TOP 10 best PVC boats of 2021


Every angler sooner or later comes to the realization that you need to buy a good boat for gatherings with a fishing rod in the center of the lake, hunting in wetlands, trolling and so on. For these purposes, fishermen prefer modern PVC boats, which are much stronger than rubber ones. One question remains: what models of swimming facilities are considered the best? In this rating, we will talk about the 10 best PVC rowing and motor boats according to user reviews.

What to look for when choosing a PVC boat?

First of all, we will look at the most important criteria for choosing a good PVC boat. So, the first thing you should pay attention to is:

  1. Boat dimensions. The size of the future small inflatable vessel is best determined by the number of fishermen. For one fisherman, the best option would be 2.6-3 meters, for two people from 3 meters. Also, do not forget about the transported things, which will also take up a lot of space. In general, the optimal boat size is considered to be 3.2 meters.
  2. bottom type. If you are going to be serious about fishing, then having a hard floor is a must. The hard floor will allow you to fish standing up, put down heavy objects, improve driving performance and be more comfortable to move around. There are 3 types of bottoms: inflatable, rack flooring and payol. The most common and reliable type is payol, since it completely captures the bottom of the vessel and provides good rigidity.
  3. The presence of a transom. If you are going to put the motor on the boat, then the presence of a transom is necessary. It is advisable to choose models with a glued transom, at least 2.5 cm thick and with plastic lining. If you are not going to install a motor, then a transom can be useful for using accessories.
  4. Fabric Density. In theory, the denser the fabric, the better the boat will withstand damage from snags, reeds, and rocks. But in practice, if you run into a sharp stone, then most likely any fabric will tear. At the same time, the weight of a denser fabric will be 30% more.
  5. Engine power. It is not difficult to determine this parameter, each boat has a limit on the maximum power of the installed engine. 4-5 HP — the most common option, such an engine will be enough for hunting and fishing. Motor with 10 hp and more is necessary for movement over distances of 10 km.

Rating of the best PVC boat models of 2021

ten Intex Seahawk-400

Intex Seahawk-400 is a fairly roomy inflatable boat designed for 4 passengers. For their convenience, inflatable seats are provided, although they do not provide the necessary rigidity. The bottom structure here is also inflatable, so standing up fishing will not work. Nevertheless, the manufacturer provided for the presence of holders for fishing rods. In general, this model is perfect for fishing or walking on small bodies of water.


  • High quality material
  • Wide and roomy
  • Low price
  • Load capacity 400 kg


  • Short oars
  • Not very good valves, hard to inflate and deflate
  • soft bottom

9 HUNTERBOAT Hunter 290

HUNTERBOAT The Hunter 290 is a good quality compact rowing boat that can accommodate up to 2 passengers. The mass of the complete set is only 27 kg, therefore, it can be easily carried to the reservoir even without a car.

As for the technical aspects, the engineers managed to improve the rigidity and seaworthiness, which together makes it easier to plan. The material from which the HUNTERBOAT Hunter 290 is made is very durable (reinforced PVC with a density of 750 g/m2). On a stationary transom, you can install a motor with a power of up to 5 hp.


  • Affordable price
  • durable material
  • The kit weighs only 27 kg
  • Good maneuverability


  • There are complaints about the seams
  • Conflicting owner reviews

eight SEA-PRO 230С

The cheapest and most compact model in our ranking of the best PVC boats. The SEA-PRO 230C is only 230 cm long and 128 cm wide. Such a limited space is enough for a maximum of 2 passengers, but it is better to use it for solo fishing.

If the size of the boat is not of great importance to you, then this option will be ideal, because the rest of the SEA-PRO 230C is not inferior to its competitors. The boat is made of reinforced PVC, waterproof plywood flooring is installed and there is 1 hard seat.


  • Good quality material
  • Compact dimensions
  • Weighs only 18 kg
  • It is possible to install a suspended transom


  • Even 2 passengers will be cramped
  • Uncomfortable to row
  • Weak oarlocks

7 Frigate 300

This model went on sale in 2012, and for more than 6 years it has been one of the best in its class. The main feature of the Frigate 300 is more space for convenient arrangement of equipment, gear and passengers. The boat is also distinguished by the high quality of the seams, which are made using hot air welding.

The manufacturer guarantees excellent driving performance. For better access to the glider, special-shaped cylinders are provided. A glued rigid transom allows you to install a motor up to 8 hp.


  • Plenty of space for passengers and equipment
  • Easy Assembly
  • low price
  • Excellent value for money


  • Can’t move the front seat closer to the nose
  • Minor problems with the installation of the floorboard


FLINC has not previously specialized in the manufacture of transom boats, FLINC FT320L is the first model with a fixed transom. Nevertheless, the saying “the first pancake is lumpy” is not appropriate in this case, since the manufacturer tried to make a quality product.

