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A convertible tablet or a tablet with a keyboard is a practical device that combines the best features of two fundamentally different and constantly competing categories of technology — classic tablets and laptops. From the traditional versions of the tablet, the heroes of our review differ primarily in power, fairly rich functionality and the ability to use them as a laptop due to the presence of a full-size keyboard. However, unlike real laptops, tablets with keyboards tend to be compact, don’t weigh too much, and easily detach from the keyboard to become a simple, lightweight tablet.

Developments of this type are best suited for business people, active travelers and students. After all, despite the relative compactness, they are all equipped with a decent processor and the most modern Windows operating system with everything you need for work, study and basic entertainment. Although tablets with a detachable keyboard are somewhat inferior to the best gaming laptops in performance and some other properties, they successfully cope not only with Internet surfing, but also with the preparation of large reports and full-fledged presentations, work on serious projects in the cloud, and even play high-definition movies. and the launch of most games, including very resource-intensive ones. All this makes tablets with a keyboard the best solution for travel, work in the office and at home.

The best cheap tablets with keyboards

1 Irbis TW118

Designed by a well-known Chinese manufacturer of low-cost devices, this tablet with a detachable keyboard is one of the very few in the budget class and definitely the best one. Although Irbis, like other budget transformers, is equipped with a basic dual-core processor and only 3 gigabytes of RAM, it is not without important advantages, the main of which was a colorful screen with a diagonal of 11.6 inches and a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. Therefore, it does not tire the eyes even with prolonged use and pleases with excellent detail in Full HD quality images, which even much more expensive devices cannot always boast of.

Also, the advantages of Irbis include a relatively low weight, not exceeding 758 grams, and a thin case with a thickness of only 9.9 millimeters. In addition, according to reviews, this tablet is characterized by a durable metal case, ease of use and a simple, intuitive interface.

The best tablets with a 10-inch keyboard

4 Lenovo IdeaPad D330 N4000 2Gb 32Gb WiFi

This basic but effective development of the famous Chinese company Lenovo, despite the very attractive cost for a transformer device, is undoubtedly one of the best representatives of this type. After all, it does not lag behind its costly opponents in many significant ways. Like most tablets with a 10-inch keyboard, the IdeaPad N4000 has a standard 1280×800 resolution screen, front and rear cameras, and a fairly lightweight body.

At the same time, the transformer will also please with several useful features — the presence of a docking station and a good battery, the capacity of which reaches 5080 mAh. Thanks to a not too big screen and a capacious battery, this inexpensive tablet will pleasantly surprise you with battery life. However, like everything cheap, this model has a couple of disadvantages. The amount of built-in memory does not exceed 32 gigabytes, and the processor frequency is only 1100 MHz.

3 HP x2 10 Z8350 4Gb 64Gb

The tablet of the American brand is one of the most popular modern devices for office and home. Very compact, productive and stylish, it also features solid mounts that securely fix the device in the desired position. In addition, the tablet even provides for the possibility of some transformation. Therefore, it is easy to use not only for typing and working with files, but also for reading. In this case, the keyboard will become a reliable stand, which is especially useful for those who like to read on the road. Also, HP received good cameras, sufficient for Skype and photographing documents.

Users note the excellent interaction of the tablet with other devices. Miracast technology provides wireless transmission of audio and video via Wi-Fi Direct, so you can stream movies from your device, for example, to a TV. At the same time, several gadgets can be connected to it via Bluetooth at once.

2 ASUS Transformer Book T101HA 4Gb 64Gb dock

The Asus Transformer Book is the most popular compact tablet with a removable keyboard and a true friend of travel lovers and just energetic people who are easy-going. This stylish model will be the best choice for traveling work and business trips, because it is the smallest and lightest option. The weight of a relatively inexpensive development does not exceed 580 grams, which means that the Asus transformer weighs half as much as its counterparts. In addition, this tablet has become the thinnest member of the rating. The thickness of its body reaches only 9 millimeters. All this makes the model incredibly mobile and easy to transport.

Another obvious advantage of the Transformer Book is its excellent autonomy. As the reviews show, the tablet works without recharging up to 12 hours, and with not very active use up to a week. It is also highly regarded for its efficient processor, well-adapted Windows, quality build, quiet operation, and nice design.

1 Lenovo IdeaPad D330 N5000 4Gb 128Gb LTE

IdeaPad N5000 from the Chinese brand Lenovo has become one of the very few tablets that are recommended by all buyers without exception. The reason for such high ratings is simple, because the creation of Lenovo is one of the most functional and modern transformers. First of all, this tablet with a keyboard differs from many competitors by the ability to install a Nano SIM SIM card, support for 3G and 4G LTE, making it suitable for Internet surfing even if there is no Wi-Fi network nearby. Also, the strength of the model was 4 gigabytes of RAM and as many as 128 built-in. At the same time, it can be supplemented with a memory card up to 128 gigabytes in size. All this makes the development of Lenovo the best solution with a diagonal of 10 inches.

