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Top 8 best unicycles - Rating 20210

Choosing the first monobike always raises difficult questions, especially when it comes to the first purchase. On the one hand, it is important that this transport correspond to the assigned tasks. On the other hand, it is necessary to take into account the physical parameters of the user (in particular, weight). In addition, buyers often search for a solution on foot, and once they master it, they need more speed. Our ranking of the best unicycles of 2021 includes models designed for different users, corresponding to different tasks. Let us first clarify the types of such solutions. First of all, you should start from the diameter:

  1. 14 inches is the safest option, but such wheels are not suitable for users weighing more than 80 kilograms;
  2. 16 inches is the «golden mean», which attracts with a high level of safety and good technical characteristics. A worthy choice if the customer’s weight does not exceed 90 kilograms;
  3. 18″ and above: High speed monobike, also used by large users.

The best inexpensive unicycles

In this category, you must first of all focus on the reputation of the manufacturer, and we paid due attention to this issue. In addition, you need to understand the purpose of the purchase (if you want a fast unicycle, then obviously you should focus on more expensive solutions). As practice shows, budget models are taken for walking or for learning to ride. Therefore, we have focused on the safety and weight of the device.

Ninebot One A1

Top 8 best unicycles - Rating 20211

The top walking unicycle opens the Ninebot One A1 model, which has good performance and a fairly solid body. It is characterized by aesthetic design and high-quality materials that are expected to last a long time. For driving skills, this solution is almost ideal. In addition, the engineers of a well-known company paid due attention to compact dimensions and low weight — only more than 10 kilograms. Illumination implemented. The maximum speed can reach 18 kilometers per hour. The battery charge lasts for 15-18 kilometers (depending on the weight of the user).


  • 155 Wh battery;
  • good lighting;
  • resistant body;
  • light;
  • normal speed.


  • not for big buyers.

Gotway MCM5 280Wh

Top 8 best unicycles - Rating 20212

If you do not know which unicycle to choose for a novice user, we recommend that you pay attention to the Gotway MCM5 280Wh. This is an updated version of the well-known line, which is equipped with a more advanced cooling system. In addition, the manufacturer has increased and raised the body, so that the audience of potential buyers has become wider. The 14-inch single wheels are great for teenagers who quickly master this mode of transport. Determining the ideal design is still very difficult. To drive safely off-road, you need to have certain skills. In conditions of insufficient visibility, backlighting will help. There is a USB port, thanks to which you can charge any smartphone or smart watch, for example, using this gadget. The motor power in this model is 1500 W, which is enough to accelerate to 35 km / h.


  • good speed;
  • elevated body;
  • good backlight;
  • elegant design.


  • you have to get used to the body

InMotion V5F Black

Top 8 best unicycles - Rating 20213

In search of an affordable yet good unicycle, many casual buyers have opted for the 25 km/h top speed InMotion V5F. It is an upgraded version of the classic line and found to be perfect for first-time buyers. At the same time, an improved modification allows you to overcome up to 40 kilometers. There are no major changes in terms of design. The rugged and durable body itself is complemented by an elegant appearance. Among other things, it should be noted the wide scope of this technique: both teenagers and adult buyers can use the monobike. For extreme power, of course, it will seem small.


  • improved version;
  • good speed;
  • long-distance travel;
  • elegant design.


  • not for high speed driving.

KingSong KS14M

Top 8 best unicycles - 2021 ranking4

The best budget unicycle of 2021, in our opinion, is the KingSong KS14M series model, which has a capacious 2900 mAh battery. This is enough to drive 15 kilometers. Thanks to a powerful motor (800 W), this unit can accelerate up to 20 kilometers per hour. It takes only about 150 minutes to fully charge the battery, which is a good indicator. The case is protected according to the IP-54 standard, which means complete protection against moisture. The vehicle weighs less than 13 kilograms. Other features include durable rubber inserts, a remote control and a load capacity of up to 120 kg. For a 14-inch wheel, this is a good indicator.


  • Weight Limit;
  • travel distance;
  • fast charging;
  • good speed;
  • reliable cover.


The best unicycles for price and quality

This category contains more expensive 16-18 inch unicycles with higher technical characteristics for fast driving. To work with such solutions, you already need certain skills or at least experience. At the same time, we have not overlooked the importance of a reliable and secure suitcase, as we understand that many buyers are initially looking for more efficient bikes. We have collected models from well-known brands that have already earned a certain amount of trust and have shown that they know a lot about creating durable and wear-resistant cases.

KingSong 16S SPORTS

Top 8 best unicycles - Rating 20215

The 16-inch KingSong model from the 16S SPORTS series meets the unicycle rating. In this segment, this model is considered not only reliable, but also fast enough. Power reserve of 70 kilometers. An automatic engine shutdown is provided, which the predecessor could not boast of. By the way, this device is compact in size and has good carrying capacity. Due to its good mobility and speed, many users have preferred this mode of transport as an alternative not only to a car, but also to an electric scooter, since it can be ridden where larger solutions are not capable. And you don’t have to worry about parking. This device weighs very little compared to similar options.


