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20 best washing machines - Rating 20210

Choosing a washing machine, even for sophisticated buyers, is not an easy task, justified by a wide range of products from well-known manufacturers and an equally large abundance of goods at a bargain price from new companies. In addition, there are many stereotypes and theories on the web that one type of aggregate is better than another, for example, comparing vertical and frontal models.

Many professionals compare entire lines of South Korean companies, others share their opinions about the quality of various options for drums, heating elements, and electronics. All this causes modern consumers more questions than answers.

In our ranking of the best washing machines of 2022, we have tried to minimize the amount of information that marketers generate.

To simplify the task of choosing equipment, we analyzed the main parameters, taking into account the experience of other users, focusing on their feedback, and collected abstracts from people involved in the repair of such equipment. Happy reading, friends.

Best Inexpensive Washing Machines

Considering the budget segment, the following trend is visible: well-known brands are trying to equip equipment with a minimum of programs, simple mechanical control, but reliable tanks and motors. At the same time, young companies are focusing on touch control and a wide range of options. Because? As a rule, in economy models, the tanks are non-separable. If bearings or other parts fail, they are very difficult and expensive to repair. At the same time, electronics in the public sector often fail. Especially if there are regular power outages.


20 best washing machines - Rating 20211

The top 20 front washing machines are opened by an inexpensive ATLANT model of the 40M102 series with a capacity of 4 kilograms. The main advantage of this technique is a wide range of programs, which greatly simplifies the process of using the product. There is «Sport», «Spin», «Hand wash», «Wool» and much more. Users respond positively to gentle washing. In this case, the energy class of the machine is A+. Atlant 40M102 provides for the selection of the optimal temperature, the adjustment of the spin speed, there is a delay in the start of washing. Spin, as you understand at a low cost, is mediocre. At the same time, the water consumption is 39 liters, which is a good indicator.


  • lock;
  • water consumption;
  • level of energy consumption;
  • foam control;
  • low price.


  • capacity for 4kg;
  • weak rotation.

Indesit IWSB 5085

20 best washing machines - Rating 20212

Considering inexpensive washing machines for home use, it is hard not to notice the narrow model of the Indesit IWSB 5085 series with a width of 32 to 47 centimeters, depending on the configuration. In this case, the laundry capacity is 5 kilograms. For 1 washing cycle, the device consumes approximately 0.898 kWh of electricity and 47.5 liters of water. There are 16 different wash programs in total, including a short 15-minute wash. From dirt, you can gently clean sports shoes, jeans, woolen products. Among the useful options, I would like to note start / pause, spin speed reduction, temperature control and delayed start support. A foam control system, automatic balancing and overflow protection have been implemented.


  • compliance with EU standards;
  • many modalities;
  • affordable cost;
  • tight model;
  • Energy consumption.


  • there are useless functions;
  • unpretentious appearance.

Hotpoint-Ariston RSM 601W

20 best washing machines - Rating 20213

In search of a good but affordable washing machine, many users have opted for the Hotpoint-Ariston RSM 601 with support for 10 drum rotation algorithms. The economical and intelligent model processes various types of fabrics efficiently. In this case, careful washing deserves special attention. Users speak positively about cleaning woolen clothes. True, at maximum speed, this technique emits a high level of noise — up to 79 dB during rotation. The capacity of the unit is 6 kilograms, which is the optimal indicator for the standard dimensions of the front car. At the end of a short review, I would like to add that the unit received an excellent brushed motor with a long service life. Extra rinse and prewash available.


  • different work algorithms;
  • collector motor;
  • equipment durability;
  • wash woolen clothes.


  • high noise level.

Electrolux PerfectCare 600 EW6S4R06W

20 best washing machines - Rating 20214

The Electrolux PerfectCare 600 EW6S4R06W model is one of the high-quality washing machines with a low price and a capacity of up to 6 kilograms of laundry. This is a reliable unit equipped with an optimal set of functions and programs (14 modes). One of the nice features of this technique is the SensiCare system, which can adjust washing programs for a long time in accordance with the size and weight of the laundry. This contributes to significant savings in electricity and water, regardless of the declared energy class. Another useful option of the machine is the «Time Manager», which allows the user to independently adjust the duration of the wash. The spin speed reaches 1000 rpm, which is a good indicator for this price category.


