Rating of the TOP 6 best clothes dryers: varieties, which one to buy, comparison with analogues


In the West, housewives have been actively using clothes dryers for a long time, and in our country this kind of equipment is little known and therefore largely underestimated. She is able to greatly facilitate the work of a woman, make things more pleasant to the touch and extend their service life.

I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rating of popular models in different price categories to everyone who is going to buy a dryer and to those who deny its necessity. I will talk about the features of this household appliance, its advantages and selection rules.

The principle of operation and features of clothes dryers

Basically, in our stores, drum-type clothes dryers are presented, reminiscent of a conventional front-loading washing machine. The dryer drum has a smooth surface, and on the back wall there is a perforation for supplying warm air. When moving, the laundry is dried and smoothed at the same time. During operation, excess moisture is removed from things, as well as dust and lint. It is they who settle on the filter, which must be periodically cleaned.

But there are also drying cabinets in which things can be hung on a coat hanger, and shoes can be put on grates.

Dryers have a variety of programs designed to gently dry a wide range of laundry from cotton to wool and down. Processing can be carried out in different ways: steam, hot and dry air.

The similarity with washing machines lies not only in appearance, but also in loading restrictions. Such units are produced with the calculation of simultaneous drying of 5, 7 or 10 kg of clothes.

The type of machine depends on the drying method and the removal of excess moisture:

  • Ventilation, that is, the removal of moisture into the ventilation duct. This requires additional installation work, and also limits the location of the unit. Devices of this kind are virtually non-existent today.
  • Condensing. There are no strict location requirements. Moisture accumulates in a special pan, which must be periodically poured out.

Modern dryers are equipped with a heat pump. Its task is to cool the air coming from the dryer drum. It takes warm streams and directs them to reuse in the drying process. Thus, there is a saving of electricity, since there are no additional costs for warming up.

Rating of clothes dryers

Candy GVS H10A2TCE-07

Tumble dryer from a Turkish manufacturer with a 10 kg drum. There is a humidity control, so you can set the work on the quality of drying or on a timer. There is no cooling after work and no steam drying. Delayed start up to 24 hours. Installed heat pump to save electricity. In total, there are 16 different options in the device memory. Front panel or phone control. But many users noted that they failed to connect a special program to their smartphone. Many complaints about the build quality, the presence of cracks and frequent breakdowns.

Candy GVS H10A2TCE-07
Drying type condensation
Loading (kg) ten
Installation in a column, freestanding
Peculiarities with heat pump
  • low cost;
  • large load and set of options;
  • there is a heat pump;
  • control of residual humidity and forecasting of operating time.
  • poor build quality;
  • frequent breakdowns.

Bought because of a good set of features, the presence of a heat pump and an affordable price. The laundry dries well, but the process is noisy. The water collection container is very large and has never been completely filled. Therefore, I did not begin to drain into the sewer, as it is difficult in my case. But soon it became unclear to me how to choose the drying time. The display shows one thing, but in fact it works much longer. And then it completely broke down. It is sad that we do not have a service and a replacement stock of parts, too.

Candy CS C9LG-07

The unit is designed for 9 kg of laundry and has a large set of programs, among which there is an allergen removal function, easy ironing, accelerated drying and wool. The “Refresh” option will eliminate unpleasant odors from fabrics. The door opens 180 degrees, which provides convenient loading and distribution of wet laundry in the drum. Delayed start by 9 hours. The collection of residual moisture passes into the lower tank. There is no countdown on the display, so it is not clear how long the work will end. This is inconvenient, since things need to be immediately removed from this type of household appliances.

Candy CS C9LG-07
Drying type condensation
Loading (kg) 9
Installation free standing
Peculiarities easy ironing, allergen removal
  • many useful modes;
  • automatic determination of the operating time;
  • practically silent;
  • low price.
  • there is no countdown on the display.

A very handy dryer that miraculously knocks dust out of things. Indeed, clothes, towels and bed linen have become soft, pleasant to the touch and smell. And the main plus is that now there is no linen in the apartment to dry. I can’t imagine how we used to live without it!

Weissgauff WD 6148 D

In this model, you can dry from synthetics to jeans and baby clothes. There is no separate program for down products, but you can set the mode by selecting the desired combinations. It is possible to install your own programs. There is a child lock that will protect them from accidentally opening the door while the device is in operation. Internal moisture control keeps clothes from drying out. Collection of excess moisture in a special container, but installation in the sewer is not provided for by the design. The drum is large enough and can hold up to 8 kg of laundry.

Weissgauff WD 6148 D
Drying type condensation
Loading (kg) eight
Installation free standing
Peculiarities linen heating
  • affordable price;
  • water collection tank;
  • capacious drum;
  • the ability to install your programs;
  • residual moisture control.
  • there is no program for down products.

Really a help in our family with three children. Now not only do you not have to wait for things to dry, but you can immediately put them in the closet. And what they have become to the touch! It’s just a fairy tale. Everything is like new, soft, no pilling and the color is preserved. In operation, it makes noise like a boiling electric kettle. So we are all happy.

Some users install clothes dryers on balconies. But such an installation can quickly disable them, since such equipment should be on a flat hard floor and only at positive ambient temperatures.

