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The desire of consumers to ergonomically use every centimeter of the kitchen space and at the same time improve the aesthetic perception of the interior, remove bulky household appliances from the eyes has led to the emergence of built-in appliances, including hobs. They received a modern functional design, new wear-resistant materials and efficient technologies.

Engineering developments of leading companies are aimed at creating maximum convenience during the operation of hobs, equipping them with technical characteristics and options that are optimal for their price category. When choosing, buyers are primarily guided by the brand name, model type and a set of useful functions that are most often used in work.

Currently, manufacturers are supplying the market with electric, including induction, gas and combined devices without ovens, however, with the possibility of their additional independent installation. Inexpensive hobs available to many consumers are produced by GEFEST (Belarus), Hansa (Poland), Gorenje (Slovenia), Simfer (Turkey), Midea (China) and others. In the more expensive segment, the well-known Smeg (Italy), Bosch (Germany), Kuppersberg (Germany), Hotpoint-Ariston (Italy), Zanussi (Italy), Electrolux (Sweden) work.

The best gas hobs

3 GEFEST CH 1211

GEFEST CH 1211 is the best inexpensive gas hob in the ranking with an express burner. The white enameled surface is easy to maintain and does not require the use of special cleaners. The durability of the device depends on the frequency of use of equipment, the accuracy of handling, since the enamel can burn over time. A nice feature is the presence of an express burner, which is more powerful and quickly heated to the required temperature, after which it maintains heat.

Among the advantages, users also highlight the functions of gas control, auto-ignition, comfortable cool handles, durable cast-iron grills of an unusual shape that come with the kit. Of the minuses — an unremarkable design, strong noise during operation, a horizontal pipe for connecting gas, which requires additional installation of adapters.

2 Fornelli PGA 45 Fiero

The concept of this model is filled with the idea of ​​minimalism, sensual harmony and care for consumers. You will not find anything superfluous in it, however, even with 3 burners of different diameters, it is able to surpass many 4-burner counterparts. One of the main advantages is a small installation area of ​​​​42.6×45.5 cm. Therefore, the built-in device is great for small kitchens or work niches. The hob made of tempered glass with a thickness of 6 mm (!) — not only following popular trends, but also an elegant appearance, increased strength, no chips. Yes, and washing such a gas panel, according to users, is much easier than enameled. Moreover, cast-iron grates are connected to each burner.

All removable burners can work both from the main energy source and liquefied, for which there are special nozzles in the set. One of the burners is equipped with an additional row of flames for faster work. If the house has wok utensils, then for its owners the adapter included in the package will be good news. The functions of electric ignition, gas control increase the controllability and safety of the equipment.

  • When using gas cylinders, do not forget to change the jets on the gas panel. Most often, by default, elements for main gas are installed on it, and for bottled gas, as a rule, they are supplied complete with a hob.
  • The induction hob is undoubtedly the most technologically advanced and safe. But when you buy it, you will most likely have to completely update your “dishware wardrobe”. For induction cookers, only containers with cast iron and steel (stainless) surfaces are suitable. The bottom of the cookware must be massive, with a sufficient contact area and a thickness of at least 2 mm. Most often, manufacturers mark such goods with the Induktion icon. Prices for «induction» pots start at $50, and pans start at $35.

1 Hotpoint-Ariston PCN 641 T IX

The model received the most enthusiastic reviews primarily due to the strength and versatility of the stainless steel body, the arrangement of 4 burners in the form of a diamond. This approach allows you to install large containers at the same time, which does not affect the gas supply capacity. The surface of the panel is not subject to scratches, easy to clean even when using conventional detergents. An important design feature is the high sides that prevent spilled liquid from flowing out. The owners also include mechanical switches, a stylish cast-iron grate that do not heat up even during prolonged operation of the cooking device. The control unit is located in front and does not interfere with the arrangement of dishes.

