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10 best gas stoves - Rating 20210

Despite the widespread use of freestanding hobs and ovens, there is still a strong demand for kitchens that combine the functions of two rather large elements in any kitchen. For such users, we have prepared a selection of gas solutions, compiled taking into account the price / quality ratio. In our ranking of the best gas stoves 2021, there are models with both electric and gas stoves. The list is subjective as it is just our editorial opinion, but we have ignored the marketing and promotional gimmicks of the respective brands. What parameters did the preparation take into account when compiling a selection of gas stoves?

  1. Gas control;
  2. brand reputation;
  3. Oven quality;
  4. Wear resistance of the surface coating;
  5. Independent user reviews.

The best gas stoves with a gas oven

Furnaces of this type are characterized by low cost, but installation is quite complicated. Often, when connecting such equipment, it is necessary to seek help from specialists. It is important to adhere to strict requirements regarding the rules of operation. However, many users believe that such ovens are able to provide more uniform heating, but this is a conditional opinion, because a lot depends on the specific model.

Gefest 100

10 best gas stoves - Rating 20211

The top 10 gas stoves with a gas oven are opened by the Hephaestus 100 desktop model, designed for 1-2 users. In addition to an interesting form factor in the form of a microwave, this device boasts a high build quality. The control is carried out by rotary switches, the processing of which is beyond doubt. However, I liked the functionality: a fixed position of the flame is provided, there is a hedgehog grill and a shelf. The set includes a baking sheet, a baking sheet and a wire rack. The power of both burners (there are two in this model) reaches 1700 watts. Even in the package, this plate weighs no more than 5 kilograms.


  • interesting performance;
  • excellent equipment;
  • comfortable model;
  • takes up little space.


  • for a small family.

Gorenje GN 5112 BEF

10 best gas stoves - Rating 20212

If you do not know which gas stove to choose with a quality gas oven, we recommend that you pay attention to the Gorenje GN 5112 BEF. It is also worth noting the presence of a high-quality surface coating and durable cast-iron gratings. The design has a button for turning on the electric ignition. The oven maintains a maximum temperature of 300°C and is equipped with excellent lighting. Among other things, the equipment includes a high-quality door and a large drawer inside which you can store various dishes. At the same time, the volume of the oven reaches 70 liters, which is quite enough even for a large family.


  • Maximum temperature;
  • cast iron grates;
  • furnace volume;
  • convenient ignition.


  • budget planning.

Gefest 3200-06 K33

10 best gas stoves - Rating 20213

Another economical gas stove with a reliable gas oven that has a sleek design that fits into the style of almost any interior. Model Hephaestus 3200-06 K33 is compact (reduced in width to 50 centimeters). The developers provide for automatic ignition, the body of the equipment is made of enameled steel. The surface has four burners, of which 0.7 kW, two medium 2 kW each and one large 3.05 kW. The panel has a steel cover for added protection. Judging by user reviews, the surface is easily cleaned with household chemicals and enamelled steel grates. The volume of the oven is 42 liters, which is quite enough for a family of 3-4 people.


  • powerful burner;
  • good volume;
  • there is a fire;
  • optimum capacity.


  • minimum options.

Bosch HGG 120E21R

10 best gas stoves - Rating 20214

In search of a reliable gas stove equipped with a good gas oven, many users have opted for the Bosch HGG 120E21R. It is worth noting that this series is assembled in Turkey and a 12-month warranty is provided. In this case, the oven deserves special attention, which supports 5 power levels. Of course, there is a high-quality cast-iron grate on the surface. The high level of safety is justified by the support of the «Full safety» option, due to which the gas supply is completely stopped in the event of a flame extinguishing for any reason. Pay attention to the presence of a burner with an increased power of 2.9 kW. As for the oven, I also note the presence of a grate and its total volume of 46 liters. The inner lining of the oven is made in the form of enamel, but 3 layers are available.


  • large grill;
  • good automation;
  • coating quality;
  • Turkish assembly;
  • comfortable model.


  • not low price.

Electrolux RKG 600005 X

10 best gas stoves - Rating 20215

The best gas stove in 2021 with a gas oven is the Electrolux RKG 600005 X model, which differs from its counterparts in the presence of a stainless steel coating. In addition, specialists from a well-known brand paid due attention to the ease of setup and quality of the switches. Of course, the declared price implies the presence of additional options, including a timer, automatic ignition and cast iron coasters. In addition, the renowned manufacturer has taken care of elegant design and precise design down to the smallest detail: from the comfortable handles to the elegant glass lid. Given the reputation of the company and the price / quality ratio, the editors have no doubts about the absence of defects in the model.


  • stainless steel cover;
  • cast iron coasters;
  • elegant appearance;
  • there is a timer;
  • excellent coverage.


The best gas stoves with an electric oven

The advantage of stoves with an electric oven is that there is no constraint on the gas network, which means easier installation. Such devices are simpler and safer. The downside is the high level of energy consumption, which in some regions is accompanied by additional costs. In addition, care must be taken to have reliable electrical wiring, as a lot of energy is often required.

