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20 best mixers (price / quality) - Rating 20210

Today, more and more manufacturers are trying to hide cheap materials and modest technical characteristics of their faucets behind interesting names for unusual technologies and functions. It is important to understand that such devices have a simple design and perform a narrow list of functions — whipping and mixing products. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best household faucets of 2021 that have positive reviews from real buyers. Conventionally, all these devices can be divided into several types:

  1. Hand mixers are inexpensive models that require you to hold the device in your hand while cooking. The design of such products is based on low-power, often unpretentious materials.
  2. Stationary mixers are the most common solutions, equipped with a stand and a special container for attaching products. In this way, user work can be minimized. The disadvantages of such devices include size, higher price and difficult cleaning of food debris.
  3. Planetary mixers — originally designed for confectioners who have to perform large amounts of work. Today, such products are used not only for thick mixtures, but also at home. This is explained by the more efficient operation of the technique, since in the process of work a double rotation is performed (the nozzles rotate around the axis and the base itself).

There are also combined models that provide for the separation of the rims from the stand.

Best Inexpensive Hand Mixers

This category presents budget mixers, collected taking into account customer reviews. In our opinion, reviews of budget devices are the best indicator of quality.

Philips HR3705/00 Daily Collection

20 best mixers (price / quality) - Rating 20211

Our top mixers are opened by the Philips HR3705 submersible from the Daily Collection, which has a simple design but a pretty decent build. The central power is 300 W, which is enough to work with thick dough. In addition, 5 working modes are available to adjust the performance. The benefits include support for turbo mode. The kit includes a conical spout, with which you can beat the dough, saturating it with oxygen. Attaching whipping accessories to the platform is easy. The shape of the pin is correct, the accessories are durable. A separate button is implemented to detach the nozzles.

In general, this device is for a large audience of buyers who do not plan to overpay for stylish, powerful design solutions.


  • there is a turbo mode;
  • good accessories;
  • 5 operating modes.


  • simple design.

Bosch MFQ 3010

20 best mixers (price / quality) - Rating 20212

Another quality economical submersible mixer with a simple appearance. Only two power levels are available: Standard and Pulse for more demanding applications. The Bosch MFQ 3010 model has a well-thought-out design, which will be comfortable to use even if left-handed. In addition, durable materials are pleasing, as the German manufacturer still pays due attention to its reputation. Vibrations and noises are not felt. The engine develops a power of 300 watts. Only a short cable confuses, so you need to think in advance where the device will be installed.

This mixer belongs to the initial price category, which can be seen from the technical characteristics and appearance of the device, but there is no doubt about the reliability of Bosch products for a long time.


  • reliable model;
  • good plastic;
  • nozzle quality;
  • no vibration.


  • short power cord.

Gorenje M400

20 best mixers (price / quality) - Rating 20213

If you’re not sure which budget mixer to choose for home use, the elegant Gorenje M400 might be worth checking out. All-metal hoses, body coating and high strength indicate a long service life. The power of the power plant reaches 400 W at a cost against the background of the above analogues. There is a 5-speed adjustment, there is a turbo mode, according to the description. Users are satisfied with the build quality and ease of disassembly. Judging by the reviews of ordinary customers with the preparation of pancakes, muffins, with proteins for whipping, this device does its job perfectly.

An elegant underwater model, equipped with the optimal motor and accessories for normal tasks, but the presence of metal in the construction is reflected in the weight of the device.


  • 5 power levels;
  • appearance;
  • build quality;
  • reliable attachments.


  • heavy model.


20 best mixers (price / quality) - Rating 20214

If the stylistic component has weight, pay attention to the beautiful high-quality hand mixer from the REDMOND RHM-M2104 series. In addition to the aesthetic design, this device attracts with its high strength and optimal technical characteristics. The rated power of this model is 350 watts. For convenient cooking of various dishes at the same time, use 5 speeds. The long service life can be attributed to the high strength of the materials used and the protection against overheating: the device switches off when peak loads are reached. Preparing any dough is easy thanks to the high-quality hooks that are included in the set.

Aesthetic device with protection against overheating and expensive accessories.


  • resistant body;
  • nice design;
  • optimal power;
  • turbo mode;
  • overheat protection.


Bosch MFQ 4020

20 best mixers (price / quality) - Rating 20215

The best immersion blender of 2021 is the affordable Bosch MFQ 4020 with Soft Touch technology and 450W of power. Even by the appearance of the device, we can conclude that it is superior to competitors, at least in design. This rule applies to the quality of the Fine Creamer beaters and accessories. There are 5 working modes available for different activities. At the same time, the company’s engineers took care of supporting the turbo mode, with which you can quickly complete complex tasks. The switches are located under the user’s thumb, so nothing interferes with comfortable operation.

Elegant, functional and reliable device with five modes of operation, including on the wrist.


