15 best ip cctv cameras


Until recently, video surveillance was carried out only at military facilities, in banks and large stores. The rapid development of electronics has made it possible to create affordable and efficient ip cameras for the home. With their help, you can not only fix the penetration of uninvited guests into the home, but monitor the behavior of the child left at home, take care of the elderly at a distance, and also make sure that there are no electrical appliances turned on. Modern devices allow you to view video after work or monitor the situation in the house using a PC or mobile device. The possibilities of ip cameras for the home have expanded so much that you can monitor day and night, establish two-way communication with children, the elderly or pets. Organizing a video surveillance system has become easier for professionals. A dozen low-cost cameras can be installed in all areas of the store or placed around the perimeter of the building. When choosing a model for home or office, you should pay attention to several operating parameters.

  • The cost of ip cameras fluctuates a lot. In some cases, it is more profitable to install one high-quality device in order to get a clear image from a rectangular room. If the space is divided into zones or you need to monitor several small rooms, then it is more convenient to install inexpensive models by linking them into one system.
  • Outdoor cameras must maintain their performance over a wide temperature range. For Russia, where the temperature drops to -30 ° C in winter, it is necessary to select the appropriate devices.
  • When installing an ip camera outside the house, it is important to take into account the legal aspect. Video surveillance is allowed within your site, as well as the nearby sidewalk. It is not allowed to shoot neighbors, and even more so to publish videos with people who have fallen into the field of view outside the infield.

The best ip cameras for indoor video surveillance


The device for home, office or service industry attracts with a weight of less than 1 kg, ease of installation, universal design and excellent functionality. It is equipped with a sensitive camera with a 1/2.8-inch CMOS matrix, supports a resolution of 1920×1080, in which the video rate is 25 frames per second. Positive responses were received by the progressive scanning system, Ultra DNR active noise reduction technology, back light compensation, which enhances the competitive advantages of the device.

The high-speed model features a horizontal angle of rotation of about 360 degrees and a vertical angle of up to 90 degrees. A dedicated PTZ mode expands the possibilities with 5 patterns, 8 paths, and auto pan and scan options. It also supports an intelligent interface. The face recognition function eliminates the response to random objects, such as animals. Additionally, it is allowed in the settings to manually draw a line, at the intersection of which the recording starts.

The technical potential also provides for up to 24 areas of privacy masks, making it easy to track the presence / absence of objects in certain viewing areas. The built-in microphone improves the efficiency of video surveillance equipment. IR illumination operates at a distance of up to 30 meters. Communication with gadgets in iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone formats is supported.

4 FishEye IPEYE

Domestic development with an innovative FishEye IPEYE lens allows organizing professional video surveillance indoors. A clear picture with good detail can be obtained using a 2-megapixel Sony IMX 322 sensor. A wide viewing angle (183 degrees) is provided by the fisheye lens. An IR filter is provided to eliminate glare from the sun. In the dark, infrared illumination invisible to the human eye is turned on. The chamber can operate in a wide temperature range (-10…+50°C), it is used both in heated offices and in warehouses.

Users refer to the advantages of the FishEye IPEYE camera as the ability to conduct video surveillance in a large room. The disadvantages of the device is the high price, so in some cases it is more profitable to buy 3-4 cheap devices.

3 Edimax IC-3110W

Any user of a smartphone or PC can set up video surveillance in a room with an Edimax IC-3110W camera. Thanks to the innovative Edimax Plug-n-View technology, the device automatically connects to the network environment. The camera turns on with every movement in the room, which allows you to monitor children or animals. The device is equipped with infrared LEDs, which, in combination with a light sensor, make the picture clear even in conditions of limited visibility. The user can customize the controls to their liking. The room can be divided into certain zones. As soon as movement is detected in one of them, video or photo shooting will begin.

Many consumers have bought an Edimax IC-3110W camera instead of a baby monitor. Among the advantages stands out affordable price, good image quality. The downside of the device is a modest built-in program.

2 Xiaomi MiJia 360 Home Camera

Perfectly fits into the concept of smart home ip camera Xiaomi MiJia 360 Home Camera. This Chinese device has a swivel design, which allows you to monitor the entire space of the room. It is enough to download the MiHome application to your phone to control the camera (tilt, turn) and simultaneously monitor. To better see fine details, a 4x zoom is provided. The device allows you to establish two-way communication with household members, give valuable guidance and advice. The device boasts a good picture, which is provided by a 2-megapixel lens with a resolution of 1080P (Full HD).

According to consumers, the Xiaomi MiJia 360 camera provides an excellent overview of the room, allows you to maintain two-way communication, and watch what is happening at night. Some users have encountered a blocking problem, it can be removed after corresponding with Xiaomi support.