Among the functional, special attention is drawn to the accelerated heating of one of the burners. The provided «Triple Crown» allows you to cook your favorite dishes in express mode. The gas control of each burner makes the whole process completely safe, so a constant presence in the kitchen is not necessary. There is also an automatic electric ignition, which works quickly and does not raise any complaints.

The best induction hobs

3 Hansa BHI68611

Hansa BHI68611 has earned a place in the ranking thanks to unique features that greatly simplify both everyday cooking and creating a festive table. The main «chip» is the automatic sensors of the installed dishes. The hob recognizes when there is something on it and checks if the pots and pans are suitable for induction. It is worth noting the function of increasing the heating of all burners by 30%, and the timer will save you from burning food. The latter is set for each zone separately, and immediately for the panel.

Among the interesting advantages is the combination of cooking surfaces. This is especially useful when large dishes do not fit into the desired area. Convenient control of one or more burners is considered by users to be an important advantage. The basis of the hob is German glass-ceramic SchottCeran, which is not afraid of scratches, temperature changes, shocks. Modern design and stylish color fit into any kitchen.

2 Zanussi ZEI 5680 FB

This induction model is fully consistent with modern ideas about the ideal built-in equipment in terms of functionality. The manufacturer has provided a number of «little things» that make cooking comfortable and fast. Of the 4 burners, two are of the double-circuit type, which further speeds up the workflow. The touch button control panel is located on the front right, so it is very easy to control the degree of heating of the burners. If necessary, you can use the surface lock button. Among the advantages, the owners name the excellent sensitivity of the sensors, their operation even after being touched with wet hands. This sets the control system apart from other brand technologies.

The glass-ceramic coating of the body is of sufficient quality, withstands long-term mechanical loads, and does not heat up. The protective shutdown protects it from premature wear and loss of its original appearance. And sensors for detecting the presence of containers and residual heat only add to the number of positive reviews. Of the minuses, there is a slight noise of the burners turned on, the need to use special dishes, you cannot turn on all the burners at once, and there is no timer.

1 Gorenje IT 612 SY2W

A well-known company offers an original design solution, sophistication of style and increased safety for all family members. The induction model of an independent type of installation is made of glass-ceramic, which withstands the operating mode without cracking even at full power. And by the way, it reaches 7.1 kW. All 4 burners, regardless of size, are able to bring the contents of dishes of any volume to a boil in a matter of minutes. It does not matter what material the pots and pans are made of. Not every potential buyer decides to choose the stylish white color of the hob, however, the owners of the equipment note the ease of maintenance.

The touch button control unit is located in the front of the panel, the lock button perfectly protects against excessive children’s attention and accidental resetting. Safety shutdown is another plus of the model, because thanks to this option, the spilled contents of the containers will not burn, the risks of overheating or short circuits are also excluded. In their positive reviews, the owners also point to such undoubted advantages as a timer for all burners, an indication of residual heat. The negative causes the absence of a metal bounding box.

The best electric hobs

3 Kuppersberg FT6VS16

A feature of the hob can be considered the presence of an individual timer for each of the burners, which facilitates use, makes the work of the device comfortable. Diameter expansion zones, child protection, touch control and panel lock are other important pluses. Also, buyers confirm the ease of cleaning the surface and the high speed of heating the burners. Among the shortcomings, slow cooling is indicated, especially after prolonged operation, as well as an increased temperature of the panel sections that are directly adjacent to the heating zones. The response of sensors after 2-3 years of operation may deteriorate.


A little-known brand, to the surprise of users, managed to establish itself among buyers on the positive side.

So, in the reviews, as a distinctive characteristic, they most often point to the versatility of the product: the ability to turn off the burners to increase safety, the presence of a residual heat indicator, and independent installation.

Of particular note are the 4 ceramic burners, each of which is equipped with an additional heating element for faster work. Moreover, one of the burners is double-circuit, and another one is an oval heating zone. This arrangement does not leave housewives indifferent, allowing you to cook dishes in huge cauldrons or oblong ducklings.

