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Hamsters have been and remain one of the most popular pets in the world, especially for families with children. These animals do not need walking and are generally much easier to care for when compared with cats or dogs, which will allow a child of a conscious age to take care of a pet himself. In addition, the hamster is always interesting to watch, because he is both a cute and very businesslike “ball of fur”.

Proper feeding of a hamster is a key aspect of keeping it. It depends on him whether the animal will live a long and happy life by hamster standards, or will face health problems. As practice shows, sellers in pet stores rarely understand this issue enough to give the buyer good advice. If the outlet sells not only pet supplies but also the rodents themselves, they will be fed with the cheapest, insufficiently balanced mixture, so the principle “I feed what they gave the animal in the store” in this case will be erroneous. To help the reader choose the right mixture, I have compiled a rating of the most popular feeds on the domestic market, and also examined the key physiological features of hamsters that should be considered when choosing a diet.

Hamster food rating

Vitakraft Premium Menu Vital

Complete German-made combined food for Syrian hamsters. Contains everything necessary for the health of the animal, due to the presence of linoleic acid and zinc in the composition, it provides a beautiful, thick and shiny coat, contains yucca extract, which reduces the odor of urine.

Consists of cereals by almost 70%, contains herbal granules, dried fruits, vegetables. It is a valuable source of amino acids useful for the body of a hamster.

Type of combined
Package 400 grams
Created for Syrian hamsters
Special properties Supports immunity, reduces the smell of waste products
Age For adult pets
  • balanced composition;
  • immune support;
  • fairly affordable price.
  • Some hamsters don’t eat all the ingredients.

The food is good, the quality too. Green granules are herbal, they are generally useless, since hamsters are grain animals. But corn, the abundance of these very grains made me very happy. The main thing is to make sure that “honey additives” are not written on the packaging in the composition. It’s most likely a fake.

Expert Commentary: Remember that a hamster’s cage must always have fresh water so that he can drink food.

Fiory Superpremium Criceti

Complete food for Syrian hamsters. Produced in Italy, perfectly balanced, contains components that support the pet’s immunity: a vitamin complex and minerals. Vacuum packaging, so the food is not subject to mold, does not dampen. Suitable for all ages.

Differs in high palatability, the majority of hamsters use it with pleasure.

Type of Combined
Package 400 gr, 850 gr
Created for Syrian hamsters
Special properties Supports immunity
Age For all ages
  • rich composition;
  • vacuum packaging protects the mixture from mold, dampness, insects;
  • contributes to the full development of hamsters.
  • palatability is highly dependent on the preferences of the individual hamster.

The quality is more than decent. The food is balanced. I have been using it for 3 months, in principle it suits me as a replacement for my food.

Food for dwarf hamsters Beauty Selection

Food specially adapted to the needs of dwarf hamsters. The size of the grains and granules is chosen so that the pet can safely put them in the cheek pouches. Differs in the balanced structure with the big content of cereals, does not contain sugar.

The food has good palatability, activates the protective sludge of the hamster’s body, promotes healthy skin and coat. The food is equally well suited for adult hamsters and cubs.

Type of Combined
Package 300 grams
Created for dwarf hamsters
Special properties Maintaining immunity, preventing skin diseases
Age For all ages
  • adapted specifically for dwarf hamsters;
  • does not contain sugar;
  • good for your pet’s health
  • the presence of animal protein in the composition.
  • not detected.

A good combination of food, hamsters (jungariki) ate with joy, it is valuable that it contains some proteins.

Expert Comment: Sugar-free diet is especially important for dwarf hamsters, as they are prone to developing diabetes.

Padovan GrandMix Criceti

All-purpose food suitable for hamsters, mice and gerbils. It is a grain mixture without the presence of granular components in the composition. Available in packs of 400 and 1000 grams — the second option is especially convenient if several hamsters live in the house.

The product is intended primarily for Syrian hamsters, but can also be used to feed dwarf varieties.

