Top 10 Bosch Rotary Hammers


Bosch rotary hammers have not needed advertising for a long time — the products are well known in the domestic market and are in demand among the consumer. A wide range of models allows you to choose equipment for both professional use in construction and as a home tool.

Our review presents the best rotary hammers, which have pronounced advantages both in comparison with the models of this brand and with competing counterparts from other companies. The rating was compiled on the basis of product characteristics and feedback from owners who have practical experience in operating these models in different conditions.

Top 10 Best Bosch Rotary Hammers

10 Bosch GBH 240

Thanks to a more advanced gearbox, this hammer drill, with excellent performance, weighs just under 3 kg. This factor, as a rule, becomes one of the decisive ones when choosing in favor of this model. Judging by the reviews of the owners, who have to carry out any construction work with the BOSCH GBH 240 all day long, they were not disappointed in their choice. Using this punch for them is a pleasure.

The force of impact and its frequency (4200 beats / min) “behind the eyes” is enough for drilling holes in concrete with a diameter of 28 mm. The convenience of replacing the brushes of the electric motor is especially appreciated — for this there is no need to disassemble the case and, moreover, go to a service center. The whole procedure will take about 5 minutes, no more. The ergonomics of rubberized holders, the presence of a trigger lock and the hinged fastening of the wire at the handle are also highly valued — the cable does not fray in this most vulnerable place. The cost of the tool deserves special praise — this is one of the most affordable professional Bosch rotary hammers, which inevitably affected the high popularity of the GBH 240.

9 BOSCH GBH 180-Li 0

High-performance cordless drill BOSCH GBH 180-Li 0, with an impact force of 1.7 J, is designed to perform various types of work at all stages of construction and repair. Light weight (2.6 kg) and the presence of LED-backlight make this model the most convenient, especially when you need to work overhead or in places with insufficient lighting. The versatility of this puncher allows you to choose the appropriate mode:

  • drilling;
  • chiselling;
  • percussive drilling;
  • Screwdriver.

At the same time, it is possible to set the rotation speed of the drill, which is the most suitable for a particular material, in the available range from 0 to 1800 rpm.

The Vario-Lock system allows you to change the position of the chisel, so you can choose the most suitable angle for the job. For maximum precision, the BOSCH GBH 180-Li 0 is equipped with a depth gauge when making identical holes. This rotary hammer is powered by a lithium-ion battery without memory effect, which guarantees its long service life under the heaviest loads. An automatic shutdown protects the tool in the event of an overload or some sort of malfunction. The reviews are mostly positive, and testify to the ease of use, as well as the endurance and reliability of the punch.


The Bosch GBH 2-23 REA rotary hammer is perfect for professional drilling work with a wide variety of materials. The ability to use impact force as needed allows it to be used for drilling in concrete, masonry, natural stone, etc. With a hollow core bit, you can easily make holes or recesses with a maximum diameter of 68 mm. The frequency of blows per minute is 4400, which guarantees the implementation of a large amount of work in a shorter period of time. The compactness of the model (the weight of the puncher is only 3.6 kg) allows you to drill in the most inaccessible places, holding the device with one hand.

For maximum ease of use, BOSCH GBH 2-23 REA provides the ability to select the required rotation speed. Protective valves will prevent contamination of the internal components of the perforator, and the presence of a dust suction system will ensure the cleanliness of the workplace and relieve the operator of the need to breathe construction dust. Users in their reviews note the reliability of this model, however, like all Bosch tools. They also talk about the convenience of the puncher and high resistance to continuous loads.

7 Bosch PBH 2100 RE

Thanks to the best price and good quality, the Bosch PBH 2100 RE rotary hammer has become a real home helper for many Russians. This tool can do several types of work. It perfectly copes with drilling holes in different materials, with chiselling concrete or brick, and when you select the screwing mode, it turns into a screwdriver. With a power of only 550 W, the device weighs 2.2 kg, which allows you to work at height for a long time. The impact energy is 1.7 J at a frequency of 580 beats per minute. The model is equipped with an SDS-Plus chuck, reverse function, impact blocking when drilling.

Consumers note such positive qualities of this household punch as compactness, lightness, ergonomics, and pleasant design. Among the shortcomings, noise at high speeds, the beating of the drill when pressed, and insufficient power are often mentioned.

6 Bosch GBH 2-26 DFR

The optimal combination of price and set of technical parameters made the Bosch GBH 2-26 DFR rotary hammer the most popular in the German manufacturer’s lineup. With a power of 800 W and an impact energy of 2.7 J, the tool is able to drill and chisel the hardest substrates without rest. The device has two cartridges, one of which is quick-clamping, and the other is SDS-Plus. The rotary hammer features such as reverse, electronic speed control, spindle lock and safety clutch. Ease of use is provided by an additional handle, fixation of the power button and a drilling depth limiter. The product weighs 2.9 kg.