  • optimal dimensions;
  • normal rotation;
  • energy class «A +++»;
  • there is a display;
  • drum quality.


Samsung WF8590NLW8

20 best washing machines - Rating 20215

The best budget washing machine of 2021 is the Samsung WF8590NLW8 according to PriceQuality. This unit has a good stainless steel heating element, which ensures a long service life of the equipment. However, it is more prone to oxidation than ceramics, which should also be taken into account. The load on the frontal car is 6 kilograms, which is enough to serve the whole family. The device received protection against power surges, which is fixed even with minor problems with the electrician. As you understand, this is also a significant advantage in terms of equipment life. The rotation is 1000 rpm, and the maximum noise level is 74 dB.


  • good rotation;
  • life expectancy;
  • capacity 6kg;
  • optimal feature set.


The best built-in washing machines for price and quality

Models of this type are most often found in kitchen sets. This is a real solution if you don’t have much space in the bathroom but don’t want to compromise on equipment capacity. As a result, front load laundry provides an additional surface, which is placed, for example, under the table top, providing a large working area. When properly installed, vibration is minimal.

Siemens WS 10G240

20 best washing machines - Rating 20216

If you are looking for a good narrow washing machine with an affordable price and aesthetic design, you can take a closer look at the front model of the Siemens WS 10G240 series. The diameter of the hatch, despite the compact dimensions of the unit, is 30 centimeters, and the door opens 180 degrees. So there are no complaints about usability. Another advantage is the reduced hull depth of up to 40 centimeters, which justifies the wide range of the machine. For one cycle, the device requires less than 40 liters of water and approximately 0.17-0.19 kW / h for every kilogram of dry clothes. This is energy class «A». This model has overvoltage protection, mechanical control and about 15 washing programs.


  • direct injection system;
  • 15 washing programs;
  • reduced depth;
  • good hatching.


  • simple design.

LG Steam F2M5HS4W

20 best washing machines - Rating 20217

Definitely one of LG’s best washing machines is the Steam F2M5HS4W series, which offers the highest level of energy efficiency — «A +++». The volume of the drum is 42 liters, the capacity is 6.5 kilograms. Dry washing is no longer necessary for a family of 3-4 people. Another feature is the SpaStream function: steam washing. It is worth noting the support of the Tag On function, which supports the ability to control equipment via a smartphone. In addition, customers have the option to download new wash programs from time to time as the software is updated. The machine is powered by a reliable and quiet inverter motor from the Inverter Direct Drive series. The drum itself rotates in 6 different ways thanks to the support of proprietary 6 Motion technology.


  • delayed departure until 19:00;
  • silent washing;
  • smartphone control;
  • energy rating.


  • not delicate wash.

Bosch WLG 20261OE

20 best washing machines - Rating 20218

If you are not sure which quality built-in washing machine to choose for your kitchen, we recommend that you pay attention to the Bosch WLG 20261 OE. Despite the visual simplicity of this model, the device has good functionality and 19 washing programs. The long life of the product is due to the support of the AquaStop system, a solenoid valve against leaks. There is a double pipe for water supply, a durable electric cable. Initial programming is provided, it is possible to choose the number of revolutions, temperature. Among the features include automatic adjustment of the water level, control of imbalance, foam formation. The volume of the drum is 35 liters. There are LED indicators. Confused only by the size of the hatch, which creates some inconvenience.


  • protection systems;
  • drum quality;
  • many programs;
  • reliable spare parts.


  • small hatch.

Samsung WW65K52E69S

20 best washing machines - Rating 20219

According to professionals, one of the most reliable built-in washing machines is the Samsung WW65K52E69S front-loading series. The model attracts with a large and reliable hatch, a quiet engine and a capacity of 6.5 kilograms of linen, which is enough to serve a large family. Washing requires about 39 liters of water, which confirms the effectiveness of this appliance. This result is due to the use of air bubble technology: a patented technology, the essence of which is to blow water through water, which leads to the formation of many small bubbles. In this way, a greater efficiency of powder dissolution is achieved.


  • reliable heating element;
  • bubble technology;
  • high efficiency;
  • large hatch;
  • good led display.