  • expensive accessories;
  • resistant body;
  • life expectancy;
  • light;
  • 5 operating modes.


The best mixers with a good bowl

In this segment, models with more expensive and high-quality parts are presented. This means a long service life and easy maintenance. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the fact that we are talking not only about the body, but also about the internal structural elements. It is much more important that the motor has good protection against overheating and is durable than if the case shines in the sun thanks to the use of stainless steel. At the same time, we paid attention to the quality of connections, trays and other structural elements, including legs, cable compartments and, in fact, the power cable itself.

Aresa AR-1907

20 best mixers (price / quality) - Rating 20216
Another not very popular brand — Aresa this year pleases with the high quality of equipment. In particular, this concerns an inexpensive but good stationary (planetary) mixer of the AR-1907 series, the bowl capacity of which is 3 liters. The container is made of stainless steel. The kit includes a whisk of sufficient quality for beating eggs, several accessories for whipping cream and simultaneously kneading. The security system is also well implemented: the bowl has a transparent window, it is not afraid of minor mechanical damage. The power of the remote control is 700 W, for which 5 control modes are available.


  • large steel bowl;
  • good equipment;
  • simple control;
  • good power.


  • questionable legs.

Moulinex HM 412

20 best mixers (price / quality) - Rating 20217
The rating of stationary mixers with a good plastic bowl has been replenished with a model from a well-known manufacturer — Moulinex HM 412, whose power is 450 watts. No, this is not a record amount, but it’s also good for home use. This is evidenced by the number of positive reviews about the effectiveness and convenience of the technology. At the same time, one of the strong pluses is a really powerful «turbo mode», which even by sound gives a significant number of revolutions. Comes with a standard set of accessories, including 2 kneading attachments and a whisk for whisking liquid ingredients. The body of the mixer is made of plastic. 5 speeds available.


  • good power;
  • many accessories;
  • 5 working speeds;
  • turbo power.


  • plastic in construction.

Bosch MFQ 36460

20 best mixers (price / quality) - Rating 20218
As always, Bosch offers a decent and durable mixer. This time we are talking about the MFQ 36460 mid-range planetary model with easy operation and long service life. Cooking time is reduced due to the powerful power plant. At the same time, the device has an elegant design with SoftTouch coating. The motor delivers 450 watts, which is enough to get high results in the shortest possible time. However, the pulse mode does not add a noticeable increase in power. All parts of this device are very easy to clean under hot tap water. Removable components can also be washed in the dishwasher. The set contains the optimal number of accessories for simple household tasks.


  • good equipment;
  • well-known manufacturer
  • nozzle quality;
  • good coverage.


  • low rpm in turbo mode.

Philips Viva Collection HR 3750

20 best mixers (price / quality) - Rating 20219
In second place on our list of premium food processors is the Philips Viva Collection HR 3750 3 liter. The power of the power plant of this device reaches 450 watts, which is enough to perform a variety of tasks — from beating eggs to creating blanks for cupcakes. At the same time, the manufacturer is pleased with the design with attention to the smallest details, which is manifested in the presence of a cable compartment, brooms and kneading nozzles. Turbo mode really lives up to its name. A total of 5 programs are available. The case is made of strong and reliable plastic.


  • case quality;
  • good investment;
  • good power;
  • reliable manufacturer.


  • stranger.

Clatronic KM 3712

20 best faucets (price / quality) - Rating 202110

The best food processor with a good bowl in 2021 is the Clatronic KM 3712 1100W. More energy for household needs is not required. At the same time, a manufacturer that has managed to conquer the culinary equipment market attracts with a wide range of useful proprietary technologies. In particular, it involves the use of a transparent lid with a hole, thanks to which you can add ingredients directly during operation of the equipment. The design is complemented by non-slip feet and comfortable ergonomics: cleaning is extremely easy. The capacity is 5 liters, so it is easy to cook up to 3 kilograms of pasta in one cycle. The bowl is made of high strength steel. Cast aluminum hooks. The whisk is made of stainless steel.


  • bowl 5 liters;
  • good investment;
  • gear mechanism;
  • convenient design;
  • high power.


The best stand mixers for price and quality

This range features quality mixers with a good bowl and excellent value for money.


20 best mixers (price / quality) - Rating 202111

Model STARWIND SPM5181, equipped with a good 5.5 l tank, replenishes the rating of faucets for the home. At the same time, the power of the power plant of the unit is 1000 watts. The device has 6 speeds for convenient work with different types of products. Of course, there is a pulse mode, which for short periods of time increases the maximum power of the unit. At the same time, the product is compact and weighs about 5.2 kilograms. Included — hook, whisk, spatula. The food container is made of metal, the device looks quite aesthetically pleasing.

