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We will reveal the secret of how to choose a quality steamer for clothes. The top 10 ranking of the best garment steamers is based on expert selection and user reviews. We will try to help you with the choice of a reliable and high-quality garment steamer.

10 best garment steamers - 20210 Ranking

The question of choosing such a technique often comes up against utopian judgments and conspiracy theories. This is partly due to the fact that irons and steam generators have been on the market for longer and have already gained the trust of users. In our ranking of the best steamers of 2021, we have collected models for home and clothing that will allow you to get rid of evil theories and prove that this segment of technology is effective and relevant. Immediately, we note that today on sale you can find a wide range of inventions of the following types:

  1. Manual — such steamers are compact, suitable for use on the road, but due to low power they give little performance (you can smooth out a little without refueling on weight).
  2. Floor (vertical) — resemble vacuum cleaners, complemented by a telescopic stand and hooks for smoothing in a vertical position. Professional patterns are used for different types of fabrics. Often the composition includes boards and various accessories that expand the scope.

It should be added that the list of methods is not final and new conditional classifications are constantly appearing. I immediately want to answer one of the most common questions, which steamer to choose for the home: manual or floor? It is important to note here that you should not expect high performance from economical solutions. They allow you to wear clothes in a graphic way, but the capacity and performance are enough to smooth out a couple of things at once.

Good handheld garment steamers

it is obvious that the effectiveness of such inventions is less than the goal. However, they are compact and suitable for transportation. Manual models provide for work without the use of an ironing board: just hang clothes on a hanger and you’re done. Due to the low power, you can not worry about tissue deformation. Such a device does not stretch things, the possibility of accidental burns is excluded. Therefore, if you often spend time on the road, on a business trip, or there is not enough space to store a full-sized solution, it is quite reasonable to take a closer look at this segment of equipment.

Xiaomi GT-301W

10 best garment steamers - Ranked 20211

We are talking about an inexpensive portable steamer of good quality from a Chinese company that does not complain about recognition. The tool is made in a classic style for this segment, the design is ergonomic and comfortable. The device weighs about 500 grams, so it fits easily in a briefcase or travel bag. The power of the two resistors is 1200 watts. The body of the invention is made of high-quality plastic, and the sole is made of ceramic enamel. Productivity 22 grams per minute. Of the pleasant moments — the power cord is 2.2 meters long, the operating time is about 6 minutes. The set includes brushes for woolen products. Of the shortcomings, we note a fragile case.

Conclusion: a compact steamer with a budget case


  • good equipment;
  • self-employment;
  • good power;
  • compact design.


  • economic case;
  • lifespan.

Philips GC363/30 Steam&Go

10 best garment steamers - Ranking 20212

The first 10 garment steamers are filled with a different manual model, but from Philips. This manufacturer has long established itself on the positive side in the production of ironing equipment, and the GC363 / 30 Steam & Go series is proof of this. Despite the low cost, the device has a power of 1300 watts. The steam output is set to 24 grams per minute. As already mentioned, this manufacturer has a number of patented technologies, including the SmartFlow heated soleplate, which is safe for all types of fabrics. Cable length 3 meters. There is protection against bacteria and rapid ignition of the steam supply.

Conclusion: an inexpensive model for delicate steaming


  • long cable;
  • not low performance;
  • own technologies;
  • SmartFlow technology;
  • affordable price.


  • body ergonomics.

RUNZEL VAG-150 Jatten

10 best garment steamers - Ranked 20213

This product was introduced by the Swedish manufacturer relatively recently, but quickly captivated users with its functionality and performance. At the same time, a good portable garment steamer has an advanced heating element, the power of which reaches 1500 watts. Capacity 40 grams per minute, operating pressure 3.5 bar. This is enough for battery life of the device for 9-15 minutes. Below you can find a small tank holding 360 milliliters of water. Steam is supplied by a trigger that can be locked for continuous delivery or pressed for manual fabric care. Features include auto-off and anti-drip option).

Conclusion: powerful handheld steamer with ANTI-drop


  • steel sole;
  • antidrop antidrop;
  • battery life;
  • high power;
  • simple control.


  • not the lowest price.