LG F-1096ND3

20 best washing machines - Rating 202110

The best built-in washing machine of 2021 is the LG F-1096ND3 with 6 Motion and Inverter Direct Drive. It is a smart model with the best value for money and Smart Diagnosis™. Thanks to the presence of intelligent washing modes, self-balancing, load detection and other “chips”, an excellent level of ease of use is obtained. At the same time, the manufacturer decided to limit himself to the presence of 13 programs and 10 modes, keeping the dust in the eyes of inexperienced buyers. Energy class «A +». It is extremely easy to adjust the intensity and washing modes thanks to a clear and bright backlit display. Among the useful options are delayed start, self-cleaning drum, easy ironing and delayed rinse.


  • prewash;
  • intelligent modes;
  • consumption 170 kW per year;
  • low noise level;
  • drum cleaning.


The best vertical washing machines

This section presents both cheap and premium top-loading washing machines. These units are mainly used in small bathrooms, which is justified by their more compact dimensions. In terms of functionality and technical characteristics, they have no differences and limitations from the front models. These are the same solutions, but they do not have a top shelf, as there is a hatch in this place. It is important that it opens at least 90 degrees for easy loading of things. Of course, such machines are not built into a countertop or other kitchen set.


20 best washing machines - Rating 202111

If you are interested in a high-quality inexpensive vertical washing machine, we recommend that you pay attention to the RENOVA WS-60PET model with good technical characteristics, despite the affordable price. The device holds up to 6 kg of laundry, and the spin speed reaches 1350 rpm. Therefore, after each wash, you will need to spend a minimum of time drying things. This unit is controlled manually, for which you can use convenient mechanical switches — they are located at the top along with the hatch. The advantages of the device include imbalance control, which, during operation, lays out and evenly distributes things. The main unit is a direct drive motor, which indicates a fairly long run time. Energy class «A» is a good indicator of this value.


  • level of energy consumption;
  • quality motor;
  • rotational speed;
  • convenient switches.


  • it’s not the best known brand.

Hotpoint-Ariston WMTL 601L

20 best washing machines - Rating 202112

In terms of value for money, a good top-loading washing machine is the Hotpoint-ARISTON WMTL 601 L CIS model. The device is equipped with convenient mechanical control. Judging by customer reviews, the switches are reliable. At the same time, the basket holds about 6 kg of laundry. It is worth noting the high quality of the built-in automatic weighing sensors, with which you can calculate the weight of objects and the total volume to determine the optimal water capacity. This contributes to further energy and water savings. According to user reviews, the drum can accelerate to 1000 rpm. The noise level is low — only 59 dB. There is a self-diagnostic function, but there is no direct drive.


  • the price of money;
  • optimal capacity;
  • there is a self-diagnosis;
  • 18 washing modes;
  • delayed start time 12 hours.


  • not direct drive;
  • referral rate.

Indesit BTW D61253

20 best washing machines - Rating 202113

Among the reliable top-loading washing machines, both according to customer reviews and according to experts, is the Indesit BTW D61253 series model. The device holds up to 6 kg of laundry, and the spin speed reaches 1200 rpm. Inside is a reliable and durable unit. The implemented modes deserve special attention, including additional washing from dry and stubborn dirt. There are special programs for cotton, synthetics and other types of fabrics. Thanks to the Water Balance Plus sensor, the water flow is automatically regulated, which contributes to additional savings in the operation of the device. Another nice bonus is the delayed start function, which allows you to start the device during the period when you are not at home.


  • reliable model;
  • durable engine;
  • many washing modes;
  • Water Balance Plus sensor.


Electrolux EW6T4R262

20 best washing machines - Rating 202114

In search of a good top-loading washing machine, many buyers have opted for the Electrolux EW6T4R262. This device complies with the highest energy efficiency class A +++. In this case, the spin speed reaches 1200 rpm. This speed is sufficient to remove a large amount of moisture, and drying takes a relatively short time. The advantages of the technique include partial loading of the basket, for which the SensiCare system is responsible: washing parameters are determined automatically to save water and energy. SoftPlus technology softens the fibers of the fabric, increasing efficiency and keeping you cool. There is a built-in LCD screen, high-quality rotary mechanisms, leakage protection.


  • many settings;
  • convenient switches;
  • built-in display;
  • SoftPlus support;
  • Sensicare technology.



