TOP 10 best power supplies for a computer: rating, specifications, user reviews


In the process of assembling any computer, special attention is paid to the power supply, since the correct operation of the remaining components depends on it. On the technical side, the power supply is a complex product, so choosing the best quality one is quite difficult, especially when the market is full of products from different competing brands.

For example, you can take a PSU with a power of 250 W and 400 W. The main technical indicator (power) in this case is different, but the price is the same. Why? In fact, it is impossible to compare such a complex device by a single criterion. That is why I recommend studying my article in order to know which power supply is better to choose, as well as read the opinions of reputable experts.

Rating of the best power supplies for a computer

Aerocool Cylon 500W

Due to its power and consistently high efficiency, confirmed by the 80 Plus certificate, this PSU will be an excellent addition to an office or home computer with an average level of performance. The rated power of the model is 500 watts. A (20+4)-pin connector is used to connect the main power, while the processor is powered from the (4+4)-pin connectors. A nice addition to the product is adaptive RGB backlighting with many preset modes. Thanks to the ability to synchronize with the motherboard, your system unit will be transformed and sparkle with bright colors.

Power (nominal) 500 W
Power (12V) 444 W
Cooling system active
Dimensions 150x86x150 mm
  • stylish ARGB backlight;
  • all cables are braided, which prolongs their service life and facilitates laying inside the case;
  • long wires;
  • the presence of many splitters for both SATA and PCI-E;
  • high-quality element base, which has a certificate of 80 Plus.
  • bad Chinese 120mm fan (very noisy, requires frequent maintenance).

This power supply was purchased in a computer assembly for my friend, who has been using this miracle for more than 2 years. From myself I will say that this PSU is not only incredibly beautiful in appearance, but also perfectly manifests itself in work.

Deepcool DA 500W

This PSU has a standard quality certificate (80+ Bronze), which confirms not only its reliability and high market demand. The model is able to fully work in any conditions, as it can automatically stabilize the input voltage (100-240 V). A well-thought-out air cooling system does not emit unnecessary noise, ensuring comfortable operation of the product even at night. If the load through the PSU components is too high, then it is evenly distributed across all channels.

Power (nominal) 500 W
Power (12V) 456 W
Cooling system active
Dimensions 140x86x150 mm
  • understandable Russian-language documentation;
  • quality fasteners;
  • low noise level;
  • protection against voltage surges in the network (100-240 V, 50-60 Hz);
  • many additional protection technologies (OPP, OVP, UVP, SCP);
  • Efficiency at high loads almost does not fall.
  • not detected.

Chieftec Proton 500W

An excellent acquisition for your computer assembly will be the Chieftec Proton 500W power supply. It is made from high quality components in compliance with all possible requirements. The device received the 80 Plus Bronze certificate, distinguished by its high efficiency. Rated power — 500 watts. This PSU is suitable for use in various assemblies with relatively low power consumption. The input voltage range is 115-230 V. The product is connected to the socket through the supplied power cord. Cables for accessories are built into the power supply housing. The manufacturer has developed cords with various types of connectors, so you can easily connect all the components of the system.

Power (nominal) 500 W
Power (12V) 500 W
Cooling system active
Dimensions 140x87x150 mm
  • long 45 cm main power cable;
  • braided wires, prolonging their service life;
  • automatic stabilization of the input voltage (115-230 V);
  • good element base;
  • competent cabling, helping to create an aesthetic modding.
  • “dislikes” sudden power outages.

Cougar VTX 600W

This computer power supply has good performance. It has many protections in its arsenal: from overcurrent, overheating, moisture ingress, and the like. Not only the well-known name of the Cougar brand is responsible for the quality, but also the 80+ Bronze certificate. The cooling fan (120×120 mm) does an excellent job without creating too much noise. The wires are in a mesh braid that is pleasant to the touch and look, which significantly extends their service life and makes it possible to beautifully arrange all the cables inside the case.