Compact unit with a good range of accessories, but the complete set may vary depending on the year of manufacture of the mixer.


  • build quality;
  • good investment;
  • good power;
  • light.


  • accessories vary depending on the year of manufacture.

Hyundai HYM-S6551

20 best mixers (price / quality) - Rating 202112

In search of a good food processor, many users have chosen the 1300W Hyundai HYM-S6551. This power is enough to perform any declared task with minimal effort. It seems that the device corresponds to the new fashion trends. Includes whisks, hooks, spatula for mixing. The large 4.5L bowl has a protective lid. 8 speed settings are available, which allow you to adjust the optimal power for working with different ingredients. Judging by customer reviews, this device is quite effective for working with different amounts of even dense products.

An elegant mixer with a powerful motor and good equipment. There is a silicone spatula and an egg separator (separates the egg white from the yolk).


  • good equipment;
  • powerful engine;
  • bowl capacity;
  • build quality.


  • vibrates strongly.

Clatronic KM 3709

20 best mixers (price / quality) - Rating 202113

Considering reliable stationary mixers with a good bowl for home use, I would like to draw your attention to the Clatronic KM 3709. This device immediately attracts attention with its elegant appearance, expensive body materials and accessories. The power of the motor installed in this model is sufficient to serve even a large family: 1000 watts. In this case, it is very easy to adjust the performance thanks to the regulator, which is additionally equipped with a backlight. The motor supports pulse mode. The bowl has a volume of 5 liters, is made of stainless steel and has a transparent lid to prevent splashing. At the same time, the manufacturer took care of the presence of an opening in the lid for adding products during operation.

A quality machine with good accessories, suction cup feet and a solid motor. A well-thought-out bowl with a lid and a hole for adding ingredients deserves special attention.


  • bowl quality;
  • reliable engine;
  • nice design;
  • optimal performance;
  • thoughtful drawing.


Bomann KM 398CB

20 best mixers (price / quality) - Rating 202114

Undoubtedly, the Bomann KM 398 CB model is one of the powerful household mixers that not every housewife will find. Not everyone needs a 1200W motor. But if you cook a lot for a large family, then the device will not disappoint you. The device is ideal for preparing a wide variety of dishes, from sauces to beating eggs and dough. The product received high-quality rubber feet and good packaging. In the box with the device you will find the entire set of accessories needed to create culinary masterpieces for every taste.

The design received durable rubberized legs, there is protection against overheating, accessories and the bowl can be washed in the dishwasher.


  • metal nozzles;
  • tank volume 6.3 liters;
  • build quality;
  • reliable model.


ProfiCook PC-KM 1096

20 best mixers (price / quality) - Rating 202115

The best stand mixer with bowl of 2021 is the ProfiCook model from the PC-KM 1096 series. The well-known manufacturer of culinary equipment is pleased with its compact dimensions, powerful 1500 W motor and large 10 liter bowl. At the same time, the product has an excellent price / quality ratio, which is manifested in an adequate price and reliability of components. According to the equipment, the optimal set of nozzles is used, including a chic whisk. For ease of use, 6 speeds are implemented. A display appeared in the design, you can use a timer.

Premium model for the home, equipped with a timer, screen, quality parts. The power reaches 1500 W, the capacity of the bowl is 10 liters: the price is objective.


  • model characteristics;
  • bowl volume;
  • there is a screen and a timer;
  • reliable protection;
  • expensive materials.


The best planetary mixers for home

In this category, models with a good price / quality ratio are presented, despite the search for leaders in the premium segment.

Kitfort KT-1343

20 best mixers (price / quality) - Rating 202116
The Kitfort KT-1343 series completes the list of good models of planetary mixers, which attract with their compact dimensions, exceptional ease of use and maintenance. Despite the relatively low price, this device has good technical characteristics, such as a power of 1000 W and a bowl of 5 liters. For convenience, 6 speeds are available, including a pulse mode for an instant increase in speed. The kit includes whisk, double hook, spatula (amaro). It is worth noting that the device is lightweight, but the length of the network cable is 1.2 meters.

An excellent compact device that efficiently processes small portions of food, guarantees efficient kneading of thick dough. The problem is that the stirrer attachment is far from perfect in picking up food.


  • compact size;
  • work with thick paste;
  • the bowl has a handle;
  • nice accessories.


  • mixing nozzle;
  • cable length.


20 best mixers (price / quality) - Rating 202117

In our opinion, we are talking about a good economical 3 in 1 planetary mixer, which can be used for mixing and whipping products, as well as for kneading. The REDMOND RFM-5301 model received a series of interchangeable nozzles that effectively rotate around the axis and the platform itself. There is a nozzle for whipping protein foam, a nozzle for preparing various liquid fillings, sauces, jelly cakes. The test accessory deserves special attention. High-quality protection against overheating is provided, smooth switching of speeds is implemented (8 modes are available). The volume of the bowl in this model is 4.5 liters.

