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When installing a heating system in the house, the owners are repelled by a number of factors. This is the availability of communications, and the price for a heat source, and the climatic conditions of the region, and the safety of operation, etc. At the same time, it is important to remember about efficiency so as not to throw money down the pipe during the cold season. It should be noted that even the most economical boiler will not save the owners if the house is poorly insulated and the heating system is illiterate. When choosing a heater, the price of the boiler is often the main factor. But momentary benefits can turn into serious expenses for gas or electricity. Gas and electric boilers are capable of providing a modern house with heat and hot water offline. How to choose the most economical option?

  • In settlements where there is a gas pipeline, it is economically feasible to purchase gas boilers. At the first stage of purchase and connection, home owners will have to face serious investments. The boiler itself will cost a tidy sum, but most of the time, nerves and money will have to be spent on designing and supplying a gas pipeline to the house. Additional funds will be needed to create effective ventilation, organize space in the boiler room in accordance with regulatory documents. Frequent uninvited guests will be gas workers and firefighters. But in the future, it will be possible to save a lot when heating the house during the heating season.
  • Not everywhere near the house there is a gas main. In this case, you have to choose alternative heat sources. One of the easiest and safest ways to heat your home is to use electric boilers. Since electricity is available in most settlements, the homeowner will only have to choose a device with optimal power and efficiency.

When calculating, you should use a simple formula. It is generally accepted that for heating 10 sq. m of a house 3 m high requires 1 kW of energy. Therefore, for country houses up to 100 sq. m. an electric boiler with a maximum power of 10 kW is suitable. It is better to have a small margin of a few kilowatts, but you should not get too carried away either. Due to the frequent switching on and off of the boiler, not only will the load on the heating elements increase, but also the consumption of electricity will increase. In order to roughly calculate how much electricity heating will cost, you should determine the average daily operation of the boiler. To do this, the power of the device is multiplied by the number of hours of continuous operation and divided by 2. We multiply this figure by 30 days, and then by the number of months of the heating season. It remains to find out the tariff for electricity and multiply by the resulting consumption. The percentage of error depends on the vagaries of the weather, but usually it does not exceed 20% of the calculated value.

The most economical gas boilers

5 Lemax Premium-10

Domestic gas boilers successfully compete in the domestic market due to their affordable price and efficiency. A striking example is the Lemax Premium-10 model. This single-circuit device is designed for heating houses up to 100 sq. m. The manufacturer managed to achieve high efficiency (90%), which made it possible to reduce natural gas consumption to the level of 0.6 cubic meters. m per hour. The use of high-quality steel with anti-corrosion heat-resistant coating helped to reduce the cost of the device.

A distinctive feature of the boiler is non-volatility from the mains, which gives another article of savings. The Italian gas burner device helps to optimize the operation of the boiler. Domestic consumers note such advantages of «Premium-10» as availability, economy, compactness, safety and reliability. In order for the device not to fail in a frosty winter, it is necessary to carry out maintenance in a timely manner.

4 Buderus Logamax U072-24

Traditional boilers are not as economical as condensing boilers, but they are much more affordable. And if the device was developed by German engineers Buderus and Bosch, then there is no doubt about its effectiveness. Thanks to its compact dimensions of 40x30x70 cm, a closed combustion chamber and minimal noise (38dBA), the unit can be installed directly in the kitchen, while it is able to heat an area from 70 to 240 square meters. m.

The heat exchanger in U072-24 is made of copper. With the same power ratings with cast iron and steel models, copper boilers are considered more economical, since they provide accelerated transfer of the heat of combustion of the fuel to the coolant circulating through the pipes. Other advantages of the product are the built-in circulation pump with 3 speeds, reliable electronic control and easy maintenance. There is also a minus — some owners blame the autodiagnostic system for deducing the same error, which sometimes requires a flashing of the board to eliminate.

3 Navien GA 35KN

The NAVIEN GA 35KN gas boiler allows heating large houses, offices and shops at minimal cost. This two-circuit model of convection type is capable of heating a building up to 350 square meters. m., providing people with heat and hot water. The floor appliance has a sufficiently high efficiency (91.4%), which allows minimizing natural gas consumption to 3.34 cubic meters. m per hour. The heating device can also be operated from liquefied gas, the boiler needs to be connected to a single-phase power supply. The consumer can also save on the purchase of the boiler itself, since the model compares favorably in cost with its competitors.

Owners of cottages, shops, auto repair shops note such positive characteristics of the NAVIEN GA 35KN gas boiler as efficiency, affordability, and high quality. Of the minuses, it is worth highlighting the noise, the need to use only original spare parts.

2 Vaillant ecoTEC plus VU INT IV 306/5-5

Vailant is one of the best European manufacturers of high-tech products for heating and cooling residential buildings. In its assortment there are many reliable and high-quality models of boilers, which include the wall-mounted unit of the latest generation ecoTEC plus VU INT IV. Users speak of it exclusively in a positive way, noting that the installation of a boiler in their homes has led to at least 20% savings in operating costs. They consider the layout of the heating system with this boiler and underfloor heating to be especially successful — it is in this version that it pays off as quickly as possible.

One of the factors for economical operation of the boiler is the use of a modulating burner. Its introduction into the design provides a smooth adjustment of the operating power in a wide range from 16 to 100%, depending on the need for heat. By minimizing the frequency of on and off cycles, longer maintenance-free and overall unit life is ensured. Its only drawback is its high cost.