1 AXIS Q8414-LVS

The founder of the production of ip cameras holds the lead in this segment and offers to evaluate one of the best developments of its engineers for internal use. The model is suitable for owners of large apartments, cottages, multi-room apartments. The brushed stainless steel, ergonomic design features no exposed mounting points, is water resistant, and is IP66 NEMA 4X rated. The lens supports variable focal length, is characterized by remote focusing and zooming.

Lightfinder technology allows you to provide high-quality color reproduction in poor light and even in total darkness. For the latter case, there are integrated 940 nm IR LEDs with a range of up to 10 meters. Thanks to adjustable intensity and energy efficiency, they are distinguished by an extended operating period. An automatically controlled IR filter is called among the advantages of the device, as is the presence of not one, but several video streams operating in H.264 and Motion JPEG formats. Rotation, including the corridor mode, occurs in the range of 0-270 degrees. Day/night option, 2-way audio stream, switchable sound detector are present, there is support for 256 MB RAM, 128 MB flash memory, cards up to 64 GB, network video recording. Advantage — the device is powered through a regular network cable. Disadvantages — the cost of the model, weight 3.45 kg.

The best ip cameras for outdoor video surveillance

5 Dahua DH-IPC-HFW5302CP

Outdoor ip camera Dahua DH-IPC-HFW5302CP is equipped with a lens with an electric drive. The auto iris allows you to get a clear image both close to the camera and at a distance of 30 m. At the same distance, you get a good image at night thanks to IR illumination. Up to 20 consumers can be connected to the device at the same time. Among the useful options that improve the performance of the device, it is necessary to highlight a sealed case, power supply over a network connection, support for MicroSD cards, compatibility with ONVIF, PSIA, CGI protocols. Video surveillance can be carried out both through a PC and through mobile devices.

Users speak positively about such properties of the Dahua DH-IPC-HFW5302CP camera as excellent picture quality, good handling, and image magnification. The disadvantages of the device include the presence of audio interference, the complexity of the connection.

4 Hikvision DS-2CD2532F-IS

The most progressive platform was used to create the Hikvision DS-2CD2532F-IS camera. Thanks to the 3-megapixel matrix, it was possible to achieve high image detail. The case of the device withstands the influence of bad weather, as well as mechanical impacts from unscrupulous citizens. Working properties are preserved in a wide temperature range (-30 … + 60 ° C), which allows you to arrange video surveillance both indoors and outdoors. The manufacturer has applied three-dimensional digital noise reduction, which reduces the level of sound interference and image blur. IR illumination makes it possible to clearly capture what is happening at night at a distance of up to 10 m.

Users highly appreciate such qualities of the Hikvision DS-2CD2532F-IS camera as a clear image, durability, and a sensitive microphone. The disadvantage of the model is a limited set of functions in older firmware.


Adapted to Russian conditions is the outdoor camera RVi-IPC41DNL. It is equipped with a heater that prevents the lens from freezing. Thanks to a highly sensitive matrix and IR illumination, even in the dark, you can get a good picture in the range of 35 m. The device is powered by a network cable, video files can be stored on a microSD memory card. The device complies with the ONVIF standard, software is provided in the kit. As a result, it is possible to show great flexibility in organizing a video surveillance system of 36 cameras. Up to 10 users can be connected to one camera.

Consumers speak highly of the outdoor camera capabilities of the RVi-IPC41DNL. Particularly pleased with the presence of heating and the quality of shooting, the possibility of providing a surveillance system. Users are not satisfied with malfunctions after software updates.


One of the effective models for the home of a Russian manufacturer received a metal case, a motorized lens of 3.9-85.5 mm, a powerful block of IR diodes that guarantee illumination up to 60 meters. The day/night function is provided in digital format. Video recording using an ip camera is carried out in NVR / NAS / CMS / Web systems with the maximum possible speed of 30 frames per second.

Thanks to the WDR option and the 22x zoom lens, not only detailed color reproduction is achieved, but also highly accurate, without highlights and dark spots in the images. The swivel mechanism supports pan up to 360 degrees and vertical tilt up to 90 degrees. Rotation and tilt are performed at a fairly optimal speed. The model is perfect for Russian climatic conditions, operating in the temperature range from minus 40 degrees to plus 50.

1 Samsung SNO-L6083RP

Externally, the device has a classic design for street devices. However, the case is reliably protected from various types of influences: wind, moisture, different temperatures (works in the range from minus 30 to plus 55 degrees). Power is supplied via PoE. The video surveillance device is equipped with a 1/2.9-inch CMOS sensor that supports a maximum resolution of 1920×1080. The ideal recording speed is 30 frames per second. Compression is carried out according to the H.264/MJPEG type. The advantages of the model can be considered the presence of motion sensors, burglary detection, sound, light. The motion detector has 4 zones with a 4-point system.

