10 devices for a new car


If you have recently purchased a car, it is very important to make sure that you feel comfortable in it and have everything you need at hand. So that you do not have any problems with how to equip your car, we have compiled a list of useful devices that will allow you to enjoy personal transport and be ready for any situation.

  1. Rear view camera VDC-003 SWAT

For the convenience of driving, especially for novice drivers, a convenient rear view camera can be useful. Functioning almost like a mirror, this camera can conveniently display everything you need to see. For this, there is no more convenient and affordable option than the VDC-003 SWAT. The camera has a 1/3-inch CMOS matrix and a resolution of 480 TV lines or 648×488 pixels. A comfortable viewing angle of 120 degrees will allow you to clearly see everything that is happening around. In addition, the camera can be easily installed and fixed in the car. The camera is IP67 waterproof. For driving, such a camera can provide safety and comfort.

  1. DVR Xiaomi 70 Meters Intelligent Traffic Recorder

In a new car, you will definitely need a registrar in order to always record what is happening on the road. The DVR should be reliable and convenient, so one of the most suitable models is Xiaomi 70 Meters Intelligent Traffic Recorder. The registrar is made in a convenient form of a cylinder, which can be mounted on the panel or directly on the glass using a suction cup. This DVR does not have a screen, but there is a Wi-FI module for synchronization with a smartphone, where you can view the recordings in real time.

The body of the Xiaomi DVR is made of plastic, but its design will allow it to fit perfectly into the interior of any car.

Shoots a DVR using an IMX optical module from Sony. Xiaomi is also equipped with a 130-degree wide-angle lens. Thus, you will be able to capture everything that happens in three lanes on the road. Full HD recording resolution is 1920×1080. Xiaomi 70 Meters Intelligent Traffic recognizes the user’s voice commands, so you don’t have to press buttons or operate your smartphone to start and stop recording. Power is supplied using a standard cigarette lighter.

  1. Parking radar Sho-Me Y-2630N04

Parking is not always an easy task, and not every new driver handles it with ease. In order to always accurately park, you will definitely need a parking radar. Sho-Me Y-2630N04 is a radar that will control the movement in reverse. It will warn you of small and small obstacles and the presence of other vehicles. The system also works in any weather and time conditions, it is not afraid of the dark time of the day and dimly lit places. Sho-Me Y-2630N04 is able to recognize obstacles at a distance of 1.5 meters from the car. An audible signal and images of indicators are used to notify of an obstacle. The kit includes four sensors that can be placed in front and behind the car to locate obstacles. Sensors will not damage the appearance of the machine at all if they are installed correctly. How exactly to do this — the instructions will tell you. Thus, you can easily enjoy simple and clear parking.

  1. AutoFon Alfa-Mayak module

In order to always know where your car is, thereby being able to always find it, a GPS beacon is ideal. One of the most convenient beacons is AutoFon. This device is small in size and automatically configured for typical operation. On one set of batteries, the beacon can operate up to three years. All information about the movements of the car will be available to you in the personal account of the special server «AutoFon KSA», which can be opened from any browser. For tracking, you can use the mobile application for Android and iOS. The module combines GLONASS and GPS and has an increased sensitivity for the most accurate determination of the position of the vehicle, while it operates at temperatures ranging from -25 to +85°C. In addition to all this, the Alfa-Mayak module has many additional functions and advantages, but most importantly, the device will help you always stay aware of the location of your car and quickly respond in case of theft.

  1. Car tool kit Berger BG108-1214

Wherever you are, you must be prepared for any scenario. That is why it is worth having all the necessary tools in the car. Instead of going through the possible combinations of tools yourself, you can trust Berger. The Berger BG108-1214 tool kit consists of 108 items: screwdrivers, wrenches and other parts. All tools are firmly fixed in a durable and convenient case, but can be easily removed if necessary.

The tools are made of chrome vanadium steel using hardening and galvanizing technologies. Thanks to this, they are reliably protected from the formation of corrosion and rust. Tools do not bend and have high wear resistance.

