Top 15 Best PC Keyboards — 2021 Ranking


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15 best keyboards for PC - 2021 ranking

Purchasing PC peripherals is often accompanied by errors due to the abundance of promotional offers with minimal explanation of important parameters. It is worth noting right away that, based on the results of our ranking of the best keyboards in 2021, we have collected recommendations for choosing with a description and explanation of the importance of key parameters. First, I would like to talk about what keyboards exist in general:

  1. Membrane — this technology attracts with its low cost and simplicity. The only advantages are low noise level and fluid resistance.
  2. Scissors — This technology is mainly used for laptops and other portable devices. This is an alternative to the membrane keyboard. It also uses an integral polymer membrane, resulting in poor performance.
  3. Mechanics: This technology is the most advanced, as evidenced by minimal key travel, increased reliability, full RGB backlighting (you can customize the backlighting for each individual button), responsiveness, tactile sensations and many other benefits.

The form factor (100%, 80%, 75%, 60% or less) plays an important role in the workflow, which explains not only the size, but also the location, as well as the number of keys. In terms of stylistic choices, there are many rectangular, oval, folding, flexible keyboards and even separate number pads for highly specialized tasks, for example, with one hand.

According to the purpose, ergonomic, multimedia (for TV, tablet, set-top box), games and keyboards for work are conditionally distinguished. The first type is very specific and is used to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Ergonomic models are characterized by special curves and the most comfortable design in terms of hand position.

Best Inexpensive Membrane Keyboards

Inexpensive mechanical keyboards are quite rare. Therefore, in this category, as you already understood, membrane analogues worth up to 1000 rubles are presented. Of course, these gadgets can hardly be called durable and functional. In rare cases, there is a simple backlight and additional programmable keys. However, many of the peripherals in this collection are suitable for the office. You just have to decide on the size, price and design.


15 best keyboards for PC - 20211 ranking

The first 15 keyboards are opened by the entry level model OKLICK 510ML. Membrane base and 104 keys give rise to unpretentious characteristics. Strengths — impact-resistant plastic, cable length of 1.5 meters and low noise when pressed. It will not be superfluous to note the presence of multimedia keys for quickly turning on the video, as well as sound buttons. The connection to the computer is made via the USB port. There are no complaints about the laconic design of the black keyboard. However, despite the modest price, many users note the lack of the ability to turn off the backlight.


  • elegant design;
  • good key travel;
  • multimedia buttons;
  • the presence of illumination.


  • backlight is not adjustable.

Defender Legion GK-010DL

15 best keyboards for PC - 20212 ranking

Looking for a good yet affordable keyboard, some buyers have opted for the Defender Legion GK-010DL in black. This tool is positioned as a gaming solution with an optimal set of gaming features, which, of course, sophisticated buyers will argue with. However, this is a good budget option that will decorate the table and please with stable work. There is a system key lock, change of arrows, recognition of simultaneous pressing of several keys. As you understand, the backlight is implemented, the angle of inclination can be adjusted. RGB brightness and polling rate can be adjusted. The strength of the product increases the metal bottom. A nice plus is the ferrite noise filter.


  • braided wire construction;
  • good connector;
  • moisture protection;
  • labels;
  • metal bottom.


  • answer for the gaming keyboard.

SVEN Standard 303

15 best keyboards for PC - 20213 ranking

If you are looking for a compact keyboard for an affordable office with a modern design, we recommend paying attention to SVEN Standard 303 in black. It is reliable, lightweight and compatible with Windows or Vista. In fairness, it is worth noting a high-quality membrane with a low noise level during operation. There is a standard set of buttons, as well as two additional buttons needed to adjust the sound. The connection is made via the USB interface. According to customer reviews, many complain about the small space, which can really be inconvenient with the fast technique of printing huge amounts of text.


  • reliable model;
  • elegant design;
  • light;


  • short space.


