide viewing angles (up to 178 degrees). A chic option that is definitely worth the money and has virtually no competition. The last type of matrices (VA/MVA) is somewhere in between. There is good color reproduction, good viewing angles, low cost, but again, a long response time, which is unacceptable for professional gamers.
  3. Screen refresh rate (FPS). An incredibly important parameter that is responsible for the overall performance of the computer in games. All mechanics are tied to the FPS indicator, so if 60 frames per second is enough in single games, then in dynamic shooters such a “trick” will not be entirely appropriate. Professional gamers use monitors with the highest hertz (from 144 Hz and above).
  4. Response time. The second most important indicator, which is responsible for the time required to change the color of the pixel that forms the basis of the image. Under working conditions, this indicator does not play any role, but in games it can decide the outcome of most battles. A response rate of less than 1 ms is considered excellent in the circles of professional e-sportsmen.
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