The best romance novels: ranking of the best books about love


If you want to read a romance novel, but are tired of old stories about ladies in crinolines, check out our rating of the best modern romance novels. We have compiled a rating of works by contemporary authors that have received good reviews and ratings on bookstore websites.

TOP romance novels

#12 180 Seconds by Jessica Park

Alison lives in a foster family and knows how to be invisible — she tries not to communicate with anyone and builds walls around herself. Esben is the opposite. The guy maintains a popular blog and helps people find their love — he is sure that it is enough to look 180 seconds into a person’s eyes to understand whether this person will become «fate» or not. In 180 seconds, even the most alien person can become a family.


  • warm, simple story;
  • interesting book idea
  • bright heroes;
  • The book lifts the mood and helps to stop feeling lonely.


  • There are few bright, interesting plot twists in the book.

Just a few seconds are needed for a man to appear in the life of the main character who can turn her universe around.

No. 11. «Find me in the storm» Kira Mon

Irene lives in a beautiful place by the sea, but her life is poisoned by constant quarrels with her mother and loneliness. One day everything changes — a man with dark blue eyes appears in her life, a star of television screens. The heroine is trying to understand whether this man is truly capable of loving her, or whether his life is one continuous production.


  • the light style of the author in this and other books;
  • good ending;
  • uplifting;
  • interesting characters.


  • There are some small bugs in the plot.

The book is in the best traditions of romance novels: the heroine falls in love with a TV star, a handsome man with blue eyes, and her life will never be the same again.

No. 10. «Save me from the cold of the night» Kira Mon

Sienna moves to the town of Castledanns and enjoys the sea air and the sun, hoping that the emotional wounds received due to a difficult childhood will heal. But one day, the burning brunette Neil bursts into her world, captivating her heart. Sienna doesn’t know what to do — give in to her feelings, or wait so she doesn’t hurt herself again.


  • simple, life story;
  • easy, fast reading;
  • beautiful cover.


  • a book to read for one evening.

The main character runs away from her hard fate to a coastal town and meets a burning brunette there. However, taking a step towards love is not as easy as it seems.

No. 9. «Little Cafe at the End of the Pier» by Helen Rolfe

The main character named Jo answers the request of her grandparents and goes to the sea. She wants to become a manager in a cafe, but things do not immediately go as well as we would like. Then Joe comes up with an idea — to arrange evenings for blind dates in a cafe. And when visitors begin to find mates, the heroine wonders if she knows what she wants?


  • there are psychological moments;
  • light syllable;
  • interesting story;
  • fast and easy to read.


  • one night book.

A novel that makes you think about the question “What do you need yourself?”

No. 8. «Among a Thousand Faces» by Sarah Gio

It seems that the main character has everything for happiness, including her beloved man. But life changes when one day, leaving the restaurant, Kylie recognizes the homeless man sitting next to her ex-lover. He left her a few years ago without explanation. The girl can’t believe that the homeless man is really the person she loves, and Kylie’s fiance is worried that his fiancee is too much immersed in her own fantasies.


  • non-standard, interesting plot;
  • good, easy syllable;
  • read quickly;
  • there is an aftertaste after reading the novel.


  • there are several plot holes.

An unusual story about a girl who one day meets a homeless man on the street and recognizes him as a former lover.

No. 7. «Closer to You» by Jessica Park

A romantic story about a girl who fell in love with a guy and is trying not only to build a relationship with him, but also to cope with her pain. The heroine wants to better understand her feelings, but she knows for sure that there is clearly more between them than friendship.


  • good style, quick and easy to read;
  • interesting story;
  • elaborate characters, clear motivation;
  • I want to read the book to the end.


  • many extra inserts to increase the volume.

Romantic, youth story, written in easy language.

No. 6. «Spy Waffles» Ekaterina Vilmont

Spy Waffles is a story about how fate can bring people together who stubbornly choose not to notice what is happening to them. Despite the fact that sometimes completely unfun situations happen to the characters, everything is resolved by the end, and everything ends with a happy ending.


  • light, ironic language;
  • read «in one breath»;
  • The book is uplifting.


  • there are some small bugs.

An interesting story about love, fate and life.

No. 5. «After» Anna Todd

Some readers call Anna Todd’s book a kind of «vanilla» version of the sensational novel «50 Shades of Grey». The book is about the relationship between a «bad» guy and a «good» girl. The plot is well written, there are bright and memorable moments. The author also worked on conflicts — there are a lot of them in the book, and the reader can feel as if he is riding a roller coaster — the intensity of passions rises sharply, then falls.


  • romantic story;
  • realism;
  • well-developed, vivid characters;
  • The plot will appeal to fans of the 50 Shades books.


  • there are no too explicit scenes;
  • there are plot holes.

A novel based on the acclaimed bestseller 50 Shades.

No. 4. «Just Together» Anna Gavalda

The heroes of the book live in Paris and try to live an ordinary life, but face problems. The main character Camilla loses faith in herself, but life changes, and on the “threshold” appears a shy bespectacled Philibert, with whom relations are slowly developing. There are many sad and funny moments in the book.


  • a good fairy tale with a happy ending;
  • the story does not leave the reader indifferent;
  • light reading for the evening;
  • there are philosophical points.


  • the ending can be guessed as you read the book;
  • some of the scenes are boring.

A touching love story set against the backdrop of Parisian scenery.

No. 3 Lullaby of the Stars by Karen White

The novel by American writer Karen White is unlike many other bestsellers. In this book there is no place for pity and far-fetched sad events, the story is real and interesting to readers. The novel tells the story of a woman who wanted to start a new life on the coast, but was faced with the ghosts of the past. Many years ago, the heroine lost her best friend, and the tangle is only now beginning to unravel.


  • interesting plot and entourage;
  • well-written characters;
  • no significant plot holes;
  • there are no «artificial» moments created in order to arouse pity in the reader.


  • the story is drawn out;
  • poor quality translation.

Realistic story with detective notes. Interesting story.

#2 Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

The book is about a cheerful, lively girl named Lou Clark. She is hired as a nurse for a young guy with a very difficult fate, and eventually falls in love with him. This story does not have a happy ending, but still the book is recognized as a bestseller and touched many readers to the core.


  • well-written characters;
  • interesting but sad story;
  • combination of simplicity and complexity in the plot;
  • quality book cover.


  • the plot is morally complex, many readers do not understand the motive of the protagonist’s act.

A sad but beautiful love story that garnered mixed reviews from readers.

No. 1. «Diary of Memory» Nicholas Sparks

The story of two young people who belong to different social strata is imbued with romance. In the way of lovers, obstacles constantly arise with which they cope. In order to be together, they have to go through many trials; fire, water and copper pipes.


  • an interesting story about love and inequality;
  • beautiful descriptions;
  • «immersion» of the reader in the created world;
  • tender and touching novel.


  • Lots of sad, difficult moments in the plot.

A beautiful and interesting novel about ordinary relationships between a man and a woman.

How to choose a book to read for the evening

The easiest way to pick up an interesting novel to read in your free time is to study the reviews of other readers. However, besides this, it is recommended to take into account your own preferences and wishes.

For those who are sad, books with a happy ending are best suited: Find Me in the Storm, 180 Seconds, and true connoisseurs of high-quality romantic prose can choose books that have received good reviews from buyers and critics, for example, Lullaby of the Stars or «Just together».

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