The pluses of the owners of the equipment additionally include the functions of backlight compensation, digital image stabilization and noise reduction. Varifocal DC Auto Iris distortion can be corrected in 5 levels. The lightest (0.7 kg) model is equipped with a special system that prevents interference with privacy. It includes 6 zones and a 4-point range. Streaming information goes both to one user and to several at the same time (up to 6 addresses).

The best universal anti-vandal ip cameras for video surveillance

5 Zodikam 3242-PM

The dome device received high-quality optics operating in Full HD 1920x1080p. The lens is characterized by a fixed focal length of 3.6 mm. The 2-megapixel CMOS F22 provides a clear picture. Thanks to the Hisilicon Hi3516CV300 processor, the entire surveillance process runs smoothly. The absence of Wi-Fi does not affect the process of information transfer. This camera can automatically send files in different formats to e-mail or a server.

Of the advantages of the device, which is actively used in the entrances of houses, near small cafes, offices, parking lots, equipment owners note the presence of motion and light sensors, convenient and quick data transfer to a DVR or PC. The mechanism of the model is fixed, the viewing angle is up to 80 degrees. It provides 3 masks of private zones, IR illumination up to 20 meters, the ability to record on a schedule. P2P, ONVIF and RTSP formats are useful, expanding the functionality.

4 RVI-IPC52Z4i V.2

This is the best choice for domestic use — installation in an unheated room, for example, in a garage, outside a cottage or summer house. The 2-megapixel motorized lens is equipped with a 4x optical zoom, which guarantees optimal image clarity, contrast, brightness, and color separation. The maximum range of object identification is 15 meters, a motion sensor is present.

The network tools of the model include an integrated web server, a cloud service, and others. Among the advantages is support for a large number of network protocols. There is compatibility with mobile devices based on Android, iOS. The functionality of the device is fully adapted to different conditions of shooting and playback of the video stream. Information can be transferred to a card up to 128 GB or NAS. Control over objects is provided when crossing a given line or zone. The metal body of the rotary dome device is durable due to wear-resistant material that does not corrode, and high-quality assembly.


The device received positive reviews from the owners for a balanced combination of functionality and price. The design is protected from the weather at the level of IP66 and from various types of mechanical damage according to the IK10 type. The most versatile 4-megapixel model is equipped with a lens designed for a fixed focal length of 3.6mm. Additionally, there is a mechanical IR filter.

The video recording speed depends on the resolution format, for 2048×1520 this figure is 25 frames per second. 2-streaming reduces pressure on the network and saves energy. Although the model itself is quite energy efficient, as it consumes a maximum of 6 watts. The functionality includes options for WDR, BLC, Defog, 3D DNR noise reduction. The interface is interesting in the presence of a built-in microphone, a slot for a 128 GB card. The operating range of the device is considered one of the best — from minus 40 to plus 60 degrees.

2 ActiveCam AC-D2183WDZIR5

The main advantage of equipment for home and street is the possibility of its operation in the temperature range from minus 45 to plus 60 degrees. A special heater is built in here, which allows you to perform a cold start in frosty weather. The camera is equipped with a motorized lens with autofocus. The 1/2.5-inch CMOS sensor is presented in Sony STARVIS high light sensitivity format. The 8-megapixel element provides the necessary color reproduction in zero visibility conditions, which is important when working in day / night mode.

The model for video surveillance differs in effective functionality. It is protected from backlight, glare, multi-contrast lighting, reliable in fog, rain or snow due to the Anti-fog option. IR illumination covers a distance of up to 50 meters. Useful features include face detection, audio identification, screen zoning, dual video streaming. The interface includes network inputs, to increase security, provide an audio channel, sensors for perimeter security and other types of situation monitoring can be additionally connected. The model is equipped with a slot for storage of information up to 128 GB.

1 Axis P3707-PE

The model is fully equipped for both indoor and outdoor use. The multi-matrix ip camera is equipped with 4 heads that have a variable focal length. This allows you to get detailed overview and enlarged images. 8-megapixel resolution and 360-degree panoramic range provide high quality, maximum area coverage. Special Axis Zipstream video encoding technology automatically analyzes the picture, cutting off unnecessary, which leads to lower power consumption.

The advantage of this equipment is the ability to record video in two modes — each of the 4 heads and the type of quad. 1080p has a resolution of 1920×1080. Even at an illumination of 0.3 lux, the saturation and clarity of the color image is maintained. The device has a level of protection against mechanical impact class IK09. Ceiling bracket included. Specialists and household users also recommend mounting the device on the corners of objects or poles.

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