The model has an affordable price, a good protection system, but the mixer block is quite dense.


  • 8 operating modes;
  • low price;
  • appearance;
  • resistant body;
  • optimum power.


  • editing questions.


20 best mixers (price / quality) - Rating 202118

Of course, we are talking about a stylish and reliable device, the price category of which justifies its high power and advanced protection system. The MAUNFELD MF-432S planetary mixer has a power of 1500 W and a bowl volume of 10 liters. This is also sufficient for commercial use, not to mention home use. Productivity is enough to serve 5-6 people. At the same time, the engineers of a well-known company have worked hard to ensure that the operation of the device is convenient for users — there is a pulse mode, smooth adjustment is provided. The set includes all the necessary accessories: from the whisk to the bitter.

Balanced and powerful model with a standard adjustable stand and a large bowl of 10 liters. The cable length is only 1.2 meters.


  • case quality;
  • regular adjustment;
  • high power;
  • bowl capacity.


Electrolux EKM 4000

20 best mixers (price / quality) - Rating 202119

Another functional device, the reliability of which is beyond doubt. The Electrolux EKM 4000 model differs from many analogues in the presence of a smooth planetary mixing system, which opens up new possibilities and impressions when working with a large volume of products. Central power 1000 watts. Two bowls are available with a capacity of 4.8 and 2.9 liters. Engine power is complemented by support for a 10-speed speed control system.

A chic mixer with two bowl holders included and a powerful power supply. There is a 10 speed switch.


  • good power;
  • regular adjustment;
  • appearance;
  • engine quality;
  • a lot of investment.


KitchenAid 5KSM3311XE

20 best faucets (price / quality) - Rating 202120

The best premium mixer of 2021 is KitchenAid 5KSM3311XE, related to the confectionery segment. Despite the relatively low power, the device pleases with a chic performance. The high cost is due to the presence of a die-cast zinc housing. The patented technology for mixing products deserves special attention: the whisk rotates very quickly, the unit is quite reliable. Accurate mixing of ingredients is guaranteed. Satisfied with the good fixation of accessories, while the bowl holds only 3.3 liters of food. The weight of the structure is less than 7 kilograms.

Expensive mixer with die-cast zinc body, six-wire whisk and other premium accessories. Characteristics are average, but the declared period of use is 25 years.


  • cast parts;
  • life expectancy;
  • many additional investments;
  • high efficiency.


How to choose a good mixer for home use?

Conventionally, all mixers can be divided into three types: household, professional and semi-professional. Based on the requirements, experts provide various features and recommendations for those who do not know how to choose a faucet on their own. We consider the optimal standards of household appliances:

  1. Power: in other words, the higher this characteristic, the more dense and complex mixtures the device can handle. For soft products, about 150 W is enough, but for dense dough it is better to choose up to 300 W (we are talking about manual models). For stationary analogues, the norm is 300-400 W (rated power). For combined mixers, the optimal range is from 250 to 500 W, respectively.
  2. The volume of the bowl is one of the main parameters in terms of performance. Here it is necessary to increase the number of family members. For 2-3 users, up to 2.5 liters is enough, for 4-5 — up to 3.5 liters. Planetary mixers tend to have larger bowls than stand mixers because they have a wider range of applications. For domestic needs, more than 7 liters is rarely required.
  3. Mode — for modern devices, the turbo mode is already considered the standard, which greatly simplifies the work with dense products. For stationary models, bowl rotation is a useful mode. Some mid-range and premium models support the slow start feature.
  4. The package is good if the device supports overload protection, a rubberized handle, legs and a button for detaching accessories. For ease of use, some manufacturers equip their devices with a cable compartment, a control panel and a separate button for adjusting the speed.
  5. Weight: depends on the material, design complexity and internal elements. The lower the indicator in the presence of a solid structure, the better. In the case of portable devices, you often have to opt for plastic so that your hands do not get too tired during work.

What is the best mixer to buy for home in 2021?

Every day there are a large number of new mixers, and this leads to difficulties in choosing equipment. It should be noted that focusing on the products of well-known manufacturers, the risks are significantly reduced. If you don’t know which mixer to buy, keep in mind that well-known brands have long learned to produce even chic confectionery models, not to mention ordinary ones. As for the leaders on our list:

  1. Good inexpensive submersible blender — Gorenje M400;
  2. The best submersible model in terms of price and quality ratio — Bosch MFQ 4020;
  3. Best budget food processor — Hyundai HYM-S6551;
  4. A good planetary apparatus for the home is MAUNFELD MF-432S;
  5. Stationary mixer with a good bowl — ProfiCook PC-KM 1096;
  6. The best premium planetary mixer is the KitchenAid 5KSM3311XE.

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