Top 6 best cages for rats: rating, characteristics, features of choice


Providing your pets with suitable conditions of detention is the main responsibility of every person who keeps rats at home. The key point here will be the choice of the right cage, which would correspond to the physiological needs of these rodents. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for many pet store workers to offer cages designed for mice and hamsters at best.

Rats, especially young ones, are extremely mobile and active animals, and it is vital that there is enough space in the cage for play. Keep in mind that they are pack animals, and it is better to settle these animals in same-sex couples or groups, as one pet will suffer from boredom. To help you choose, I’ve compiled a list of the best rat cages that are safe and roomy enough.

Rating cages for rats

InterZoo Teddy Gigant G089

Compact cage from a well-known Polish brand, made of non-toxic plastic and stainless steel. The rods are galvanized. A version with an enamelled grille is also available.

The cage is of good build quality. The distance between the bars is 1 cm, which will allow you to keep the cubs in it without fear of their escape. The doors are equipped with secure locks that can only be opened from the outside. The package includes 3 shelves and ladders made of multi-colored plastic, a house, two bowls, two running wheels.

Dimensions (Length*width*height) 58*38*55cm
Additional accessories Floors, bowls, wheels, house
Distance between bars 1 cm
The weight 3.8 kg
Max number of rats 2
  • compact;
  • affordable price;
  • safe for animals;
  • horizontal rods are convenient for climbing.
  • not suitable for more than 2 pets;
  • running wheels are useless when keeping rats.
  • adult animals may need a larger house.

Large cage, high quality material. The location of the doors is well thought out, there are 3 of them. Shelves (there are also 3 of them) can be arranged at your discretion. High tray that is simple and easy to remove.

Ferplast Jenny

Product from the Italian brand Ferplast, one of the best in its class. The cage has a thoughtful design, made of safe, non-toxic materials. The lattice is not separable, the bars are horizontal. The distance between them is 0.8 cm, which makes the model suitable even for newborn rats.

The cage has front, side and top doors. A reliable locking mechanism will not allow pets to accidentally open them from the inside. A transparent tunnel, two plastic floors, a solid ladder, a metal bowl and an automatic drinker are supplied with the cage.

Dimensions (Length*width*height) 80*50*79.5 cm
Additional accessories Floors, bowl, drinker, stairs, tunnel
Distance between bars 0.8 cm.
The weight 9.2 kg
Max number of rats 5-7
  • capacious;
  • excellent build quality;
  • high boards of the pallet prevent hit of a filler on a floor;
  • a metal bowl is resistant to attempts to chew it.
  • small doors.

Of the pluses — a fairly spacious and light cage, with difficulty, but breaks into the bathroom. Washing is not difficult. A small distance between the bars, even the little rats will not leak.

Savic Freddy 2

Excellent cage from the Belgian company Savic. Designed for keeping rats, degus, other rodents of small and medium sizes, can be used as a home for ferrets. It is roomy enough, while not taking up much space in the house. Manufactured from high quality, animal-safe materials.

The high pallet allows to keep cleanliness in the room. The grid is fixed with two clips, easily removed for cleaning. The distance between the bars is 1 centimeter, so the model is suitable for keeping cubs. The cage is completed with a drinking bowl, a metal bowl, a fabric hammock, a floor shelf, a ladder and a corner toilet.

Dimensions (Length*width*height) 80*50*63cm
Additional accessories Corner floor, toilet, bowl, drinker, ladder, hammock
Distance between bars 0.95 cm.
The weight 7.7 kg
Max number of rats 4-5
  • complies with modern quality standards adopted in the European Union;
  • differs in high quality of study of all details;
  • equipped with two carrying handles;
  • easy to disassemble for cleaning.
  • not detected.

The rats are spacious there, there are floors for running and relaxing, there are large satellites, pipes, hammocks, you can hang as many as you like. A convenient drinker, from which you can drink with three of us, as practice has shown)) Dimensions allow four of us to fight on the lower floor =))

Imac Rat 80 Mid

Versatile cage made in Italy. Designed to meet the physiological needs of rats, it is suitable for keeping other small and medium-sized rodents. It has good build quality. Doors on the facade and ceiling provide convenient access to all parts of the cage.

The model is easy to assemble and disassemble. The grate is horizontal, easy to climb. The cage is suitable for keeping young and adult rats. It is three-tiered, equipped with a plastic feeder.

Dimensions (Length*width*height) 80*49*63cm
Additional accessories Two floors bowl, two stairs.
Distance between bars 1 cm
The weight 9 kg
Max number of rats 4-5
  • Italian build quality;
  • safe materials;
  • deep tray;
  • reliable clamps for fixing the grid.
  • minimum basic equipment.

About the ease of use — the cage is easily disassembled, you snap off the plastic latches and remove the upper cage, and that’s it. The pallet is easy to clean, does not absorb the smell, deep enough. The bars of the cage are well made, strong, do not bend, and the distance between them is such that even the most nimble mouse will not crawl through.

