TOP 15 best walk-behind tractors: 2020-2021 rating of the most reliable


Motoblock is a popular type of high-performance, but small-sized tractor. The main purpose of the unit is to reduce the physical effort of a person during the cultivation of the land. In order for the work to be carried out efficiently and quickly, it is important to correctly approach the choice of model.

To do this, you should understand several questions — what types of walk-behind tractors are there, which models are included in the rating of the best equipment.

Types of devices and their brief description

Each model is rated by weight, power and performance, therefore, stand out:

  • light aggregates — power — not higher than 4 liters. s., tillage to a depth of no more than 20 cm, weight — 20-30 kg, purpose — plowing of small garden and garden plots;
  • medium — power — not more than 6 liters. s., processing depth — no more than 40 cm, weight — from 40 to 60 kg, purpose — plowing large areas, cleaning root crops and snow;
  • heavy — power — up to 13 hp, plowing depth — 90 cm, weight — 100 kg, purpose — universal use.

Also, walk-behind tractors are divided into two more types depending on the fuel consumed..

These are petrol and diesel cars. The second type is expensive, but the price of fuel and the advantages of operation will quickly pay for the purchase.

How to choose and what to look for?

  1. Take into account the power of the model. For example, a walk-behind tractor with a powerful parameter of 7 liters. With. well suited for processing virgin and heavy soils. If the engine has a power of 5 or 6 liters. with., then with the help of them it is possible to carry out plowing of light soils.
  2. Pay attention to the level of vibration, noise, ease of use. The best option is a unit with an adjustable handle for the owner’s height, with a noise level of 95 dB.
  3. Availability of attachments. If a mower, cart, harrow and other tools can be installed on the model, then it will become more functional and useful.
  4. Decide on a class. The heavier the walk-behind tractor, the more productive it is in work. Lightweight models are suitable for soil cultivation at shallow depths and widths. They help loosen the topsoil.

The best lightweight walk-behind tractors

PATRIOT Victory (440 10 7212)

Petrol model with manual transmission. Suitable for cultivating small areas that have been previously treated with high quality.

Possibility to choose the appropriate type of transmission from the available 6.

To improve the functionality of the unit, it is recommended to use light attachments.


  • soil processing width — 100 cm;
  • 6 cutters;
  • engine type — four-stroke with a volume of 198 cu. cm, power — 7 liters. With.;
  • type of gearbox — chain;
  • equipment with reverse, pneumatic wheels with a height of 8″ and a width of 4″;
  • tank volume for fuel — 3.6 l;
  • weight — 78 kg.


  • structural strength;
  • sharp cutters that do not require frequent sharpening and replacement;
  • reduction of time for plowing a garden, summer cottage;
  • durability of structural elements;
  • quiet work;
  • affordable price.


  • light weight, so additional weighting is required;
  • the steering wheel adjustment assembly is poorly fixed at the desired height.

Mobile K MKM-3 PRO MVK0018443

Petrol vehicles with manual transmission. The walk-behind tractor is distinguished by a smooth ride, a gear-chain gearbox, and a powerful engine.

Possibility to choose one of 3 gears.

Lightweight construction is thought out to the smallest detail, has an attractive design, easy to operate.


  • soil plowing width — 73-105 cm, depth — 34 cm;
  • 6 cutters with a diameter of 34 cm, straight;
  • clutch type — belt, engine — four-stroke with 1 cylinder;
  • engine model — Briggs and Stratton RS950, volume — 196 cu. cm, power — 6.53 hp;
  • tank volume for fuel — 3.6 l;
  • the presence of a reverse, pneumatic, rubber and support wheels with a coulter;
  • dimensions — 146x50x150 cm;
  • weight — 69 kg.


  • endurance;
  • works on any gasoline;
  • smooth running;
  • reliability, strength, durability;
  • convenient control due to a well-designed steering wheel;
  • processing of any types of soil;
  • powerful engine.


  • requires only high-quality fuel.

Huter MK-7000

An excellent model for solving simple problems. Operates on gasoline of any marking, is completed with 3 pairs of cutters, a transport wheel and protective discs.

The powerful motor has a long service life, runs quietly and without interruption.


  • soil digging width — 61-100 cm, depth — 30 cm;
  • cutter diameter — 30 cm;
  • engine type — four-stroke with 1 cylinder, volume — 208 cu. cm, power — 7 liters. With.;
  • tank volume — 3.6 l;
  • weight — 72 kg.


  • high level of power, reliability and durability;
  • fuel economy;
  • made of high quality materials that do not harm humans and the environment;
  • quiet work;
  • convenient control due to the unique design of the steering wheel;
  • maneuverability.


  • grip width is not adjustable;
  • not suitable for rough soils.

PATRIOT Kaluga (steering wheel)

Petrol walk-behind tractor with a manual transmission (2 forward and 1 reverse), disc clutch. It is distinguished by the presence of high-quality elements, a powerful engine, and a capacious fuel tank.

The handle turns easily, giving the technique better maneuverability.