In reviews, the tablet is often praised for its high performance, good battery capacity, secure keyboard attachment, and loud speakers. In addition, the device has a clear display with good color reproduction.

The best tablets with a 12-inch keyboard

2 Lenovo Miix 520 12 i3 7130U 4Gb 128Gb WiFi

Despite the rather high price, not all tablets with a 12-inch keyboard can boast of really good performance, but the Chinese development of Lenovo Miix turned out to be a happy exception. After all, this transformer is notable, first of all, for its fast processor with a clock frequency of 2700 MHz and 4 gigabytes of RAM, which guarantees not only high speed, but also multitasking. Also on the plus side of the Lenovo tablet is the ability to receive GPS signals, which will be very useful when working with maps, navigators and other Windows applications that require accurate location.

At the same time, the Miix 520 model stands out from its peers with a stylish and durable metal case, thanks to which the tablet is very durable. The disadvantages, as a rule, include a large thickness and a fairly serious weight for such a diagonal, as well as a somewhat overpriced cost.

1 HP Elite x2 1012 G2 i3 4Gb 128Gb WiFi keyboard

Powerful, high-tech and functional, this high-end Windows 10 tablet is well-balanced and meets all the standards of a premium device. Good speed, 128 gigabytes of internal memory, high-quality cameras with a rear flash and an impressive set of additional features made the HP Elite truly luxurious and versatile. Unlike other relatively compact transformer tablets, the development of the American brand is endowed not only with the most basic functions, but also with a gyroscope, compass, proximity sensor and light sensor, which means it is suitable for absolutely any task.

The best feature of HP’s tablet, however, is the stunning 2736 x 1824 pixel colorful screen. Also, the obvious advantages of the American transformer can be called a modest weight, not exceeding 800 grams, and the presence of a fingerprint scanner.

The best tablets with a keyboard from 13 inches

3 HP ZBook x2 G4 i7-8550U 8Gb 256Gb

Released at the beginning of 2018, the huge tablet with a keyboard essentially marked the beginning of a new era, because there were simply no such things before. The giant’s screen reaches a record 14 inches and has a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels. Therefore, it is more than convenient to read voluminous texts, watch movies and play the latest games with first-class graphics on it. Thanks to the quad-core processor and 8 GB of RAM, the tablet is quite productive. HP also boasts one of the best 8 megapixel main cameras.

Despite the Chinese assembly, the reviews note the high reliability of the design. The tablet is equipped with a convenient stand, which is easy to remove into the case. Therefore, it is easy to install at any angle. But it is important to understand that due to the large diagonal, the device is slightly larger and heavier than most other tablets, and is also unlikely to become a champion in terms of autonomy. According to the company, the charge is designed for a maximum of 10 hours.

2 HP Elite x2 1013 G3 i5 8Gb 256Gb WiFi keyboard

Not the most bulky, but very high quality and practical, the 13-inch tablet with keyboard designed by HP is ideal for use in meetings and on business trips. Striking, presentable, and at the same time the lightest and thinnest in the category, the body of the device attracts the eye and makes the tablet really comfortable. The thickness of 13.3 millimeters and the weight of 1170 grams did not prevent the tablet from becoming the best in terms of functionality. The transformer recognizes the owner by fingerprint and is equipped with a proximity sensor, gyroscope, light sensor. At the same time, it is easy to charge even in a hurry, since the tablet is charged using a symmetrical USB-C cable, which means that the wire can be connected in either direction.

A special advantage of the elite HP is a large screen with a resolution of 3000 by 2000 and a glass resistant to mechanical stress. This protection helps prevent scratches and preserve the beauty of the tablet for a long time.

1 Acer Switch 7 i7 16Gb 512Gb

Acer Switch 7 is the most expensive, but at the same time the most optimal tablet with a keyboard, the most suitable for both work and entertainment. The main advantage of the model over other devices is the record size of memory, both operational and built-in. The volume of the first was 16 gigabytes, and the last — 512 gigabytes, which is why some users often compare the transformer device even with serious laptops. At the same time, Switch 7 offers good performance thanks to its 1800MHz quad-core processor. However, it is important to understand that, like all transformers, this model is still somewhat inferior to laptops in terms of gaming capabilities.

In addition to good hardware, this tablet, according to reviews, will pleasantly surprise you with an extensive package, which even includes a stylus with two spare tips, pleasant sound, quiet operation and an excellent keyboard with customizable backlighting. Also worth noting is the stylish design.

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