15 best baby cosmetics


Choosing the right cosmetics from the first days of life, you can avoid severe and chronic skin diseases in the future. Higher demands are placed on its quality. In order not to harm the child and choose safe means, the following factors must be considered:

  • Compound. Safety is the main selection criterion. It should be completely free of chemical components that cause allergic reactions.
  • Skin type. We choose cosmetics based on the individual characteristics of your baby. Universal suitable for any skin. If she is sensitive and prone to allergies, then it is better to buy special products for your type.
  • Age. If you need care products for newborns, then look for the designation 0+ on the package.
  • Manufacturer. Well-known brands have long gained popularity among parents.
  • Smell. Products for babies can be either with a barely perceptible delicate aroma or without it at all, decorative cosmetics for girls — with a pleasant unobtrusive.

The best cosmetics for newborns

5 Neva cosmetics Baby cream

The oldest Russian brand has been creating cosmetic care products with a quality mark for more than 150 years. It does not change the fidelity of traditions, releasing products with a safe natural composition based on herbal ingredients. Baby cream is a vivid confirmation of this. It is specially designed to moisturize the delicate skin of babies, starting from birth. It does not contain mineral oils, fragrances, dyes and other ingredients that can harm the baby.

Vitamin E gives smoothness to the skin and retains moisture. Chamomile reduces the risk of allergic reactions. Aloe Vera has a softening effect. Calendula relieves inflammation. The cream perfectly moisturizes the skin, prevents the appearance of redness and diaper rash. Advantages: delicate texture, quickly absorbed, natural composition, low price.

4 Johnson’s Baby «Gentle Care»

Johnson’s Baby is one of the most popular baby products companies in the world. Young parents choose a brand for safety and the best price for baby care cosmetics. Milk «Gentle Care» is designed to moisturize the sensitive skin of children from birth. It does not contain parabens, dyes and other harmful additives. Maintains natural PH-balance and gently cares for the skin, preventing irritation and redness. Easily copes with chafing.

The tool is recommended to be used for massage from the first days of life. The unique formula of milk creates a thin protective film, preventing dryness. The skin after application becomes smooth and soft. Advantages: light texture, well absorbed, harmless composition, neutral aroma, excellent moisturizing.

3 Weleda Calendula Pflegecreme

The nourishing cream of the German brand Weleda is suitable for the care of sensitive skin of babies. It is free of parabens, sulfates, dyes, fragrances and mineral oils. Recommended for daily use in children from the first day of life. It copes well with dryness, is indicated for dermatitis, eczema and diathesis. Calendula is known for its antiseptic properties. Oils of almonds and sesame seeds nourish, make the skin smooth and soft.

Chamomile flower extract has an anti-inflammatory effect, prevents allergic manifestations. Natural beeswax prevents drying and prevents flaking. According to customer reviews, the cream moisturizes well and copes with skin irritations in newborns. Pros: natural composition, the best prevention of diaper rash, convenient packaging, economical consumption, non-sticky texture, pleasant smell.

2 Mustela Stelatopia

STELATOPIA emollient cream emulsion was developed by French dermatologists specifically for the care of sensitive, as well as dry and atopic skin of newborns. Patented natural ingredients soften, moisturize, restore lipid balance. After use, the feeling of discomfort instantly disappears. The drug is hypoallergenic, prevents the occurrence of allergic reactions, has shown itself well in the treatment of dermatitis and eczema.

According to experts, this is the best remedy for dry skin in babies, starting from birth. It strengthens the natural protective functions, relieves inflammation, nourishes. The composition is completely free of harmful components. Advantages: instant effect, quickly absorbed, fluid texture, after application, you can immediately dress the child. The downside is the high cost.

1 Bubchen Baby Oil

The German brand «Bübchen» creates special cosmetics for children from the first days of life. The product moisturizes and nourishes the delicate skin of the baby. It does not contain mineral oils, dyes and other components that can harm the health of the newborn. It is hypoallergenic, prevents the appearance of diaper rash and redness.

