15 Best Humidifiers in 2022


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Learn how to choose and buy the best humidifier for your home. We have selected for you the 15 best humidifiers for the home in 2022. The rating of the best humidifiers price — quality is based on the opinion of experts and user reviews.

15 Best Humidifiers - 20210 Ranking

Learn how to choose and buy the best humidifier for your home. We have selected for you the 15 best humidifiers for the home in 2022. The rating of the best humidifiers price — quality is based on the opinion of experts and user reviews.

It has long been no secret that the lack of humidity in the house can lead to many ailments. And this applies not only to humans, but also to domestic animals and even plants. Not surprisingly, in recent years there has been a growing demand for highly specialized climate technologies designed to solve this problem. True, not all products on sale do this with high quality. Therefore, we propose to consider the rating of the best air humidifiers in 2021. The list includes the following types of equipment:

  1. Classic — work on the basis of a moisture-saturated evaporator network through which dry air is forced out of the room.
  2. Steam — they are characterized by increased productivity, justified by the use of electrodes that heat the coolant (water) to a vapor state;
  3. Ultrasound is the most modern and efficient solution based on a cartridge filter that purifies water, which is then used for humidification. As a result, there is no plaque left on objects and interior items.

Relatively speaking, we divided our assessment into two parts: steam (including classic economical models based on cold evaporation) and ultrasound.

The best steam humidifiers

This category includes classic (cold evaporation) and steam (hot evaporation) solutions, which can also be found in the premium segment. However, we believe the flagship class is best exemplified by ultrasonic solutions. When it comes to budget models and solutions with a good price / quality ratio, steam humidifiers with high performance, but requiring increased attention, are clearly in the lead.

Philips HU4802/01

15 best humidifiers - Ranking 20211

The list of humidifiers opens with the Philips HU4802 / 01 model, which supports a cold evaporation system (classic) operating in three modes: first, air enters the device, then it is cleaned of large impurities and bacteria, after which the air is cleaned and goes outside. The capacity is enough to serve areas up to 25 square meters. The actual productivity is 200 milliliters per hour. At the same time, the capacity of the water tank is 2 liters, which is enough for an average of 8 hours of operation without adding coolant. A humidity sensor is implemented, the noise level does not exceed 26 dB.


  • low noise level;
  • good performance;
  • build quality;
  • tank capacity.


  • Several variants.

Xiaomi Smartmi Zhimi Air Humidifier 2

15 best humidifiers - Ranking 20212

If you have not decided which one to choose a good and cheap humidifier, we recommend that you pay attention to the model of the Xiaomi Smartmi Zhimi Air Humidifier 2 series. This sink serves a room of 32 square meters. The case of the device is made of high-quality and heat-resistant plastic (according to the brand, it is antibacterial). The humidifier has a large water tank (4 liters) with a capacity of 16 hours of battery life, which is significantly higher than the previous model of our top. Productivity is 240 milliliters an hour. The device supports control via Wi-Fi (you can use the proprietary program Mi Home). Water is added through the evaporator grate.


  • adding water;
  • home app me;
  • simple adjustment;
  • good autonomy.


  • unpretentious body.

Boneco S200

15 best humidifiers - Ranking 20213

Many have chosen this inexpensive children’s humidifier for its quiet operation and good security system. In addition, the iconic Boneco S200 model has earned recognition from the general public for its soft, moisturizing, sterile steam (temperature does not exceed 48 degrees) and the possibility of using aromatic oils. The capacity of the water tank is 4 liters. It is worth noting the stand for automatic supply of coolant to the pallet, as well as convenient and reliable mechanical control. Capacity is enough to serve 30 square meters. Implemented protection against limescale, automatic shutdown in the absence of water.


  • tank capacity;
  • popular line;
  • build quality;
  • automatic shutdown.


  • there is a more advanced line.

Beurer LB 55

15 best humidifiers - Ranking 20214

Considering powerful and affordable home humidifiers, I would like to highlight another iconic line from the Beurer LB 55 series. The device attracts with a solid construction made of durable materials. This can explain the long life of the invention. At the same time, the capacity of this car wash is enough to care for areas up to 50 square meters. The device operates in two modes: 200 ml / h and 400 ml / h. In this case, the capacity of the water tank is 6 liters. The advantages of the product also include support for the neutralization of unpleasant odors. For obvious reasons, this steam humidifier is often found in offices.


