5 reasons to choose a smart bulb


Smart light bulbs have appeared on the market quite recently and it is important to understand how much they differ from ordinary LED lamps. To begin with, it is worth noting that such light bulbs are not just placed in a cartridge and illuminate the room. Such light bulbs are called smart for a reason: they are synchronized with a mobile application via Wi-Fi and open up wide possibilities for customization. Imagine almost complete control over lighting. This is exactly what you get by installing a smart light bulb in your home.

  1. Brightness settings

It has long been possible to choose the intensity of lighting with the help of dimmers. However, not everyone is ready to spend time and effort on installing such devices in the house, because for this you will have to practically revise the home lighting system. And what can we say about table lamps, with which such tasks are complicated several times. Smart light bulbs are an alternative, because they control the brightness directly through the application. That is, it is enough to get a smartphone and select the appropriate lighting on a particular device. In this way, you can work out an individual lighting system for the room, emphasizing its design and choosing a brighter or dimmer light where the interior requires it. Before going to bed, you can dim the lights and choose the most relaxing setting. It is enough to start using the application to notice how the atmosphere in the room changes, and control becomes easier.

  1. Ability to control light from anywhere

Usually, to turn on the light or adjust it, you need to be in the room and this is not always convenient, for example, in a long corridor, sometimes you have to walk to its end to get to the switch. But what if you are already falling asleep, and the light in the room is still on?

At different times, this problem was solved in different ways, but smart bulbs offer a universal solution, which in practice turns out to be much more convenient than the rest. Firstly, you can turn the light on or off from a distance. But that’s not all, because with the help of a smart light bulb, you get the ability to set up scheduled switching on. For example, if you are not at home or away, then as a security measure, you can turn on the light in the apartment, and this will not even require your presence. If you forgot to turn off the lamp before going out, it doesn’t matter, just open the app. Well, when you just don’t want to get out from under the covers, you can control the light without disturbing your personal comfort.

  1. Ability to change lighting color

Another function of smart lamps goes beyond the wildest dreams. By choosing the right light bulb, you can not only choose the brightness and time of turning on the light, but also its color. Some manufacturers go so far as to offer up to 16 million different shades, so you have complete control over your lighting. For a party or holiday, for example, you can choose bright colors or neon shades, for a calm romantic dinner — yellowish light, for work — white, which sets you up for concentration. In the heat, you can cool the room with blue tones, and in the cold — orange. Even the color of the walls, and that can be controlled simply by changing the lighting. Needless to say, this is incredibly handy for both design purposes and everyday use. And most importantly, you can simply change the color scheme at any time and completely change the atmosphere. If this is not enough to convince you, then just read on, it’s not all.

  1. Some light bulbs play music

That’s right, smart bulbs aren’t limited to lighting, and some come with speakers that let you hear music in any room. And, if this seems illogical, then let me be clear: the light bulbs act as an equalizer, that is, at a house party, depending on the tracks, the atmosphere will constantly change and match the music. Really incredible opportunity.

Such light bulbs, of course, are not able to provide volume from a real speaker system, but this problem is easily solved with the help of ingenious speaker connection. One way or another, modern smart bulbs are capable of a lot and provide complete control.

  1. Atmosphere sets the mood

Smart bulbs are designed to meet all the requirements of the modern user, which means that some of them take into account the requirements of our body. So there are special light bulbs that maintain a certain lighting temperature, which is suitable for different times of the day. Light bulbs with such functions contribute to the release of melatonin in the body, thereby allowing you to adjust your sleep pattern. During the day, you will feel cheerful and energized, and by the evening, the melatonin content will rise and it will be easier for you to fall asleep. Other light bulbs are able to create the atmosphere most suitable for work or leisure, thereby allowing you to adjust your mood and general condition of the body so as not to experience fatigue, discomfort or loss of energy.

The Philips Smart Light Bulb Kit consists of three controllable bulbs designed with sleep in mind. Thanks to proper adjustment, the light bulbs maintain and change the intensity and shade of lighting throughout the day so that the body tunes in to the right rhythm. In fact, Philips bulbs correspond to natural light, that is, they create conditions that are as close to natural as possible. Thus, they allow you to synchronize the internal clock of the body with the outside world. The set includes three bulbs and a regulator. The expected life of a single bulb is 25,000 hours, and the lighting includes 16 million colors ranging from cool to warm whites. The power of the lamps is 10W, and you can connect up to 50 lamps at the same time.

Smart bulbs Yeelight LED Smart Bulb E27 from Xiaomi have a stylish appearance, low power consumption and many interesting features. Thanks to synchronization with the smartphone application via Wi-Fi, you can not only control the brightness level, but also switch modes and, of course, check the operation of all the bulbs. In addition, the color of the lighting can also be adjusted. Yeelight provides the ability to control remotely, create an on/off schedule and create special themed modes: night, sunset, etc. If you play music, then Xiaomi’s bulbs can be switched to light-music mode, and they will flash in different colors, maintaining the beat of the track. Yeelight bulbs are suitable not only for the home, but also for work spaces, and especially for public places.

Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Ceiling Light is another step forward, another home solution that will put you in control of your home lighting. To mimic sunlight, the luminaire uses 240 Lumileds/OSRAM LEDs with a high light transmission coefficient. Thanks to the ability to synchronize with a smartphone or smart bracelet from Xiaomi, you will let the lamp automatically detect the state of the body, for example, if you sleep, the light turns off automatically. Settings through the application will help you choose a lighting scenario for any event: watching movies, photography or reading mode. In addition, the illuminator offers special lighting modes for night and morning. The kit also includes a special remote control that allows you to make some settings and switch modes without the use of additional devices and applications.

Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Ceiling Light is conveniently mounted on the ceiling, and if necessary, it can also be easily removed and connected again. Its design is very concise, so that the lamp will easily fit into any interior: from ultra-modern to retro. If you wish, you can always connect this lamp to the rest of the Xiaomi smart home system, and then the light will become part of the whole home organism. Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Ceiling Light is the perfect choice for any home.


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