Top 10 Best Toilet Cleaners – Ranking 2022


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Top 10 Toilet Cleaners - 2021 Ranking

Open studies show that alkaline products begin to destroy the gloss of glossy surfaces after 12-16 hours, but this does not stop household chemical manufacturers from surprising buyers with their effective products. Understanding the purpose of different products is important, and we suggest starting with this in our ranking of the best toilet bowl cleaners in 2021:

  1. By form factor: there are gels, the demand for which is growing rapidly, powders, tablets and even sprays.
  2. By appointment: releases agents from general pollution, as well as more powerful agents that can remove rust and limescale;
  3. According to the method of application, gels and powders are mainly used periodically, and tablets with the elimination of unpleasant odors are used more often on a regular basis.

In addition, based on the recommendations at the end of the publication, as well as research that we found on the Internet from well-known sources, we have compiled a selection. Good vision!

Best Toilet Rust Cleaners

This collection contains more aggressive agents that can eliminate the effects of oxidative reactions. They must contain strong acids, so you must take responsibility for the procedure for use, use gloves and avoid contact with the face.

SARMA Antirust

Top 10 Toilet Cleaners - Ranked 20211

The entry-level product from the SARMA Anti-Rust series opens the Top 10 best toilet cleaners. This 7 in 1 gel can remove the most common stains, including those from corrosive processes. The composition includes oxalic acid and this is perhaps the most effective substance, so you should definitely not count on an ideal rust removal result. However, up to 5% non-surfactants are sufficient for disinfection and a flawless cleaning if you haven’t started the plumbing cleaning process yet. The good news is that this product is less dangerous than most hard gels, but remember to take precautions — it’s best to use gloves.


  • oxalic acid;
  • disinfection;
  • low price.


  • it’s not the most efficient product.

Sanfor Active

Top 10 Toilet Cleaners - Ranked 20212

If you are not sure which toilet cleaner is best and you have rust, we recommend that you pay attention to Sanfor gel. This product already has a mixture of acids that allows you to remove even the most stubborn rust, also in hard-to-reach places. Studies confirm that this 5% NSAID dissolves waterstones quickly and effectively prevents their formation. The task takes about 1 minute to complete. A fairly eminent manufacturer took care of creating a thickened shape so that the gel is evenly distributed on an inclined surface. It should be noted that there is no chlorine in the composition, although the effect is not bad, the product has antimicrobial properties.


  • a mixture of acids;
  • no chlorine;
  • thickened formula;
  • antimicrobial properties.


  • not everyone likes the taste.

Toilet duck «Super power»

10 best toilet cleaners - Ranked 20213

Surely a well-known and effective product for descaling, which can be attributed to the presence of hydrochloric acid in the composition. This product also removes rust more effectively than the products mentioned above. For plumbing, this is definitely a worthy product, but you need to be careful when using it, as it contains perfumes and dangerous acids and amphoteric surfactants up to 5%. The microbial kill rate is close to 100%, and the elimination of unpleasant odors is still ongoing. The manufacturer has improved the packaging, which now looks more ergonomic. In addition, experts are convinced that the tool works even under water. However, there is no trigger, this product is not suitable for cleaning pipes, despite the powerful composition of aggressive components.


  • effectiveness of disinfection;
  • plaque removal;
  • rust removal;
  • without spirits.


  • it does not clean the pipes.

Domestos «Antinallet Lime»

10 best toilet cleaners - Ranked 20214

This is definitely a good Domestos toilet stone cleaner. The product of the series «Anti-corrosion and anti-plaque lime» attracts with a pleasant aroma and instant removal of bacteria. Due to the high concentration of active anionic surface agents, sodium hypochlorite and fragrances, a good rust control result is achieved. It can be used to clean pipes and other plumbing surfaces. It is important to note that household chemicals of this brand are sold throughout Europe. Good demand is due to the thick consistency and uniform distribution of the gel. I should add that this brand, by the way, has an excellent tile cleaning spray.


  • elimination of water stone;
  • pleasant aroma;
  • well-known manufacturer
  • thick consistency.


Expel Gel

Top 10 Toilet Cleaners - Ranked 20215

The best toilet rust cleaner of 2021 is Expel gel with a thick formula and very affordable packaging. This can be understood by the presence of a special regulator, with which it is easy to get to hard-to-reach places. The professional formula includes 3 acids. Of course, this product is great for removing germs and bacteria. Reviews confirm that this gel does an excellent job with any inorganic deposits and does not damage the lining of plumbing. For maximum results, apply the product to the surface and leave for 10 minutes. In addition, it is easy to wash off with water. It is important to use rubber gloves, as the composition includes a whole complex of acids and special additives.


  • acid efficiency;
  • there is a distributor;
  • rust removal;
  • removal of any inorganic compounds;
  • disinfection quality.


The Best Disinfectant Cleaners

This category contains stickers and tablets to keep the toilet clean. They have disinfectant properties, get a lot of positive feedback and, in our opinion, are very good value for money.