  • number of cutters — 6, with a diameter of 32 cm;
  • cultivation width — 85 cm;
  • engine type — four-stroke with 1 cylinder, volume — 208 cu. cm, power — 7 liters. With.;
  • tank volume — 3.6 l;
  • weight — 73, 6 kg.


  • quick and easy activation;
  • high power ratings;
  • fuel economy;
  • uninterrupted work;
  • compact dimensions;
  • the ability to use any type of gasoline.

Caiman VARIO 60S TWK+

The petrol implement is suitable for light soil cultivation with max. with an area of ​​2,500 m2, as it is equipped with 6 sharp cutters.

Pneumatic wheels can withstand a significant weight of the walk-behind tractor when it is equipped with additional attachments.

The chain reducer does not require constant repair.

The convenient handle facilitates control process.


  • cultivation width — 30-90 cm, depth — 32 cm;
  • cutter diameter — 32 cm;
  • engine type — four-stroke with 1 cylinder, model — Subaru-Robin EP 17 OHC, volume — 169 cc. cm, power — 6 liters. With.;
  • tank volume — 3.4 l;
  • noise level — 95 dB;
  • dimensions — 83x60x82 cm;
  • weight — 72 kg.


  • adjustable coulter;
  • the presence of wings that protect plants from working cutters;
  • disks exclude hit of the earth lumps on the user;
  • light weight — even a teenager can handle the technique;
  • uninterrupted operation of the motor;
  • convenient operation, achieving excellent results.


  • no power take-off shaft;
  • poor quality drive belts.

The best medium walk-behind tractors

Hyundai T 1300

Petrol unit with manual transmission (2 forward and 1 reverse). A distinctive feature is the cast rubber wheels.

Thanks to the material, they are able to withstand heavy construction and additional attachments.

Three pairs of cutters qualitatively cultivate any type of soil, regardless of the total area.


  • processing width — 90 cm, depth — 30 cm;
  • engine model — Hyundai IC210, power — 7 liters. With.;
  • fuel tank with a volume of 3.6 l;
  • noise level — 96 dB;
  • dimensions — 70x45x80 cm;
  • weight — 93 kg.


  • controls are located on the handle;
  • adjustable coulter;
  • maneuverability;
  • fuel economy;
  • fast processing of the required area of ​​land;
  • the ability to equip the walk-behind tractor with any attachments;
  • affordable price.


The petrol model is equipped with a powerful engine, disc clutch, gear drive. Wide pneumatic wheels not only withstand a significant weight of the overall structure, but also give it maneuverability and ease of operation.

The walk-behind tractor is designed for a long service life.

A manual transmission with two forward speeds and one reverse speed allows you to quickly complete tasks.


  • cultivation width — 110 cm, depth — 30 cm;
  • it is completed with 8 cutters;
  • engine type — four-stroke with 1 cylinder, model — Champion G270HK, volume — 270 cc. cm, power — 9 liters. With.;
  • noise level — 78 dB;
  • fuel tank volume — 6 l;
  • dimensions — 180x80x110 cm;
  • weight — 132 kg.


  • reliability, trouble-free operation;
  • can act as a universal technique by equipping it with attachments;
  • smooth running, quiet operation;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • high power characteristics.


  • poor gear shifting.


Petrol walk-behind tractor with a manual gearbox, three-way transmission. It has a disc clutch and a gear drive, which increase the smoothness of the movement of the unit during plowing.

A distinctive feature is the ability to cultivate any type of soil.


  • cultivation width — 100 cm;
  • engine type — four-stroke with 1 cylinder, power — 7 liters. With.;
  • there is a reverse, power take-off shaft, pneumatic wheels;
  • weight — 89 kg.


  • trouble-free inclusion;
  • reliable work;
  • endurance of wheels that can withstand a significant weight of equipment and additional equipment;
  • quality soil treatment is observed;
  • affordable price.


  • Clutch cable not adjusted.

Neva MB-23B-10.0

High performance petrol powered model. The rotation speed of the cutters is increased to 160 rpm. min. This allows you to cultivate the soil much faster and better.

The gear drive ensures a smooth running of the unit.

At the same time, the control system is simplified — the elements are correctly located on the handle, which allows even a teenager to use the technique.


  • tillage width — 86-127 cm, depth — 20 cm;
  • the presence of 6 cutters, three gears — 2 forward and 1 back, reverse;
  • engine model — Briggs and Stratton, power — 10.06 liters. With.;
  • weight — 105 kg.


  • power, endurance;
  • wings on cutters perform a protective function;
  • good build quality;
  • adjustable handle;
  • quiet work;
  • jerks are eliminated when shifting gears.


  • short gear lever;
  • there are jerks of the car when the engine is turned on.

Huter MK-11000(M)

A powerful gasoline model from the ranking of the best mid-range walk-behind tractors. It is equipped with a manual transmission with a three-way transmission.

Protective wings protect the user from accidental jumps of earth clods, do not allow the soil to cover undersized crops.

It features easy and understandable assembly, thanks to the presence of instructions from the manufacturer.