  • capacity 6 liters;
  • two modes of operation;
  • elimination of unpleasant odors;
  • water tank capacity.


Boneco S250

15 best humidifiers - Ranking 20215

The best steam humidifier for apartments, in our opinion, in 2021 is the Boneco S250 model, which guarantees gentle humidification of apartments at a maximum steam temperature of 48 degrees. Many users indicate in the comments that they use this device as an inhaler, you can use aromatic oils. Tank capacity 4 liters. The recommended service area is 30 square meters. It is worth noting the convenient touch control, high-quality design and long service life of this invention. It will not be superfluous to note that this device has received a lot of positive feedback from ordinary buyers.


  • positive reviews;
  • tank capacity;
  • oils can be used
  • build quality.


The best ultrasonic humidifiers

In our opinion, if you want a premium product, your best bet is to use ultrasonic solutions that won’t leave marks on your clothes, tormenting you with noise. At the same time, they are efficient, reliable and safe.

REDMOND SkyDew 3317S

15 best humidifiers - Ranking 20216

A rather interesting model, both in design and options, was again offered by REDMOND. An inexpensive but good home humidifier from the SkyDew 3317S series guarantees a good level of efficiency when used in rooms up to 35 square meters. The device is distinguished by the ability to control from a smartphone via Bluetooth synchronization. The ultrasonic instrument supports a hygrostat to control the humidity level from 40 to 80 percent. The property also includes fragrance. There is a sleep timer, humidity indication and a blank screen. According to user reviews, the continuous operation time of the device varies from 12 to 14 hours with a water consumption of approximately 250 milliliters per hour. A good tank volume of 4 liters is also good news.


  • tank capacity;
  • time of continuous work;
  • there is a timer;
  • smartphone control;
  • build quality.


  • experience of working against a background of a number of competitors.

Stadler Form Mia

15 best humidifiers - Ranking 20217

The best humidifier for a children’s bedroom, in our opinion, is Stadler Form Mia with a simple electromechanical control. The power consumption of the device is 7.2 W, which indicates energy savings. At the same time, the design weighs only 300 grams, and the capacity of the water tank is 100 milliliters. Don’t worry, enough for 10 hours of work. The manufacturer claims that its capacity is enough to serve 30 square meters. Stadler offers a wide range of essential oils in combination with an ultrasonic humidifier for the best results. Also, the device pleases with a clean design and good lighting.


  • excellent design;
  • small size;
  • profitability;
  • branded essential oils;
  • battery life.


Leberg LH-206

15 best humidifiers - Ranking 20218

The rating of air humidifiers has been replenished with the Leberg LH-206 ultrasonic model, which attracts with its affordable price, balanced technical characteristics and ease of use. The device supports performance tuning, there is an automatic shutdown and aromatization support. Despite the relatively low price, the manufacturer paid due attention to power — the performance is 300 ml / hour, and the battery life reaches 10 hours. I was pleased with the low power consumption, silent operation, elegant design and ease of maintenance. At the same time, when using more expensive solutions, there is a significant difference: in terms of efficiency itself.


  • good technical characteristics;
  • affordable cost;
  • elegant appearance;
  • self-employment.


  • base line.

Xiaomi Deerma DEM-F600

15 best humidifiers - Ranking 20219

According to the «PriceQuality» resource, one of the best models of air humidifiers for a children’s room is the Xiaomi Deerma DEM-F600 ultrasonic device. The performance of this gadget is 340 ml / hour, which is enough to serve a room ranging from 25 to 40 square meters. Among the features of this line, one can single out a large screen and a large water tank, despite the affordable price. Among other things, there is a sleep mode, intelligent control, temperature display. The body of the invention is made of ABS plastic. According to customer reviews, the filters of this humidifier can be washed with ordinary tap water.


  • good tank;
  • water volume 5 liters;
  • build quality;
  • silent model.


  • for small spaces.