The case has a compact size, so you can place it under the seat and always have access to the tools you need. The Berger BG108-1214 set is a real must-have for any car enthusiast.

  1. Car radio 2DIN Pioneer FH-X730BT

Any car enthusiast will tell you with confidence that driving is much more fun with music. Therefore, you will always need a high-quality car radio with convenient controls. 2DIN Pioneer FH-X730BT is a convenient and modern radio with a large display and a large volume control. To help you quickly select your favorite radio station, there are 6 adjustable tuning buttons on the car radio.

In addition, the radio’s CD tuner is compatible with Spotify accounts, so you can stream music directly from your iOS or Android smartphone. In addition, using Bluetooth, you can connect two smartphones at the same time. The Pioneer Advanced Sound Retriever technology is responsible for high-quality sound reproduction in the device. The system recognizes FLAC audio and is equipped with a graphic equalizer and a MOSFET amplifier. Regardless of the brand of your car, with the Pioneer FH-X730BT you can always enjoy high-quality music.

  1. Car speaker Morel MAXIMO-6

For a real music lover, one car radio, of course, is not enough. For true music enjoyment, your car needs powerful speakers. That is what you will get with car acoustics Morel MAXIMO-6. When developing this speaker system, the company sought to equip a budget device with the characteristics of a more expensive one. The high quality ferrite magnet generates a magnetic field that provides power to the speakers. Also, the speakers have high sensitivity with a frequency range of 50-20000 Hz. Acudamp’s new polymer resin coating eliminates cone resonance that causes sonic distortion. In other words, everything in the Morel MAXIMO-6 system is aimed at providing the loudest and highest quality sound that will allow you to play tracks of various genres right in your car.

  1. Electrochemical breathalyzer Inspector AT600

Every driver knows exactly how important it is to comply with safety standards. That is why it is worth having a breathalyzer in every car so that you never drive while intoxicated. The breathalyzer Inspector AT600 is ideal for individual measurement of alcohol vapors. The device has a neat design and a convenient control system with several buttons. The measurement error is 0.06 ppm. The breathalyzer is powered by a Krona battery, which is enough for several hundred measurements. In addition, the results are stored in 5 cells.

Getting ready to use the Inspector AT600 takes only 15 seconds, and measurements are made in 10 seconds. And in a minute you can make a second measurement. The user is informed by sound signals. The device is equipped with a 4-digit LCD display with backlight.

  1. Car alarm Scher-Khan Magicar 10

In order to protect your car, you will definitely need a car alarm. Scher-Khan Magicar 10 is a unique system with connection to the CAN-bus of a car. Due to the design, the probability of errors during installation of the device is reduced to zero, while the regular wiring of the machine is not disturbed. The car alarm works in the slave mode, in other words, the control is carried out through the key fob. The alarm system has high communication stability and resistance to interference. The range is up to 2 kilometers. The system consists of two key fobs: one has two sides and a liquid crystal display, the other is one-sided. The communicator keyfob displays the necessary information, while the processor keyfob provides user access and protection against hacking and connection of additional keyfobs, plus service modes. All in all, the Scher-Khan Magicar 10 is a serious car protection system that will keep you safe and confident.

  1. Car refrigerator Bort BFK-12

If you travel a lot in your car, then one of the items that you will definitely appreciate the usefulness of is a car refrigerator. A cooler bag from Bort is perfect for you during the summer period and summer holidays. The bag is able to maintain a cool temperature, but it will work from a car cigarette lighter. In the refrigerator you can store both drinks and food, and even additional accessories such as matches or napkins. For all this, there are enough compartments and pockets inside. With a full capacity of 24 liters, you can carry enough treats for the whole family or friends, while remaining very compact. The cooling temperature is 13°C. The bag is made of special materials that allow the products not to heat up, with an insulating PE foam coating. The kit includes a cable for connection. The Bort BFK-12 keeps its shape well and will definitely prove to be a comfortable option for travel.


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