15 Best Keyboards for PC - Ranked 20214

For those users who have not yet decided which budget keyboard to buy, our list features the full-size model of the Dell KB-216 series. The reputation of the manufacturer for many years is not in doubt, as well as the reliability of this model. It is reliable, comfortable and durable. Island (scissor) keyboard attracts with low noise level, good ergonomics and support for 104 keys. It is worth noting the successful implementation of the membrane substrate, when using which, over time, it is not necessary to increase the pressing force. Suitable for working with large amounts of text.


  • excellent working model;
  • low price;
  • reliable manufacturer;
  • small size.


Logitech Keyboard K120

15 best keyboards for PC - 20215 ranking

The best budget keyboard of 2021 is the Logitech Keyboard K120, which stands out from the competition with a number of significant advantages. First of all, it concerns silent text input. In addition, the waterproof case, low-profile design and quality keys are good news. The resource, according to the manufacturer, reaches 10 million clicks. Benefits include plug-and-play support, as well as a curved gap that expands the technology’s capabilities. In fact, for study and work, this is a great solution. Including thanks to bold characters on the buttons.


  • 3 year warranty;
  • visibility of letters;
  • reliable model;
  • easy installation;
  • elegant design.


The best wireless keyboards

On sale are a variety of keyboards for Android-set-top boxes, wireless solutions for TVs, tablets and other equipment. We are interested in classic solutions for laptops and desktops. Based on this, we began to create a selection in this category of peripheral equipment. Given the low requirements for this type of keyboard, it is more reasonable to focus on membrane products for the price. As for the form factor, it all depends on your preference.

Gembird KBS-7001

15 best keyboards for PC - 20216 ranking

By far the best keyboard and mouse set in this segment is the Gembird KBS-7001. Of course, both devices are in the starting price category and have simple parameters. So, for example, the resolution of an optical mouse is only 1000 dpi. I am glad that the range of each Bluetooth gadget is 10 meters. In general, this is enough for simple tasks (using supports, etc.). The dimensions of the mouse reach 9.7 by 5.8 by 3.6 centimeters, and the weight is 75 grams. AA batteries are used for operation. The scissor keyboard, in turn, weighs about 300 grams and is also compact. The object includes 78 keys.


  • small size;
  • equipment;
  • the battery is charged;
  • action range.


  • multiple keys.

Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360

15 best keyboards for PC - 20217 ranking

For buyers of a good Bluetooth laptop keyboard, our roundup shows the Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360, which benefits from quiet operation and great build quality. The device is made in a classic and strict design. This is enough for comfortable use. At the same time, the manufacturer took care of the presence of six multimedia buttons, as well as twelve programmable keys of the F row. You can connect a wireless mouse using the Logitech Unifying receiver. The gadget is powered by batteries. It is also worth adding that a well-known company offers a 3-year warranty on its product.


  • guarantee period;
  • strict design;
  • number of buttons;
  • wireless mouse support.


  • key size.

Microsoft QSZ-00011

15 best keyboards for PC - 20218 ranking

The Microsoft QSZ-00011 series model, which weighs only 500 grams, fully matches the keyboard rating. The device runs on two AAA batteries. Volume control is done with Fn. It is worth noting the small key travel of the membrane keyboard and the range of Bluetooth. At the same time, the full-size (ANSI) gadget has the optimal size buttons with the correct spacing between the buttons. No wonder that the world famous brand has taken care of the usability of its product. However, not all buyers were satisfied with the lack of standard software in the model, like many competitors.


  • low stroke;
  • advanced design;
  • reliable manufacturer;
  • convenient management.


  • no off-the-shelf software.

Logitech Craft Advanced

15 best keyboards for PC - 20219 ranking

This is another fantastic backlit wireless keyboard that appeals with its sleek, premium design but puts off its hefty price tag. The manufacturer guarantees that this product guarantees the most precise control possible. And customer reviews confirm the fact that with this template you can remotely create and manage various applications, including Photoshop or PowerPoint. The pluses include the «smart» backlight, which, after switching to the active mode, is amplified by itself. In addition, he reacts to the approach of the hands of the owner. Accurate input is carried out without any extra effort. The model is characterized by stability, long service life and quiet response.