1 BAXI Duo-tec Compact 1.24

The most noticeable gas savings are provided by condensing units, which are capable of extracting thermal energy from flue gases, irretrievably lost in convection-type devices. The boilers of the Duo-tec Compact line are no exception, the efficiency of which, according to some sellers, reaches 107.6% at a load of up to 30%. And although they exaggerate (based on the technical characteristics, the boiler gives up to 91.2%), you must admit that this indicator is very good for gas equipment.

The device becomes even more economical due to the design. A serpentine stainless steel heat exchanger, an adaptive combustion and draft control system allow you to minimize the cost of heating a house ranging from 100 to 240 square meters. m. It is worth noting the presence of built-in automation for changing the temperature of the coolant depending on the weather outside. Thus, maintaining a stable micro-mode is inexpensive in terms of time and effort, which is also an indirect indicator of efficiency.

The most economical electric boilers

5 ZOTA 9 Lux

Looking at the cost of this electric boiler, someone may doubt its reliability. However, after studying its characteristics, we did not reveal any obvious design flaws. Moreover, in terms of the number of functions, it has no equal even among more expensive models. The 9-kilowatt electric boiler, designed to heat 90 sq.m., has a number of «luxury» features: electronic control based on the operation of 5 controllers, protection of the control unit against overvoltage up to 400V, weather-dependent auto-correction of the coolant temperature, the function of connecting a warm floor and etc.

From the point of view of the efficiency of the heat generator, the function of the chronothermostat is interesting — with its help, the user sets the program at what time the house should be warm, and at what time the microclimate can be made cooler. Such a thermostat with a timer is very convenient for setting up the operation at the most favorable electricity consumption rate — night. In fairness, we also mention the disadvantages of the device: in particular, users warn about the high cost of replacing failed heating elements, so it is better to start operation before reading the instructions.

4 Protherm Skat 6 KR 13

Consumers had a lot of time to check how reliable the Slovak Skats are in real conditions: they have been produced in their homeland since 1992, and in Russia, according to the manufacturer, more than 250 thousand units have already been sold. We did not find negative reviews and explicit criticism on the network, and even on specialized forums, where a rather skeptical attitude towards budget brands reigns, they are in good standing. And no wonder — a wall-mounted heater, among other advantages, is simple and versatile in installation (there is no need to maintain a 3-phase network, you can connect weather-dependent automation, a DHW storage boiler and organize a cascade heating system).

The developers took a very responsible approach to the issue of the efficiency of the model, providing a high (99.5%) efficiency and providing for stepwise switching on of power with a step of 1 kW. At the same time, the heating elements are switched alternately, and the load on them is distributed evenly. Protective systems against overheating and freezing, as well as pump protection, are responsible for the durability of the product — according to technical characteristics, it is at least 10 years.

3 EVAN Warmos-IV-9.45

Evan JSC turns 23 in 2019, and during this time the company has mastered the production of a wide range of heating equipment. This means that the entire heating and hot water system, except perhaps for pipes and valves, can be equipped with its products. Of particular interest to potential buyers is the updated electric unit of the Warmos-IV series with a capacity of 9.45 kW, capable of heating a house up to 94.5 square meters. m.

In order to optimize energy consumption, the mechanical thermostat was replaced with an electronic thermal control system. Now the boiler “by itself” determines how many heating elements out of 3 need to be started in order to ensure the specified temperature regime with an accuracy of 1 °. If necessary, manual power limitation can also be activated. Self-diagnosis functions, an improved control panel with LED indication and the ability to connect remote control modules allow us to call the boiler modern, economical and, most importantly, accessible to a wide consumer circle.

2 Vaillant eloBLOCK VE 12

The most economical single-circuit boiler in our review was the Vaillant eloBLOCK VE 12 model (99% efficiency). An electric appliance is able to heat a house up to 120 square meters. m in the presence of a three-phase network. In addition to high efficiency, the device boasts an elegant appearance. There is only one key for adjustment, everything else is done for a person by a microprocessor, sensors, sensors, etc. Economical energy consumption is achieved through a smooth increase in power, the presence of additional options such as anti-freeze mode, summer operation, weather-compensated control. The device can be equipped with a remote control, which allows the owners to get straight from the cold to a warm house.

Users speak flatteringly about the efficiency of the Vaillant eloBLOCK VE 12 electric boiler, its simplicity and neat appearance. To increase the service life, it is necessary to connect a voltage stabilizer.

1 ACV E-Tech S 240

The most economical double-circuit boiler is the premium model ACV E-Tech S 240 (99% efficiency). Due to the high thermal power (28.8 kW), the device will cope with the heating of a large house, providing its residents not only with heat, but also with hot water. This high-performance heating device is controlled by electronics, which helps to minimize the consumption of electrical energy. The stainless steel heat exchanger also contributes to economical operation. A boiler made according to the «tank in a tank» principle helps to reduce the heat loss of hot water. Electronic control allows you to increase the service life, prevent the formation of scale by optimizing the heating modes.

Owners of country houses and cottages highlight such advantages of the ACV E-Tech S 240 electric boiler as efficiency, reliability, versatility and noiselessness. The main disadvantage of the device is the high price.

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