This model was created in order to provide good handling, but at the same time it was fast and light enough. And they did it! Through the use of elements of course stabilization, it was possible to achieve a reduction in the turning radius, weight and dimensions. To reduce water resistance, the hull was equipped with a flat bottom. Such changes made FLINC FT320L a worthy competitor to other transom boats.


  • Compact dimensions
  • Little weight
  • You can go on a glider even with a low-power motor
  • Good handling


  • Seat design
  • Weak stock pump
  • There are no shoulder straps on the tote bag.


An excellent boat for reasonable money, which is equipped with everything necessary for professional hunting and fishing. Due to its length of 420 cm, the Hunter 420 PRO can accommodate 6 passengers, and the ship’s carrying capacity is a good 950 kg.

This model is designed for use in the harshest environments. The boat is made of heavy-duty reinforced PVC. Low pressure inflatable bottom. Hunter 420 PRO can be used with a motor up to 30 hp, but as experienced anglers write, you can install a more powerful motor.


  • durable material
  • Good price for this boat
  • Large load capacity


  • The complete set weighs 60 kg

four HDX Oxygen 370

Spacious boat for 6 people and with a carrying capacity of 689 kg, which is designed for sports rafting on mountain rivers and movement in shallow water. A special feature of the HDX Oxygen 370 is the inflatable bottom, which consists of many inflatable compartments. Such a bottom is in no way inferior to hard flooring in terms of rigidity. There is an aluminum deck.

For ease of transfer and safety of passengers, handles are provided along the entire length of the vessel and a rope is stretched. The manufacturer also provided for the presence of a drain valve and a special valve for bleeding air.


  • durable material
  • Big equipment
  • Load capacity 689 kg
  • Good maneuverability


  • The complete set weighs 76 kg
  • Weak carry bag

3 Navigator 290 Optima

The third place in our rating is occupied by the domestic motor-rowing boat NAVIGATOR 290 Optima. This model was specially developed for hunting and fishing in the coastal areas of the seas and closed reservoirs. The unique design using variable-diameter balloons that increase towards the stern makes the transition to planing much easier.

The «Navigator» is made of high-strength reinforced PVC, which, together with professional assembly and a multi-stage control level, ensures the safety of the fisherman and passengers. The vessel itself has a length of only 290 cm, however, due to the width of 155 cm, it allows one or two passengers to comfortably sit. Since the bottom of the swimming facility is hard, the weight is quite decent — 35 kg.


  • Lots of room for the length
  • Tough and durable material
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • The seams are well glued and additionally reinforced


  • Load capacity only 350 kg

2 HUNTERBOAT Hunter 320

The second place in our rating of the best PVC boats, according to anglers, is occupied by the model of the Russian manufacturer HUNTERBOAT. The Hunter 320 is a versatile boat that you can use to hunt, fish and spend a comfortable holiday with friends. This model can be used both under the motor, and under oars.

In the manufacture of Hunter 320, a durable German PVC fabric with a density of 750 g / m2 was used. It protects well from stones and snags, which can be easily caught on while fishing. The manufacturer also did not forget to add useful little things to the package, such as an anchor eye and a repair kit. The maximum load capacity is 450 kg.


  • Value for money
  • Good capacity and load capacity
  • You can install a motor up to 9.9 hp.
  • Thick reinforced PVC fabric


  • Weak stock pump
  • Difficult to install floor
  • Poor quality stitching

one Quick Stream Dolphin M

Inflatable model of rowing type, which combines a well-thought-out design and high-quality materials. The material used in the development of this boat has a density of 950 g / sq.m, which avoids breakdowns from mechanical damage. For added safety, the manufacturer has divided the cylinders into 2 sealed compartments, so that the vessel will remain afloat even if one compartment is damaged.

Due to the unusual rounded shape of the stern and the raised bow, the STREAM Delfin-M boasts excellent driving performance. This model can be used both on oars and under the motor (using a mounted transom).


  • Very durable material
  • Seams are well sealed
  • Stability and controllability
  • Collapsible payol


  • Not enough space, two fishermen will be cramped
  • No keel
  • Difficult to find in stock

Which PVC boat is better to buy?

The choice of a swimming facility depends on the tasks that you will set for the boat. If you are going to get out only on small reservoirs, then the rowing option will be ideal (STREAM Dolphin-M, Intex Seahawk-400). For large reservoirs and rivers, we recommend choosing models that can be equipped with a powerful motor (HDX Oxygen 370, HUNTERBOAT Hunter 320).

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