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Sets of toy soldiers have been known to mankind since ancient times — figures with weapons and equipment corresponding to the era are regularly found by archaeologists studying the ancient Egyptian, Sumerian and ancient Roman civilizations. It is believed that initially they had a rather religious function, in particular, they played the role of an army that was buried along with the pharaoh, but already in the Middle Ages, soldier figurines were widely used to teach military affairs to children of the aristocracy. In the 18th century, the classic tin soldiers, known to us from Anderson’s fairy tale, first appeared — they depicted soldiers of the Prussian army, which was considered the best in Europe at that time.

Nowadays, the assortment of toy soldiers is very large and includes both classic miniatures and the so-called action figures with movable limbs with the ability to change their weapons and equipment. Sometimes parents just «run their eyes», and they often cannot decide which toy to choose. In this article, I will give you some tips on how to choose the right set of toy soldiers, what they are, and I will also make a mini-review of a number of sets that are popular on the domestic market.

Rating of sets of toy soldiers

Biplant Company Soldier

A classic set of toy soldiers, suitable for playing at home or in the sandbox. Consists of two equal sets of soldiers, 45 figures in each. One unit is molded from green plastic, the other from silver-white, so young commanders are guaranteed not to confuse their soldiers with the enemy. The set also includes a watchtower, with which you can designate a checkpoint, field headquarters, and other fortifications. If desired, the set can be supplemented with any toy military equipment that the child has.

Type of Modern
Who is portrayed Two detachments of modern infantry
Material Plastic
Number of figurines 70 pcs
Additional elements Tower, landscape elements
  • a large set of figurines;
  • two full squads;
  • the presence in the set of the tower and elements for the design of the «battlefield»;
  • clear color differentiation of fighters;
  • variety of poses.
  • not the best detail.

The child is happy. The plastic is strong and won’t break

Technologist Legionnaires

Legion Gladius set featuring Roman legionaries armed with authentic swords, throwing pilums and shields. The figures are made of soft plastic, which reduces the risk of accidentally breaking off weapons or other protruding parts. The set is delivered unpainted, but if desired, the child can arrange it independently.

The set is suitable both for a regular game by home rules and for use in board wargames according to the Fantasy Battles rules system. In this case, the legionnaires begin to play the role of the soldiers of the necromancer. In the second case, you will need an artifact card and an armlist, which lists all the characteristics of each fighter in the squad: maneuverability, armor, melee and ranged attacks, cost.

Type of Historical/Fantasy
Who is portrayed Roman legionnaires
Material Polyethylene
Number of figurines 5 pieces
Additional elements Armlist, artifact, coloring instructions for figurines
  • good detail;
  • reliable material, resistant to damage;
  • allows you to play according to the «Fantasy Battles» system;
  • Figures can be colored if desired.
  • the historical accuracy of some details of the figurines is doubtful.

A very interesting historical series of soldiers for children. Quality performance of each character. Traced small details of weapons, clothes of faces. Very good quality and strong plastic. There are historical sets. There is a fantasy style.

The set is available in several versions — in a box or a blister pack. In the second case, armlists, instructions and artifacts must be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

Games Workshop Paladin Squad

A set of miniatures from Games Workshop, the owner of the rights to Warhammer 40,000, a board game wargame set in a dark science fantasy setting. The set includes 5 figures of Space Marines from the Gray Knights Order, Chaos Demon Hunters from the Warp.

Models are prefabricated, their parts must be removed from the sprue and glued, and the finished figures must be painted. The figurines are very detailed, equipped with banners, on the armor you can see heraldic signs, sacred seals and other decorative elements.

Type of Science fiction (science fantasy)
Who is portrayed Space Marines of the Gray Knights
Material Plastic
Number of figurines 5 pieces
Additional elements No
  • excellent detail;
  • various models;
  • quality material;
  • wide range of coloring options.
  • complex assembly associated with an abundance of small parts;
  • high price

High-quality plastic, strong and amenable to correction. A great hobby for Warhammer fans, and just for creative people. Figures must be collected and painted, which is very entertaining. My “child” of 21 years old is very pleased, but this is a very painstaking work that requires resources and patience (well, depending on how you want to do it), but be sure to try it, with experience everything will come :3

A large number of small parts, complex assembly and high price make this set not the best choice for young children. It is more suitable for older teenagers or even adult wargamers who have enough perseverance to assemble and paint everything correctly.

