15 best intimate hygiene products


Traditionally, ordinary soap was used instead of intimate hygiene products. It is not suitable for such a procedure, as it violates the microflora, irritates delicate skin, and causes discomfort. Now everything has changed: manufacturers offer not only soap with the right composition, but also numerous creams and gels. They gently and carefully take care of the delicate area, reduce the risk of irritation and itching. Preparations help with dryness, provide a feeling of comfort.

We have collected 15 of the best options for different forms of release, which were rated by buyers. Most intimate hygiene products are made for women, but there are a couple of men’s products. The nominees have the closest level of acidity to a human being and consist of natural ingredients. Some of them fight pathogenic microflora, others prevent the development of diseases, others moisturize and heal. All funds received positive feedback from customers.

The best creams for intimate hygiene

5 antique

Antique is suitable for alleviating discomfort in intimate areas. It’s built for daily use. The formula heals wounds, moisturizes, relaxes. Some ingredients have an antibacterial effect, they disinfect and prevent the appearance of fungus. Extracts and plant extracts improve regeneration. The cream relieves inflammation from the mucous membrane. The manufacturer claims that it accelerates the treatment of dermatitis, itching and allergies.

The product consists of natural proven ingredients, no parabens and synthetic dyes / fragrances. In reviews, it is recommended to combat diseases of the urogenital area. It helps women before menopause, people with low immunity. The cream restores mucosal balance after antibiotic treatment. Although it is sold in a pharmacy, it is not considered a drug. It will not eliminate the disease, but it will greatly alleviate the symptoms.

4 Estrogial

Estrogial has the fastest effect. Immediately after application, discomfort disappears, irritation and inflammation disappear. The formula has a softening, regenerating and deodorizing effect. PH balanced according to the needs for intimate hygiene. The basis of the cream is a phytocomplex with vitamins, phytoestrogens and flavonoids. It is supplemented with hyaluronic acid, which maintains an optimal fat balance, helps the mucosa to regulate the microflora. Regular use improves tissue elasticity.

The most interesting ingredient in the composition is hop extract, which is considered one of the best anti-inflammatory components. It tones, normalizes metabolism. Calendula soothes irritated skin, promotes wound healing. Clover is the only plant that contains 4 isoflavones, thanks to which it effectively slows down aging.

3 Planeta Organica

Planeta Organica has the best natural ingredients in the composition, while it costs no more than most creams. The basis is organic cotton, it is suitable for daily intimate hygiene. The formula restores the natural pH of the skin, returns a feeling of comfort and freshness. It is hypoallergenic, consists of the most powerful antioxidants, contains fatty acids. The drug nourishes the skin, restores damaged areas. The product has been certified by COSMOS-standard AISBL. The formula is 95% natural ingredients.

The reviews write about the medical aroma of the product, but it does not remain on the skin. The cream is pleasant to use, it is easily distributed, does not cause discomfort. Cleans well but does not dry out. The tool was created specifically for women, although there are reviews from men. The formula can be used several times a day and does not irritate the skin. The cream washes off easily. In the minuses, buyers attributed the inconvenient packaging.

2 Uriage Gyn-8

Uriage Gyn-8 gently soothes the skin, gently removing harmful bacteria, restoring the microflora. Helps with irritation of the mucous membrane, removes the feeling of discomfort and itching. The manufacturer promises instant relief from burning sensation. The basis is the patented component glyco-gin. It does not dry, maintains a balance of flora. The mildest, natural, soap-free ingredients are suitable for sensitive skin. Edelweiss soothes the epidermis and is well tolerated by the mucosa. The formula prevents fungus infection.

The reviews say that one course is up to 10 days, unless otherwise prescribed by a doctor. Although the drug is not very economical, it is not designed for long-term use. The cream does not flow, cleans well. Buyers write about an instant feeling of comfort, itching and burning immediately disappear. It is called the best for thrush and similar microbial infections. The composition contains thermal water, but no parabens and dyes.

1 Vagisil

Vagisil is best when used regularly. The manufacturer has selected ingredients that restore skin elasticity, restore, moisturize. The basis is fatty oils that create a protective film. The formula for a long time relieves itching, discomfort. Vitamins A, E and D soothe irritated skin. Aloe extract saves during critical days. The composition is odorless, blocks unpleasant odors.

