10 Best Media Players for TV Show Lovers


The world is gradually moving away from the usual concept of television, now we watch mostly YouTube, video from a computer and movies, purchased all the same online. All this, of course, requires a high-quality device that can allow you to watch videos and movies in the best quality on a large TV screen, as well as open access to the maximum number of streaming services. Fortunately, there is definitely plenty to choose from. In 2017, a huge number of streaming services finally came to Russia, where you can choose movies and TV shows — these are Netflix, Amazon, Amediateka, ivi.ru and others. And in skillful hands, it will be possible to set up such services as hulu.

By choosing what you want to subscribe to, you can choose the most high-quality media player for yourself, which will allow you to easily display everything you want to watch on the big screen and enjoy TV and movies in excellent quality without huddling with the whole family on one laptop.

Well, we have selected 10 convenient media players especially for you to choose from, with the help of which all this can be done.

Apple TV 4k

Apple, perhaps, does not yet create its own content, otherwise, in many subspecies of devices, there are great chances to meet the world-famous company logo. When it comes to television, the company has been in the business for a long time, and the Apple TV 4K is one of the most convenient set-top boxes that let you watch movies and TV shows in 4K HDR.

4K and HDR provide much clearer colors and picture details, plus you can play interactive games and watch videos from your smartphone or computer.

In addition to the TV box itself, the kit includes a control panel with a comfortable surface and just a few buttons, one of which, by the way, is reserved specifically for the Siri voice assistant. Therefore, you can control the TV with your voice.

AirPlay is a wireless connection feature that allows you to transfer all the content from your Apple devices and bring it to the big screen, whether it’s movies, content from the iTunes Store or just photos. In short, Apple TV has an incredible amount of convenient and useful features, so it is one of the best and easiest media players to manage.

Google Chromecast

Where there is Apple, it will not do without Google, is it logical? Quite, especially if you take into account the Google Chromecast, which is an analogue of the Apple TV. The set-top box connects to the TV via an HDMI connector and is ready to go.

Chromecast supports Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Google Play and Chrome, in other words, you will definitely not be left without content.

In addition, it would be surprising if the player did not sync with a smartphone or tablet. Thanks to this feature, you can even display the game process on a large screen, or use it for additional screens. Similarly, you can watch movies and series from your mobile device or computer on the big screen.

Of course, you can also use the browser, displaying search results directly on the TV.

Separately, it is convenient that the Chromecast is very small and takes up little space, and the case is stylish and spectacular.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3

If you are looking for a worthy alternative to Apple TV and Google Chromecast, then there is one, and even with a modern Russified interface, running on Android TV 6.0.1.

With Xiaomi Mi Box 3, you will get access to Google Play applications such as MX Player, VLC, Kodi, ivi, Skype and many other services. In a word, your TV will be transformed into an analogue of a computer. Thanks to a single Google account, you can synchronize your TV with an Android smartphone or tablet and control it from your mobile device.

Mi Box 3 supports HDR and of course 4K, so you can watch any content in the highest quality. Built-in Wi-Fi and support for flash cards provides the ability to watch downloaded movies and TV shows on the big screen.

A neat case does not take up much space, and the kit also includes a convenient remote control with simple intuitive controls. Xiaomi Mi Box 3 will fit any interior and expand the capabilities of the TV.

Nvidia Shield PRO TV

Nvidia is known to most users as one of the largest video card manufacturers in the world, however, this is not all the company is famous for. She jumped into the game of TV and streaming just like her competitors, and she did it with the help of the incredibly powerful Nvidia Shield TV device.

Today it is one of the most advanced streamers with a unique ultra-modern design in the classic style of the company. 4K HDR video, Google account support, the convenience of controlling both your TV and smart home with just your voice, and of course, the ability to play games, movies and videos from your PC on the screen.

A large number of supported streaming services, applications and more: Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, etc., support for music services such as Spotify, Pandora, Google and Apple Music. Everything you could expect from your TV becomes possible with Nvidia Shield PRO TV.

In addition, you can choose a 16GB or 500GB Nvidia Shield, depending on your needs and capabilities.

Dune HD Solo 4K

Another lesser known but no less impressive media player is the Dune Solo 4K. Already by the name it is clear that it supports 4K format and provides the ability to play videos in high quality. But that’s not all, because it is this media player that allows you to play 3D video right at home, supports BD and BD3D images with a movie menu.