Electrolux EHU-3710D

15 best humidifiers - Ranking 202110

Another high-quality ultrasonic humidifier, which, according to the manufacturer, has a good ionizer. The model is designed to service premises up to 50 square meters. At the same time, the maximum noise level of the equipment is 25 dB, and the maximum productivity reaches 450 milliliters per hour. At the same time, high efficiency is due to the presence of a four-stage sterilization. The unit supports 6 operating modes. Further protection against unwanted microorganisms, in turn, provides an ultraviolet lamp. It is worth noting the presence of a backlight, as well as control of the device using the remote control. The capacity of the tank is enough for 5 liters of water. The composition includes a digital screen through which you can monitor the operation of the product. In the absence of water, an emergency shutdown system is activated.


  • good power;
  • excellent indication;
  • UV lamp;
  • remote control;
  • protection system.


Ballu UHB-310

15 best humidifiers - Ranking 202111

Considering reliable air humidifiers in the segment of ultrasonic devices, I would like to especially note the quality of Ballu UHB-310. This device is suitable for servicing rooms up to 40 squares, which is the best indicator. The long service life of this product can be attributed to the presence of mechanical control. In fact, a 12-month warranty is a confirmation of the manufacturer’s confidence in its products. The gadget is great for use in homes, offices and apartments. Some buyers successfully use the equipment in the open spaces of children’s rooms. It should be noted the presence of flavors, good consistency and compact size of the product. Let’s not forget that the Ballu brand is rightfully considered one of the leading brands in the field of HVAC technology.


  • reliable manufacturer;
  • 12 months warranty;
  • ergonomic design;
  • good protection.


Polaris PUH 6080TFD

15 Best Humidifiers - Ranked 202112

The best ultrasonic humidifier of 2021 is the Polaris PUH 6080TFD model, which attracts with its high power and filtration quality. The device allows you to serve apartments up to 60 square meters. The liquid is poured into a large container with a volume of 6 liters. At the same time, it is not necessary to turn off the humidifier to restore the water balance if necessary. Before the coolant is supplied to the evaporator, water is purified from impurities using a ceramic filter, which provides additional protection and durability of the equipment. The performance of this device is 400ml/hour and the battery life is up to 12 hours. There is a security system, touch control, a night light.


  • timer for 12 hours;
  • simple control;
  • build quality;
  • functional model;
  • protection systems.


The best industrial humidifiers

Par-Fog GT-1.6

15 best humidifiers - Ranking 202113

Par-Tuman GT-1.6 is a high quality stand-alone ultrasonic humidifier for maintenance of rooms up to 150 square meters. The system has already found application in large cottages, houses and entertainment centers. It can be used in catering establishments, shops and other commercial premises. The design is based on a high-quality hygrostat, simple operation, a powerful power plant that provides productivity up to 1.6 liters per hour. There is no water tank, as you know, there is no need for it. Network connection. The power consumption is up to 150W, which is a reasonable figure given the range of the system. Responds to a low noise level of 35 dB and low weight — only 7 kg.


  • high power;
  • Energy consumption;
  • bowl capacity;
  • battery life;
  • compact size.


  • wall mount.

Brune B280

15 best humidifiers - Ranking 202114

In most cases, manufacturers do not advise moving household appliances to different rooms, which leads to an imbalance and is accompanied by a deterioration in efficiency. However, this rule does not apply to high quality Brune industrial humidifiers. Model B280 has a sufficiently high power reserve and wheels for convenient transportation of the complex around the territory. The capacity of this apparatus is 500 cubic meters. The group includes a large set of filters, including a UV lamp for the destruction of bacteria and viruses. There is an ionizer, a humidistat. Pleasantly simple electronic controls, as well as a 21 hour uptime. The capacity of the water tank is 25 liters, which, of course, affected the dimensions in a far from optimal way. In addition, the device turned out to be very noisy for ultrasonic analogues — up to 45 dB.


  • high power;
  • there is a UV lamp;
  • battery life;
  • huge tank;
  • transport wheels;
  • filtration quality.


  • noisy equipment;
  • massive model.

Par-Fog GT-2.0

15 best humidifiers - Ranking 202115

The second place in our top home humidifiers is the Par-Foman GT-2.0. Unlike version 1.6, the new unit received more power and a number of improvements. In fact, this trend is clearly visible in the characteristics presented below.

