Xiaomi Smart Home Kit — smart home from the Chinese market leader


Xiaomi Smart Home Kit — smart home from the Chinese market leader

As you know, smart home systems are designed to simplify everyday tasks. From your smartphone, you can control many devices and set up almost everything — from the temperature in the room to the coffee waiting for you when you return home. It is not surprising that Xiaomi, the leader of the Chinese device market, presented its smart home kit.

Installing the kit from Xiaomi, according to the manufacturer’s promises, takes no more than three minutes. The set includes 5 items:

  1. Main control module to control other sensors via bluetooth and synchronize with smartphone app via WiFi. The module glows and you can choose a shade for it that is suitable for the room and will not stand out too brightly.
  2. Motion Sensor.
  3. Open/close sensor.
  4. Switch.

The whole kit works on the ZigBee protocol and is synchronized with other smart home devices that Xiaomi produces under the MiJia brand.

The Mi Home app for home control is available on both the AppStore and Google Play. All devices can be connected through it. In addition, the application can automate actions in advance, depending on the available devices. For example, when the window is closed, you can turn on the air purifier and vice versa. Additional sensors can always be purchased separately.

When the smart home from Xiaomi first appeared, the company released only a few devices. However, over time, there were more of them and now more than 30 different devices have been created that work together smoothly and create comfortable conditions.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

The robot vacuum cleaner is an indispensable device for quick and easy cleaning around the house. Xiaomi’s Mi Robot Vacuum meets all the requirements — it is easy to manage, does its job well and does not attract too much attention. This vacuum cleaner is designed specifically for Xiaomi smart home and is controlled by an app. Its power is ideal for dry cleaning a medium-sized apartment. Unlike many competitors, Mi Robot is equipped with a useful function — restriction of movement: thanks to sensors, it does not crash into furniture, while it is carefully cleaned in corners and hard-to-reach places. If it is necessary to allocate a special place that needs to be removed, a virtual wall-tape comes to the rescue, which is attached to the floor and is perceived by the sensors as a wall, so that the robot vacuum cleaner does not go beyond it.

It works very quietly, much quieter than standard vacuum cleaners, while it is able to collect small particles of debris, wool, dirt, and more.

Xiaomi Soocare X3

Xiaomi smart home cares not only about cleanliness in the home, but also about the owner of the house. What makes this brush smart? She, like all devices of the system, connects to a smart home and exchanges the received data with the application. A docking station is used to charge the Soocare brush, and the brush itself has several modes, including gentle for crowns and implants, whitening, etc.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Fan

The smart fan is another functional component of the Xiaomi smart home system. Like other devices, it is controlled through the application and allows for many settings. And its main advantages are its spectacular design, stable stand and lightness, thanks to which it can be moved around the house. In hot weather, it can also be indispensable on the street / balcony, because the Xiaomi fan can work both from the mains and autonomously.

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier and Mi Water Purifier II

Now almost everyone uses one or another water filter. Whether it’s a regular jug, automatic or automatic filter. Xiaomi, on the other hand, has created a filter that is easily integrated into the smart home system, and therefore easily copes with its tasks. Mi Water Purifier purifies water using four filters, each of which is responsible for a certain degree of filtration. It copes with the characteristic smell of bleach, large and small particles, impurities, etc. The first filter model includes a faucet attachment that allows you to choose filtered or plain water. The second model will allow you to use only purified water. Mi Water Purifier II is designed specifically to be placed under the sink, and its faucet is easily built into the counter.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 (mini) and Mi Air Purifier Pro

Another element of the Xiaomi smart home is the air purifier. We all know perfectly well that the air in cities is polluted and in order to enjoy clean air, you need to go out of town or invest in cleaning systems. In this regard, it is difficult to find a better ally than Xiaomi Air Purifier. The device absorbs air from all four sides of the case and releases clean air through an opening at the top. It works very quietly and purifies the air of harmful particles, wool, etc. The air in a room of 20 sq.m. completely cleared in 10 minutes. It integrates with a smart home app and is easy to operate, while its neutral, modern design will suit any interior.