Power (nominal) 600 W
Power (12V) 588 W
Cooling system active
Dimensions 140x86x150 mm
  • soft mesh braid;
  • convenient organization of branching cables;
  • silent operation of the cooling fan;
  • graphic designation of each connector;
  • complete with fasteners you can find 4 main bolts and 10 ties.

This PSU is in my main computer. I have been operating it at 100% capacity for the third year already. The cost is low — the quality is high, buy, you will not regret it.

Aerocool AERO BRONZE 750M

Reliable, and most importantly, high-performance power supply from the well-known company Aerocool. The device has a good technical component and a good appearance. The active air cooling system does not allow it to overheat much even at peak load. An important feature of the model is the ability to adjust the power supply to individual system components. Also, the device is absolutely not afraid of voltage drops in the network, because it automatically stabilizes them to the desired performance, without losing efficiency.

Power (nominal) 750 W
Power (12V) 744 W
Cooling system active
Dimensions 150x87x150 mm
  • fully modular (all cables detachable);
  • the presence of many protections (OCP, OPP, OVP, OTP, UVP, SCP);
  • the ability to track BP indicators through a computer;
  • high-quality internal component;
  • good insulation of wires, resistant to moisture.
  • does not tolerate strong voltage drops in the network (<200 V).

Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W

Incredibly powerful, productive, energy efficient, but at the same time very strong — all this is about the Thermaltake Smart RGB power supply. The device comes in a beautiful branded box, has clear installation instructions and a chic set of fasteners. Quality certification is standard here, but this does not mean that the device does not have any of its “chips” at all. It is equipped with a stylish RGB backlight with the ability to synchronize, a reliable Japanese element base with capacious capacitors, and a solid metal construction.

Power (nominal) 700 W
Power (12V) 648 W
Cooling system active
Dimensions 150x86x150 mm
  • the service life declared by the manufacturer is 100 thousand hours;
  • stylish RGB lighting;
  • silent and efficient air cooling system;
  • dimensions will fit into any modern case;
  • excellent build quality.

CoolerMaster MWE Bronze 750W V2

The CoolerMaster MWE Bronze 750W V2 has a significant power output of 750W. Like all CoolerMaster products, this model has a high level of reliability. The power ratings allow this power supply to power a high-performance gaming system or high-end workstation. You can use multiple video cards and a large number of expansion cards and drives. The computer will be able to operate at mains voltage from 100 to 240 V. The product has a relatively high level of energy efficiency: this is evidenced by the compliance of the device with the 80 Plus Bronze certificate.

Power (nominal) 750 W
Power (12V) 750 W
Cooling system semi-passive
Dimensions 140x86x150 mm
  • long processor power cable (77 cm);
  • certificate ETA A-;
  • withstands voltage drops (100-240 V);
  • high-quality technical base;
  • the possibility of unloading certain power lines;
  • reliable fan (120×120 mm).
  • too large openings above the fan, where your finger, for example, can accidentally fall.

Deepcool DQ750

This 750W power supply is fully modular. It has an 80 Plus Gold quality certificate. It adopts Japanese capacitors and high quality mosfet switches. The model provides high conversion ratio and stable output power. In addition, its unexpected design gives the computer a luxurious look both inside and out. The device provides an efficiency of up to 91.4% and gives out all its possible power, which may be required. A single 12V line provides stable output characteristics and best performance.

Power (nominal) 750 W
Power (12V) 744 W
Cooling system active
Dimensions 160x86x150 mm
  • applied innovative technology of individual protection Smart Guard;
  • it is possible to turn on the power saving mode;
  • reliable Japanese capacitors;
  • fully modular design;
  • elegant white body.
  • not detected.

Thermaltake Smart PRO RGB 850W

This is a reliable device used to provide energy to the components of the computer. The presented model is equipped with a semi-passive cooling system, due to which the equipment will be able to turn it off at low loads, due to which TDP will be significantly reduced. The fans here are 140×140 mm in size and do an excellent job of cooling the hardware. The built-in multi-colored backlight will add style and personality to the system unit. The product package includes everything you need to mount the device in your computer: 4 mounting screws, a set of cable ties, network and modular power cables, and a bag for unused cables.