Chap Mei Soldier Force 521015

An excellent set from the company Chap Mei, known for its series of soldiers and military equipment. Includes a large buildable military transport aircraft with electronics that make it sound, and 3 figures with movable arms and legs: one pilot and two commando paratroopers. For each of the soldiers there is a large selection of additional equipment: weapons, grenades, backpacks. All figures fit easily into the plane, each in its place. The vehicle is equipped with machine guns, bombs and missiles, allowing you to win back not only the landing, but also its subsequent air cover.

The aircraft is delivered disassembled, easy to assemble. All parts are made of durable plastic.

Type of Modern
Who is portrayed special forces group
Material Plastic
Number of figurines 3 pcs
Additional elements Aircraft, additional weapon, table, radio station
  • many additional elements;
  • simple assembly;
  • excellent detail;
  • high-quality plastic;
  • the aircraft makes the sound of running engines.
  • not detected.

The plane is very large, the plastic is good, the figures of soldiers are functional, the doors open on the side and behind, you can put a pilot in the cockpit, for example, the window is pulled out, musical, rides, you can hold the handle as if to fly, machine guns are installed in small windows, there are rocket projectiles under wings. In general, I liked it!

Technologist Army of Soldiers 10

A set of soldiers from the Technologist company, which includes three squads at once: werewolves from the Werewolf combat pack, the Uruktag orc gang and lizardmen from the Hydra Battle Pack. In addition, the set includes 3 siege machines: the Bulldog cannon, the Crab gun and the Bedbug throwing machine, mountains that can be used to decorate the battlefield by creating additional obstacles.

Toy soldiers are distinguished by excellent detail, made of soft plastic, so they are suitable for children. Their weapons bend. Therefore, the risk of breaking a sword or an ax is minimal here. The figures from the set can be played according to the rules of the «Fantasy Battle» — for this, the set includes instructions and special magic cards. However, no one bothers to come up with their own rules.

Type of fantasy
Who is portrayed Orcs, werewolves, snakemen
Material Polyethylene
Number of figurines 14 pcs
Additional elements 3 buildable artillery pieces, magic cards, 3 mountains, coloring sheet
  • 3 squads in one package;
  • combat vehicles included;
  • good detail;
  • landscape elements in the set;
  • safe soft plastic.
  • the ability to color the figures yourself;
  • you can play according to the rules of the «Fantasy Battle»;.
  • armlists and artifact cards must be downloaded from the official website.

There are no flaws, design, quality are all on top. The child is delighted. We make tirrane together, here I am already happy. Quite a decent, scalable toy under which you can instill in a child a lot of useful qualities, and it’s just fun to feel like a little boy again.

The Technologist company offers many more worthy sets, so if you wish, the armies can easily be supplemented with units of paladins, elves, dwarves, undead, troops that have real historical prototypes. Trying to come up with a legend according to which samurai and knights fight orcs and werewolves in itself perfectly develops the imagination.

Nordplast Soldiers of the Airborne Forces of Russia 323

A set of 8 soldiers from the St. Petersburg company Nordplast. The figurines depict airborne troops and are made of special soft plastic, which makes them more reliable. Small parts, such as knives and gun barrels, bend rather than break when pressed, which has a good effect on the durability of the set.

Soldiers are distinguished by good detailing — you can see vests, elements of weapons, and other small details on them. Models are large enough, they will be comfortable and safe even for a small child. The soldiers in the set are diverse: there is a sniper, machine gunner, machine gunner, two fighters with pistols, melee with a knife and a sapper shovel. Nordplast’s product range also includes artillery pieces, transport trucks and other vehicles that can be added to the set.

Type of Modern
Who is portrayed Airborne Forces of Russia
Material Plastic
Number of figurines 8 pcs
Additional elements Not
  • a variety of poses and weapons;
  • patriotic orientation of the set;
  • for a full-fledged game, it is desirable to purchase a set with «opponents».

My little brother was so happy for such a birthday present. But I also liked these soldiers because I played them myself as a child.