Domestos ATTAX

Top 10 Toilet Cleaners - Ranked 20216

Adhesive for tropical freshness Domestos ATTAX has been added to the list of toilet cleaners. Thanks to the modernized formula of the tablets, the manufacturer managed to triple the effectiveness of the preventive action against the background of previous lines of household chemicals. Users rated the fragrance and odor removal positively, respectively. The product is quickly washed off, which is not typical for blockages. In this case, there is no need to dispose of the stickers. The composition contains phosphates, fragrance, anionic surfactants (up to 30 percent).


  • pleasant aroma;
  • greater efficiency;
  • 3 stickers included;
  • anionic surfactants.


  • blocking from Domestos is more effective.

Toilet duck «Whiteness Ocean oasis»

10 best toilet cleaners - Ranked 20217

Complementing the list of good toilet bowl cleaners is Dressing Duck, which has traditionally been drawn to ease of use. Despite the democratic price and practicality, this product dissolves quickly and guarantees good protection against bacteria and germs. Among the shortcomings, a dubious smell can be noted, in aroma it is inferior to many competitors. The good news is that this is a phosphate-free product that guarantees cleanliness after every rinse. For use, the tablet must be fixed on a dry surface. Just below the edge. From the comments of buyers, you can understand that for its price you can get a decent product.


  • protection against bacteria;
  • lack of phosphates;
  • easy installation;
  • low price.


Bref Lavender Freshness

Top 10 Toilet Bowl Cleaners - Ranked 20218

Judging by customer reviews, we are talking about a good toilet bowl cleaner that has bactericidal properties and effectively protects the surface from plaque. The company is valued because its products are always valued for their good hygienic properties. At the same time, experts have learned how to make household chemicals very smelly. The fragrance «Freshness of Lavender» is a vivid confirmation of this. By purchasing this product, you get a good foaming product with effective protection against fats and other organic components. The product fits easily under the rim of any toilet bowl.


  • freshness effect;
  • pleasant aroma;
  • raid protection;
  • famous manufacturer.


  • volume of inorganic salts.

Domestos «toilet block»

10 best toilet cleaners - Ranked 20219

Another good toilet block from Domestos, attractive for its ease of use and good composition of antibacterial agents. There are phosphates and phosphonates. The composition showed excellent plaque removal characteristics. At the same time, a good preventive effect is achieved after application from 24 to 7. Not everyone may like the manufacturer’s pricing policy, but all series of toilet bowl cleaners from this manufacturer and other sanitary products guarantee a real result. It is also worth noting the ease of rinsing water with chemicals and ease of installation.


  • preventive effect;
  • pleasant aroma;
  • foams well;
  • quickly removed.


Bref Brilliance Gel

Top 10 Toilet Cleaners - Ranked 202110

The best toilet cleaner of 2021 is Bref Brilliance Gel from the Captivating Breeze series. This toilet block contains up to 30% anionic surfactants and up to 5% fragrances, including coumarin. With this tool, you can not worry about the freshness in the bathroom. The aroma is pleasant. The product attracts with a uniform effect over the entire surface, the ease of washing off the foam and the prevention of contamination 24/7. After use, a characteristic sheen appears on the coating, and the product has become more economical. Also noteworthy is the adequate price / quality ratio and the reputation of the brand.


  • good composition;
  • foam thread;
  • pleasant aroma;
  • preventive action;
  • the price of money.


How to choose a good toilet cleaner

First of all, if you do not know how to choose a toilet cleaner, you need to use the characteristics of one form or another of the product:

  1. Gels, as practice shows, are better distributed along the walls of the toilet, they are more convenient to use, you do not need to spend a lot of time cleaning the surface;
  2. It is much more difficult to distribute powders evenly, which explains the drop in demand for this option. In this case, it is necessary to apply force with a brush or cloth to remove dirt. However, their effectiveness is greater, even rust is removed. In this case, there is a risk of damaging the coating;
  3. Liquids are less convenient than gels because they drain quickly. Stains are more difficult to remove.

What should be considered in the composition of the toilet bowl?

Here it would be more reasonable to rely on the purpose of the goods. Consider the main tasks that such chemistry can solve:

  1. If you do not know how to choose a plaque or rust cleaner, you need to focus on acid products. In particular, products containing hydrochloric acid show the best results. It is even better that the composition also includes sulfamic, citric, oxalic and other acids. At the same time, there are few of them on sale, since their use requires compliance with a number of rules. Products with hydrochloric acid are toxic and can be harmful to health;
  2. If you are interested in disinfectant, products containing alkali are shown here. At the same time, they are not suitable for plaque and rust;
  3. Acidic agents with a high amount of surfactants are suitable for removing deposits and fats;
  4. Complexing agents excellently prevent scale formation. They are good for preventive purposes.

What is the best toilet cleaner to buy in 2022?

If you cannot decide for yourself which toilet product is best for your purposes, you can take a look at the reviews of the following products:

  1. The best descaling agent is Duck with seasonings;
  2. Economical toilet cleaner — Domestos ATTAX;
  3. Effective rust remover gel — Expel;
  4. The best toilet block for toilets is Bref Brilliance Gel;
  5. A good remedy for water stones is Domestos gel.

We also encourage you to share your personal opinion on which remedy you find most effective among the products featured in our evaluation. This is necessary to understand the question of other readers.


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