Top 10 Chinese Air Conditioners


If funds do not allow you to purchase a well-known brand air conditioner, you can consider buying a Chinese-made model. Of course, they are slightly inferior in quality to European and Russian-made equipment, but they have quite good characteristics and do an excellent job with their main purpose. The choice of a Chinese-made air conditioner must be approached very carefully, studying the characteristics, evaluating the build quality and materials. It does not hurt to read the reviews of customers who use the equipment of one of the Chinese brands. Since there are a lot of similar offers on the market, based on user reviews, we have compiled a rating of the best Chinese air conditioners.

Top 10 Best Chinese Air Conditioners

10 Dahatsu DA-07I

The Chinese air conditioner with smooth power control (inverter) is characterized by the fact that it works almost silently — the minimum noise level is about 22 dB, the maximum one is no more than 33 dB. This, combined with the night mode, allows you to safely mount it in the bedroom, without fear that it will interfere with a good sleep. The air conditioner works equally effectively in cooling, heating and ventilation modes, equipped with a deodorizing filter and a dehumidification option. This helps to achieve the optimal microclimate in the apartment.

From user reviews, it is clear that the model is of high quality, convenient, easy to use and effective. It quickly cools the air and heats it up when needed. Many buyers appreciated the not quite standard design and very quiet operation. They call only the lack of a fine filter and a rather high cost for a model made in China a small drawback of the model.

9 Abion ASH-C097BE / ARH-C097BE

One of the more expensive models made in China. But among analogues, it differs not only in increased cost, but also in excellent quality. The split system is made of good materials, qualitatively assembled. Functionality is also on top — there are all the necessary modes and even more. For example, in the event of a breakdown, the air conditioner will conduct a self-diagnosis and indicate to the user possible malfunctions. And the option of fine cleaning, dehumidification and deodorizing filter will help to quickly improve indoor air quality and get rid of excess moisture.

Buyers point to this air conditioner as a high-quality, reliable and really efficient model. A separate reason for joy was a wide range of additional options — ionization, dehumidification, many different filters. Many confirm that this air conditioner not only cools the air, but also makes it cleaner. Given all of the above, the model can be considered optimal in terms of price and quality.


The wall-mounted split system supports a wide temperature range from 17 to 30 degrees, that is, it can work both for cooling and heating. At the same time, the power consumption is only 685 W, which characterizes the air conditioner as an economical device. With functionality, everything is fine — a silent night mode, a deodorizing filter, the option to remember the last settings set by the user, adjusting the fan speed and air flow direction. The fine filter helps to make the air fresher, and the dehumidification mode gets rid of high humidity.

According to users, this is a noteworthy inexpensive model that does an excellent job with its main purpose and has many additional options. The design of the air conditioner is ordinary, but pleasant, the noise level is average. There is only one small minus — clicks of the switch-on relay, which can cause some inconvenience at night.

7 Timberk AC TIM 07H S21

This model is cheap even for inexpensive Chinese air conditioners, but at the same time it has good functionality and does its job perfectly. It is mounted on the wall, can work in different modes — cooling, ventilation and heating. Despite the affordable cost, buyers will find silent night mode, a dehumidification option, self-diagnosis of faults, temperature maintenance, a plasma filter, an anion generator, and a timer in the characteristics.

User experience shows that the air conditioner is made quite soundly, from good materials, which is surprising for such a low cost. All technical characteristics declared by the manufacturer fully justify themselves — the air conditioner quickly cools the air to the desired temperature, makes it cleaner, and works quietly. Many note the ease of use. It is not possible to find cons in the model even after quite a long use.


An inexpensive Chinese air conditioner attracts buyers with an unusual, stylish and modern design, which is very different from the design of other models in the same price category. The advantages include increased functionality — the device can be controlled via Wi-Fi, adjust the direction of air supply, select the fan speed. The manufacturer provides for night operation, self-diagnosis, automated maintenance of the set temperature. Additional features — dehumidification mode, the presence of ionizers and filters for fine air purification.

