7 Best Ground Coffee Manufacturers: Roast Degree, Which Roast to Choose, Reviews


Coffee is one of the most popular and loved drinks all over the world. There are an unimaginable number of varieties, roasting methods and varieties of drinks based on it, but a cup of black ground for many of us is a way to cheer up in the morning or at any other time of the day.

Unlike soluble, ground one retains all the valuable essential oils and antioxidants that give the finished drink that unique aroma and taste. For today’s review, we have selected the TOP 7 most famous brands of ground coffee, which can be purchased in almost any supermarket. Based on the results of the review, we will choose the top three and tell you how to choose a quality product in the store.

Rating of ground coffee brands

“Lavazza Qualita Oro”

Ground coffee of medium grinding from 100% Brazilian Arabica coffee from an Italian brand. The product is placed in a vacuum foil package. The taste is balanced, without bitterness and moderately strong, with hints of malt and honey. The aroma is floral and fruity. It is recommended to cook in a Turk, French press, drip coffee maker and coffee machine.

The product received high marks according to the results of the examination of the organization «Roskontrol» in the framework of quality control and tasting properties.
Degree on intensity scale: 5.
The caffeine content per 100 g is 0.91%.
Shelf life: 24 months at a temperature not higher than 20 ℃.

Weight, g 250
Roast degree average
Country of origin Brazil
Peculiarities for cappuccino, americano, espresso
  • soft taste;
  • not bitter;
  • bright aroma;
  • gives vigor.
  • not detected.

Out of the options available, this is my favorite. Its main advantages this is a signature aroma for the whole apartment, foam and a harmonious taste with a slight sourness. Coffee is not bitter at all, I like to brew in a Turk or cook latte based on it.

Often on coffee packages you can see a digital criterion for the intensity of coffee. This indicator demonstrates the nature of the mixture, or rather its density, saturation and brightness of the aroma. Indicators from 1 to 4 indicate delicacy and softness, from 5 to 7 about balance and medium saturation, and the numbers from 8 to 10 make it clear that we have the most intense and full-bodied coffee.

“Jockey Oriental”

Vacuum-packed blend of several varieties of Arabica from South America, Africa and India. The coffee is finely ground and dark roasted. It is characterized by a rich spicy taste and aroma with noticeable bitterness and hints of dark chocolate. Suitable for brewing in a cup, cooking in a Turk.

According to the marking, it is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GOST 32775-2014.
Shelf life: 18 months.

Weight, g 250
Roast degree dark
Country of origin Brazil, Ethiopia, India
Peculiarities fine grinding, for making americano, espresso
  • affordable price;
  • can be brewed directly in the cup;
  • rich and strong;
  • does not sour.
  • uncomfortable bitterness.

I have been buying “Jockey” for many years, out of the whole line I like it “in an oriental way”. It is very convenient to take with you to work, because. due to the fine grinding, it is not necessary to cook it. Very rich and invigorating for the money, but quite bitter, not everyone may like it.

Paulig Presidentti Original

A blend of light roasted Arabica beans from Central America. Medium grind coffee is recommended for brewing in a cezve or filter bags. The main flavor profile is notes of blackcurrant berries. The taste is rich and balanced with low acidity and bitterness.

Caffeine content per 100 ml: 0.7%.
Manufactured in accordance with GOST 32775.

Shelf life: 2 years at a temperature not exceeding 27 ℃.

Weight, g 250
Roast degree light
Country of origin Central America
Peculiarities for Turks
  • delicate and mild taste;
  • price-quality ratio;
  • good taste with and without milk;
  • without bitterness.

One of the best options on the market for lovers of soft coffee without harshness and bitterness in taste. Tried many other options everything is not the same, only “Paulig” likes our whole family. It has no competitors in its price segment.

Making a coffee blend or blend this is a common practice of roaster companies who create their own recipes by mixing different varieties to give them an original flavor profile. Taste and aroma directly depend on the origin of each variety. Beans from Central America are famous for their softness and delicacy, while Brazilian beans, on the contrary, give the mixture a rich and strong taste with hints of dark chocolate.

“Egoiste Noir”

Medium roasted blend of two varieties of medium roasted Kenyan Arabica coffee in soft packaging with a valve. The grains of this blend are grown on lowland and highland plantations, and then mixed. It is characterized by a mild taste with a hint of bitter chocolate and sweetness in the aftertaste. The aroma is subtle yet rich. Universal grinding allows you to prepare coffee in any convenient way.

The product is made in Germany.
Shelf life: 48 months.

Weight, g 250
Roast degree average
Country of origin Kenya
Peculiarities suitable for all brewing methods
  • pleasant and long-lasting aroma;
  • golden foam;
  • versatile in cooking;
  • excellent tasting properties.

This coffee just a godsend, most often I brew it right in the cup, the grinding allows it. The aroma is stunning, and the taste is very delicate and not burnt. If you add cream is revealed in a new way, in general, I recommend to buy!

Jardin Dessert Cup

A premium blend of dark roasted Arabica beans from African and Central American plantations. It has a dense and multifaceted character with fruity accents and a chocolate truffle aftertaste. The average grinding of grains is suitable for brewing a drink by any method.

Varieties used: Ethiopia Sidamo, Colombia Supremo, Sumatra Mandheling, Guatemala, Costa Rica.
Manufactured in accordance with GOST R 52088.
Shelf life: 18 months at a temperature not higher than 20 ℃.