Power (nominal) 850 W
Power (12V) 846 W
Cooling system semi-passive
Dimensions 170x86x150 mm
  • modular wire connection system;
  • rich equipment (documentation, cable bag, fixing screws, ties);
  • small weight (1750 g);
  • working resource — 100 thousand hours;
  • Gorgeous RGB lighting with sync capability.
  • non-standard dimensions, so it will not fit into any case.

Corsair TX850M

This PSU is designed for use in demanding system units, offering low noise levels and chic efficiency. Almost all wires are in a reliable braid, making organizing space in the case much easier. There are enough connectors to connect six SATA drives and two video cards. As with most modern power supplies, there are many protections here, including input voltage stabilization.

Power (nominal) 850 W
Power (12V) 849 W
Cooling system active
Dimensions 160x86x150 mm
  • quick installation due to semi-modular design;
  • strong metal case;
  • the main bundle of wires is braided;
  • elegant presentation of goods in a branded box to the user;
  • suitable for assembling both weak office computers and powerful gaming “machines”.

I did not use this PSU in my assemblies, but a friend brought it to me for repairs (they spilled water). To be honest, the technical base inside is very good, and the fact that only one capacitor was damaged also speaks of the indestructibility of this little miracle.


An important feature of any system power element is its installation, which is carried out according to a special plan. About him, in fact, in this section will be discussed. The most important thing to know is that installing a PSU on your own is actually a fairly simple process that anyone can handle.

Here is a small action plan for installing a new power supply into the system unit:

  1. First, the computer should be completely disconnected from power, remove all side covers and place the case on its side.
  2. Further, if you still have an old power supply installed, you need to disconnect all the cables going from it to the motherboard, processor, SATA interfaces and other components, then unscrew all its fasteners and carefully dismantle it from the case.
  3. After that, we take a new PSU and install it in place of the old one, tightening it tightly with fixing screws.
  4. We connect all the necessary wires (to the video card, hard drive, processor, motherboard, front panel).
  5. The last step, if necessary, is to do a little modding of the computer, nicely organizing the space occupied by the cables.

What to look for when choosing

In this paragraph, we will consider the criteria that will once and for all help you decide which power supply to buy for your computer.

  1. Power. This parameter should be calculated immediately before buying a power supply, taking into account the individual characteristics of your components. There are special online calculators to help facilitate this process. Roughly speaking, a PSU with a power of up to 500 W is enough for undemanding office assemblies, a power of 500-650 W is enough for an assembly of average performance, and above 650 W for a gaming assembly.
  2. efficiency. This indicator indicates how much energy from the outlet will come to the components. Efficiency calculations are rather complicated, so it’s not worth “digging” somewhere in the jungle. You just need to know that an indicator above 80% is good, above 85% is excellent, more than 90% is the best possible.
  3. Element base. Analyzing this criterion, you can use a lot of incomprehensible terms, but I will not do this. You should know that a good technical base of the power supply will make its operation pleasant and long-term. Pay attention to the presence of capacitive capacitors that can withstand strong temperature changes, as well as branded resistors (for example, Japanese ones are of chic quality).
  4. Dimensions. Required parameter that will depend on your case. The most popular format is called ATX (it is the modern standard). Massive models are called Full- and Midi-Towers, and small-sized ones are called Mini-Towers.
  5. Cooling system. There are three types:
  • Active (constant rotation of the fan).
  • Semi-passive (at low loads the fan does not work).
  • Passive (no fan).

The first option is found in almost every PSU, and its most significant disadvantage is a strong noise level. The remaining options are rare and their cost is rather high, since the organization of fanless cooling requires the creation of a complex technical base. In general, here you should start only from your budget and preferences in terms of silence.

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