The brand’s assortment includes a similar set of 8 US Navy SEALs, which the manufacturer clearly positions as direct opponents for paratroopers. I would recommend purchasing both sets, or find an extended set that already includes 16 figures.

Set of soldiers Biplant 1291

The Biplant 1291 set is dedicated to the theme of the Crusades, in particular to the siege and assault on the fortress of Acre, which took place in 1291. The box contains 6 figures of crusader knights, including one equestrian, and 5 Saracen warriors. The kit also includes 4 walls and 4 towers, from which you can assemble a full-fledged fortress, ladders that allow you to place defenders on walls, two workable catapults with a set of shells, and even several trees as decorative elements. This configuration allows you to significantly diversify the gaming battles.

The toy soldiers are made of soft plastic, which provides durability to their weapons and other protruding parts. The fighters are well detailed, their height is about 5 cm (7 for a cavalryman). If desired, the ranks of attackers and defenders can be supplemented with the help of soldiers from other sets from Biplant.

Type of historical
Who is portrayed Saracens/Crusaders
Material Plastic
Number of figurines 11 pcs
Additional elements Catapults, castle walls and towers, shells, trees
  • good detail;
  • two detachments in the set — Saracens and Crusaders;
  • full-fledged prefabricated castle;
  • two catapults with shells;
  • trees for additional decoration of the battlefield.

A great toy for a child. Good work on details. You can play 2m. Excellent value for money. Tactilely pleasant to take in hand. I recommend.

At least sometimes play with your child, fortunately, the set allows this. So you will strengthen relations, and having prepared in advance, you will also be able to expand the horizons of the child by telling him about the history of the Crusades and military affairs of medieval Europe and the East during the game.

The era of great battles

A set of 5 figurines depicting crusader knights. The kit includes an archer, scout, templar, teutonic and paladin. Each soldier is unique, has his own pose and weapons. They are made of rubberized plastic — it is soft enough that weapons and other protruding elements, such as helmet decorations, bend but do not break when accidentally pressed. Soldiers are stable, large enough.

The figurines are detailed, belts, folds on clothes, chain mail links are visible on them. The fighters without helmets have well-developed faces. The set can be completed with the Crusaders 1 set of three figures, and the Saracens from the same-named set are ideal as opponents.

Type of historical
Who is portrayed Crusader Knights
Material Plastic
Number of figurines 5 pieces
Additional elements No
  • good detail;
  • various poses of soldiers;
  • original packaging in the form of a castle can be used as a game element;
  • soft material that prevents swords and other protruding elements from breaking.
  • for a full-fledged game, an additional set of enemy soldiers is required.

Beautiful models and practical material. Satisfied with the purchase

comparison table

In order to make it easier for the reader to navigate the presented rating, I have collected the main characteristics of all sets of soldiers in a single table:

Model Type of Who is portrayed Material Number of figurines Additional elements
Biplant Company Soldier Modern Two detachments of modern infantry Plastic 70 pcs Tower, landscape elements
Technologist Legionnaires Historical/Fantasy Roman legionnaires Polyethylene 5 pieces Armlist, artifact, coloring instructions for figurines
Games Workshop Paladin Squad Science fiction (science fantasy) Space Marines of the Gray Knights Plastic 5 pieces No
Chap Mei Soldier Force 521015 Modern special forces group Plastic 3 pcs Aircraft, additional weapon, table, radio station
Technologist Army of Soldiers 10 fantasy Orcs, werewolves, snakemen Polyethylene 14 pcs 3 buildable artillery pieces, magic cards, 3 mountains, coloring sheet
Nordplast Soldiers of the Airborne Forces of Russia 323 Modern Airborne Forces of Russia Plastic 8 pcs Not
Biplant 1291 Historical Saracens\


Plastic 11 pcs Catapults, castle walls and towers, shells, trees
Biplant Crusaders #2 Historical Crusader Knights Plastic 5 pieces No

Benefits of playing toy soldiers

Playing with sets of toy soldiers is very useful for developing logical and strategic thinking. The child does not just move the figures around the field, he draws up a plan for a military campaign, thinks through his actions a few steps ahead, trains to predict the consequences of his actions. In addition, such games are useful for the development of fantasy. Sofa cushions here easily turn into a castle, a chair — uphill on which an artillery battery is located, and a place under a desk — into a command headquarters.