Type of grain mixture
Package 400 gr, 1000 gr
Created for Syrian hamsters
Special properties not specified
Age For all ages
  • a lot of grain — the main component of the hamster’s diet;
  • no herbal granules, characterized by low palatability.
  • not enough dry vegetables, fruits and other inclusions.

The food itself is excellent. The composition is the best. You open the package and you smell muesli. Delicious and sweet, even eat it yourself. Enough pack for 1 hamster for half a year. The first hamster lived on this food for 3 years, which is quite a respectable age. The hamster eats absolutely all the food, and nothing remains.

Chica Bio

Domestic food for dwarf hamsters. Combined, contains cereals, dried vegetables and fruits, treated birch twigs, intended for grinding teeth. A distinctive feature of the feed is also the presence of meat pellets.

The product is fortified, helps to improve the condition of the coat. Grain components are selected in such a way that it is convenient for the animal to carry them in cheek pouches.

Type of Combined
Package 900 grams
Created for dwarf hamsters
Special properties Grinding teeth, improving the condition of wool
Age For all ages
  • balanced for the physiological needs of dwarf hamsters;
  • contains components that allow the pet to grind teeth evenly;
  • takes care of the beauty of wool;
  • affordable price.
  • kraft paper packaging is not the best protection against moisture

The food is homogeneous, more pure, rich in color. There are no nuts. Sunflower seeds have been replaced with pumpkin seeds. There are meat pellets (protein), birch twigs (to sharpen teeth), more vegetables, dried blades of grass come across, there are no offal, corn seeds are whole and not broken.

Beaphar Care+ Dwarf Hamster

Super premium food from a Dutch company. It has a perfectly balanced composition, contains products of animal origin, echinacea extract, useful for the immunity of the animal. The food is granulated, so the hamster will not choose the pieces he likes. Hard granules help grind down teeth. Thanks to the yucca extract, the cage with the hamster will noticeably smell less. Due to the high nutritional value, the feed is economically consumed.

Type of Granulated
Package 250 grams
Created for dwarf hamsters
Special properties Reduces the smell of secretions, supports immunity, grinds teeth
Age For all ages
  • balanced;
  • granules adapted to the needs of dwarf hamsters;
  • prevents selective eating.
  • hamsters that are not accustomed to pellets may take some time to accustom to food.

Dzhungarik eats with pleasure. Very satisfied. The main thing is not sorting out and eating everything)

Beaphar Care+ Hamster

Super premium food option for Syrian hamsters. It is distinguished by a balanced composition, which contains omega-3 and omega-6 acids, yucca, which reduces the odor of secretions, animal proteins, vitamins and minerals necessary for the health of the animal.

The food comes in the form of all-in-one pellets, so your pet will receive a balanced diet with every bite. High energy value makes the product very economical. The food improves immunity, promotes grinding of teeth.

Type of Granulated
Package 250 gr, 700 gr
Created for Syrian hamsters
Special properties Reduces the smell of secretions, supports immunity, grinds teeth
Age For all ages
  • perfectly matched composition;
  • granules help grind teeth;
  • the hamster eats everything, does not choose favorite pieces, receives a full range of nutrients.
  • Not all hamsters take pellets right away.

Excellent quality food. It doesn’t even smell after.


A good food with a balanced composition, designed primarily for Syrian hamsters. Attracts attention with thoughtful package design. Contains a variety of cereals, dried fruits, seeds, granules, probiotics, useful for digestion. The food is fortified. Fully covers the pet’s need for cereals.

The product can be used as the basis of the diet or diluted with more fatty foods.

Type of Combined
Package 500 grams
Created for Syrian hamsters
Special properties Improves digestion
Age For all ages
  • affordable price;
  • economical packaging;
  • varied composition.
  • the food contains a lot of oats, which not all hamsters like.

