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To provide country houses with water, many owners drill wells. To protect the water intake site and water supply equipment, caissons are installed. They are a sealed reservoir in which a dry microclimate is created, and a positive temperature is maintained in winter. Today, there are different options for constructing protective structures for wells. Experts recommend paying attention to several nuances.

  • First of all, you need to determine the size of the container. For one pump that pumps water, the most compact tank will do. But if additional equipment for accumulation or water treatment is installed inside, then the dimensions of the caisson can be comparable to a small utility room.
  • Concrete and brick containers are a thing of the past. Today, most homeowners prefer steel or plastic models. If it is better to put metal structures at the construction stage, then light plastic tanks can be mounted manually even in dense building conditions.
  • For the northern regions, where there are severe frosts in winter, it is important to choose a caisson with an insulated lid. It is through it that the cold penetrates, often the water freezes, and the equipment fails.

Our review includes 5 of the best caissons for a well. When compiling the rating, the opinion of experts and reviews of homeowners were taken into account.

The best metal caissons

3 KS-1-4M with heat-insulating cover

In the harsh Russian winter, it is important to prevent water from freezing. Therefore, the designers of the Rolling Plant developed a metal caisson with a heat-insulating cover. This approach made it possible to normalize the temperature inside the tank, to prevent the formation of condensate and freezing. The model is made of steel 4 mm thick; for corrosion protection, the manufacturer used Kuzbasslak (BT-577), proven for decades. The overall dimensions of the caisson (2x1x1 m) allow you to insert a storage tank with a capacity of 100 liters into it, as well as a ladder for equipment maintenance. To facilitate the installation and fixation of the steel tank, there are special mounting brackets.

Users note the reliable thermal insulation of the caisson, which is provided by the foam cover. Among the shortcomings, it is worth highlighting the absence of a sleeve for the casing pipe, and there are also no loops for closing the cover.

2 Kessonof square

At the stage of construction of a new house, the shape of the caisson for the well does not really matter. Therefore, you can give preference to a tank with a square shape, which has an affordable price. Domestic manufacturer IP Begyan T. G. offers different options for caissons, the most popular of them is a container 2 m high and 1 m wide. Steel 4 mm thick is used for manufacturing, it is covered with a layer of Kuzbasslak. For convenience of service of the equipment there is a built-in ladder. To prevent unwanted entry into the caisson by unauthorized persons or children, the manufacturer prudently welded hinges under a padlock. In order to simplify installation, the container is equipped with a special neck for the casing pipe.

The reviews often mention square caissons. Users call the products of this manufacturer high-quality and reliable. There are no problems with installation and operation.

1 AquaFocus S-3

Cylindrical caissons are distinguished by ease of installation. The model with a round neck is available in several modifications, the most capacious option is the AquaFocus C-3. The base itself with a diameter of 1.4 m has a height of 2 m, and the neck is made with a diameter of 0.8 m and a height of 0.5 m. It should be noted that the neck is offset relative to the central axis of the caisson. The manufacturer protected the steel tank from the outside with a bituminous coating, a built-in ladder and a lid are included. Mounting brackets will help to securely fix the tank and prevent it from being pushed out. As an additional option, the manufacturer treats the container with rubber, and also makes a tie-in for a sediment pipe and an electric cable.

Many homeowners prefer cylindrical metal caissons. They are easy to install, have fewer welds, which has a positive effect on the durability of use.

The best plastic caissons

2 Aqualux Plast

The domestic manufacturer Aqualux Plast managed to create the lightest caisson. Its weight is only 60 kg. Such a tank can be easily moved and installed by two people. Moreover, the manufacturer has provided special eyelets that facilitate installation and transportation. Light weight becomes especially relevant when it is not possible to use special equipment due to the density of buildings. The case is made of plastic 6 mm thick, and the bottom is made in a reinforced version (8 mm). Thanks to the skirt in the lower part of the caisson, it is possible to securely fix the container in the ground and prevent it from being pushed out. The model is equipped with lugs for a padlock, there is a sleeve for a casing pipe with a diameter of 140-160 mm. The set also includes a ladder for easy access to the inside of the tank.

Many users appreciated the ease and convenience of installing the caisson. The strength and durability of the product is also beyond doubt.

1 Triton

A high level of tightness of the space around the well is provided by the Triton plastic caisson. Condensation does not form inside the container, reliable thermal insulation maintains a positive temperature. All these important qualities have been achieved by engineers of the domestic company Expocom-plast through the use of polypropylene. The material has the necessary strength, and the owners of the caisson can forget about corrosion and oxidation. The model has a cylindrical shape (height 2 m, diameter 0.96 m), there is a plastic tank and a neck (0.5×0.7 m). For strength, stiffening ribs are installed, and a skirt in the lower part of the body allows to prevent the container from being pushed out of the ground.

According to some users, the Triton plastic caisson is the best way to protect expensive well equipment. The only drawback of a polypropylene product is the high price.

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