Vitamin E makes the skin smooth and hydrated. Shea butter enriches with vitamins. Calendula has a calming effect, cleanses and disinfects the skin. Sunflower oil supports the natural protective barrier. According to parents, the product is perfectly absorbed, does not leave a feeling of greasy and sticky. It is great for massage, skin care after bathing and cleansing in the diaper area. Advantages: economical consumption, lasting effect in the fight against dermatitis, gentle care, optimal price. No deficiencies found.

The best decorative cosmetics

5 Totally Fashion

A well-known manufacturer offers a stylish set of decorative cosmetics that can surprise the most demanding young fashionista. It includes 8 eyeshadows, 5 lip glosses in compact packs and 2 pieces in tubes, 2 lipsticks, 2 nail polishes, 2 applicators and 2 brushes. A wide range of products will allow you to create an image for both daytime events and evening celebrations. You can create in the company of girlfriends, and everyone will have enough money not to interfere with each other.

The set is housed in a beautiful carrying case for easy storage. It is easy to carry and take with you on a visit. Cosmetics are washed off with water, no additional means for removal are required. Advantages: many types in the set, various colors for daily and festive make-up, does not cause irritation, suitable for girls from 3 years old. No deficiencies found.

4 Bondibons

The Belgian company specializes in the production of goods for children, taking into account important components: the safety of funds and the high quality of their manufacture. The Eva Moda series was created especially for little beauties who want to be like their stylish mothers since childhood. The decorative set includes a double-sided applicator and shadows in four delicate shades that will help you create a unique look for any occasion. They are hypoallergenic, do not cause irritation on sensitive skin of the eyelids.

According to parents, the shadows are soft with a delicate crumbly texture, easily removed with water. They are intended for girls over 5 years old. A small package will fit in a miniature children’s handbag, so you can carry such cosmetics with you. Advantages: safe composition, compact size, unobtrusive smell, low cost. No cons were found.

3 Princess Double Lip Gloss Raspberry Cream

Decorative cosmetics of the Russian brand is distinguished by a safe composition, which is very important for parents, and bright juicy colors, which is valuable for every little princess. Double gloss with a unique formula has pleasant shades and a light aroma of raspberry and cream, which will appeal to any fashionista. For care and protection, the composition includes beneficial nutrients that make lips softer.

All brand products are certified according to the international standard. They are absolutely harmless for girls and are suitable for everyday use. The color palette was created according to the latest fashion trends and will make the image stylish and modern. Pros: safe composition, delicate texture, berry aroma, does not stick or spread, two shades in one package. No deficiencies found.

2 Little Fairy Nail Polish

How much admiration girls get from their mother’s hands after an updated manicure! The Russian brand «Little Fairy» has released a special varnish for delicate children’s nails. It is suitable for girls over 5 years old. A beautiful pink shade and brilliant shine will not leave indifferent any fashionista. A handy little brush will help you apply the product without getting your fingers dirty. It lasts a long time and will not rub off when washing hands.

A pleasant fruity aroma and an elegant bottle in the form of a butterfly will delight every girl. Applying nail polish will make you feel like you’re in a beauty salon. It will make a wonderful gift for any occasion. Advantages: stays on nails for a long time, does not wash off with water, iridescent shine, pleasant aroma, low cost.

1 Markwins

The famous American brand has created a special set for little fans of the popular Disney cartoon Frozen. The box consists of three convenient tiers that can be detached from the mount and use cosmetics at the same time with your friends. Includes 16 lip glosses, 8 eye shadows, applicator, brush and stickers. Bright shades will allow you to create different images every day and make any holiday unforgettable.

Markwins products are created in compliance with European quality standards. It does not contain parabens, palm oil and other harmful ingredients and is absolutely safe for baby’s delicate skin. According to parents, this set is the best gift for girls over 6 years old. Advantages: hypoallergenic properties, safe composition, large selection of colors, easy to wash off, optimal price. No deficiencies found.