Users are very satisfied with this cheap air conditioner. In it they like everything without exception — stylish design, power, functionality. Many note that thanks to the dehumidification option, the air in the apartment has become much better, lighter, mold and fungus have disappeared from the walls. The air conditioner perfectly copes with all the functions declared by the manufacturer — it cools, heats and ventilates perfectly.

5 Hisense AS-11UR4SYDDB1G

One of the most expensive, but at the same time functional and high-quality models made in China. The company is quite well-known and popular, it is more trusted by customers than other Chinese brands. The air conditioner is powerful (3200 W in cooling mode), designed for spacious rooms up to 30 m2. The manufacturer provides three main modes — cooling, heating and ventilation. But in addition to this, users have the ability to smoothly adjust the power, change the fan speed, switch to a quiet night mode.

Many buyers pay attention to other advantages of the model — the ability to operate in heating mode up to -15C, the presence of fine filters, an anion generator. Some appreciated the deodorizing filter. But the most important advantages, in their opinion, are very quiet operation and excellent quality of materials and assembly. But not a single negative review could be found.

4 General Climate GC/GU-N09HRIN1

This model attracts with its low price, nice design and rather high power. In cooling mode, it is 2600 W, heating — 2800 W. In night mode, the equipment works especially quietly, does not disturb sleep even when installed in the bedroom. The power of the device is enough to service a room up to 26 m2. Of the additional features, the manufacturer provides a system for self-detection of faults, automatic temperature maintenance, the ability to set a timer to turn on and off. The striking features of the Chinese-made model also include an ion generator, a plasma filter, and a function for remembering the last set settings.

According to buyers, this is a very cheap air conditioner for its capabilities. Its power is enough to maintain a favorable microclimate in a small apartment or a separate spacious room. Users are pleased with a large number of settings, convenient control from the remote control, the use of innovative solutions (ion generator).

3 NeoClima NS/NU-HAX09R

Split system from a fairly well-known Chinese brand of climate equipment. This is one of the best models in terms of functionality, which provides cooling, ventilation, heating and automatic temperature control modes. The smart device is equipped with a night mode, the ability to carry out self-diagnosis with the issuance of the corresponding error code on the display, which greatly simplifies operation. Users have the ability to adjust the direction of the air flow, change the fan speed, activate the dehumidification option to create an optimal indoor climate. Of the features include the presence of a deodorizing and plasma filter.

User reviews speak for themselves — this is one of the best and most functional air conditioners made in China. Buyers are attracted by the possibility of setting various settings, several modes of operation. They also mention nice design, quiet operation and energy efficiency.


Pretty high quality air conditioner model made in China. It is designed for rooms up to 25 m2, has a fairly high power (2550 W in temperature reduction mode). The device can operate in heating, ventilation (ventilation) and cooling modes, equipped with a timer and a convenient remote control. Additional features of an inexpensive split system include automatic fault diagnosis, temperature maintenance, and saving user-defined settings. The indoor unit of the air conditioner is mounted on the wall, has a concise but pleasant design, due to which it fits perfectly into any interior.

Users leave feedback that this air conditioner is reliable and unpretentious in operation. Due to the simplicity of the design, the filters can be cleaned by ourselves, without resorting to the services of specialists. Additional advantages of the model are low cost, functionality, efficiency, the presence of a timer and quiet operation.

1 Aeronik ASI/ASO-07HS4

For the characteristics declared by the manufacturer, this Chinese air conditioner can be called very cheap. The wall-mounted model can operate in cooling, space heating and ventilation modes, is equipped with a night mode, self-diagnosis of faults, the option to maintain the selected temperature, remember settings, and an anti-icing system. Can dehumidify the air in case of high humidity. The user can set the direction of air flow himself. The model is designed for wall mounting, designed for rooms up to 20 m2.

Despite the fact that the country of manufacture of this model is China, it was not possible to find a single negative review about it. But there are a lot of positives — this is one of the most popular cheap air conditioners. Users are satisfied with everything — the quality of cooling, filtration, air ventilation. Even when the windows are closed, the air in the heat remains fresh, cleared of dust and odors. There are no complaints about the quality of materials and assembly.

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