Weight, g 250
Roast degree dark
Country of origin blend from Africa and Central America
Peculiarities for Turks
  • intense taste and aroma;
  • democratic price tag;
  • comfortable bitterness for dark roasts;
  • not burnt out.

Very good quality for its price range. I cook in a Turk, it turns out quite a strong and invigorating drink, and in combination with milk the taste is especially well revealed.

“Mr.Viet Arabica”

Ground Vietnamese coffee medium roast from 100% Arabica beans in a vacuum bag. It has a balanced taste with moderate bitterness and slight sourness. Characteristic notes are bitter chocolate, vanilla and orange peel. The beans have a strong degree of roasting according to the traditional French method. Preparation can be carried out in any convenient way.

Caffeine content: not less than 1% per 100 g.
Harvest location: Central Highlands of Vietnam, Lam Dong Province.
Shelf life: 18 months.

Weight, g 250
Roast degree dark
Country of origin Vietnam
Peculiarities universal grinding, suitable for all brewing methods
  • strong;
  • goes well with condensed milk;
  • beautiful packaging;
  • rich taste.
  • indistinct aroma.

We bought this coffee for the office to cook according to a traditional Vietnamese recipe. with condensed milk. In this performance, it turns out perfectly, but in its pure form, the taste is rather indistinct, there is also no aroma as such.

“Live Coffee Rio-Rio”

100% Brazilian Arabica Medium Roast in flow pack. It has a persistent coffee and chocolate aroma and a deep harmonious taste without excessive bitterness and sourness. Can be brewed in a French press, coffee machine or geyser coffee maker. Recommended for making morning espresso.

The product is prepared according to the author’s technology and fried in Russia.
Shelf life: 10 months at a temperature not higher than 20℃.

Weight, g 200
Roast degree average
Country of origin Brazil
Peculiarities for brewing in a French press, a geyser coffee maker or in a coffee machine
  • invigorating;
  • balanced taste;
  • goes well with milk;
  • bright aroma.

This brand left a pleasant impression, in connection with which I will definitely repeat the purchase. No extra bitterness and nasty acid the taste is perfectly balanced. I usually drink without milk with added sugar.

Arabica makes up the largest portion of coffee production worldwide. A tree of this variety requires more care and costs, unlike robusta. The Arabica bean is large and has an elongated shape, while the Robusta bean rounded, and smaller in size. The first grade is responsible for the sour taste, and the second imparts a characteristic bitterness.

Lists of the best

Based on the rating, tasting features and customer opinions, we have selected the top three ground coffee producers.

«Lavazza Qualita Oro» — the choice of buyers and experts

A blend of six varieties of South American Arabica beans is a classic symphony of taste and aroma based on a 1956 recipe. The taste of the drink is sweetish and refined with fruity and floral notes. A characteristic feature of the finished drink is a golden foam on the surface. This blend from the Italian brand has many fans among coffee gourmets, and according to the results of the Roskontrol examination, it also received high marks.

«Paulig Presidentti Original» — value for money

Among consumer reviews, the main advantage of this mixture is an extremely good ratio of good quality and affordable price. Arabica beans for this blend are harvested on plantations in Central America. They have a light roast, which gives the finished drink a delicate taste without sharpness, bitterness and excessive sourness. A distinctive feature of the flavor profile is notes of blackcurrant berries.

“Egoiste Noir” is a fragrant blend for versatile cooking

The German brand has created an excellent blend of two varieties of African Arabica from lowland and highland plantations. Chocolate lovers should definitely like the drink — cocoa shades are very well felt in the aftertaste. Most consumers note the alluring and persistent aroma of the finished drink, which literally fills the entire space around. The undoubted advantage is that «Egoiste Noir» does not have to be brewed at all — the grinding allows you to prepare coffee right in the mug, which is very convenient in the office or when there is a lack of time.

Tips for choosing ground coffee

Many shoppers wonder if it is possible to buy good ground coffee in a regular supermarket. Of course, ideally it is better to purchase it directly from roasters and in the form of grains, but not everyone has such an opportunity and desire to bother. There are several important criteria that can help you choose a decent product in a regular store and not stumble upon overcooked cake of dubious quality.

  • Just before buying, you need to consider the method of making coffee, which is relevant to you. For brewing in a Turk or brewing directly in a cup, a mixture of fine or medium grinding is suitable; for a French press, you can safely choose a coarse grind.
  • The more information about the origin and variety of coffee on the label, the better. This directly indicates that the manufacturer is serious about his work and business. It is good if information about varieties, plantation, grain processing method, date of harvest and roasting, etc. is indicated.
  • Pay special attention to the origin of the grains. Some countries are a priori considered leaders in quality matters. For example, Kenya and other African countries export elite varieties with rich flavors and aromas, while blends of Indian origin, on the contrary, are of lower quality with a bitter and inexpressive taste profile.
  • It is worth remembering that the stronger the degree of roasting, the stronger and more intense the drink will be. This should be taken into account especially for those who do not like excessive bitterness and astringency. In this case, you should choose light or medium roast coffee.
  • If the label contains information about the flavoring of ground coffee, you should carefully study the composition of this product. Among the additives, only natural spices are allowed — cinnamon, cardamom or nutmeg, but artificial flavors will only spoil the taste of the drink, and it can be completely unsafe for health.
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