1 LEX EVH 640 BL

For those who dream of an electric hob in which all technical solutions are as balanced as possible, this is the best option. With mounting dimensions of 56x49x44 cm, the device weighs only 8.5 kg. This parameter allows you to place equipment even in lightweight furniture structures. The power of the product is 6 kW, they are quite enough for the full operation of 4 burners of two diameters — 16.5 and 20 cm. Modern Hi Light heating elements provide high reliability of the surface in operation.

The glass-ceramic coating of the body is durable, because it is not in vain that the company gives a guarantee for equipment of 36.6 months. The touch control unit is located conveniently, works without failures, heating is easily regulated. Of the functionality, of particular interest is a whole set of useful options — shutdown when boiling, protection against overheating, locking settings, indication of residual heat. As users say in the reviews, the security of the model is at a high level. Extraneous noise during its operation is not observed. The timer for burners allows you to streamline the entire cooking process.

The best combined hobs


This independent-mounted kitchen appliance is in high demand among grilled food lovers. With dimensions of 90×52 cm, which are rather compact for such functionality, the device is neatly built into the working surfaces of tables and cabinets. The owners have different attitudes towards the enameled coating of the hob, however, the working potential is beyond any doubt worthy of only high marks. The design is equipped with 5 removable burners, four of which are gas and one is an electric grill with lava stones. For accelerated cooking, the 12 cm running burner is equipped with the Triple Crown system.

With the help of auto-ignition, gas control options, ease of use and safety are achieved. The largest grill burner is located in the middle, allowing you to use the rest at the same time. Sectional burners are equipped with cast-iron grates. The mechanical control unit is placed vertically on the right, which in this case is quite justified.


The device was included in the rating due to its wide representation in retail chains, successful functionality. At first glance, the seemingly unremarkable hob is characterized by versatility in design. Of course, it will not look good in luxurious kitchens with author’s designer furniture, but it is quite suitable for sets in a minimalist style. Many buyers purchase such a model for country houses. The stainless steel case is well resistant to moisture, temperature changes, impacts of dishes on the surface.

There are 4 burners, gas and electric burners are arranged vertically in pairs. They are easy to turn on and adjust with rotary knobs. The only drawback of the switches, according to some owners, is their location on the right side of the structure, as well as the use of plastic as a material, which heats up during prolonged operation of the burners. Of the useful features, it should be noted the presence of automatic electric ignition, gas control.

1 Hansa BHMI61414030

Model BHMI61414030 from Hansa is a surface with a stylish design and glass ceramic coating. It has an optimal combination of burners — 2 gas and 2 electric, which have tape heating elements (Hi-Light marking), which dramatically increases their performance. Readiness for work is achieved instantly, as well as cooling. Gas burners, on the other hand, have control options for safety and electric ignition. The glass-ceramic surface is easily washed from any dirt, burns with Pemolux detergent and a special glass scraper.

The disadvantages of the model, some users include the lack of tightness of the gas switches, which can cause moisture to get there. In rare cases, this leads to damage to the electric ignition. In addition, there is no residual heat sensor, designed to increase protection against burns.

The best 2-burner hobs

3 Weissgauff HV 312 B

This accessory for compact kitchens is compatible with other types of panels from this manufacturer, so the owners can independently assemble an option that suits their individual needs. However, the Domino model is most often mounted without additional structural elements. Installation, according to reviews, raises questions about the location of the power cable and the lack of all the necessary fasteners in the kit. The body of the electric product is made of Vitro glass-ceramic, during prolonged operation of both burners, its surface heats up, which causes negative emotions. Hi Light burners operate in 9 modes. One of them is double-circuit, which allows you to expand the thermal zone for large dishes by pressing a button.

Touch control is carried out with a light touch, as a rule, there are no problems with it. Options for protective shutdown, residual heat indication, blocking are present and are among the pluses of the model. There is also a timer with a margin of up to 99 minutes, and for each burner you can set your own mode. An audible signal and auto-off ensure that the dish does not burn and is served on the table on time.

