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The most innovative and best way to deal with unwanted vegetation is photoepilation. This process involves the use of a special device — a photoepilator, which acts directly on the hair follicles, completely preventing their growth. Special thermal radiation causes blood cells to coagulate, thereby ensuring the death of the bulb. The procedure is done on average 7 courses for maximum effect. The most popular manufacturers are: Brown, Philips, Silk’n, etc. We found out what you need to pay attention to when choosing a photoepilator:

  • Working surface area. It depends on it what maximum number of hairs can be removed in a particular area in one flash. The best value among home appliances is 6 sq.cm.
  • lamp resource. This is the number of flashes that one lamp is capable of producing. Naturally, the higher this indicator, the longer the photoepilator will last.
  • Connection type. Home photoepilator can be powered by mains, battery or batteries.
  • Lamp power. Models with indicators not exceeding 5 J / cm² are considered optimal. If the power is higher, then there is a risk of burns.
  • Price.

Top 10 best photoepilators

10 Braun IPL BD 5007

Braun IPL BD 5007 permanently removes visible hairs thanks to its skin color adaptation function. The photoepilator has three modes, one of which is designed specifically for beginners. It takes less than 10 minutes to treat the lower leg, sensitive areas tolerate the procedure well. The device has been clinically tested. It is designed for 300,000 pulses, Brown claims that this is comparable to 15 years of salon procedures. The sensor adjusts the intensity, is the best in ease of use. Comes with a white makeup case.

The reviews write that in order to process small areas, it is necessary to rearrange the photoepilator after each flash. But for the legs and arms, a sliding mode has been created, which speeds up the procedure. Buyers talk about the most understandable control, it’s hard to miss the site. To achieve the effect, it is enough to use the device once a week for a month, then maintain the result. A slight burning sensation is felt on the skin, you can apply a cream without alcohol.

9 CosBeauty Perfect Smooth Joy

CosBeauty Perfect Smooth Joy was developed to deal with coarse Asian hair and is considered the most effective hair removal product. The photoepilator is distinguished by high power, which is rarely found in home preparations. The display shows the characteristics, it is difficult to make a mistake during use. The manufacturer is proud of the SmartSkin sensor, which automatically adjusts to the skin, changes the energy to the desired level. The home photoepilator has several cartridges for the face, intimate areas, arms and legs.

Clinical trials have shown the best effect after 4 treatments (month of use). To get to the bulb, it is necessary to shave off the hair in advance. The lamp has a large working surface, which greatly speeds up the process. Although the photoepilator is designed for home use, it is quite aggressive on the skin. Buyers warn that after the first procedure, the effect is almost imperceptible, patience is needed.

8 Panasonic ES-WH80

A popular manufacturer presents a budget photoepilator for home Panasonic ES-WH80. It is equipped with a powerful lamp, which increases the working surface area (5.4 sq.cm) and efficiency. It takes no more than 20 minutes to remove vegetation from the entire body. The photoepilator is powered by a Li-Ion battery, one charge of which is enough for 3 hours. The kit includes a protective cover and an additional lamp. On the case there are indicators for charging, discharging the battery, operating mode.

The device has small weight, convenient dimensions and the ergonomic form of the handle. It is designed for photoepilation of arms, legs and bikini area. The maximum intensity of the light beam is 6.5 J/cm². There are 5 modes to choose from. Main advantages: stylish design, shape, compact size, convenient storage and use at home, additional lamp included, easy operation, high quality. Disadvantages: one lamp is enough for only 20 thousand pulses.

7 SmoothSkin Bare IPL

SmoothSkin Bare IPL comes in a standard form that is optimal for most users. Its important feature is the stylish case design. It features a geometric pattern in black, white and metallic. Girls are delighted with the use of this photoepilator at home, because. the procedure is absolutely painless and takes little time due to the presence of the sliding mode. All the necessary settings are set automatically, so there is only one button on the panel. The model shows excellent results after just a few procedures.

There are many color options to choose from. SmoothSkin Bare IPL is often purchased as a gift due to its great looks. High-quality European assembly ensures good durability of the device. Advantages: high efficiency, good build quality, fast results, positive reviews, very stylish design, easy operation. Cons: no instructions in Russian.

6 Philips BRI860 Lumea Essential

BRI860 Lumea Essential from Philips is the budget version of the rating leader. It has fewer features, although everything needed for the home is kept. The photoepilator acts on the hair roots, gradually slowing down their growth. After the procedure, the skin remains smooth for a long time. According to clinical studies, the best effect is achieved after 4 sessions. The system copes with light brown, black and chestnut hairs, but does not see red and gray hairs. It doesn’t suit black people. But it does a great job of removing facial hair.

