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Some time ago, in my hands, and later on my feet, there were orange Xiaomi Mi Mijia Sneakers 2 sneakers, and now, after a while, I am ready to talk about my experience of using them from all sides!

The sneakers came in an unremarkable box, on the end of which there is only a sticker with Chinese text and numbers for my size — 38.

2 colors are considered feminine: orange, like mine, and completely white. Available size range for women’s colors: from 36 to 39.

4 male colors: absolutely white, absolutely black, gray and blue. The size range for such colors is from 39 to 46.

By the way, please note that only the black model has a black sole, all other colors have a white sole. As for me, with a black sole, the other colors would look interesting too!

Objectively, compared to the first generation, the design has not undergone significant changes, but now there is no possibility to insert an activity tracker in the sole. I think this is due to the sufficient popularity of fitness bracelets that perform the same function as the tracker, which makes its presence doubtful.

The upper of the shoe is made from a durable, seamless, coarse-knit material. He is not afraid of moisture and various deformations thanks to, as the manufacturer assures, therefore Mi Smart Sneakers 2 can be washed in a washing machine.

The fabric really looks strong, and in the area of ​​​​the thumb it even has a larger knit due to which the fabric should not stretch and rub.

And this place is just, I think, the “weakest” in such models.

The outsole is made of polyurethane, synthetic rubber, EVA and Dow Chemical’s patented INFUSE material. I don’t know what the last two are, but the sole definitely cushions well and is quite flexible. In total, the sole includes 5 words, between which a thin polyurethane film passes, which eliminates the risk of delamination and allows the shoe to keep its shape, according to the manufacturer. As long as everything is intact. I even washed them…

On both sides of the sneaker there are stiffening ribs that smoothly flow into the fastenings for the laces.

The heel of the shoe is quite solid, reinforced on the outside with a rubber insert. An auxiliary loop with a reflective strip is also sewn there.

The neck is made of a wide elastic band, these sneakers do not have a familiar language. Elastic knitted material, coupled with a neck and stiffening ribs, tightly fit the foot and securely fix it.

Inside the sneakers is a soft two-layer insole, but there is nothing special here: this is present in almost all sneakers of this type.

After the first day of use, it became clear that the sole became stiffer than the first generation, and the fit of the foot itself inside became denser. At first I didn’t like it, but quickly getting used to it, it became clear that such a fit of the leg should be in order to provide a more confident gait when playing sports.

With prolonged activity, the legs do not fade, the knitted surface ventilates with a bang.

After several washes, as I said, nothing really happened to the sneakers: until the manufacturer failed. I hope it will not let you down, because summer and outdoor sports are ahead!

The second generation has definitely become better, and if not visually, then in practice for sure: the foot sits tight, the quality of the materials is very pleasing, and even after several washes, the sneakers feel great and do not think to feel differently.

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