5 best rust converters for cars — Rating 2021


The appearance of corrosion on the metal parts of the car is quite a natural phenomenon. But it is not necessary to calmly look at its distribution. If earlier it was necessary to carry out serious interventions to remove rust, now modern tools can cope with this. They not only defeat this attack in a matter of minutes, but also prevent it from spreading throughout your car in the future. Interested? Then we will tell you about the 5 best rust converters in the reviews of motorists.

What is a rust converter for?

If metal products are not properly cared for (this applies not only to cars), it is likely that rust will form on them over time. This process can speed up the operation of the car in humid climates, chemicals on the body and much more.

If you find the problem early, then a simple reddish-brown stain remover will suffice. However, if you do not notice and fix the problem in time, the rust can spread so much that a simple remedy will not be enough.

In this case, you need a rust converter: a special chemical solution that penetrates the plaque and turns the iron oxides into a protective chemical barrier. Thus, this product will not only completely remove all plaque from the metal surface, but also protect it from further corrosion.

Varieties of converters. Which is better?

Converters are distinguished by two parameters. By structure:

  • aerosol;
  • liquid;
  • gel.

Aerosol is best used for application to a surface with a large area. Liquid is more suitable for surface treatment before painting. Gel is ideal for spot painting incipient corrosion.

Depending on the composition of the active substance:

  • zinc;
  • acid.

Zinc-based converters (Tsinkar) are considered the most efficient and effective in the fight against corrosion. Zinc oxide, which is part of the solution, not only removes red-brown plaque, but also eliminates its reappearance. The disadvantage of «Tsinkar» is a complex and lengthy application process. But if you want to achieve a good result, then you need to sweat.

The acid converter appeared much later than the zinc one, however, it is still successfully used by thousands of motorists. Thanks to modern technology, the fight against corrosion with an acid solution has become much faster and easier, but will not protect against subsequent relapses. All you need to do is clean the surface and apply an acid solution.

Rating of the best rust converters

one Hi-Gear Rust Treatment No Rust

The first on our list was the composition for the treatment of corroded surfaces from the American manufacturer Hi-Gear. It should be noted right away that Hi-Gear Rust Treatment No-Rust is popular not only among ordinary car owners, but also among car service masters.

The main advantages of this aerosol converter are a powerful jet and optimal composition. Due to the former, it is easy to cover large areas of rust, plus easy access to hard-to-reach places. As for the composition, here the manufacturer did not save on corrosion inhibitors, so the covered area will remain protected from rust for a long time.


  • Convenience of surface treatment, even gets into hard-to-reach places.
  • Moisture resistance.
  • Effectively protects the treated surface from the reappearance of plaque.
  • Doesn’t spoil for a long time.


  • Expensive for a small can of converter.
  • Before use, be sure to protect the eyes and respiratory tract from the harmful mixture.

2 AUTOPROFI Galvanized

This is a professional rust remover with trigger type handheld spray gun. Adjustment of the jet pressure is carried out using a switch on the outlet. Thanks to this, you can reach even hard-to-reach places.

The composition of AUTOPROFI Galvanization is quite standard for such a price: phosphoric acid with additives. Due to the high acid content, the surface to which the converter has been applied must be rinsed with plenty of water to neutralize the residue. Due to the presence of zinc in the composition, a durable zinc coating remains after processing.


  • Quickly and completely removes rust.
  • A convenient sprayer allows you to apply the product to hard-to-reach places.
  • Zinc creates an additional protective layer.
  • Low price.


  • Needs to be rinsed off with water after application.

3 Tsinkar

Without this tool, our rating would be inferior. Tsinkar is one of the most popular rust removers among domestic motorists. Its main advantages are low price and high efficiency. The product contains zinc and manganese, which protect the treated surface for a long time.

Important! Recently, a fake with the same name has appeared in stores. When purchasing Tsincar in an unverified place, pay attention to the color of the bottle and liquid. The original comes in a red or orange bottle with a clear liquid.


  • Inexpensive and effective tool.
  • Can be purchased as a liquid or aerosol.
  • Protects against the appearance of plaque in the future.


  • Long processing time.
  • You can get fake.

four PERMATEX Rust Treatment

Permatex is probably one of the highest quality rust-to-primer converters at the moment. This tool is available in the form of a gel, and after hardening it turns into a finished layer of soil, which can be subsequently treated with paint.

Due to the ability to work with wet metal, Permatex can be used to remove corrosion on pipes, valves, fences, barriers, conveyors, snowplows, trailers and so on.


  • Unlike previous products, it does not require rinsing after application to the surface.
  • Solves several problems at once (works as a corrosion remover and as a primer).
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces.
  • Cuts metal quickly and efficiently.


  • High price for a small can.
  • Too liquid for a gel.

5 ASTROhim Antiruster

Despite the fact that ASTROhim Antiruster ended up on the last line of our rating, this one should not be considered worse than the rest. Like analogues, this mixture consists of phosphoric acid with the addition of inhibitors. The manufacturer also claims that it contains active zinc ions, but as numerous reviews show, this is more of an advertising ploy.

In spite of everything, ASTROhim copes with its main task very well. After applying the agent to the metal surface, a phosphate film is formed, which protects against subsequent corrosion.


  • Low cost per can.
  • Does its job well.


  • Needs to be rinsed with water after application.

Which rust converter is better to buy?

The modern market offers a huge range of corrosion removal products. However, which tool is best will depend on the type of work to be done. If you need a super strong coat that lasts for a long time, then we recommend Permatex, which works just as well as a primer.

If you are faced with the task of getting to deeply hidden centers of corrosion, then pay attention to Autoprofi and Hi-Gear, which, due to convenient sprayers, will do all the necessary work. If you are looking for something cheap and time-tested, then Tsinkar is your choice.

Regardless of which remedy you choose, never neglect protective equipment. The acid composition of the transducers can adversely affect the eyes and respiratory tract.

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