M.E. Graze New

10 best garment steamers - Ranking 20214

This is a new quality portable steamer introduced this spring by a well-known Italian company. The middle class model practically does not differ from its premium competitors in terms of functionality. At the same time, the power reaches 1500 W, which is enough to smooth all sorts of things. At the back is a water tank that holds up to 300 milliliters of coolant. The advantages of the invention, in our opinion, include the intensity of steam supply, convenience and low weight. Productivity 40 grams per minute. There is no power adjustment, but even in the basic mode, you can work with thin things. The weight of the structure is only 1000 grams.

Conclusion: the most powerful and compact steamer


  • high performance;
  • best producer;
  • compact size;
  • water container.



10 best garment steamers - Ranked 20215

The best portable garment steamer of 2021 is the RUNZEL VAG-190 Hoga, which bills itself as a great tool for both horizontal and vertical vaping. Included for textiles. The invention is equipped with a powerful heating element that produces a continuous jet of steam — effectively smoothes wrinkles from things. Users leave positive feedback about the assembly and usability. Also, many people use this technique as an inhaler. You can add normal tap water to the tank. Thus, this device combines the functions of an iron, an inhaler and even a boiler.

Conclusion: handheld steamer No. 1 in all respects


  • optimal power;
  • thoughtful mini-iron;
  • performance quality;
  • reliable brand.


The best steamers for home and clothes

Unlike portable steamers, floor standing steamers can be used for a wider range of applications and are suitable for general home maintenance. Already by the name of the section, you guessed that we tried to make a selection of models that embody the optimal price / quality ratio.

Floor models are of the following types:

  1. Gravity evaporators — they supply steam to the iron without pressure, therefore they have less intensity, but more pleasant cost and simple design;
  2. Pressurized steamers are more powerful and provide a high intensity of smoothing even very dense fabrics.


10 best garment steamers - Ranking 20216

The rating of garment steamers is completed by the RUNZEL ECO-240 FRAMAT model, which attracts with an optimal set of options and good power for its class. This year’s novelty comes with a 25-month warranty. Warm-up time is only 45 seconds. Meet the high build quality, built-in overheating protection system, reliable ironing board. Practicality guarantees 6 steam modes at the same time, which is very easy to control thanks to the digital panel. With the help of such equipment, you can iron things, disinfect, direct arrows at things and much more.

Conclusion: a budget model with fast heating


  • reliable manufacturer;
  • guarantee period;
  • quick preparation for work;
  • build quality;
  • appearance.


Polaris PGS 2200VA

10 best garment steamers - Ranked 20217

The Polaris PGS 2200VA model is one of the good economical vertical steamers with a long service life and an optimal set of options. The power of the unit is 2200 W, which is enough to smooth various types of fabrics. The design has a fairly large removable water tank, the volume of which is 2 liters. There is a delicate mode for working with delicate fabrics. It should be noted that the device is able to eliminate unpleasant odors and destroy bacteria. Preparation for work takes only 30 seconds. Steam power reaches 50 grams per minute. You can use the equipment with the ComfyBoard PRO ironing board or clothes rack.

Conclusion: the best inexpensive steamer for a small family


  • affordable cost;
  • different ways of using;
  • good structure;
  • good power;
  • removable tank.


  • small capacity.


10 best garment steamers - Ranking 20218

For users who are already familiar with the products of this company, the RUNZEL MAX-230 MAGICA model can be the epitome of time saving and comfort. If you do not know what to buy a floor steamer, we recommend that you evaluate the build quality and functionality of this technique. Outwardly visible brilliant shine, elegant shape. Attracts ease of mechanical handling and long service life. In this case, the water heating time is 45 seconds, which is the optimal indicator. It is worth noting that the equipment automatically turns off when there is a shortage of water, if overheating is observed. Significant service life is due to the presence of a steel heating element. Steam penetrates deep into the structure, expanding the range of equipment. The temperature is sufficient to kill bacteria, eliminate unpleasant odors.

Conclusion: an affordable and reliable model for home and clothing


  • simple control;
  • expensive materials;
  • company reputation;
  • fast heating;
  • protection system.