A newer version of this purifier is Mi Air Purifier Pro. It is also equipped with an OLED screen, which displays the performance of the device. Mi Purifier Pro works even faster and is able to clean a large area.

Xiaomi Mi Air Humidifier

In dry and dusty weather, this device from the smart home system is indispensable. A small cylinder, which requires only water to operate, humidifies the air by 60%, creating pleasant conditions in the room. The humidifier holds up to 3.5 liters of water. Through the application, as with other devices, you can track the status of work and set a timer.

Xiaomi Mi Rice Cooker

That’s right, a rice cooker is now included in the smart home. The stylish design, characteristic of all elements of a smart home, remains unchanged. A simple and intuitive control panel will make it easy to cope with the preparation of rice and other dishes.

And it is also possible to control it through the application. It allows you to select the type of rice, cooking time and even the firmness of the finished rice. The app displays the temperature and cooking status. In addition, recipes are available in it, including pies, muffins, sushi rice and many other dishes.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle

This kettle is a real salvation for many modern people. In appearance, it might not attract much attention, but Xiaomi does not offer a simple electric kettle at all, the Smart Kettle is a smart kettle and it can really make the boiling process much easier. The volume of water that Mi Kettle holds is 1.5 liters, that is, it will be enough for one person for the whole day. The design is very minimalistic and functional.

The Mi Home app allows you to monitor the water temperature, maintain it if necessary, and remotely turn off the kettle. It would seem that these are simple functions that our ordinary teapots still lack. In addition, Mi Kettle is absolutely safe and, together with a water filter, will boil clean water for delicious tea.

Mi Smart Weight Scale

Flat scale with a glass coating that can withstand a steel ball falling from a height of 1 meter. The weight is displayed on the panel using 161 LED lamps and, which is especially important for people with poor eyesight, the brightness of the lamps can be adjusted. The scale is powered by 4 AA batteries and measures weight in various units (kilograms, pounds and catties). The sensors of these scales track even the slightest changes in weight. If you also have a Mi Band fitness tracker, the scale can be integrated with the Mi Fit app and track your weight more efficiently.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Power Plug

What else can make a person’s life easier? Smart socket. Charging devices and monitoring their work is now even easier, because with the help of the application, the socket will allow you to remotely turn on and off the power of devices from the network.

Xiaomi Home Cameras

In order for the Xiaomi smart home user to always be sure of the safety of his home and family, Xiaomi has created a range of home cameras. And there are plenty to choose from.

The Yi Smart IP camera with a motion sensor will allow you to monitor your own home from anywhere. The viewing angle of this camera is 111 degrees, and the video has a resolution of 1280×720. Yi Smart syncs with iOs and Android. The modification of this camera includes infrared illumination, which allows it to shoot even in complete darkness.

MiJia 360 looks like an ordinary webcam, it is synchronized with a smartphone and works via a mini USB port. This camera shoots video in Full HD and is able to rotate 360 ​​degrees.

A similar, newer model is the Yi Dome Home 360. It shoots HD video and comes with wall mount parts. The camera has both a microphone and a speaker.

smart lamps

Among the devices that make up the Xiaomi smart home system, there are also lamps.

The EyeCare table lamp was created in collaboration with Philips and, as its name suggests, is designed to protect eyesight.

Mi Smart Desk Lamp LED lamp allows you to control lighting modes and their frequency.

But not only table lamps are a feature of the Xiaomi smart home. Xiaomi Yeelight LED WiFi bulbs are able to change color, lighting level and even change color, depending on the playing music. When controlled through the application, you can also set timers. You can control several bulbs at the same time, creating an atmosphere that suits your mood.

Xiaomi is really seriously puzzled by the creation of an ideal ecosystem in which everything is in the service of the owner of the house. And the main thing that positively distinguishes Xiaomi from competitors is, without a doubt, an affordable price, thanks to which almost everyone can turn their home into a progressive smart home.


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