This food contains not only small grains, but also large pieces of dried fruits and larger seeds, such as pumpkin seeds. We tried different foods, but our hamster liked this food the most.

Little One Hamsters

Combined food, positioned by the manufacturer as universal, suitable for Syrian and dwarf hamsters. It has a good composition, perfectly balanced, has a pleasant aroma. Consumed sparingly, one pack is enough for a long time.

The product contains probiotics, a vitamin complex, and other useful trace elements that help maintain the health of the hamster. The product has good palatability.

Type of Combined
Package 400 gr, 900 gr
Created for Syrian and dwarf hamsters
Special properties Not specified
Age For all ages
  • universal;
  • balanced composition;
  • good eatability.
  • not detected.

I use this food as a basis for feeding my beloved bro, the Jungarik breed. As manufacturers recommend, I mix fresh herbs, proteins, and so on into the diet. Homya is growing, as before our eyes, his eyes ‘glisten’, there is more than enough energy. Love your pet, give him the right food and everything will be fine!

Versele-Laga Crispy Muesli Hamsters & Co

Belgian premium universal food suitable for Syrian hamsters, rats, mice, gerbils. Helps the animal grind down teeth, contains many useful minerals, vitamin E. High-calorie, consumed slowly. To reduce the calorie content, the feed can be diluted with other grain mixtures.

Most hamsters eat this food well, actively, without going over.

Type of Combined
Package 400 gr, 1000 gr
Created for Syrian hamsters
Special properties teeth grinding, digestive support
Age For all ages
  • enriched with vitamin E;
  • improves digestion;
  • helps grind teeth.
  • quite sweet, not suitable for animals prone to diabetes and obesity.

The composition seems to be good. There is no trash. Hamsters eat well. The packaging closes with a zip lock.

comparison table

For the convenience of readers, I have summarized the main characteristics of all feeds presented in the rating into a single table. With its help, you will be able to navigate and choose the right food for your pet from the assortment on the market much faster and easier.

Model Type of Package Created for Special properties Age
Vitakraft Premium Menu Vital combined 400 grams Syrian hamsters Supports immunity, reduces the smell of waste products For adult pets
Fiory Superpremium Criceti Combined 400 gr, 850 gr Syrian hamsters Supports immunity For all ages
Vitakraft Emotion Beauty Selection Combined 300 grams dwarf hamsters Maintaining immunity, preventing skin diseases For all ages
Padovan GrandMix Criceti grain mixture 400 gr, 1000 gr Syrian hamsters not specified For all ages
Chica Bio Combined 900 grams dwarf hamsters Grinding teeth, improving the condition of wool For all ages
Beaphar Care+ Dwarf Hamster Granulated 250 grams dwarf hamsters Reduces the smell of secretions, supports immunity, grinds teeth For all ages
Beaphar Care+ Hamster Granulated 250 gr, 700 gr Syrian hamsters Reduces the smell of secretions, supports immunity, grinds teeth For all ages
Vaca High quality Combined 500 grams Syrian hamsters Improves digestion For all ages
Little One Hamsters Combined 400 gr, 900 gr Syrian and dwarf hamsters Not specified For all ages
Versele-Laga Crispy Muesli Hamsters & Co Combined 400 gr, 1000 gr Syrian hamsters teeth grinding, digestive support For all ages

Features of keeping and feeding hamsters at home

As pets, quite certain types of hamsters most often act:

  • Syrian;
  • Dzungarian;
  • Campbell;
  • Roborovsky.

The list is compiled taking into account the popularity and prevalence of this breed of hamsters. So, “Syrians” are very common, while Roborovsky hamsters are practically never found in pet stores, and you can only buy them from a breeder.