Before each session, the device itself determines the skin tone and the desired degree of exposure. Although there are 5 functions for fine tuning. The photoepilator has a soft but effective action. The lamp is enough for 200 thousand flashes. The reviews write that after use no cream is required, the skin is not irritated. It is advised not to pay attention to the loud sounds of the fan. It does not allow the device to heat up, does not allow you to burn your hands.

5 Braun IPL BD 5008

Another excellent photoepilator for home use, the Brown IPL BD 5008 is clinically proven to be safe and effective. It has a laconic design, works from the mains, for convenience it is equipped with a long cord. There are two options to choose from: one press — one flash or long press — flashes at a certain interval (2 seconds). The second mode provides the fastest processing of a large area. A special facial brush cleanses the pores. The SensoAdapt™ sensor detects skin tone 80 times per minute for better intensity matching.

An important feature of «Brown IPL BD 5008» is the optimal ratio of price and quality. Lamp life reaches 300,000 flashes. The sliding mode provides a comfortable feeling during the procedure. Professional light technology allows you to achieve maximum efficiency when removing hairs.

4 Silk’n Glide Xpress 300K

The following model of a photoepilator for home is a compact device with convenient controls. There are 5 intensity modes to choose from. Silk’n Glide Xpress 300K has a built-in skin contact and color sensor. It automatically determines the required power level in each individual zone. Suitable for epilation in the bikini area, legs, arms and face. After a few applications, a good result is noticeable: the hair decreases in number, becomes less thick and dark.

Compact dimensions, streamlined comfortable shape provides comfortable use. Users of the Yandex.Market portal appreciated the special anesthesia technology. It takes no more than 20 minutes to treat the whole body. Main advantages: light weight, convenient size, optimal shape, positive reviews, noticeable results, painless removal. Cons: a small area of ​​​​the working surface — only 3 cm.

3 Braun IPL BD 5001

«Brown IPL BD 5001» occupies a leading position in the ranking of the best due to excellent performance indicators and good customer reviews. Power has a maximum value of 6.5 J / cm², the working surface area is 3 square meters. see, intensity adjustment occurs in 10 modes. The Brown photoepilator has as many as 300,000 flashes. This ensures maximum durability and saves money on a new lamp.

The skin sensor itself determines the desired level of intensity in different areas. Built-in protection prevents burns. Electronic control is carried out using convenient buttons. The device lies comfortably in the hand. The design of the model from «Brown» is very concise. Power type: mains. Suitable for epilation of arms, legs, face. Advantages: high popularity, stylish appearance, fits comfortably in the hand, removes hairs well, excellent reviews, optimal technical characteristics, durable, razor included.

2 Silk’n Infinity 400K

Another home photoepilator of the popular Israeli brand Silk’n Infinity 400K is designed for as many as 400,000 flashes — this is the maximum figure among home appliances. Small dimensions allow you to take it even on trips, so as not to interrupt the course. The photoepilator is very easy to care for, does not take up much space and is durable. At the same time, it has a low cost. Judging by the reviews, getting rid of unwanted vegetation begins immediately after the first procedure, and after a few times the hairs become almost invisible.

The convenient shape of the case is another feature of the model. The stylish design will appeal to any girl, so the device is often bought as a gift. The maximum power is 5 J/cm². The manufacturer has developed an application for smartphones that synchronizes data via Bluetooth and allows you to follow the course calendar. Advantages: innovative technology, long lamp life, optimal power, best reviews, high efficiency, convenient size.

1 Philips BRI956 Lumea Prestige

One of the most modern Philips BRI956 Lumea Prestige models is very popular. On the Yandex.Market portal, it is the leader in the categories «best design» and «ease of cleaning» according to buyers. The design of the device immediately attracts attention. The white case combined with a touch of rose gold will appeal to any girl. The kit comes with several nozzles for different parts of the body: bikini, armpits, face. The convenient handle of an ergonomic form will make procedure even more comfortable. The device allows you to effectively get rid of hairs at home.

The characteristics of the Philips photoepilator practically do not differ from professional devices. Area to be treated — 4.1 cm, power supply to choose from mains or battery, painless flashes, 5 intensity levels to choose from or automatic mode, built-in sensor that determines skin tone, power from 2.4 to 6.5 J / cm². In care, the photoepilator is quite simple. The girls note in the reviews that after several courses, the hair stops growing by an average of 70%, and the rest brighten and become softer. Advantages: no pain, customer choice, high efficiency, lamp life — 250 thousand flashes, excellent technical characteristics. Cons: expensive.

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