  • tillage width — 115 cm;
  • cutter diameter — 32 cm;
  • engine type — four-stroke with 1 cylinder, 11 hp;
  • there is a reverse, a fuel tank with a volume of 3.6 liters;
  • weight — 140 kg.


  • there is an oil level sensor;
  • characterized by increased power and endurance;
  • the engine is protected from overheating, which affects its durability and reliability;
  • the severity of the structure is not felt, due to the well-thought-out handle;
  • its performance is comparable to a small farm tractor;
  • value for money.

The best heavy walk-behind tractors


Distinctive features of the equipment are a diesel engine, the presence of an electric starter, a gear reducer, a disc clutch.

The design of the model involves the addition of attachments.

Three gears function smoothly, providing a smooth ride to the walk-behind tractor.


  • there is a power take-off shaft, reverse, pneumatic wheels;
  • cultivation width — 125 cm;
  • the presence of 10 cutters with a diameter of 34 cm;
  • engine power — 9 liters. With.;
  • weight — 164 kg.


  • spending a minimum amount of time on the processing of the land;
  • powerful engine designed for a long service life, does not require frequent maintenance;
  • cutters are supplied in the kit, but you can increase their number;
  • the ability to use any attachments, based on the intended types of work;
  • decent price.

Huter MK-7500

Gasoline unit with a belt connection to the power take-off shaft. Easily and efficiently processes any type of soil, without requiring any effort from the user.

The convenient design of the handle is adjustable to the owner’s height, and all the controls are located on it — the clutch and gas levers.

The frame is made of steel, so it does not deteriorate after the first use.


  • plowing width — 85 cm;
  • the presence of 6 cutters, a manual gearbox (2 forward and 1 reverse), reverse, pneumatic wheels;
  • engine type — four-stroke with 1 cylinder, volume — 208 cu. cm, power — 7 liters. With.;
  • the volume of the fuel tank is 6 liters.


  • durable bracket for attaching any type of attachments;
  • the ability to increase the number of cutters up to 8;
  • protective discs exclude damage to the wheels;
  • wings protect the user and landing from accidental ingress of earth clods;
  • clear assembly, easy operation;
  • affordable price.

Huter MK-9500

Universal model that runs on gasoline. Differs in speed of movement. Became a great assistant to farmers when planting garden crops.

Copes with the tasks in a short time, plowing the land with high quality.


  • plowing width — 115 cm;
  • the presence of 6 cutters with a diameter of 32 cm;
  • engine type — four-stroke with 1 cylinder, volume — 250 cubic meters. cm, power — 9, 50 liters. With.;
  • manual transmission with 3 speeds;
  • fuel tank volume — 6 l;
  • dimensions — 97x57x85 cm.


  • high level of reliability and strength of each structural element;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • unhindered inclusion of the desired speed;
  • easy control;
  • quiet work;
  • durability;
  • endurance in the presence of additional mechanisms.


  • poor quality wheels.


Distinctive features — diesel engine, disc clutch, worm drive, electric starter. Equipped with a high-performance engine from the Champion D420-1HK series.

It is designed for a long service life and does not require regular maintenance or replacement.

It attracted the buyer with its functionality and universal purpose — the model not only helps to quickly plow the site, but also act as a tractor.


  • cultivation width — 110 cm, depth — 30 cm;
  • the presence of 8 cutters, power take-off shaft, reverse, pneumatic wheels;
  • engine type — four-stroke with 1 cylinder, volume — 418 cu. cm, power — 9, 50 liters. With.;
  • noise level — 92 dB;
  • tank volume — 5.5 l;
  • dimensions — 180x80x110 cm;
  • weight — 177 kg.


  • economical fuel consumption — 280 g per hour of work;
  • the severity of the structure is practically not felt, since the manufacturer has competently developed the handle;
  • the price corresponds to the quality and performance;
  • the ability to change the number of cutters for even faster plowing of the land, performing other tasks.


  • no differential.


High-performance gasoline walk-behind tractor with an increased number of working mills and a service life. The main feature is the presence of 4 gears forward and 2 reverse.

Thanks to its unique features, the model has gained popularity among owners of large farms.


  • the presence of a power take-off shaft, a mechanical gearbox, a reverse, pneumatic wheels;
  • tillage width — 90-170 cm, depth — 30 cm;
  • number of cutters — 10;
  • engine volume — 389 cubic meters. cm, power — 13 liters. With.;
  • fuel tank volume — 6.5 l;
  • clutch type — disc;
  • dimensions — 180x80x110 cm;
  • weight — 162 kg.


  • powerful traction due to the presence of low gears;
  • made of high quality materials;
  • uninterrupted operation on any type of gasoline, oil;
  • smooth running even with attachments;
  • perfectly solves the assigned tasks;
  • corresponding price.

Conclusion and Conclusions

Motoblocks are high-performance equipment that are developed and supplied by well-known manufacturers.

Each presented model has proven itself only on the positive side, based on customer reviews. But experts still recommend paying attention to the technical characteristics of walk-behind tractors so as not to make a mistake with the choice.

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