Syrian hamsters are the largest animals, 13-14 centimeters long and weighing up to 120 grams. There are smooth-haired and long-haired (the latter are often mistakenly called «angora»). Campbell’s dzungaria and hamsters are called «dwarf» in everyday life. Both species belong to the genus of upland, have a length of up to 10 cm and a weight of up to 65 grams, differ mainly in color, can produce viable offspring in interspecific crossing. Roborovsky hamsters, also belonging to the genus of upland, are the smallest: weighing up to 25 grams and up to 5 cm long.

The type of hamster directly affects its diet. Smaller furry-legged animals are characterized by an accelerated metabolism compared to the «Syrians», in addition, a smaller volume of cheek pouches imposes restrictions on the size of food pieces. Large manufacturers produce, in addition to the «standard», and specialized food for dwarf hamsters, taking into account these features.

Features of the diet of hamsters

Most species of hamsters are inhabitants of the steppes, semi-steppes, semi-deserts, in more rare cases — deserts. This leaves a certain imprint on their diet. It is based on various cereal crops. They can also eat various fruits and berries, insects.

The diet of a hamster at home must comply with certain rules. As a base, a grain mixture is usually used, diluted with granules, dried fruits and other components, the exact content of which depends on the particular feed. Also, the owner should periodically give the pet pieces of fruits and vegetables, protein foods: egg white, boiled chicken breast without salt, dried gammarus from the pet store. But hamsters do not eat hay, and it is better not to give it to them so that the animal does not prick the delicate surface of the cheek pouches.

Combined and pelleted food — the main differences

Most hamster foods are combined — they are based on grains, seeds and legumes, herbal and fruit granules, pieces of fruit act as supplements. Such food is generally more similar to the hamster’s natural diet, but it often causes the problem of selective eating — the pet chooses the tastier pieces, ignoring the rest, and not getting the whole range of useful substances.

In granular feed, all components are ground, after which granules are formed from them. This provides much better palatability, however, it can be difficult to accustom a pet, especially accustomed to grain mixtures, to granules, it can take a lot of time.

How to choose food for hamsters

The first aspect that you need to pay attention to is the appearance of the packaging and the feed itself. It is important to protect mixtures from moisture that can lead to mold, so it is better to give preference to packaging in which moisture is guaranteed not to seep inside. For example, a cardboard box is not the best option, provided that it does not contain foil or other waterproof material inside. It is very convenient if the pack has a zip lock, which helps to close it hermetically, preventing the contents from dampening.

The appearance of the food is also important. The product must have a pleasant smell, grains and granules must be clean, without visible damage and stains. The mixture must be free of dust, debris and other foreign particles.


Reading the ingredients carefully is an important part of choosing a good hamster food. Ideally, it should contain:

  • proteins — from 14 percent;
  • fats — about 8 percent;
  • 5 — 8 percent fiber;
  • complex of vitamins and minerals;
  • various cereals and grains, legumes (peas, beans);
  • dried fruits or vegetables in granules or pieces.

Some manufacturers add honey to their feed. Hamsters usually like this supplement, but keep in mind that these animals, especially dwarf varieties, are generally prone to diabetes, and therefore such supplements are contraindicated for them. In addition, honey can easily cause an allergic reaction, so I do not advise abusing such feeds.

Another important aspect is the presence of fatty seeds and nuts in the feed. Their number should be small, since at home a hamster, even with a wheel, does not develop the same physical activity as in the wild, which increases the risk of developing obesity and related diseases.

General recommendations

It is recommended that hamsters be given only those foods that have a clear inscription «for hamsters» on the packaging. It is not recommended to feed them with mixtures intended for guinea pigs, rabbits or chinchillas — they have a completely different energy value and composition. The use of combined mixtures for hamsters, mice and gerbils is considered acceptable. Foreign food is usually of better quality than domestic food.

Before buying, it is always useful to study specialized forums where experienced breeders communicate. They are most often beginner friendly and willing to answer questions about providing a balanced diet. In general, you need to remember that hamsters are usually willing to switch from cheap food to more expensive food, but the reverse process can be quite difficult. Choose food in advance that you can provide your pet without interruption.

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