20 best washing machines - Rating 202115

The best vertical washing machine of 2021 is the premium model of the AEG LTX6GR261 series with 10 washing modes and a width of 40 centimeters. This flagship solution has a capacity of 6 kg. The model has an elegant appearance and supports innovative technologies. The main advantages of the machine include an informative LCD screen, automatic positioning and a reliable universal motor. The description states that the device is Woolmark BLUE certified. Therefore, this machine can be used to wash woolen items marked «hand wash». High savings («A +++») is achieved thanks to ProSense technology, which can calculate the weight of each load by choosing a specific wash time.


  • energy rating;
  • good ability;
  • noise level;
  • you can wash woolen products;
  • excellent location.


The best premium washing machines

This category contains leading solutions from leading manufacturers of washing machines. In this selection you will find both freestanding and built-in units, which are often found in laundries. As you can imagine, these models have more powerful power plants and larger drums to serve large families. The advantages include a large number of programs, reliable motors, often drying and proprietary technologies.

Bosch WIW 28540

20 best washing machines - Rating 202116

The model of the Bosch WIW 28540 series is a reliable premium washing machine with a long service life and wear resistance under increased loads. Uses advanced Touch Control keys that respond to even light touches. The main advantages are the control of the dosage of water depending on the degree of loading, as well as the type of fabric. Electronic control of consumption of water and energy is provided. A delayed start function is provided. Down jackets, blouses, sportswear can be washed. There is a quick wash (15 minutes), anti-allergic washing. Key features include VarioPerfect technology, EcoSilence Drive brushless motor. The drum of the VarioDrum series guarantees a long service life. Savings guaranteed by ActiveWater™ Plus technology with low water consumption.


  • good drum;
  • extra rinse;
  • VarioPerfect technology;
  • quick wash;
  • unique modes.


  • there is a newer model.

Electrolux EW7WR361S

20 best washing machines - Rating 202117

Considering premium washing machines with good drying, you should pay attention to the Electrolux EW7WR361S. The spinning power reaches 1600 rpm, which is almost perfect. The maximum load of laundry in this case reaches 10 kg of laundry. Steam treatment is provided, the mode of operation is hypoallergenic. In this case, the energy class is «A». The device received a durable premium engine, reliable protection systems. The programs provide optimal washing of wool, sportswear, synthetics. There is a quick wash and rinse. It is impossible to find fault with the appearance of this unit.


  • operating modes;
  • drying at 1600 rpm;
  • many modalities;
  • reliable engine.


  • not the most expensive drum.

Bosch WAV28IH1OE

20 best washing machines - Rating 202118

Bosch’s new 8th generation premium built-in washing machine is definitely worth a look. The WAV28IH1OE series contains 9 kg of flax with a total weight of 83 kg. Rotation power 1400 rpm. The German manufacturer, as always, has focused on implementing the best security systems. Implemented protection against leaks, from children, control of the level of foam, imbalance. There is a program for washing wool, silk and many other delicate modes of operation. The energy class reaches «A +++», which is the maximum. You can use the snooze timer up to 24 hours. This device is powered by an inverter motor.


  • additional load of linen;
  • inverter motor;
  • drum balance;
  • foam control;
  • temperature selection.


  • no direct injection.


20 best washing machines - Rating 202119

The former leader in the premium home washing machine segment is the AEG L 8WBE68 SRI model, equipped with Dualsense technology, which takes care of optimizing the settings for each type of fabric. Thanks to Prosense technology, you can choose an individual wash and dry cycle depending on the volume and type of clothes. Efficiency guaranteed thanks to steam support. The most popular is the 60-minute non-stop program, which can effectively clean any set of clothes. The maximum load weight is 8 kg. Of the shortcomings, only the level of energy consumption can be noted, which is clearly lower than that of many analogues. However, a lot of programs (15 pieces), advanced protection systems and an expensive engine were implemented. With this model, you can wash literally anything, minimizing the role of a person.


  • for everything;
  • reliable engine;
  • good rotation;
  • protection systems;
  • there are steam.


  • energy rating.

