How to choose a gaming headset


One of the most important devices for a gamer is a comfortable headset with which to communicate while playing. Not only that, a cool headset can really take your gaming experience to the next level.

Of course, the choice of headsets is incredibly large, because in the end it all comes down to one single question: what do you want from a headset, but as for the details and parameters, that’s what we’ll talk about. So, what should you pay attention to before choosing a headset that will accompany you in games.

Headset and gaming platform compatibility

The first question you need to ask yourself when looking at a particular device is compatibility. It would seem an obvious point, but still worth mentioning. Some headsets are designed specifically for certain platforms. That’s why make sure that the headset is either universal or suitable for the platform you prefer to play on, whether it’s a console, PC or tablet for example.


This setting is subjective. Because we all have different sizes of skulls and pinnae, over-ear headphones can either feel a lot of pressure or not sit tight enough. Therefore, it is best not to buy such headphones blindly. If we talk about the earbuds, which are also often used, then they should sit tightly in the ear and not fall out.

Considering how much time a gamer spends in front of the monitor and, accordingly, in headphones, they should not create absolutely no discomfort. Otherwise, you risk earning headaches and, of course, you will not get pleasure from the game.

If you don’t have the opportunity, for example, to try headphones and try them on (with friends or in a store), then a great solution is to read reviews. The headphone cup should completely cover the ear, while it should be soft and dense. The rim should not be too tight and fit snugly to the head, while not causing inconvenience.


Even if you treat your equipment carefully (and among us there are a lot of emotional players who are not averse to taking out their annoyance from unsuccessful loot, including on headphones), it’s still worth looking at the device’s service life. Therefore, it is best to choose headphones from quality materials. Saving in this case is not worth it, because in the case of a headset, the price is often an indicator of quality. Again, in this case, reviews and comments about the service life of your chosen model will come to the rescue. It is not uncommon for many to point out weak points, such as the rim, wire, or bowl material. But there are also problems in the design, for example, screws and fasteners can fall out, and plastic can simply crack.

Plantronics Gamecom 388 is a durable budget headset with monitor headphones. It is convenient for both listening to music and playing. With noise reduction, the microphone picks up even your quiet speech. The design and assembly of the headphones are solid, and the bowls are large and do not put pressure on the ear. On the body there are controls, which makes it easy and convenient to adjust the sound.

Sound quality

If you do not pay attention to the sound quality, then you will lose a lot. Some people prefer headphones with ambient noise cancellation, but there are those who find their sound unnatural. Decide which category you belong to, whether you like to fully immerse yourself in the game, or want to hear the kettle boil or the intercom ring.

But let’s look at those points that are worth noting directly in the sound.

bass frequencies. If you prefer first-person shooters, then bass frequencies will definitely come in handy. The sound of shots is largely based on them, and it is on this that the player’s impressions depend.

Simulated surround sound is optional, but again, those who prefer in-game realism and authentic experiences will definitely appreciate this feature. The main thing is to make sure that it is of high quality. If you come across imitation surround sound in cheap headsets, it’s best to stay away from it. Most often, its quality leaves much to be desired, so you will lose more than you will find.

As for noise reduction in the microphone, this feature is absolutely necessary. As much as we would like to play our favorite games in greenhouse conditions, this is far from always possible. From the noise from an open window to the chaos that can be created right in the apartment around you (cats, children, relatives), this function will cope with extraneous sounds.

Open or closed headphones?

First, let’s see what the difference is. Closed headphones completely cover the ear cup. This allows you to suppress external noises for both you and those around you to suppress the sounds of your game. Most players choose these headsets.

As we have already noted, there are also lovers of open headphones. These earphones have holes in the ear cup to let in external sounds. So, if you prefer to play between tasks, or are worried that the boss will come into the office while you are completing the next level, then these headphones will suit you much more.

The Logitech G533 is a gaming headset from a well-known computer manufacturer. The headset is wireless and has a frequency range of 20-20000Hz. Thanks to the large square cups, the headphones are comfortable, and the headband does not press. Gamers will especially appreciate the Logitech G533’s battery life of up to 15 hours. The retractable microphone allows you to adjust the volume and provides suppression of extraneous sounds.

Microphone quality

It’s no secret that a headset is only as good as the microphone. And in principle, communication with guildmates during the game is fundamentally important. So check the quality of the built-in microphone.

First, make sure you have a microphone. This is always indicated in the parameters, otherwise you will get cool headphones, but you will be a silent player, and constantly opening a chat to comment on tactics is very inconvenient. Check the reviews, as they will most often mention this item. And of course, if you play in a noisy environment, make sure you have noise cancellation. Do not litter the conference with extraneous sounds. A high-quality microphone always recognizes the distance of the sound and distinguishes the voice from the sound of, for example, a TV. Thus, when you are silent, the microphone in the chat will automatically turn off and will not pick up sounds.

A good way to understand which model to take is to listen to which of your chat friends has a clearer sound, find out more and make a decision.

SteelSeries Arctis Siberia 200 is a wired headset with adjustable headband. For those who value headset comfort, the SteelSeries Arctis Siberia 200 is a great choice. Closed speakers allow you to clearly transmit both high and low frequencies. The cups themselves are large and with a soft coating that perfectly covers the ear. The retractable microphone is highly sensitive and accurately captures voice and intonation.

Wired headset or wireless?

It would seem, what is there to talk about? Without wires, life is much easier! But even here there are details that should not be ignored at all. All in all, wireless headsets are really handy, especially if you’re moving around the room between games and don’t want to waste valuable minutes of conversation. But on the other hand, since wireless headsets are synced via Bluetooth, there is a risk of accidental interference caused by anything from Wi-Fi to phone ringing. So consider this factor if you are one of those serious gamers for whom the connection with comrades is of particular importance. Another detail is the need to charge wireless headphones, so keep that in mind and treat them with the same care you would for a wireless mouse.

Of course, the farther, the more wireless technology is being refined, so if in general the possible interference does not scare you, feel free to choose the wireless option.

The Razer ManO’War Wireless Headset is named after a powerful military frigate. And power is a great feature of this headset. Large cups completely cover the ear, the soft layer fits comfortably and does not cause discomfort. The headband is softly attached, and the sound quality is virtually divorced into 7 channels, it is striking in its realism. The noise-canceling microphone provides clear sound and picks up only the voice. Razer ManO’War lasts up to 7 days without recharging, and there are control buttons right on the headphones.

Price and quality

We have already noted that the price in the case of headphones is a serious indicator. The fact is that you can pick up an excellent headset that is suitable for games and other tasks at a price of up to 6,000 rubles. Of course, you can choose an expensive option, which will cost from 10,000 rubles. But in most cases, the difference in sound will be noticeable in music and movies, not in games, especially considering that game audio will be superimposed by dialogue in a conference.

Ultimately, it all depends on how much you are willing to spend and what result you want to achieve. If you’re looking for a versatile headset, you can spend a little more. And if you need a good addition to the gaming setup, then feel free to consider models from the middle price category.


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