It is enough to apply the cream once a day, it is suitable for daily use. Buyers are pleased with the availability, the product is on the shelves of many pharmacies. However, it relieves the symptoms, not cures the problem. The formula is combined with other drugs, suitable for alleviating discomfort. It can be used after visiting the pool, sauna. The cream does not spread, it is easy to apply, it is economically spent. The manufacturer did not indicate the duration of use, which means that use is allowed for any time.

The best gels for intimate hygiene

5 Mixit Girl`s Delicate Gel

Mixit Girl`s Delicate Gel takes care of the most delicate area of ​​the body, offering special care. The gel has a weightless structure, almost not felt on the skin. The balanced composition maintains the natural pH level. It prevents dryness and discomfort, leaving a feeling of freshness and cleanliness for a long time. Plant extracts are natural antiseptics, they soften and soothe well. Melissa has an anti-inflammatory effect, protects the intimate area.

The reviews note powerful antioxidant properties, mentioning the removal of toxins and toxins. Components prevent inflammation due to antibacterial qualities. The lactic acid in the composition has a better pH, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria. The gel has a convenient dispenser that dispenses the product in small portions. The formula lathers well and rinses off quickly. Does not cause a feeling of dryness, does not pinch. However, the manufacturer added not the mildest parabens.

4 care free

Carefree is the most affordable product in the group, but has good ingredients. Aloe vera gel quickly soothes the skin. It is designed for gentle cleansing and care of the intimate area. The formula is suitable for daily use, the soft cocamidopropyl betaine of natural origin acts as a surfactant. The composition does not cause irritation, does not dry, does not leave a feeling of stickiness. The gel has a delicate texture and a pleasant fragrance. It is completely washed off, giving a feeling of freshness.

The reviews note a thoughtful bottle, mentioning ease of use. The gel lasts for a long time, for intimate hygiene you need very little product. It practically does not foam, there is no soap in the composition. However, the formula cleans well. Buyers say that there are no unpleasant sensations, the feeling of freshness remains for the whole day. Some even use gel for washing due to the extremely safe composition.

3 Organic

Organyc is designed for the most sensitive skin. It is suitable for daily intimate hygiene, has a pH balance of 5.5, does not contain synthetic fragrances. They are replaced by useful plant extracts. Calendula flowers reduce the risk of fungal infection, have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Aloe vera prevents the development of gynecological diseases, gives a pleasant coolness and freshness. The formula tones the skin, suitable for itching and irritation.

Chamomile flower extract moisturizes without leaving a sticky feeling. All natural ingredients have been certified by the ICEA. The reviews note a convenient bottle with a thoughtful dispenser. Although the cap slips out of wet hands. The consumption of the gel is minimal, which justifies the high cost. Despite the softness of the composition, it completely cleanses the intimate area. Does not cause allergies, discomfort during water procedures.

2 Levrana

Levrana not only cleanses gently and gently, but also carefully maintains the natural pH balance. The gel is designed for daily use, restores damaged skin. The basis is rye enzymes, known for their healing properties. Lactic acid helps the intimate area cope with bacteria. It inhibits pathogenic flora. Preservatives approved by ECOCERT and BDIH. Lavender essential oil is considered the most effective for menstrual pain. It relieves discomfort with cystitis, urethritis.

The reviews note antiviral and analgesic properties, but due to the potent ingredients, the gel should be used with caution. It is not a drug, but sold in pharmacies, it can affect the menstrual cycle. The formula has a neutral aroma, is not felt on the skin, and is quickly absorbed. The manufacturer speaks of the admissibility of use from birth, although buyers advise the drug for adults.

1 Lactacyd

Lactacyd is popular among buyers due to its balanced composition. Active natural ingredients and lactic acid are added to the gel to maintain the acid level of the intimate area. Extracts have an antibacterial effect, increase immunity, prevent the appearance of fungi and unwanted odors. The formula has a gentle herbal aroma, significantly refreshing. Cotton provides gentle cleansing. The gel does not cure the problem, but is effective in reducing known symptoms in women.

The reviews note a convenient dispenser, the drug is consumed very economically. Buyers note the possibility of daily use. The gel has no color, but has a gentle unobtrusive aroma. The consistency of medium density does not spread, it is pleasant to use the product. It does not cause irritation, does not dry. The drug is one of the best to take along with antibiotics, prevents the appearance of thrush.