  • no for this price

M.I.E. Forza

10 best garment steamers - Ranking 20219

It must be said right away that on sale you can find a premium version with more impressive technical parameters, but the usual configuration (it is much cheaper) is enough to serve a family. Robust shore wear and household steamer MIE Forza series heats up quickly, has a stable design, wheels for quick transport. Includes a coat hanger. Thanks to the use of patented technologies, the outlet steam temperature can be maintained without any problems to avoid splashing. There is a possibility of vertical ironing with deep penetration of steam into the structure of any type of fabric. Another nice benefit is easy power adjustment and convenient steaming. Included with the device you can find a variety of nozzles and accessories to solve various problems.

Conclusion: high quality Italian steamer


  • well-known manufacturer
  • spatter prevention;
  • comfortable model;
  • good equipment;
  • heated iron.


  • not low price.

Philips GC557/30 ComfortTouch

10 best garment steamers - Ranking 202110

The best steamer of 2021 for clothes and home in terms of value for money is the Philips GC557/30 ComfortTouch with stylish looks and good performance. The heating element is sufficient to supply up to 40 grams of steam per minute. The capacity of the water tank is 1.8 liters, which is enough to iron the personal belongings of the whole family. The length of the network cable is 1.6 meters. The kit includes advanced folding hook, glove, fixed hook. Useful features include an extended StyleBoard, FlexHead technology and 5 steam settings. Implemented quick and easy cleaning of equipment from scale, which contributes to a longer period of use.

Conclusion: the best floor steamer for price and quality


  • hook closure;
  • edge quality;
  • good power;
  • water tank;
  • long cable.


How to choose the right garment steamer?

If you choose a portable steamer, it is important to pay attention to the capacity and power, because some solutions are so weak that they cannot be used on more than one piece of clothing. The situation is more complicated with the purchase of a vertical steamer. Here are some useful tips to consolidate the result:

  1. Rack. This design element must be included in the kit. In addition, it can be single, telescopic or double. The last stand allows you to pull things, but does not rotate. The single one doesn’t hold as well, it’s less comfortable, but you can turn it however you want. The telescoping stand is perfect.
  2. Hose. It is important that this element is strong and stable and can easily withstand high temperatures.
  3. Clothes hangers. There are regular, professional (great for commercial use) and folding. For the home, the last option is considered optimal.
  4. Check. It can be electronic or mechanical. Actually, this is a matter of choice, but mechanics is still considered the most practical and durable solution. It is desirable that the structure has a place to store the cable and pipe. This provides more user comfort than electronics.
  5. Equipment. In addition to the board, the kit may include a hook and holder, various cleaning accessories, arrows, pockets and much more. The greater the number of accessories, the greater the reach of the equipment.
  6. Protection systems. It’s okay if the device has an indication that the tank is empty. It is even better if idle protection and overheating protection are implemented.
  7. Water type. If you do not know how to choose a good steamer, we recommend that you pay attention to the type of water that the equipment works with. Usually the manufacturer writes that it is necessary to use only purified refrigerant, but it is better to find out in advance.
  8. Anti-drip system. The presence of this technology suggests that there is a heating element in the iron itself. In this case, it is advisable to take care of the availability of such equipment. However, according to experts, this type of needle is less effective for working with natural fabrics.
  9. What kind of water should I use for the steamer? If a displacement filter is present in the design (manufacturers do not forget to indicate this in the description), then tap water can be used. If filtration is not available, distilled water should be used to avoid damaging the equipment.

What is the best steamer to buy in 2022?

For delicate items and regular use at home, you should focus on the vertical model. If you don’t know which clothes steamer to buy and you travel a lot at the same time, then you need to focus on compact devices. As you understand, power and water tank are the main indicators of how long you can work without refueling equipment. At the end of our top, we want to share our opinion, talking about the different types of steamers:

  1. Best compact model — RUNZEL VAG-190 Hoga
  2. Inexpensive, but good floor steamer — Polaris PGS 2200VA;
  3. Best vertical steamer for price and quality: Philips GC557 / 30 ComfortTouch;
  4. Premium model for home and clothing — MIE Forza.


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