Top 10 Scratch Removers


Over time, scratches from branches, small pebbles flying off the road inevitably appear on the paintwork of the car. Even if they are very small, the metal begins to look dimmer, loses its luster. This problem is solved by polishing in car services, but the procedure is not cheap, and not everyone can afford it. Therefore, manufacturers of automotive chemicals began to produce special products that help quickly restore the shine of the car, give it a fresher look. We present to your attention a rating of the best scratch removers.

Top 10 Best Scratch Removers

10 Runway (polish)

For a very low cost, this is an excellent tool that helps to give shine to the paintwork surface and get rid of minor scratches. When polished by hand, it may not be effective enough, so it is better to use it to work with special machines. In the reviews, users write that with minimal effort it is possible to get rid of stubborn traces of insects, paint oxidation, abrasions, and with careful polishing — from shallow scratches. But most of all they like the very low cost for a noticeable result of the application.

9 Quixx X-Press

This tool has a different effect than other polishes — the composition fills in scratches, so that even deep damage becomes less pronounced. This is a great alternative to costly car service work, helping to restore the paintwork with minimal effort and cost. Very often, not the best reviews are left about such tools, but motorists fell in love with this pencil, despite the rather high cost. Many write that it really works, very easy to use, helps to quickly give freshness and a sense of novelty to an old car.

8 Meguiar’s «Scratch X 2.0»

This is one of the few products that does its job really well — almost completely removes minor scratches and scuffs on the body, giving the paint freshness and a pleasant shine. The disadvantages include only the high cost — more than 1000 rubles per 200 ml. But, according to user reviews, the consumption of the product is very economical, and the result is excellent. Therefore, many confidently recommend it for purchase, assuring that this polish is one of the best on the Russian chemistry market for cars. Those who did not like the product, in order to achieve the desired result, they are advised to strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.

7 Arexons «Carnauba»

This tool will not help get rid of scratches, but it will quickly mask them by giving the surface a shine. The advantage of the polish is that almost no effort is required from the user — it is enough to spray the product onto the surface and leave it to dry completely. Increased gloss is achieved thanks to the silicones and carnauba wax included in the composition. You can use the polish even for new paintwork, plastic and rubber, as it does not contain abrasives and solvents. Users like that at a low cost you can purchase a tool that instantly improves the appearance of the car. Many recommend using it after washing.

6 Sonax

Quite an expensive product, but it is great for cleaning car headlights and windows. Polish with the smallest abrasive particles easily copes with such problems as persistent dirt, fogging of headlights. After cleaning, the plastic looks much better, becomes more transparent, which has a positive effect on the quality of road lighting. The tool is intended to remove scratches, but practice shows that only the most superficial and minor damages go away. But users write that the headlights really shine brighter and look better. The disadvantages include the high cost for a small volume of 75 ml. They would also like to see a special cloth or sponge for polishing in the kit.

5 Nekker

Perhaps the composition of this tool is not the best, but the effectiveness is confirmed by many users. The polish does an excellent job of removing small surface scratches, removing tarnish, refreshing the color of the paintwork and giving it a deep shine. The composition includes abrasive, petroleum solvent, silicone, wax and functional additives. Users recommend using the product specifically as a polishing paste to add shine and visually update the body of cars. The paste is inexpensive, quite economically consumed, but does not cope with pronounced scratches. It is transparent, so it is suitable for cars of all colors.

4 Runway (scratch remover)

Inexpensive product based on mild abrasives and oily polishes helps to quickly refresh the color of the car and make it shine. Copes with surface damage — minor scratches, scuffs. Does not damage the surface of the paintwork, unlike many other products does not contain silicones and wax. The volume is small (100 ml), but the cost is very affordable. In the reviews, users indicate that the tool does an excellent job of polishing the body, but to achieve the best result, it is advisable to use it not once, but three or four times. Scratches on the surface remain, but become less noticeable.

3 Doctor Wax

This is a universal tool that equally effectively copes with polishing the body, alloy wheels, headlights. Can be used against oxides, scratches, rust, stubborn dirt. Despite the effectiveness of polishing, the composition does not contain coarse abrasives and aggressive chemical compounds. In the reviews, users write that the product does not have any pungent odor, it really copes with minor scratches and dirt, acting simultaneously as a cleaner and polish. Many people use it not only for cars, but also for household needs — cleaning taps and other metal surfaces. Minus — quite a large expense.

2 Liqui Moly

Only positive reviews can be found about this tool — buyers consider it one of the best among similar polishes on the market. The unique composition based on wax, aluminum oxide microparticles and excipients helps to quickly remove surface scratches. The tool can be used for manual and machine polishing. In the second case, the process is faster, the maximum degree of gloss is achieved. The composition does not contain silicones, safe for paintwork. It can even be used on metal surfaces. The product is available in a tube of optimal size — 200 ml.

1 Bullsone «Scratch Remover»

Universal polish that is suitable for cars of any color. Easily copes with small and medium-deep scratches. The tool is sold in a small tube of 100 ml, but since it is applied directly to damaged areas of the paintwork, it is used sparingly. This is a fairly popular polish that has collected a lot of positive reviews. Users often write that it copes well with small scratches. Taking into account the economical consumption, the product is not the most expensive, which allows us to consider it the best in terms of a combination of quality and cost.

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