Ferplast Furet

A model designed specifically for keeping ferrets and ornamental rats. It can comfortably accommodate up to 6 rodents, they will be able to play and run without suffering from a lack of free space. Lattice with a horizontal arrangement of rods can be used by pets for climbing. The cage can contain adult rats and cubs.

A feature of the model is the opening top cover, thanks to which maintenance of animals becomes easier. Reliable locks prevent your pet from escaping. Everything you need is supplied with the cage: a food bowl, a drinking bowl, a removable corner toilet, a fabric hammock. An additional tier with a ladder.. The model can be installed on a stand, purchased separately.

Dimensions (Length*width*height) 78*48*70 cm
Additional accessories Shelf floor, continuous ladder, bowl, automatic drinker, hammock, corner toilet.
Distance between bars 1 cm
The weight 7.5 kg
Max number of rats 4-6
  • compliance with European quality standards;
  • use of non-toxic, safe plastic;
  • opening lid;
  • rich basic equipment.
  • not detected.

There are large doors in the ferplast cage — it is very convenient to clean, the main bars in the cage are not vertical, but horizontal — you can fix anything, the feeder is thoughtfully fixed — it will not ride on the bars, the hammock is convenient for cleaning, the pipes are made convenient for cleaning, reliable, plastic, without pinches. But the MOST IMPORTANT thing is that everything in the cage is arranged so that the garbage from the cage does not fall on the floor / table near the cage, but remains in the cage — there are sides everywhere!!!

IMAC Plexi 120 Mid Wood

One of the largest cages on the market, great for breeders with large numbers of rats. The key feature of the model is the presence of transparent walls, which increase the depth of the tray up to 34 cm. Thanks to this, the filler will be guaranteed to remain in the cage.

The floors, ladders and houses included in the kit are made of natural wood. Thanks to the doors on the facade, roof and sides, the model does not have hard-to-reach places for the owner.

Dimensions (Length*width*height) 120*60*93cm
Additional accessories Two floors, two houses, three ladders.
Distance between bars 1.2 cm
The weight Not specified by the manufacturer
Max number of rats 11-15
  • the model is very roomy, suitable for keeping large flocks of rats;
  • the manufacturer uses non-toxic plastic, stainless steel and natural wood;
  • the high pallet does not allow the filler to crumble.
  • wooden elements absorb odors;
  • some pets like to gnaw on wooden accessories;
  • due to its large size, the cage is not suitable for small spaces.

A cage with high sides — scattered filler has almost disappeared from life. It also creates its own microclimate for animals and prevents small objects from being drawn into the cage. I recommend!

Comparison of the best products

For convenience, I have summarized the main characteristics of the cells in a comparative table.

Name Dimensions Additional accessories Distance between bars The weight Maximum number of rats
IterZoo Teddy Gigant G089 58*38*55cm Floors, bowls, wheels, house 1 cm 3.8 kg 2
Ferplast Jenny 80*50*79.5 cm Floors, bowl, automatic drinker, ladder, tunnel 0.8 cm 9.2 kg 5-7
Savic Freddy 2 80*50*63cm Corner floor, toilet, bowl, drinker, ladder, hammock 0.95 cm 7.7 kg 4-5
Imac Rat 80 Mid 80*49*63cm Two floors bowl, two stairs 1 cm 9 kg 4-5
Ferplast Furet 78*48*70cm Shelf floor, solid ladder, bowl, automatic drinker, hammock, corner toilet 1 cm 7.5 kg 4-6
IMAC Plexi 120 Mid Wood 120*60*93 cm Two floors, two houses, three ladders 1.2 cm Not specified by the manufacturer 11-15

What to look for when choosing a rat cage

A good cage should provide rats with a safe environment in which all their physiological needs will be taken into account. I have highlighted the key points that you need to pay attention to when choosing. Using the information below, you can easily distinguish a good model from a bad one.

cell type

The best option for keeping rats would be a classic cage with a plastic tray and metal bars. Aquariums and plastic «dunes» are ill-suited as permanent dwellings due to poor ventilation.


The size of the base should be at least 60×40 cm, and the height should be at least 50 cm. This is enough for the full maintenance of 1-2 rats. If you plan to have three or more rats, each of them should have about 50 liters of internal volume.


The ideal distance between the bars of the cage should be 1 centimeter, the maximum allowable for adult rats is 1.7 cm (2 if large males are kept in the cage).


High cages should be divided by shelves or partitions into several floors, 15-20 cm each. This helps to avoid injury if the rat breaks off the grate near the ceiling. It is desirable that the floors are solid, not slatted, so that the animals do not injure their paws. Be sure to pay attention to the doors — they must close tightly so that pets cannot accidentally open them from the inside with their weight.

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