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Electrolux hobs are compact and functional devices for cooking products that allow you to organize the kitchen space ergonomically. This is due to the absence of an oven in many models. To install them, it is enough to follow only two rules: firstly, to embed only in a flat horizontal surface that is convenient in height for your height, and, secondly, the area used must fully comply with safety requirements.

The Swedish manufacturer offers three types of equipment:

  • electrical, including induction;
  • gas;
  • combined.

The first two are most widely represented in retail chains. Let’s see which models of a well-known brand have become the most popular among consumers.

The best gas hobs

2 Electrolux EGV 96343 YK

Electrolux EGV 96343 YK

The hob attracts attention from the outside. The material for the panel was dark tempered glass, which looks spectacular, looks great in the interior of any style. Yes, and the dimensions for embedding 56×49 cm are quite suitable, including for small kitchens. The functionality of the body is beyond doubt, since it has 4 burners of different diameters for the rational use of gas. They maintain the right temperature well. And to speed up cooking, you can use the Triple Crown burner.

In the reviews, users point to the convenient placement of burners and rotary knobs that are not subject to heat. The mechanical control panel is in front, but does not interfere with the movement of dishes. There are additional overlays for the wok pan and a very neat cast-iron grate. Among the advantages, it is possible to single out the presence of functions of electric ignition, gas control. In addition, the glass surface is easy to clean using conventional products.

1 Electrolux GPE 363 MB

Electrolux GPE 363 MB

An effective budget model of the hob meets modern ideas about the arrangement of the kitchen interior. It is independent, because even with the additional placement of the oven, the control will remain separate. In addition, gas can be supplied both through a pipe and from a cylinder. The package includes 4 burners, which are equipped with rotary switches. A big plus is that the design of one of them is designed to supply not one row of flame, but three at once. This allows you to quickly and more evenly heat not only the container, but also its contents.

An important function of automatic electric ignition of the burner is present, which simplifies the use of household appliances. Of the useful options there is gas control, which provides additional security. Thanks to her, immediately after the flame goes out, the gas supply is turned off. The device is equipped with a cast-iron grate, which, according to user reviews, is distinguished by high wear resistance, the ability to withstand temperature conditions and mechanical stress without cracking and deformation. Of the minuses, insufficiently practical enamel is noted as a material for the hob.

The best electric hobs

3 Electrolux EHF 96547 XK

Electrolux EHF 96547 XK

Not every device of the Electrolux brand collects as many positive reviews as this participant in the rating. The electric type cooking structure is equipped with a touch-sensitive slider control system that smoothly copes with the proposed functionality. And it is quite worthy for the panel of the middle price segment.

The manufacturer has selected wear-resistant materials that retain heat well and are safe for health. The glass-ceramic body and 4 ceramic burners leave only the most pleasant impressions. All burners are of the powerful yet very functional Hi Light type. One of them is triangular. Plus — the ability to choose and set the temperature for each heating element. As for the forms, in addition to the traditional round one, an oval heating zone is provided. This allows rational use of each section of the working area.

An ambiguous reaction from the owners of equipment is caused by the option to automatically turn off the device when liquid gets on the hob. Undoubted advantages include a timer, a panel lock button, a residual heat indicator. The negative is caused by appearing scratches and cracks, heating of the control panel.

2 Electrolux CPE 6433 KX

Electrolux CPE 6433 KX

An independent model is the best option, the «golden mean» when choosing the best type. It is completely safe, and the improved Hi Light technology applied to all 4 burners creates an excellent balance between heat transfer and energy saving. Moreover, the provided double-circuit and triple-circuit burners allow you to quickly heat even very capacious pans.

The control is touch-sensitive and located on the front of the hob. Timer and momentary off functions provide maximum convenience. It is not necessary to be in the kitchen all the time, as sound signals will promptly notify you of the end of the specified program. Electrolux has developed a special safety shutdown to further save energy. Among the positive features of the model, users highlight a durable and at the same time aesthetic glass-ceramic surface and the presence of a panel blocking button.

1 Electrolux EHH 96340 XK

Electrolux EHH 96340 XK

The kitchen device from the Electrolux brand has received recognition from the owners, primarily for a special type of heating element design. In this case, electromagnetic coils are built-in, which heat up metal dishes very quickly. The induction hob has a significant rated power of 7.4 kW. 4 different-sized burners are built into the glass-ceramic surface of the fixture. Most often they work quietly, but some owners in the reviews note a lot of noise. An interesting option is to automatically turn off the burner when removing dishes from it. The timer can be set both for the operation of each burner, and in general mode.

Touch button control does not cause any complaints, since the response is instantaneous and there are no problems. If necessary, the panel is blocked with a special button, which is important if there are small children in the house. Residual heat indicator adds comfort to the driving process. The electric model is equipped with a protective aluminum frame, so spilled liquid does not spread outside of it. Of the minuses, consumers call the complexity of caring for the work surface, certain requirements for dishes. It is also advisable to be no closer than 30 cm from the included burners. For those wearing a pacemaker or hearing aid, the safety distance is increased to 1.5 m.

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