10 essential items for repairs


Repairs can take you by surprise and last indefinitely. Especially if it is done by one’s own, albeit skillful, hands. In order for the repair to be thought out, it is necessary to approach it thoroughly, having considered everything — from the planned design to the smallest consumables. It is in order to facilitate your task that we have selected 10 irreplaceable and important items that will definitely come in handy during the repair process.

  1. Drill driver Makita HP331DZ

Quite often, we need to screw or unscrew a screw, drill a hole to assemble a piece of furniture, or perform any task that only a drill or screwdriver can handle. That is why such a tool, perhaps, will always come in handy. The Makita HP331DZ drill/driver combines the features of both devices, adding a punch function designed for drilling in denser materials. The tool is equipped with a keyless chuck, thanks to which the replacement of nozzles is quick and easy. The motor brake function is provided for serial drilling, and the rotation speed is controlled by pressing the start button. The drill driver is designed to work at high speed. The case is made of durable materials and equipped with a soft anti-slip coating. The handle has an ergonomic shape, and the weight is reduced specifically for the convenience of working with the tool. The working area can be illuminated with an LED, so that even when working in low light conditions, you will always cope with the task. The kit includes a handy case, a battery charger and a set of nozzles for a drill.

  1. Perforator SDS-plus ZUBR ZP-26-750

A puncher is a more serious tool for those who are seriously engaged in arranging their home. Therefore, you need to choose a high-quality and proven puncher, which is the BISON. This tool is easy to use and convenient. Its shape is designed with ergonomics in mind so that you do not experience discomfort. The weight is also designed for long-term operation. Drilling speed allows you to quickly drill holes in concrete surfaces, while the drill moves smoothly and easily. Like the Makita drill, the clip-on chuck allows you to quickly change bits, saving you time in the process. The kit comes with a carrying case for easy transportation. The instrument is powered from the mains. The rotary hammer has three modes of operation: slotting, drilling and drilling with impact. The impact force is 2.6 J, in total, the puncher makes 4800 beats per minute. The maximum number of revolutions is 1000 per minute.

  1. Mounting knife Armero

One of the tools that is almost always needed is a mounting knife. It can be useful for simple tasks like cutting electrical tape, to more complex tasks like sharpening wooden pins or working with Styrofoam and Duropolymer. To do this, the knife must be durable and hardy. The Armero mounting knife is just such a tool. Thanks to a specially designed handle, the blade holds firmly and hides securely when you are not using the knife. The case is made of stainless zinc alloy and covered with anti-slip rubber inserts. Both the extension and the fixation of the blades are made using special buttons, which are designed to prevent breakage. The case has a hole for a lanyard, and the design provides a magazine for five additional blades, which are also included in the kit. The Armero knife is a handy tool that will always come in handy in everyday life.

  1. Toolbox ZUBR 38155-18 »Special»

In order to provide convenient storage for all tools, not to lose small parts and avoid damage to appliances, a tool box is a must in the house. “Spets” is a metal box with compartments designed to store various types of tools. Moreover, the shelf for small parts is removable and can be used separately. This box is also convenient for transportation, so it will suit both professionals and amateurs. The box closes with secure metal latches. The body is made of durable metal, so there is a chute for sawing blanks on the lid. With the box ZUBR 38155-18 »Spets» you can always keep all the tools in one accessible place and never worry about their safety.

  1. Glue gun Metabo KE 3000

If you have an interesting design in mind, then most likely you will need to interact with the glue. Which means you need a glue gun. Metabo KE 3000 is a tool used for gluing solid objects made of natural and synthetic materials. It can be wood, plastic, glass, stone, leather or even metal. It all depends on the type of glue chosen. In addition, the tool can be used to seal gaps and crevices. The nozzle of the gun has a special ball valve that will prevent glue drops from flowing out. Maintaining the temperature will prevent the glue from setting. The tool fits comfortably in the hand, thanks to its light weight and ergonomic shape, it is comfortable to use. The gun is designed to work with glue sticks with a diameter of 11mm, the sticks are included. Heating is made in 360 seconds, and the maximum temperature makes 200 °. The gun is powered from the mains.

  1. Safety gloves Bahco GL010-8

For any construction and repair work, large-scale and not very large, safety is very important. That is why, if you start repairs, you should definitely take care of the availability of special protective gloves. They should be comfortable and allow easy work with tools. These are the Bahco GL010-8 gloves. They are made of durable synthetics, which can last for a long time without damage, while reliably protecting your hands. Vibro-compensating inserts are placed on the palm and fingers of the gloves. For safety during construction work, there are reflective strips on the back of the hand. And in the capture area there is an absorbent insert. Gloves can be used both outdoors and indoors.

  1. Portable screwdriver set Hama H-53052

To ensure that everyday difficulties never take you by surprise, it is sometimes good to have a compact and multifunctional set of screwdrivers on hand. Hama H-53052 Mini Screwdriver Set is a handle and 10 different bits that will allow you to quickly and efficiently tighten and unscrew any screw. This kit is especially convenient for performing everyday tasks and repairing equipment at home. The attachments have three different profiles and fit comfortably with the handle in a zippered case. Thanks to its versatility, the Hama set will suit even demanding professionals: it is convenient to carry, you can keep it in the car, in the garage, workshop, in the country or at home. The affordable price of the set will also be a pleasant moment, thanks to which it can be purchased both for yourself and as a gift to familiar craftsmen.

  1. Construction hair dryer Bort BHG-1700

Building hair dryers can be very useful during the construction and renovation process. due to their high temperature, they are excellent for woodworking, softening old paint, film welding and metal soldering. That is why, if you are planning a repair, you should think about purchasing such a tool. Bort BHG-1700 is a hot air gun with two temperature settings: 1300°C and 2500°C. Otherwise, according to its own principle, the hair dryer is not much different from the usual one. It is equipped with overheating protection and weighs 0.65Kg. Ease of use is ensured by the ergonomic shape of the device body and its handle. The hair dryer is made of the strongest heat-resistant materials that ensure safety during operation and prevent melting or burns. Control is made by means of one button which turns on, switches off the device and switches the modes. A separate plus is the affordable price of the tool.

  1. Cordless hacksaw Bosch GSA 10.8W

A cordless hacksaw can be useful for any repair work, and its advantage is that it does not require a mains connection to work at all. The Bosch hacksaw is suitable for sawing wood, metal, plastic and other materials. At the same time, thanks to its design, you do not have to make much effort. The maximum depth of cut for wood with this hacksaw is 65mm, and for metal pipe — 50mm. The Bosch GSA 10.8 also allows you to adjust the stroke rate while sawing, plus provides a backlight if you are working in low light. The power of the device is 10.8 W, the design of the hacksaw is manual with a reciprocating saw. Among the features, you can also highlight the rubberized handles and the presence of the engine braking function. The tool weighs 1.2kg, and the rotation speed is 3000 rpm.

  1. Pliers Stanley FATMAX 0-89-868

Pliers are one of the must-have tools in every home. They will definitely be needed during the repair, but will be useful in everyday life. Stanley’s FATMAX pliers are made from the toughest steel with additional heat treatment for long life and durability. An important element is the ergonomic, comfortable handle, which provides an easy grip and resists slipping even in wet hands. With a neat design, the tool fits easily into any drawer and is ready to serve you exactly when you need it. The width of the tool is 200mm, so it is suitable for various types of work.

Whatever tools you choose, the main thing is to always comply with safety requirements and handle them carefully. Then the repair will definitely be a success and will be quick and painless. And the result will surely please you and your loved ones.


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