Miele WWR 860 WPS White Edition

Rating of the 20 best washing machines for 2021

The best washing machine of 2021: the premium Miele WWR 860 WPS White Edition model with support for many technologies: one-touch control, TwinDos and much more. Exclusive detergents can be used for almost dry cleaning. The WiFiConn@ct system can reduce ironing intensity by at least 50%. The German manufacturer equipped the unit with a high spin speed, up to 1600 rpm. The benefits of the W1 Chrome Edition include an improved MTouch screen and the ability to remove smudges. The maximum weight of linen is 9 kilograms. Delayed start, washing assistant, time indicator, gentle care, compartment for AutoClean products are provided.


  • effective washing;
  • WiFiConn@ct system;
  • there is an assistant;
  • drum lighting;
  • gentle ways;
  • express programs.


How to choose a good washing machine?

As it was said at the beginning of the publication, we do not want to waste your and our time studying all kinds of washing programs and technologies from different manufacturers, as this is a useless exercise. If you do not know how to choose a washing machine, please take into account the experience of other users, and mistakes are frequent. Consider the main points and features that are really useful to analyze and consider before buying such equipment:

  1. Energy rating. This parameter is responsible for the energy consumption during the washing process. It is denoted by Latin letters from D to A. The closer to the beginning of the alphabet, the better. At the same time, the most energy-efficient models are additionally marked with a “+” sign. So, for example, washing machines with class «A +++» have the best efficiency. To achieve these results, many brands use special technologies to determine the wash cycle, taking into account the weight and size of the loads.
  2. Rotational speed. The power of this parameter determines the drying of the laundry at the exit after washing. It is important to consider that the higher the indicator, the faster the bearings wear out, because the vibration is stronger. In the premium sector, since more expensive components are used, there is usually nothing to worry about. But you buy a cheap high speed model at your own risk.
  3. Motor. The collector is considered the easiest to maintain and repair, but it requires a lot of energy and is characterized by an increased noise level. The asynchronous control panel requires less power but has a high noise level. The inverter motor is quieter, consumes less electricity, but is afraid of interruptions. For the premium class, the best option is a second type engine with an additional layer of sound insulation.
  4. Maximum load. It is considered the norm for 2-3 people with a capacity of up to 4 kg, from 3-4 to 6 kg, for large families more than 7 kg. It should be noted that the better the capacity of the tank, the better, as practice shows, the better the assembly quality of the equipment.
  5. Functions and programs. This is an individual question and depends on the intensity of the use of equipment, types and range of underwear. On average, no more than 10 modes are actively exploited, but there may be several dozen. Ultimately, this has a significant impact on net income.

Which washing machines are more reliable: vertical or frontal? There are no functional differences between these types of equipment. Also, do not believe the stereotypes that the form factor of the doorway somehow affects the durability of such products. The difference is that vertical washing machines are equipped with two bearings on the sides, which provides less vibration when the drum rotates, but this only affects the noise level, which means it is different in each case. From the point of view of practicality, front-loading machines provide for an additional shelf in the bathroom, inaccessible to vertical counterparts. Which washing machine manufacturer is considered the best today? AEG and Miele are considered the leading manufacturers of premium washing machines. There are many different good brands in the rest of the classes, so you will have to study each segment separately. What are the most common mistakes when buying a washing machine? Each segment has its own nuances. As for the general nuances, users often do not pay attention to the dimensions of the hatch when working with a front-end machine, which leads to certain difficulties in operation. It should be understood that in different models the hatch opens 90 degrees or more. The wider the range, the larger the size of the hatch, the more convenient it is to load large volumes of things. If you are looking for an affordable option, focus on simple mechanically controlled solutions. They look simpler, but break less often. In this case, the number of programs and functions should come from the second floor.

What is the best washing machine to buy in 2022?

So, today there is an assortment of templates for any user. If you don’t know which washing machine to buy, decide where the equipment will be, how often you use it, and what features and functions you need. Next, you need to compare popular models from different manufacturers in different segments. Regarding editorial opinion:

  • good budget washing machine — Samsung WF8590NLW8;
  • the best built-in model in terms of price-quality ratio — LG F-1096ND3;
  • reliable front-loading washing machine — Bosch WLG 20261 OE;
  • economical vertical model — RENOVA WS-60PET;
  • top-loading premium car — AEG LTX6GR261;
  • The best premium washing machine is the Miele WWR 860 WPS White Edition.

Friends, don’t forget to share your feedback to improve the editorial experience and help other buyers.


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