15 Best Air Purifiers — 2022 Ranking


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We have selected for you the best air purifiers according to experts and user reviews. This rating will help you choose and buy a reliable and high-quality air purifier that will delight you for many years.

15 best air purifiers - Ranking 20210

If at the dawn of the appearance of such technology, demand was observed mainly among allergy sufferers, today many ordinary buyers have appreciated the obvious advantages of devices that allow creating the most favorable microclimate for health. In our ranking of the best air purifiers of 2021, we will try to distance ourselves as much as possible from controversial issues and the marketing component that experts use to artificially increase demand for certain categories of goods. Our choice is based on open sources of information, including research results, tests, user reviews. Let’s start with the fact that today, even in the budget segment, solutions are offered with a multi-stage filtration system, which may include the following types of elements:

  1. Mechanical filter — protects other system components from contamination, retains large particles up to 10 microns in size;
  2. Fine filter: captures small impurities ranging in size from 0.1 to 1 micron;
  3. HEPA — is responsible for removing the smallest particles up to 0.03 microns in size, and it is this component that should be used in a detergent for allergy sufferers;
  4. Charcoal filter — removes unpleasant odors, changes every 3 months;
  5. Photocatalytic filter: also cleans the air of volatile impurities, removes viruses and bacteria, but is more expensive.

In expensive premium models, the filtration system may include electrostatic and other filters and / or others.

Best Inexpensive Air Purifiers

If you want to install a quality vacuum cleaner in a child’s room or in a car, you need to pay due attention to the problem of noise. To date, there are few quiet solutions on sale. We tried to choose a small number of inexpensive cleaning products with a noise level of 30 to 35 dB. Some of the presented devices also have support for a special night mode. As for the rest of the parameters, including performance and features, it all depends on the budget and the size of the room.

Remezair RMA-101-01

15 best air purifiers - Ranking 20211

The list of good and inexpensive cleaners is supplemented by the Remezair RMA-101-01 model, which is designed to serve small rooms up to 10 square meters. The filtration system includes a photocatalyst, pre-filters and ceramic filters. Disinfection is carried out using a UV lamp. Given the purpose of the equipment, high performance cannot be counted on. However, for a small room of the indicated size, 35 m³ / h is sufficient. But the noise level does not exceed 30 dB. The compact desktop vacuum cleaner is powered by USB. The device weighs around 300 grams.


  • low noise level;
  • there is sterilization;
  • light;
  • good producer.


  • low power.

Xiaomi 70mai Midrive AC02

15 best air purifiers - Ranking 20212

Another cheap and modern device that stands out for supporting color indication and smartphone control. It must be said right away that over large areas this gadget is practically ineffective. However, 70mai Midrive AC02 car vacuum cleaners are in demand among drivers. At the same time, the performance of the gadget is 52 m³ / h, which is a good indicator for car interiors. The composition includes a HEPA filter with a good indicator of efficiency. The noise level does not exceed 32 dB. The power consumption in this case is 1 W, which indicates low power consumption.


  • pre-filter;
  • HEPA filter;
  • Wi-Fi control;
  • noise level.


  • not for large rooms.

Remezair RMA-107-01

15 best air purifiers - Ranked 20213

If you do not know which air purifier to choose for a nursery, we recommend that you pay attention to the Remezair RMA-107-01 model with a HEPA filter that can capture up to 99% of contaminants up to 0.3 microns in size. In addition, there is an activated carbon filter that eliminates odors. The filtration system, according to the manufacturer, can trap many allergens, including pollen, spores, hair, house mites, etc. At the same time, the composite filter can serve users for about 3 months. Customer reviews confirm the effectiveness of this cheap, but fairly high-quality product.


  • life expectancy;
  • good filtration;
  • small size;
  • silent model.


Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro H EU

15 best air purifiers - Ranked 20214

The ranking of the best air purifiers resumes with the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro H EU, which is a continuation of the MiJia segment of the smart home product category. A sufficiently productive device attracts with a low noise level, high speed of operation, as well as a degree of filtration. At the same time, the device has an aesthetic design and excellent indication. An informative OLED screen is responsible for the last task. Compared with the previous generation of this device, the manufacturer managed to improve the principle and efficiency of air circulation, and also increased the performance of the power plant. In addition, we have improved the fan, reducing the noise level.


  • improved fan and circulation;
  • good engine;
  • excellent filtration;
  • affordable cost.


Tefal Intense Pure Air XL PU6086F0

15 best air purifiers - Ranked 20215

The best air purifier for the children’s room, in our opinion, in 2021 will be the Tefal Intense Pure Air XL PU6086F0 model, which supports 3 levels of filtration. The device positions itself as an effective solution for the removal of formaldehyde (a very common pollutant), which explains the high demand among allergy sufferers. The spread of germs is almost impossible. In this case, you do not need to have any skills to quickly and correctly configure the device. In this case, the verification can be done manually. It will not be superfluous to signal a good indication, a reactive timer. The noise level does not exceed 32 dB. The capacity is enough to serve 140 square meters.