One of the most important characteristics of a hammer drill, many builders consider indestructibility. It is pleasant to work with it, the long cord allows you to reach the most remote points, the combination of weight and power is optimal. Some users are unhappy with the reverse switch and costly maintenance.

5 Bosch PBH 3000 FRE

The Bosch PBH 3000 FRE rotary hammer is recognized as the best model for domestic use in the Bosch line. It has a power of 750 W, and an impact energy of 2.8 J. The tool is equipped with an SDS-Plus chuck, and a quick-clamping tool is additionally attached. The device is capable of operating in three modes, the maximum thickness of the hole in concrete is limited to 26 mm. Options include reverse, electronic speed control, safety clutch. The model is completed with the additional handle, blocking of the button of inclusion and the limiter of depth of drilling. The puncher weighs 3 kg.

Buyers liked such qualities of the tool as power, affordable price, versatility. It fits comfortably in the hand, there is a capacious case with drills and drills. The disadvantages of the hammer drill are: strong vibration, short power cord, beating of the drill.

4 Bosch GBH 36 VF-LI Plus 4.0Ah x2 L-BOXX

The best choice for professional builders working away from the mains is the Bosch GBH 36 VF-LI Plus 4.0Ah x2 L-BOXX cordless rock drill. It is equipped with an SDS-Plus chuck that can be used for hammer drilling and chiselling. The kit also comes with a keyless chuck for conventional drilling. The high impact energy of 3.2 J is complemented by an impact frequency of 4200 beats/min. The battery has a capacity of 4 Ah, its voltage is 36 V. The total weight of the tool is 4.6 kg. The range of holes in concrete is from 4 to 28 mm. With one battery charge, about 240 holes with a diameter of 6 mm and a depth of 40 mm can be made.

Builders speak flatteringly about the performance of the tool, a well-thought-out system of protection against overheating and deep discharge. Thanks to the additional battery, you can work non-stop throughout the day. The disadvantages of consumers include a high price and a fairly large weight.


The BOSCH GBH 3-28 DRE professional rotary hammer with increased productivity will be the best choice for even the longest jobs thanks to its ergonomic design and light weight. The presence of the Vibration Control system provides reliable protection for the operator from the negative effects of vibration, which in this model is reduced to 12 m/s². To prevent possible damage (both to the master himself and to the tool), a clutch is provided that limits the torque in case of excessive load.

Operating at 4,000 beats per minute, Bosch can switch to one of three modes: hammer drilling, chiseling or drilling. This allows you to perform tasks more efficiently, depending on the source material. In the reviews, the owners note the particular ease with which this hammer drill copes with concrete, making holes 28 mm deep with a drill, and 82 mm with a crown. For greater convenience, the model is equipped with a drilling depth limiter and an additional handle. The reverse function available in the BOSCH GBH 3-28 DRE allows it to be used even as a screwdriver or will facilitate the release of the drill when pinched.

2 Bosch GBH 5-40 DCE

For many professional builders, the most important parameter in a rotary hammer is the absence of vibration. Bosch GBH 5-40 DCE is equipped with a modern vibration damping system called Vibration Control. Thanks to it, even with frequent use of the tool, the operator does not get tired. This model incorporates the latest patented developments. This is an adjustment wheel, with which it is easy to set the speed and frequency of impacts, as well as a special switch lock for comfortable operation. The power of the device is 1150 W with an impact force of 8.8 J. The model is equipped with an SDS-Max chuck for impact drilling and chiselling. An additional handle helps to hold the 6.8 kg perforator.

In the reviews, consumers speak flatteringly about comfortable operation, high power and precise operation of the protective clutch. The suitcase holds not only the tool, but also numerous accessories. Some users consider the lack of a drilling mode to be the only drawback.

1 Bosch GBH 12-52 D

The most powerful Bosch rotary hammer in our review was the Bosch GBH 12-52 D model. With a power of 1700 W and an impact force of 19 J, the tool has maximum performance. The device can operate in two modes: impact drilling and slotting. The device is equipped with an SDS-Max chuck, safety clutch, 6-position speed control, and a capacious suitcase. The puncher weighs 11.5 kg.

Domestic builders speak with admiration of the power of this apparatus. With it, we are able to solve the most complex tasks of drilling and chiselling thick reinforced concrete. An additional handle is conveniently made, thanks to which you can hold the tool with either hand. The ability to adjust the position of the bit was appreciated. The disadvantages include only a lot of weight. But brutal technique was created for real men.

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