The best soap for intimate hygiene

5 Vagilak

Vagilac is indicated for adult women and girls to reduce the risk of infection. The soap cleanses the mucous membranes, contains lactic acid and plant extracts. The formula maintains the natural pH of intimate places, calendula and chamomile relieve inflammation. The manufacturer recommends the drug during pregnancy, after childbirth, during critical days. The product has a pearlescent shade and a neutral smell, the consistency is liquid. The dispenser is convenient, does not clog.

The composition does not contain dyes, flavors and substances that disrupt the balance of the mucosa. The manufacturer recommends it for vaginal dysbacteriosis, in addition there are capsules. Soap instantly removes discomfort, itching and inflammation calm down. There is a feeling of purity and freshness. There are no suspicious ingredients in the composition, the extracts are supplemented with components that can be found in any high quality soap. The formula is suitable for allergies to synthetic substances.

4 Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty contains the patented ingredient PACS (cranberry fruit pomace), which reduces the risk of harmful bacteria entering the mucous membrane. The soap has a pH of 4.5, restores the balance of the intimate area. The formula is rich in antioxidants with anti-inflammatory effects. The manufacturer claims that the soap helps with urinary tract infections. Honey extract softens damaged skin, prevents itching. Aloe Vera is soothing. Soap is allowed for daily use.

Buyers note convenient use: just apply a little on the body and rinse with water. The formula gives a feeling of cleanliness and freshness for a long time, does not cause irritation, does not leave stickiness. The manufacturer advises soap after childbirth, during the menstrual cycle. However, the surfactants in the composition are a little tougher than those of the leaders in the rating. Chamomile and aloe extracts are at the end of the list. To neutralize the action of surfactants added polyquaternium-10.

3 Saugella

Unlike other rating tools, Saugella was created specifically for men’s intimate hygiene. Soap differs from women’s pH level, but contains all the same useful ingredients. Sage extract has antibacterial properties, preventing gynecological diseases. The formula maintains the health of the mucosa, prevents inflammation and infections from developing. The composition has an antioxidant effect, prevents the appearance of fungus, eliminates discomfort.

Soap can be used several times a day. Although the cost is called overpriced, they note a very slow consumption. One bottle is enough for six months. To use, it is enough to squeeze out a few drops and dilute them with water, then apply to the skin. The gel has a greenish color, pleasantly smells like men’s perfume. The company is known for the high quality of ingredients, it offers a line of products for any need. Although soap doesn’t lather well, it’s too runny.

2 Cliven Intimo

Cliven Intimo liquid soap cares for intimate areas without disturbing the natural balance. It has physiological pH values, contains lactic acid. The formula is enriched with aloe, chamomile and mallow extracts known for their soothing and softening properties. The manufacturer talks about the passage of clinical studies that have proven the ability of the product to eliminate unpleasant odors. When applied to intimate areas, soap is practically not felt. It is completely washed off with water, suitable for women and men.

Buyers note a transparent color, there are no harmful dyes in the composition. The formula practically does not smell, the aroma of baby soap and chamomile is felt. With regular use, the composition makes the microflora natural. The soap lathers well and has a handy dispenser. It does not dry the skin, does not irritate or cause itching. The product is economically used, does not pour due to its density. Lathers much stronger than creams and gels.

1 Evo Intimate

Evo Intimate is the best for combating dryness in the intimate area. It is designed for women with sensitive skin. The formula contains mucosal health ingredients and lactic acid maintains natural pH. Liquid soap gives a feeling of comfort and cleanliness, the effect is enough for the whole day. According to the manufacturer, the drug is recommended by gynecologists. The formula has been voluntarily tested by the SPC KosmoProdTest, it has been controlled by the specialists of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Research Institute of MT.

The reviews note the absence of alkali, the soap has a pH of 5.2. Many people talk about a convenient dispenser and a bottle, mention economical consumption. The formula has an unobtrusive light scent that does not remain on the skin. Soap does not dry or sting. The composition is not the most natural, the product is not organic. However, extracts are at the top of the list, and silicone is at the bottom. The tool is economically consumed, suitable for daily use.

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