This player attracts both fast Wi-Fi and support for a large number of major video formats.

Of course, with Dune HD Solo 4K, without too much hassle with settings, you can access a large number of streaming services and the application store. The set includes a convenient control panel. By itself, Dune HD Solo 4K has a very small size and a neat, albeit very modest design without unnecessary bells and whistles. However, don’t let the simplicity fool you, the device is very powerful and provides a huge range of possibilities to transform your usual TV use.

Rombica Infinity K8

A media player in an affordable price range and with a wide range of features is the Rombica Infinity K8. This device supports many built-in Internet services, applications, and even supports social networks. You can watch videos from Ivi, Megogo, TVZavr, Youtube and other services and online cinemas, all in Ultra HD 4K resolution. But this is far from all that this small and unremarkable box can provide. With Rombica Infinity K8 you will get access to cloud services — Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex Disk, etc. That is, all your documents will be available on the big TV screen, and you will be able to show photos, texts and presentations without leaving your home.

Rombica Infinity K8 is compatible with Google Play, so you can download various applications with it and constantly update your arsenal of programs, which is incredibly convenient and provides easy access to all the latest.

Valve Steam Link

Familiar name? No wonder, since Valve is the manufacturer of the largest gaming service Steam, so we guess what to expect from such a thing as Valve’s Steam Link. Aimed at gamers, this device is capable of streaming from your gaming PC directly to your TV screen. Video and audio data is transferred directly to the device, and data from the game controller, through it, back to the PC. You will combine all the devices in your home to get the best gaming experience.

Small in size with a neat and unobtrusive design, it supports the Steam Controller, Xbox wired and wireless controllers, the Logitech Gamepad, and keyboards/mouse.

In other words, if you are much more interested in games and gaming than streaming movies and movies, and you prefer to spend your free time with a joystick in your hands, then Steam Link is exactly the device that will help you get the most desired functions from your TV.

Rombica WinStick v01

Do not want to bother with applications, but just dream of turning your TV into a kind of PC in terms of functionality? We have found a great solution for you — turn any TV with HDMI into a smart device, getting the most out of it with a miniature device Rombica WinStick v01. In fact, Rombica WinStick v01 is a mini-computer with Windows 10 preinstalled, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory, USB and a slot for memory cards.

Accordingly, everything that you are used to watching on a computer on the Internet will become available to you on the TV screen. If you prefer to watch movies but don’t mess with streaming services, this device will suit all your needs. Of course, if you have a Wi-Fi antenna, you will be able to use the network in the same way as you are used to, in addition, the Rombica WinStick v01 device is very tiny, and almost imperceptible when connected to a TV. Make your TV smarter with the power of a PC!

Google Chromecast Ultra

If Google Chromecast is not enough for you, an improved version with the Ultra prefix and additional features will come to the rescue. Now the player supports not only 4K and HDR, but also Dolby Vision, while maintaining features such as connecting via an Ethernet cable. You can use the device with PC and Mac, and one of the most convenient features is the ability to stream different videos or movies at the same time. One will play on the TV and the other on the computer. Otherwise, Google has retained the advantages of its device — convenient easy setup, access to a large number of services, both video and audio, work with applications and, of course, a spectacular laconic design. Remained unchanged and simple intuitive control from a mobile device. The device is powered directly from the TV, via the USB port into which the device is connected, that is, everything is extremely simple and the Google Chromecast Ultra is more than ever self-sufficient.

Dune HD Duo 4K

Returning to Dune, one cannot fail to note one of the most advanced media players, which is suitable for the most picky cinephiles. A dedicated video processor with VXP processes images at a professional level, in addition, the device is equipped with a DAC, which provides the highest sound quality. HD, 4K and 3D — all this is easily reproduced by Dune HD Duo 4K. It may seem larger than its counterparts and cost twice as much, but try Dune HD Duo 4K and you will definitely understand what you are paying for. The remote has special learning buttons that can be configured so that it will always be convenient for you to have quick access to your favorite content. Dune HD Duo 4K is capable of playing the maximum number of available formats. In addition, it supports two hard drives.

This media player is able to transform the process of watching movies and videos into a movie theater experience, so by purchasing it, you are taking the first step towards creating your own home theater.

Well, if we helped you decide on the best and most suitable player, all that remains is to stock up on popcorn and get comfortable to watch your favorite movie masterpieces!


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