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The number of fashionable and popular devices is growing every year — new ways and forms of old devices are invented, completely new items appear that you always want to try in practice. It would seem that it is difficult to always be aware of new products, and buying up all new devices is quite expensive. However, we often have to make sure that a high price does not always mean excellent quality. Moreover, sometimes low-cost devices outperform their flagship competitors in terms of quality. One way or another, it is quite possible to find more affordable analogues for most modern devices.

  • Action Camera Prolike 4k

An action camera can come in handy in any situation. If earlier they were used mainly by professional athletes to perform tricks, today their capabilities and options have expanded significantly. The action camera is very convenient for traveling, for shooting vlogs or just home video.

That’s why we present you the Prolike 4K, a tiny and lightweight action camera capable of capturing high quality video. The camera’s 4K video capabilities make the Prolike 4K an excellent choice for anyone who wants to create captivating or nostalgic videos. The Prolike 4K camera can take photos, record videos at any time of the day, and record high-quality sound. Everything you want from an action camera is provided by Prolike 4K.

Of course, video lovers will be especially pleased with the price, which is 6 times less than the average cost of action cameras!


  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 50S Instant Camera

Instant cameras have been in our memory for a long time, but recently, with the advent of Instagram and mobile photography, they have begun to gain popularity again as an easy way to capture pleasant moments in memory and immediately get printed photos. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 50S is a compact instant camera with an unusual design and many interesting features. If you like to shoot at night, at parties or indoors, then this camera is perfect for you. The Instax Mini 50S allows the user to adjust the shutter speed, so it can be used to capture high-quality images at night and use artistic techniques with shutter speed. In addition, this camera allows you to shoot macro, so its capabilities are really great, and the price tag is a pleasant surprise.


  • Sennheiser ME 4-N lavalier microphone

If you shoot videos or run your own blog, you know how difficult it is to achieve high-quality and clear sound. An even bigger challenge is finding a really inexpensive but good lavalier microphone. Your problem is solved by Sennheiser, which has been specializing in the production of high-quality audio systems and recorders for many years.

The Sennheiser 4-N lavalier is a miniature and incredibly lightweight microphone that can be easily clipped on clothing, remains almost invisible on video, and is capable of recording clear sound with a wide frequency range. The Sennheiser 4-N condenser microphone will give your video a high-quality audio track.


  • Quadcopter Syma X12s

Surely, almost every one of us dreamed of playing with radio-controlled models, but not everyone managed to do it. Syma gives us this chance. The Syma X12s quadcopter is an easy-to-fly drone designed specifically for flying indoors or outdoors in calm weather.

The built-in six-axis stabilization system makes control convenient and allows you to straighten the quadcopter in any position in flight. Syma X12s is small in size but moves steadily in space. At night or in a dark room, you can turn on the LED effects. The Syma X12s quadcopter is a great gift and entertainment for the whole family, and is available in several vibrant colors: red, green, black and white.


  • Smart Baby Watch Q100 (GW1000)

Children’s smart watches are gaining more and more popularity as a means of communication and monitoring of the child for safety purposes. Smart Baby Watch is not just a watch, it is a real serious device with which the child will have fun, and it will be much easier for you to stay aware of his movements. The Q100 model provides support for 3G and a touch screen. Apps can be installed on the watch.

With the Smart Baby Watch, the child will be able to call you and receive an incoming call, thanks to the GPS sensor you will be able to know where he is, as well as the pedometer will allow you to monitor the child’s lifestyle and maintain health. The watch is available in a range of bright, stylish colors so there’s something for every child.

The Smart Baby Watch Q100 also has a camera and an SOS notification. These watches have a lot of functions, but their usefulness cannot be overestimated.


  • Watch fitness tracker Iwown i6Pro

We all love to stay up to date and track our own health and activity metrics. That is why fitness trackers and smartwatches have become so popular. Iwown i6Pro combines both, and does it at a very affordable price.

A black bracelet with a touchscreen display will allow you to receive and store up to 8 messages or notifications from your mobile phone, track your daily activity, count the number of steps taken and calories burned in training.

The sleep activity tracker and heart rate monitor will help you stay on top of your own health. The water-resistant case allows you to swim or shower without removing the watch, while the light weight makes it comfortable. The battery lasts up to 5 days on a single charge, so you never have to tell people the time again.

A special smartphone application will record all the data received by the tracker during the day and you will definitely not miss important information. A separate plus is the low price of the watch. Models with similar features can cost 5-10 times more, so Iwown is a great choice for those who don’t like to spend big but prefer to get the most out of their devices.


  • Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2 Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtual reality has long captured the minds of science fiction writers, but it’s only recently that it’s become a real reality for a wider audience. Xiaomi virtual reality glasses are designed specifically to bring games and applications on smartphones closer to the viewer.

Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2 glasses are very light weight and comfortable to wear. Extraneous light is blocked out with a unique goggle design, and a nice new material, cationic coated polyester, provides comfort.

Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2 glasses are capable of playing 3d videos in a special mode. You can wear these glasses anywhere and anytime.

Xiaomi has also taken care of a special application, the library of which includes a large number of educational films on various topics. These glasses will be useful for both children and adults, and the affordable price will be a very nice bonus.


  • Smart watch KingWear GT88

The KingWear GT88 smart watch combines the useful functions of several devices at once — a computer, a smartphone, an mp3 player and the watch itself. KingWear GT88 can work both in conjunction with a smartphone, supporting most models, or completely standalone. To work independently of a smartphone, the watch has a slot for a memory card.

When synchronized with a smartphone, KingWear GT88 will be able to receive notifications, to-do list and more.

In addition, KingWear GT88 watch has a number of useful fitness functions, such as heart rate sensor, pedometer and so on. All this becomes even more attractive thanks to a convenient bright touchscreen. The expensive design of the watch is also interesting, it will suit any style of clothing. Smart watches KingWear GT88 will be a great gift for yourself or friends who love fashion gadgets.


  • Wireless portable speaker Koss BTS1K

Bluetooth speaker is always convenient. You can take it with you on vacation, on a trip, listen to music through it in the car or just use it at home. The hardest part is finding a speaker that can handle different frequencies. The Koss BTS1K column does an excellent job with this task.

Convenient design and compact dimensions of the column make it easy to transport. The column fits easily even in a small bag. And at home, it will fit any interior and will not attract too much attention.

But it’s all about its visual characteristics. In terms of audio, Koss BTS1K distinguishes itself from competitors with high-quality and clear sound when playing various genres of music. This acquisition will allow you to listen to music from your phone, player or tablet, and even arrange home parties.


  • E-book BQ R002 poem

A library in your pocket — perhaps any book lover dreams of such a gift. And with an e-book, this problem is solved very easily — just download the entire list of interesting literary works and just read. The BQ R002 poem e-book is available in several colors — black, blue and red. On the display with a diagonal of 6 inches, any text will be conveniently readable. Thanks to the resolution, the image on the display is clear and bright.

E-Ink technology reduces eye strain so that the experience is exactly the same as when reading ordinary paper books. 16 grayscales and 10 text formats allow you to customize the image in the way that suits you best and enjoy reading in a familiar way.

The built-in memory of 4GB will be enough to load a large number of books, and for those who need more, the BQ R002 also has a slot for a memory card. The book can be carried with you anytime, anywhere! It will be a great gift and a great purchase for yourself. And the price will allow you to enjoy reading your favorite works without hitting your wallet.

So, in order to get a technological novelty, it is not necessary to put your hand in stocks or spend a fortune. A high-quality convenient and fashionable gadget is not necessarily a big expense. Keep this in mind when choosing a gift for yourself or your loved ones!


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