5 Best Candy Washing Machines


Washing machines Kandy can be called one of the most common and popular in the Russian market of household appliances. Their popularity is primarily due to adequate prices, a wide range of models and good functionality. You won’t find premium models among them, but it’s quite possible to pick up a good workhorse that will last for many years. Kandy is an Italian brand, but inexpensive models are often made in China, so when choosing, you need to pay attention to build quality. In addition, we suggest that you study the rating, which includes the best Candy washing machines in our opinion and according to users.

Top 5 Best Candy Washing Machines

5 Candy GVS4 136TWB3/2

According to the characteristics, this model does not differ much from all other Kandy washing machines, but it attracts buyers with a somewhat unusual and modern design. The large black loading hatch contrasts interestingly with the snow-white hull of the equipment. She also has a unique Shiatsu drum with a huge number of small holes. This design significantly improves the quality of washing. The rest of the characteristics are quite standard — loading by 6 kg, touch control, spinning at 1300 rpm, a set of basic washing programs. But there are also nice additions — control from a smartphone, steam supply, prevention of creasing.

Reviews are both good and not so good. To the satisfaction of users, the washing machine has many different modes, the laundry is washed well and the output is wet due to the high spin speed. Many people really like the stylish modern design and small dimensions with excellent drum capacity. But some buyers paid attention to poor-quality assembly.

4 Candy CS4 1051D1/2-07

Finding a reliable and functional washing machine at a low price is not so easy, but Candy offers a worthy option. The low cost affected only the load volume — no more than 5 kg, but did not affect other characteristics at all. The model has everything you need for high-quality and comfortable washing — 16 different programs, a delayed start up to 9 hours, opening the loading hatch door by 180 degrees and even the Smart Touch option (control from a smartphone).

Due to the really low cost, the Kandy washing machine is available to customers with any income level, which is why it is one of the most popular. In the reviews, there is even an opinion that the price of the model is underestimated. The advantages of buyers include low cost, ease of operation, quiet operation, economical water consumption per cycle, excellent washing quality and the ability to install under the sink due to small dimensions. In all this abundance of advantages, there is one major drawback — complaints about breakdowns are quite common.

3 Candy CST G282DM/1

Vertical washing machines are usually chosen due to the lack of free space in the bathroom. A very successful model of the Candy brand will help not only save space, but also wash a bunch of laundry at the same time — the capacity of the drum is up to 8 kg. There are more than enough modes and useful options — 15 standard programs, stain removal, direct injection, hygienic washing. At the same time, the model is not only convenient and functional, but also modern — it can be controlled remotely from a smartphone.

In the reviews, users talk about the benefits that were not included in the description — smooth opening of the flaps, automatic weighing of laundry before washing and positioning the drum, the ability to change the temperature and speed during the washing process. The overall impression of the washing machine is definitely positive. It is slightly overshadowed only by not very convenient washing of the cuvette.

2 Candy CSW4 365D/2

The assembly of the model, of course, is not Italian, but at least not China, so the quality is at a fairly good level. The main advantage of this Kandy washing machine is the ability to simultaneously dry a sufficiently large amount of laundry — up to 5 kg. The maximum load during washing is a little more — up to 6 kg. Of the features, it is also worth paying attention to the ability to control from a smartphone, a good spin speed — up to 1300 rpm, the presence of special anti-crease and stain removal programs.

People who considered exactly models with drying write in reviews that for such a cost in stores there are no worthy alternatives to the Candy brand and this particular model. This, of course, is not Bosch, but in general they are satisfied with everything — the quality of washing, the spin speed, the set of programs. The impression of the washing machine is somewhat clouded by the not very economical consumption of electricity (class B) and the difficulties that arise with connecting a smartphone.

1 Candy GVS 1310 TWS3

If mountains of laundry are rapidly accumulating in your bathroom or you are used to washing once a week, consider the inexpensive but very spacious Kandy washing machine with a 10 kg load. Similar models with the same capacity from other manufacturers are much more expensive. It’s amazing, but other characteristics are not worse — the highest energy efficiency class, 1300 rpm spin, 21 programs, intelligent touch control, leak protection in the case.

In addition to all these advantages, the model is very popular among buyers. They are attracted by the low price with an impressive capacity of the drum. After starting to use, they leave feedback on the good quality of washing, spinning, a large number of programs, fairly quiet operation and minimal vibration. A separate plus is the energy class A +++ with a load of 10 kg. Buyers have some doubts about the Chinese assembly and not the best quality of plastic.

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