  • 2 year warranty;
  • good filtration;
  • high power;
  • there is a timer;
  • convenient indication.


The best air washers

Based on user inquiries, we found that many people are wondering which is better than an air purifier or a washer, which obviously implies the perception of two types of technologies. In our opinion, this is an incorrect question, since we are talking about one type of device. The difference is that sinks work on the principle of water filtration. In good devices, a water drum is implemented, consisting of evaporator discs that are wetted and effectively remove dirt. It is important to wash these filters regularly (every 2 days). Otherwise, bacteria will quickly grow in polluted water.

Xiaomi Smartmi Zhimi Air Humidifier 2

15 best air purifiers - Ranked 20216

Our best air purifiers are complemented by a good washer for small spaces up to 35-37 square meters. The case of an inexpensive but good model is made of high-quality anti-allergic plastic, which at least visually looks reliable. In addition, the manufacturer paid due attention to the stylistic component and high-quality coating, which also protects the device from the appearance of various microbes. In the case of a small climatic housing, you can fill the region with 4 liters of water. Considering the performance of 240 ml / hour, you don’t have to worry about the autonomy of this device: you don’t need to add water for about 15-16 hours.


  • home app me;
  • convenient design;
  • self-employment;
  • quality materials.


  • low power.

Ballu AW-320

15 best air purifiers - Ranked 20217

The list of inexpensive but good pressure washers is completed by the Ballu AW-320 model, which is designed to serve small apartments or offices. The device works on the basis of water evaporation, which, in fact, differs from classic ultrasonic and steam cleaners. The result is not only the removal of allergens, but also hydration with a performance level in the region of 300 milliliters per hour. The gadget has a simple digital control, complemented by an excellent hygrometer sensor. There is a thermostat to maintain optimal humidity. The good news is the good capacity of the tank, holding more than 5.5 liters of water. This is enough to serve the premises for 20-25 hours at medium power.


  • automatic water disinfection;
  • silver wand;
  • good hydration;
  • simple control.


  • washing performance.

Boneco W1355A

15 best air purifiers - Ranking 20218

When looking at good pressure washers for allergy sufferers, it’s hard to ignore the existence of the Boneco W1355A range. This device received an ionizing cleaning rod. User reviews indicate really effective dust removal, as evidenced by the level of water pollution. At the same time, the company took care of the presence of a powerful power plant that can serve up to 50 square meters. Given the performance, the night mode will not be superfluous. The device is provided with a 5-year warranty, which indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in its product. It is worth noting the use of expensive hydrofilter discs, which are well ventilated thanks to large fans and a good motor. Water consumption in the cold season reaches 300 ml / hour. In summer it is possible (without the use of heating equipment) to use around 100 ml / hour.


  • reliable model;
  • night mode;
  • good power;
  • good indication;
  • 5 year warranty.


  • water consumption.

Sharp KC-D51RW

15 best air purifiers - Ranking 20219

For users interested in purchasing a solution that combines good humidification and air purification, our evaluation presents the Sharp KC-D51RW, which has enough power for rooms up to 38 square meters. In our experience, the actual performance is lower, which is optimal for 35 squares. The filtration system in this device is represented not only by water filtration, but also by a carbon filter, as well as HEPA. This bond guarantees excellent dust and allergen removal efficiency. Among the useful options, I would like to note the presence of an automatic mode of operation of the cleaner, a timer, excellent indication, and a hygrostat. Both the electronic control and the ionizer are perfectly implemented.


  • automatic cleaner;
  • productivity 306 m³ / hour;
  • excellent filtration system;
  • simple control.


Panasonic F-VXR50R

15 best air purifiers - 2021 ranking

The best pressure washer of 2021 is the Panasonic F-VXR50R, which is equipped with a humidistat, multi-level automatic cleaning, light sensor and night mode. Among other things, there is support for ionization, there is a timer and a parental control function. The device is capable of processing rooms up to 40 square meters at a maximum speed of 5.1 cubic meters per minute. At the same time, the water consumption does not exceed 500 milliliters per hour. Particular attention should be paid to the Nanoe system, which provides high efficiency in the removal of various allergens, as well as bacteria. It is worth noting the presence of many sensors — from the level of dust to lighting, which stably transmit data to adjust the settings.


  • many sensors;
  • built-in timer;
  • good indication;
  • high power;
  • flagship brand.


The best cleaners for allergy sufferers

In such devices, the air first passes through a multi-stage filtration system, is cleaned of contaminants and bacteria, and then saturated with ions. On the other hand, none of the components of the filtration system needs to be replaced. However, filters should be periodically vacuumed or washed if they support the latter option.