Asko TDC112V G

The unit is assembled in Sweden and is highly efficient. It has 7 programs, including several for delicate fabrics. There is a double filter for wool. Stainless steel drum with a capacity of up to 7 kg, which is quite enough for the average family. Simple electronic control is located on the front panel. Installation in ventilation, so additional installation is required. But at the same time, it will not be necessary to constantly monitor the collected condensate and the device will last longer.

Asko TDC112V G
Drying type ventilation
Loading (kg) 7
Installation column, freestanding
Peculiarities double filter system
  • quality assembly;
  • low noise;
  • drying with warm and cold air;
  • In the package there is a set for installation on a washing machine.

Very happy with my purchase as the dryer handles all kinds of fabrics with care. We have already forgotten what ironing is, because after it you can immediately put clothes in the closet. There are no pellets on woolen clothes, towels are fluffy and soft. It only needs to be taken out into the ventilation, but it does not smell like powder in the bathroom and there is no humidity.

Bosch WTM83261OE

Front dryer with 15 programs for different types of laundry: wool, down, synthetics, underwear and more. Illuminated drum with a maximum load of 8 kg. There is a child lock and a delayed start. Automatic humidity control AutoDry with built-in sensors. They allow you to achieve the desired level of drying and not overdry the laundry. Included is a basket for woolen things. Collecting condensate in the pan, but the unit is not equipped with a hose. It can be installed as a stand-alone or in a column on a washer with a width of at least 55 cm. When mounting on a balcony, it is necessary to take into account the ambient temperature regime from +5 to +35 C.

Bosch WTM83261OE
Drying type condensation
Loading (kg) eight
Installation freestanding and in a column
Peculiarities down products, underwear and more
  • copes well with its tasks;
  • simple and clear control;
  • intelligent drying with automatic detection of the end of work;
  • many programs;
  • big load.

How did I ever live without her? It’s just a miracle, not a machine! We don’t have balconies and before the clothes were dried in the apartment. But after the very first days of using the dryer, they appreciated all its advantages: the house is not damp and the laundry does not smell damp, things are like from a store, towels are again fluffy and soft. And what a thrill to get hot things and smell this fresh aroma.

The increased humidity during the natural drying of laundry inside the room leads to the formation of black mold on the walls, and also gives things a musty smell.

Beko DCY 7402 GB5

Condensing type clothes dryer with drain hose. Therefore, you will not need to monitor the collection of condensate and remove it in a timely manner. It is designed for a maximum load of 7 kg, which is quite suitable for a large family. It has 15 built-in options and a delayed start function up to 24 hours. Dries a variety of fabrics from synthetics to wool. There are additional programs for drying under the iron, cooling linen, preventing creasing. The drum is equipped with a backlight.

Beko DCY 7402 GB5
Drying type condensation
Loading (kg) 7
Installation column, free standing
Peculiarities wrinkle prevention
  • high-quality drying with varying degrees;
  • drain into the sewer;
  • affordable price;
  • all necessary options.
  • works a bit noisy.

It dries clothes perfectly, especially “in the closet”, so even jeans can be immediately folded and put away. After washing, it is imperative to straighten the laundry when laying it in the dryer. Then it will not be lumpy and crumpled. I had to figure out a little myself how to connect the hose to the sewer, since there were no adapters in the store. And I have a washing machine connected right there. In general, I am one hundred percent satisfied with the dryer, since now the balcony is free and the floor is not wet.

Clothes after machine drying are softer, easy to iron and have no unpleasant odors. And some units are able to kill allergens and refresh things.

How to choose the right clothes dryer

In fact, choosing a clothes dryer is not so difficult, since they all do their job pretty well. The difference is mainly in the number of programs, installation and device type.

The vast majority of such equipment has full dimensions. It is rare to find narrow cars, but they will have much less loading. In this regard, installation in a column is possible only on washing machines with a width of 55 cm or more. If this is not possible, then the unit can be placed in the kitchen, in the hallway, closet or pantry.

It is worth remembering that for most dryers there is no need to pull the hose to the sewer, since the collection of moisture goes to the lower tank. They only need a nearby outlet, as the cords are usually no longer than 1.5 m.

It is clear that this kind of equipment depends on electricity, which means it can increase our expenses on utility bills. Therefore, you should pay attention to high energy efficiency classes: A, A +, A ++ or A +++. Typically, such devices are equipped with heat pumps, the principle of operation of which I described in the rating.

All brands have a main set of programs and an auxiliary one. Focus on additional options that may be useful for you:

  • downy products, that is, drying down jackets, blankets, pillows;
  • sensitive, allowing you to remove small particles of dust, pollen and allergens from clothing;
  • gentle for thin and delicate fabrics, such as silk.

In fact, there are many such programs and you need to think before buying what may be required during operation.

Be sure to pay attention to management. It should be convenient and understandable for you. It is better when the display has a countdown of work, since the dried laundry needs to be taken out immediately. Therefore, the sound signal is useful.

Mostly in stores there are condensing-type dryers, that is, with a built-in tank. But there are also ventilation units that require additional installation in a ventilation shaft or on the street. Pay attention to such details so as not to run into problems after the purchase.

If you have small children, then pay attention to the lock, which will protect them from opening the door during operation.

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