2 LEX EVH 320 BL

The electric hob «Domino» from a domestic company has an attractive design. The glass-ceramic coating, according to reviews, is not satisfactory, it is durable and easy to clean. Both burners are designed according to the Hi Light principle, inside there is an additional heating element for operational work. Users list oven-independent installation and touch switches as advantages. Thanks to the residual heat indicator, you can not be afraid of burns, as the device will let you know about the temperature regime. The panel lock button will prevent accidental turning on and off, resetting the settings.

1 Samsung CTR432NB02

Samsung CTR432NB02 is the most popular Domino hob. Panels of this type consist of 1 — 2 burners and can be combined with other designs with a standard size of 500×300 mm. For example, on one work surface, you can assemble three sections: gas, electric and grill, there are also deep fryers, tepan-yaks, etc. This is very convenient, since each hostess can assemble her own unique work surface that will best meet her culinary needs.

The main advantages of Samsung CTR432NB02 are affordable price and optimal functionality in its segment. Users note the presence of a timer with auto-off as an advantage, the panel automatically shuts down after a certain time. The controls here are touch-sensitive, extremely clear and convenient. There is a residual heat indicator: until the surface cools down to a safe temperature, the letter “H” will light up. Thus, the consumer is additionally protected from burns.

How to choose a hob?

What parameters and characteristics are the most important when choosing a hob?

Panel type

There are two main types of hobs: gas and electric. There is also a combined type, which has both gas and electric burners.

Gas panels are considered the most economical and are cheaper than electric models. Gas consumption is not comparable to electricity costs. But there are several downsides to this. Gas panels can only be installed where it is possible to connect the main gas. You can, of course, use gas cylinders, but the costs in this case increase many times over. The second point is safety. Gas is gas, its leakage is dangerous to human health, so the installation of the hob must be carried out by a specialist. And, of course, do not forget about the presence of a hood to eliminate carbon dioxide.

Electric hobs are more technologically advanced, safer, more aesthetically pleasing, have touch buttons and fit well into the design of the kitchen. They can be installed anywhere there is electricity. But their main disadvantage is the subsequent high energy costs. In addition, most electric panels with induction hobs require the selection of special cookware made of cast iron or enameled steel.

Panel material

Five main types of hob coating can be distinguished: enamel, cast iron, stainless steel, glass-ceramic and tempered glass. Enamelled and cast iron surfaces are considered the most budgetary. They are inexpensive and durable, but difficult to clean from drops of fat. Cast iron is more resistant to damage, which cannot be said about enamel — scratches may appear on it over time.

The working surfaces of their stainless steel are considered durable. They are not subject to wear, impact-resistant, but stains from the user’s fingers remain on the surface. Special liquids are used to clean them.

Tempered glass is easier to clean, but the surface of such a material is considered not strong. The most aesthetic and practical are glass-ceramic surfaces. They are easy to clean, stronger than tempered glass and look very nice, but their disadvantage is their high cost.

Lattice type

When choosing a gas hob, you should look at the type of grate on which the dishes are installed. The grate can be cast iron and steel (enamel). The advantages of cast iron are wear resistance: such a grate does not burn and does not lose its appearance even after many years of operation. But the lack of cast iron is brittleness — the grate can crack after a strong blow, for example, when heavy dishes fall.

Enamelled steel grating is very strong and cheaper. She is not afraid of blows, it is easy to clean, but the main drawback of enamel is that it burns over time.

Type of gas panel electric ignition

Electric ignition can be mechanical and automatic. The mechanical type of ignition is considered obsolete, but also cheaper. The principle of its operation is to press an additional button after turning the switch. In the automatic type, ignition occurs immediately after the switch is turned, without the use of additional buttons. This is a more convenient option, since the ignition is carried out with one hand.

Rated power (kW)

This parameter is relevant when buying an electric hob. The efficiency directly depends on the power — the higher the rated power of the panel, the more it consumes electricity. From here, two types of electrical panels can be distinguished: high power models (from 7 to 7.8 kW) and low power models (economical, up to 3.7 kW).

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