Ballu AP-110

15 best air purifiers - Ranking 202111

Another successful model of an air purifier for an apartment is the Ballu AP-110 model, which positions itself as an effective solution for use in a metropolis. The device really removes dust and allergens with high quality, warning the user in time about the current state of the microclimate. In addition, the air is disinfected from allergens. This device has an ionization function. The comfort of work is guaranteed by the night mode function. There is a 24 hour timer. The organic UV lamp is available with three working speeds.


  • there is a UV lamp;
  • affordable price;
  • ionization support;
  • night mode.


  • for small apartments.

Polaris PPA 4060i

15 best air purifiers - 2021 ranking

A well-deserved place in our rating of air purifiers is occupied by the Polaris PPA 4060i model, designed to serve large rooms up to 60 square meters. The filtration system includes filters with silver ions, HEPA and components to remove unpleasant odors. In turn, performance is regulated in three ways. Simplification of the operation process, thoughtful control and a timer with a setting for 12 hours. The comfort of use is justified by the presence of a night mode and an indication that it is time to change certain filters. The performance of this purifier reaches 330 cubic meters.


  • optimal power;
  • silent mode of operation;
  • simple control;
  • excellent indication.


  • little is sold.

AIC XJ-3800A1

15 best air purifiers - Ranking 202113

As we continue the discussion of good ionic air purifiers, the success of the AIC must not be forgotten. In our assessment, two models of this brand are presented at the same time, but first we note the XJ-3800A1 series with a more affordable price and excellent performance per 50 square meters. The composition includes a UV lamp, a photocatalyst and a carbon filter. This system helps to remove pests, odors and allergens with maximum precision. There is enough capacity not only for apartments, but also for houses. In addition to the advanced filtering system and powerful engine, I would like to note the elegant design, which cannot be said about the second model of this brand on our list. However, the equipment and the quality of the remote control are worse here.


  • optimal performance;
  • there is a UV lamp;
  • good filters;
  • aesthetic design;
  • excellent indication.


  • remote budget control.

Clever&Clean HealthAir UV-07

15 best air purifiers - Ranked 202114

Another high-quality purifier ionizer that can be used to purify the air in large rooms. This device is equipped with a UV lamp and a modern analysis system. In particular, a sensor is used that determines the level of presence of PM2.5 particles. In offline mode, this allows you to select the optimal power. The silent device is intended for floor installation in rooms up to 50 square meters. Convenient remote control included. Based on these tests, this device really removes the level of electrification, effectively destroys viruses.


  • elimination of bacteria and viruses;
  • decrease in electrification;
  • easy installation;
  • convenient management;
  • good power.


AIC XJ-4000

15 best air purifiers - Ranking 202115

The best air purifier for allergy sufferers in 2021, in our opinion, is the AIC XJ-4000 model, which attracts with a high level of reliability and efficiency for use both at home and in the office. Recommended for plots ranging from 30 to 50 square meters. From customer reviews, you can understand that this model really effectively eliminates pet hair, dust mites and other types of allergens. In addition, the filtration system eliminates odors, viruses and harmful bacteria. This result is achieved due to the presence of photocatalytic and ionization filters. Among the useful options, I note support for automatic operating modes, many built-in sensors, a new generation of HEPA with the removal of up to 99.97% of small particles up to 0.03 microns in size.


  • good equipment;
  • filtration system;
  • remote control;
  • good performance;
  • there is a timer.


What to consider when choosing an air purifier?

Since we have already paid due attention to the types of this technique, as well as the types of filters, I would also like to draw your attention to a number of parameters that should be considered if you do not know how to choose an air purifier for an apartment or house:

  1. Floor space: Most purifiers can serve 20 to 50 square meters. It is important that there is a small margin;
  2. Operating modes — among the most useful options, I will note silent or night mode, fast mode with maximum power, aromatization, ventilation;
  3. The timer is a useful option not only for ozonizers, but also for classic solutions, which allows you to turn on / off the device at a certain time. For example, before returning home from work;
  4. Screen — using the display it is much easier to control the level of environmental pollution. In turn, indicators can be used to indicate the level of water residues, the degree of filter contamination;
  5. Installation method: floor, table and hanging air purifiers are available;
  6. Control: Many devices today have not only touch buttons, but also support for remote control via Wi-Fi, and this feature should not be underestimated.

What is the best air purifier to buy in 2022?

As a result, we were able to consider models with different types of filters, functions and cleaning methods: from water to steam units. If you do not know which air purifier to buy in your case, we recommend that you once again pay attention to the following solutions:

  1. Best budget purifier: Remezair RMA-107-01;
  2. Silent bedroom cleaner — Tefal Intense Pure Air XL PU6086F0;
  3. Inexpensive auto cleaner — 70mai Midrive AC02;
  4. High-quality air purification — Panasonic F-VXR50R;
  5. The most reliable cleaner for allergy sufferers is the AIC XJ-4000.


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