Hansa FCMWS59363

10 best gas stoves - Rating 20216

Complementing the rating of gas stoves is the Hansa FCMWS59363 model with an electric oven and a volume of 65 liters. The fair price is explained by the use of steel gratings and inexpensive coating. However, the power of the cabinet is 3.6 kW. The surface received gas control as well as a screen. It is also worth noting a relatively low level of energy consumption, a convenient thermostat, a timer and convection. The power of the electric grill is low, but its presence is already pleasant. Steaming is provided, excellent lighting and steam cleaning are implemented. Judging by customer reviews, there is no doubt about the reliability.


  • furnace volume;
  • there is convection;
  • there is a gas control;
  • steaming.


  • cheap parts.

Gorenje KS 6250 CLI

10 best gas stoves - Rating 20217

The Gorenje KS 6250 CLI model, made in retro style, joins the list of relatively cheap but good gas stoves. The volume of the furnace of this equipment is 70 liters, and the temperature range can vary from +50 to +275 degrees. The cabinet received a high-quality thermostat, timer, grill and convection. Also noteworthy is a fairly bright backlight. The oven supports 10 cooking modes simultaneously. Another advantage of the technique is steam cleaning and a quality grill. The door allows you to significantly save on the cost of equipment, since two levels of glazing are available. The surface has a good enamel finish and satisfies the presence of strong cast iron grates.


  • 10 modes available;
  • temperature range;
  • furnace volume;
  • many options;
  • good convection.


Bosch HXG 130B20R

10 best gas stoves - Rating 20218

Considering reliable stoves with an electric oven, it is worth highlighting the Bosch HXG 130B20R model. This gas equipment has reliable protection, a wide range of options — from convection to grill. The objective cost, regardless of the status of the manufacturer, is due to the volume of 50 liters and only double-glazed windows. This range features steel bars and a fairly good but enamelled finish. In this case, self-ignition is activated by a separate button. Given the reputation of the Turkish manufacturer and assembly, you should not criticize the quality of the equipment.


  • good structure;
  • famous brand;
  • useful options;
  • optimal price.


  • budget materials.

Electrolux RKK 560200W

10 best gas stoves - Rating 20219

Particular attention in our selection of gas stoves deserves the RKK 560200 model from Electrolux. The brand has considerable experience in the production of kitchen appliances, and this line is a vivid confirmation of this. The device has high-quality (cast-iron) grilles and a good enamel coating, which is easily cleaned from various contaminants. It should be noted efficient convection, which is also typical for the budget models of Electrolux. The maximum oven temperature can be 250 degrees. Among the interesting options, steam cooking and 10 operating modes should be noted. The connection power of this oven is 2.5 kW, and the energy consumption level is “A”.


  • good coverage;
  • many modes of operation;
  • excellent convection;
  • many options;
  • elegant design.


  • hard to notice.


10 best gas stoves - Rating 202110

The best gas stove with electric oven of 2021 is the AEG CKR56401-BW, which is as premium as the manufacturer itself. This model is controlled by rotary switches, there is an automatic ignition. The oven works in 10 modes, which allows you to cook a wide variety of dishes. At the same time, a high-quality coating justifies the easier cleaning of the interior of the oven. Also worth noting is the support for the SteamBake function. This makes it possible to prepare excellent pastries, which explains the strong demand for a line between professional and experienced home makers. It should also be added that the surface is made of steel, which is associated with a longer service life.


  • there is a backlight;
  • many modalities;
  • steam function;
  • quality mark;
  • expensive coverage.


  • not low price.

How to choose a good gas stove?

Since this is a combined equipment, special attention should be paid to both the surface and the oven. If you do not know how to choose a quality gas stove, consider the following recommendations:

  1. Surface control: can be controlled by rotary switches, sensors or buttons. Many experts are sure that the simplest and cheapest option (switches) is more reliable. If it is possible to choose between recessed or convex elements, it is better to choose the former.
  2. Appearance: There are classic and retro plates. It all depends on the interior of your kitchen.
  3. The volume of the furnace — it all depends on the number of family members, but it is important to note that the manufacturer indicates the nominal, not the actual amount of power, so you need to take it with a margin. It is worth noting that this parameter seriously affects the price of equipment.
  4. The oven temperature is optimal from +30 (the norm for heating food) to +250 degrees (optimal for most dishes). There are certain recipes that manufacturers set the maximum temperature to 300 ° C above zero, but such a temperature is quite easy to do without.
  5. Useful options: the thermostat allows you to adjust and maintain the desired temperature, the timer counts down, and each oven is equipped with a spit. Other features include convection (even distribution of heat) and grill.

When buying such equipment, many sophisticated users also pay attention to the method of cleaning the inner surface. Classic models are cheaper. The catalytic type of cleaning requires a special internal coating, upon contact with which the fat is automatically broken down, but this is an expensive pleasure.

Which gas stove is better to buy in 2021?

Another aspect that many pay attention to is the country of origin. While most boards are made in China, there are a few European factories. However, today we do not consider this parameter important, because Chinese carriers are actually no different and it is important to follow the rules of the manufacturer, and not the place of production. If you do not know which gas stove to choose, we recommend that you start your market research with the following models (in our opinion, the leaders):

  1. Kitchen table with gas oven — Hephaestus 100;
  2. An economical option with an electric oven — Hansa FCMWS59363;
  3. An economical model with a gas oven — Gorenje GN 5112 BEF.
  4. A good gas stove for the price and quality — Electrolux RKG 600005 X;
  5. Best Flagship Oven — AEG CKR56401-BW


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