The best baby bath products

5 EO Laboratories

The foam of the domestic manufacturer EO Laboratorie is based on oils and plant components. The mild cleansing formula does not irritate children’s skin. Substances have been tested, received ECOCERT, BDIH certificates. The basis is calendula extract, which relieves irritation, heals wounds, and helps the skin cope with itching. Celandine kills harmful bacteria, fights dryness, redness. It is indicated for manifestations of allergies. Chamomile has an antiseptic effect.

Parents warn about the strongest smell. Most people like it, but some prefer natural flavors. Due to the absence of chemical components, the foam lasts no more than 15 minutes. It is recommended to add it to the water when the bath is almost full. The reviews say about the absence of allergies, the child’s skin becomes soft. There is no smell on it. The formula is very fluid, the bottle does not last long. The bottle is comfortable and does not slip.

4 Mustela

Mustela Foam Shampoo is designed for normal newborn skin. The brand has patented the Avocado Perseose® component, which strengthens the epidermal barrier and retains moisture. The product has a very mild effect, does not irritate children’s skin. Cosmetics have been clinically tested. Exfoliating ingredients soften seborrheic crusts. The composition does not contain soap, it consists of 99% natural ingredients. The formula aims to minimize the risk of allergies and itching.

The company thought over the way of release. The dispenser is hidden under the cover. The hole for the foam is large, it does not clog. The dispenser has a ribbed notch for the finger, it does not slip out of wet hands. The method of application is slightly different from the rest of cosmetics. Shampoo is applied to wet hair, then left for a few minutes. The drug is consumed economically, it lasts for a long time. Foam evenly rinses and rinses off. The crusts do not go away immediately, but painlessly and forever.

3 Librederm Baby

Shampoo Librederm Baby is designed specifically for newborns. It has the softest texture, is carefully distributed over the baby’s head, and is washed off the first time. It cleans the hair qualitatively, does not irritate and does not sting the eyes. With regular use of the brand, the skin is restored. Children’s curls become silky, shiny. The brand is dermatologist approved. The main components are aloe vera gel, cotton extract, panthenol. They are suitable for sensitive skin.

The reviews speak of medium foaming, because there are no sulfates in the composition. Although they note that shampoo is enough for children’s hair. The formula smells good, but the smell is almost not felt. Hypoallergenic cosmetics without additives and dyes do not irritate the skin. Shampoo is indicated for seborrhea, with regular use, the crusts go away for good. Librederm is unlikely to be suitable for grown-up children with increased fat content of the epidermis, but it will show itself perfectly on the skin of newborns.

2 COW Kewpie

COW Kewpie baby foam is suitable for hair and body, it does not irritate the eyes. The formula has a low Ph and a weak amino acid composition. It does not wash away more sebum than required. It is applied and removed almost imperceptibly, suitable for children who are afraid of swimming. The brand creates cosmetics that gently affect the epidermis. It has been tested by allergists. The foam has no color, there are no preservatives in the composition. But there are oils to moisturize the skin.

The product comes in a plastic bottle with a dispenser and lock. The latter is a bit tight, but is the best travel solution. The company offers replacement foam bags that are much cheaper and are loaded into a bottle. The product has practically no smell, it has no color. The consistency is like a flowing mousse. The reviews note economical consumption. The baby’s hair becomes soft and silky. If the baby has an itchy head, this problem will go away.

1 La Cree Foam Shampoo for Children

Shampoo-foam from La Cree was created for the most gentle cleansing of the skin of the body and head, as well as the gentle removal of seborrheic crusts. The manufacturer has added the best active ingredients. Violet and licorice extracts remove inflammation, relieve itching and flaking. Panthenol prevents irritation, promotes cell regeneration. Oils seal moisture in the skin, stabilize the sebaceous glands. The domestic brand took care of the comfort of the child, removing irritating mucous substances. Formulated with moisturizing wheat proteins.

The reviews write that fragrant foam appears from the dispenser when pressed, one press is enough for a newborn. The number of crusts decreases after several uses. The skin is cleansed slowly, without injury. Parents call foam economical. And in this group, it is also one of the most accessible. The only side effect is that curls disappear in children. Hair becomes heavier and straightened.

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