Also, soldiers, especially if they are well made and well detailed, open up new opportunities for role-playing games, allowing you to come up with a lot of stories, sometimes going far beyond ordinary battles. When playing together, the kid will have to discuss the rules and situations that arise on the field, which helps develop communication skills. Finally, some kits are made in such a way that the owner can color them on their own — such an activity contributes to the development of fine motor skills, perseverance, helps to better understand the basics of color and develop creative skills.

Some parents are prejudiced against soldiers, fearing that children will become aggressive after playing. In fact, this risk is greatly exaggerated. The game of toy soldiers is more likely to provide the child with a safe and socially approved way to relieve stress and vent aggression. The cause of aggressive behavior is more likely to be observed by the child examples and behaviors from real life.

What are the soldiers

You can classify sets of toy soldiers according to several criteria, such as the material of manufacture and the theme of the set. Let’s analyze each of them in more detail.

Frequently used materials

For the production of soldiers most often use:

  • metal alloys;
  • plastics;
  • wood;
  • paper and cardboard.

Each of these materials has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Soldiers made of tin and other metal alloys are very durable and strong. Their final quality is highly dependent on how detailed the mold used in the production was. Such soldiers are rare due to the high cost of production, and are more focused on adult collectors, lovers of historical reconstructions and creators of dioramas dedicated to specific battles and events.

Plastics are the most popular material today. It is lightweight, quite practical, and can significantly reduce the cost of production. At the same time, such figures can be of sufficient quality, provided that the manufacturer does not save on material and painting, and uses high-quality molds. This material is used to make both classic soldiers and simple action figures with movable limbs.

Wooden soldiers are most often environmentally friendly and pleasant to the touch, but they are very rare. Finally, paper and cardboard are short-lived, but such soldiers often need to be cut out and painted by yourself, which will be additional entertainment for the child.

Set theme

Sets of soldiers can be divided into:

  • historical;
  • modern;
  • fantasy;
  • sci-fi.

Historical sets depict fighters of famous armies from different centuries. An excellent example here will be the sets of the Donetsk Toy Factory, famous in the territory of the former USSR, depicting cowboys, Vikings, Neanderthals, Roman legionnaires and Indians.

Modern — sets depicting soldiers of the second half of the 20th century. They can be both quite schematic and very detailed, depicting the fighters of real-life armies. Soldiers of this category can be distinguished by small automatic weapons in their hands, in addition, such sets are often supplemented with tanks, helicopters, jeeps and other military equipment.

Fantasy sets depict armies of elves, orcs, dwarves and other fictional races or people with the appropriate design — paladins, barbarians, etc. Finally, sci-fi themed sets can feature a variety of robots, cyborgs, aliens, people in futuristic armor.

Regardless of the theme, the sets can be divided into two main types: the first contains 2 armies of equal composition, the second — a set of figures of the same theme, for example, crusaders, legionnaires, paratroopers. In this case, it may be necessary to purchase two sets at once so that the child has the opportunity to play full-fledged battles.

How to choose soldiers

The first aspect that you need to pay close attention to is the quality of the toys. You should not take toys made by unknown Chinese companies — they are rarely strong enough, often made of low-quality, smelly plastic, and have low detail. It is better to pay attention to the products of factories with a certain reputation and experience. Check if the kit has the appropriate certificates, evaluate the quality and detail of the kit, smell the figurines and rub them with your finger to see if the paint will peel off them in the first days.

Be sure to consider what the child is interested in, whether he loves modern soldiers, knights, Vikings, video games in the manner of Warcraft or Warhammer. A set chosen in accordance with the interests of the child is guaranteed not to gather dust on the shelf. It’s good if the set contains figures in different poses and with different weapons — this will noticeably diversify the game.

Sets of soldiers can be given to children from 3 years old. It is better to start with simple sets with large figures, which do not have moving parts and small elements. Older children can be offered more complex sets, including action figures that can change their pose and weapons in their hands. Finally, the pinnacle of the evolution of the game of soldiers are board wargames, in which players follow strictly prescribed rules and roll dice to determine the results of their actions. Usually this is an expensive pleasure, so wargames are mostly entertainment for adults, older teenagers.

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