The ultrasonic complex consumes up to 2 liters per hour at a noise level of 35 dB. The performance is enough to serve areas up to 100 square meters with a battery life of up to 12 hours. The tank capacity of this invention reaches almost 24 liters. The composition includes a display, a hygrostat, a humidity controller and a convenient timer. Automatic shutdown, evaporator rotation for best service quality for industrial plants and large homes.


  • volume;
  • noise level;
  • tank capacity;
  • quiet work;
  • durable construction;
  • filtration system;
  • simple control.


How to choose the right humidifier for your home?

Of course, not all buyers will be able to find a suitable product in the presented review. For those who do not know how to choose a humidifier, we have compiled a list of important nuances:

  1. Tank capacity: directly depends on the rate of water evaporation. With a capacity of 400 ml / h, it is worth stopping at a tank of 3 liters or more. As a rule, this is enough for 4-6 hours. It will be a useful option — add water so as not to stop. For a comfortable sleep, it is better to focus on solutions with an autonomy of about 8 hours.
  2. Serviced area — this parameter is always indicated in the description. Keep in mind that the larger the area, the more tank you will need. For an apartment, from 20 to 30 square meters is enough. For a home or office, there are more advanced solutions that can serve 60 or more squares.
  3. Note: modern humidifiers are equipped with a hygrometer and a built-in gyrostat that allows you to control the level of humidification. The higher the level of the product, the more reliable the data can be obtained.
  4. The noise level is a very important parameter, because this technique is often used at night. Today it is not a problem to find a humidifier with a volume of 25-35 dB (silent models);
  5. Additional options: some devices support aromatic oils, can support air ionization. If the first function is easy to check in practice, then the second is not so easy.

What should be the humidity in the apartment (table)

Humidity Minimum value Maximum value
For people 40% 70%
For technology 45% 60%
For plants 55% 75%
For parquet 45% 60%
For books 40% 60%

Tips for choosing and operating a humidifier

  1. What kind of water should be poured into the humidifier? Of course, most manufacturers recommend using distilled water. This rule also applies to Chinese technology, in the description of which this advice may not be taken into account. It is important to understand that the quality of the coolant in many areas leaves much to be desired, which implies a rapid deterioration in the operation of the equipment and a constant fight against white deposits on furniture. The exception is devices whose instructions or descriptions indicate the presence of protections and filters, which implies the possibility of using ordinary tap water.
  2. What to look for when buying equipment for the nursery? For a children’s room, it is more expedient to install an ultrasound of a good brand. First, they are quieter. Secondly, it is safer, since there is no risk of getting burned. I would recommend a decent machine with aromatic oil and good LED lighting. Many models stylistically for children can serve as a lamp.
  3. Why is the ultrasonic model better than the traditional one? First of all, it concerns the principle of work. Ultrasonic models spray water droplets on small parts and spray them over the entire area. In addition, such devices are more relevant, there are more of them. Competition means reducing costs and raising the quality of standards. Modern devices have many interesting filters, they work quieter and safer.
  4. How to choose a humidifier for a small apartment? It all depends on your budget and your interests. If you want to get effective results without wasting your nerves, it is certainly more advisable to buy an ultrasonic humidifier for your apartment, because it is quieter. In addition, such devices are more secure.

What is the best humidifier to buy for your home in 2022?

What do we end up with? If you’re not sure which humidifier to buy, start with a different type of technology, budget, noise level, and personal preference. Our conclusion, based on the reviews and characteristics of devices of various classes, is as follows:

  1. Good cold vapor humidifier: Xiaomi Smartmi Zhimi Air Humidifier 2;
  2. Cheap but good steam appliance — Boneco S250;
  3. Powerful industrial air humidifier — Brune B280;
  4. Ultrasonic air humidifier for a children’s room — Stadler Form Mia;
  5. The best model in terms of price / quality ratio is Polaris PUH 6080TFD.

As you understand, this is a conditional opinion based on feedback, personal opinion, and current recommendations and standards. We ask you to join the discussion, share your personal experience, friends, in order to minimize the influence of marketers on other users.


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