  • good load capacity;
  • light;
  • at high speed;
  • good run.


  • there are more advanced rulers.

InMotion V10

Top 8 best unicycles - Rating 20216

Given the reliable and fast 16-inch single wheels, it’s hard not to notice the InMotion V10, which surpassed the V8 not only in technical parameters, but also in body comfort. In the side parts there are more advanced LEDs that guarantee good night lighting. In addition, the manufacturer has taken care of the presence of a powerful battery and a motor that can accelerate to 40 km / h. The reinforced body allows users to drive vehicles up to 100 kg. The battery charge level can be monitored by indication. The full battery capacity is 6-8 hours of battery life, depending on the height of the user and the type of riding. Another advantage is synchronization with a smartphone, after which you can activate various options and view travel information.


  • cult model;
  • synchronization with the phone;
  • at high speed;
  • wear-resistant body;
  • good indication.


  • worse than the premium version.

KingSong KS18L

Top 8 best unicycles - Rating 20217

If you are interested in a fast 18″ unicycle, we recommend that you pay attention to the KingSong KS18L model. The range of this transport reaches 80 kilometers. However, the battery capacity of this series is almost 1.5 times that of 18XL. Although the manufacturer himself claims 100 km. However, here much depends on the maximum weight of the «rider». The advantages include the maximum speed among the presented models, as well as stability on different types of surfaces. Monobike guarantees good performance not only on the road, but also on forest paths or parks. It is also worth noting that the manufacturer is constantly working on this line, supplementing it with interesting options, improving the design.


  • excellent design;
  • battery capacity;
  • at high speed;
  • diameter 18 inches;
  • adequate price.


  • The declared power is practically not true.

InMotion V10F

Top 8 best unicycles - Rating 20218

The best unicycle of 2021 is the InMotion V10F, which is equipped with a 2000W motor. Unlike the simple version, this configuration received a more pronounced tread. The maximum speed is also 40 kilometers per hour, but, in our opinion, this device is more reliable and safer. Another benefit is a smoother ride and better traction. The power reserve in this model can reach 100 kilometers, which is a remarkable indicator for this segment of cars. On the sides of the same advanced display. The benefits also include a proprietary application that provides good synchronization with iOS and Android. Each user can easily track speed data, distance traveled, etc.


  • proprietary software;
  • travel distance;
  • good speed;
  • excellent grip.


Rating of reliable unicycle manufacturers

We have compiled a ranking of the best unicycle manufacturers, as our selection is mainly read by novice buyers. Therefore, the emphasis is on choosing reliable brands whose products are already ready due to the fact that they will constantly fall into the field of training.

GW 8/10 Ninebot 9/10 Kingsong 10/10 Inmotion 10/10

  • GW. This brand is considered one of the most reliable and time-tested, however, monobikes of this brand have a less reliable body than those of the competitors listed below;
  • Ninebot. Another top manufacturer whose single wheels have a solid construction and good technical characteristics. Unfortunately, most of the company’s models have protection (by lifting the pedals) when entering low speed, which makes it difficult for them to work in the most extreme riding. Therefore, we believe that the products of this company are more designed for novice buyers.
  • Song of the King. Another experienced manufacturer, in whose collection there are many successful KS-14M / D / DS lines. All products have a durable housing and are therefore suitable for training. At the same time, the brand offers many high-speed single wheels of different diameters.
  • In move. In our opinion, this brand produces the most reliable and comfortable single wheels for both walking and driving at high speed. In particular, I would like to note the popularity of such lines as: V8 and V5. Due to their great popularity, these cars have good liquidity and will be easy to sell on the secondary market if you move to more expensive and lively cars.

How to choose a good unicycle for the first time?

Perhaps you could not find a suitable model or did not find it for sale. In this case, I would like to note how to choose a unicycle if you do not know where to start:

  1. Power reserve. Do not confuse the battery capacity of a smartphone and a monobike — they are two different things. At the same time, the distance for travel depends not only on this parameter, but also on the weight of the user, driving style, power plant power and even air temperature.
  2. Maximum speed. This characteristic depends on the power (nominal, maximum or peak). The manufacturer may indicate different versions, so it does not hurt to clarify. For inexperienced users, this is quite normal around 20 km / h. The premium segment is distinguished by speeds up to 50 km / h and even higher.
  3. Wheel diameter. This parameter indicates the patency and convenience of the technique (size and weight). 14 to 16 inches is enough to start with. For faster running from 18″ and up. Also note that larger user weights require larger models.

Which unicycle is better to buy in 2021?

Therefore, if you believe the reviews of experts and ordinary buyers, the most reliable products are Inmotion, Kingosng, Gotway and Ninebot. If you don’t know which unicycle to buy, we recommend starting with these brands.

  1. Best budget unicycle — KingSong KS14M;
  2. Economic model for beginners — Gotway MCM5 280Wh;
  3. Fast motorcycle with a reliable body — KingSong KS18L;
  4. The ultimate premium unicycle: the InMotion V10F.

It is also worth adding that all the new model lines of these brands have fairly reliable speakers and high technical characteristics.


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