  • life expectancy;
  • quiet entrance;
  • light strokes;
  • intelligent backlight;
  • stable construction.


Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900

15 Best PC Keyboards - 2021 Ranked 10

The best wireless keyboard according to the authors of the post is the Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 with its sleek black design. We are talking about a set of peripheral gadgets, which includes a great mouse. The keyboard itself is built using AES encryption technology, which guarantees the protection of user information. This is a smart enough solution for office workers. It is worth noting that this gadget requires only two AAA batteries to operate. The touch optical mouse supports a simple base with 1000dpi accuracy. However, as a bonus, an ergonomic and affordable gadget obviously does not hurt. The support for customizable buttons, the light weight of the two devices, and the quiet operation of the buttons are reassuring.


  • silent operation;
  • case quality;
  • there is a mouse;
  • 128-bit encryption.


The best mechanical keyboards for gaming

Even in design, such models often differ from their classic counterparts, not to mention the keys, the quality of the mechanical keys and their location. Typically, key buttons, including Shift, Alt, Ctrl, Space, and the arrow keys W, A, D, S, have a protective coating and a separate backlight. Many solutions also have a joystick and even a screen. It is important to understand that more advanced keyboards are more energy efficient. When choosing, be guided by reviews and reviews, because such equipment is more expensive.

HyperX Alloy FPS Pro (Cherry MX Red)

15 best keyboards for PC - Ranked 202111

Definitely a solid gaming keyboard with a small footprint, easily explained by the lack of a numeric keypad. This saves space. Of particular note are CHERRY® MX branded switches and a high-strength steel frame that prevents the device from moving during fast-paced play. Features include a portable form factor with a detachable cable. You can activate a special game mode by activating the Anti-Ghosting feature. Some HyperX keys have dynamic lighting effects and smooth red backlighting by default.


  • lighting effects;
  • switch quality;
  • detachable cable;
  • compact size.


  • no digital lock.

Logitech G G413 Carbon

15 Best Keyboards for PC - Ranked 2021 12

For avid gamers, our favorite is the really reliable and durable Logitech G G413 Carbon mechanical keyboard mechanical keyboard, which customers say has very fast Romer-G™ switches. Despite the extreme simplicity of the design, the device attracts with a very pleasant tactile response and a small distance from the «trigger point» — only 1.5 millimeters. This guarantees a 25% faster response than many classic counterparts. Also visible in the picture is a thin body, the base of which is made of wear-resistant 5052 aluminum alloy. This indicates not only a low weight, but also a long service life of the product.


  • strong frame;
  • a light weight;
  • quick response;
  • life expectancy;
  • good backlight.


  • simple design.

Corsair K68 RGB (CHERRY MX Red)

15 best keyboards for PC - Ranked 202113

In our opinion, Corsair is the leading manufacturer of premium mechanical keyboards today, and the Corsair K68 RGB series is a prime example of this. It must be said right away that this premium gadget for gamers has a rugged housing according to the IP-32 standard. CHERRY® MX switches are exceptionally reliable and easy to use. The keyboard of the German assembly attracts with high precision and smooth response. In this case, special attention should be paid to proprietary software CORSAIR iCUE, with which you can set flexible settings for lighting parameters. The software features advanced macro programming and backlight synchronization with other peripherals including mice.


  • build quality;
  • simple software;
  • protection class;
  • CHERRY® MX switches;
  • aggressive design.


  • there is a newer model.

ASUS TUF Gaming K7 Linear Switch

15 best keyboards for PC - Ranked 202114

ASUS is one of the undisputed leaders in the field of gaming keyboards. This is evidenced by the protected optical-mechanical keyboard of the Gaming K7 series linear switches, the housing of which corresponds to the IP-56 class. It attracts synchronized backlighting, as well as the speed of switches that operate 25 times faster than conventional mechanical counterparts. Many gamers speak positively of the polyurethane foam cushion, which is designed to relieve wrist fatigue. At the same time, they support the memory effect and magnetic nozzles. I am attracted by the backlighting of the keys and its quick synchronization with other gadgets. It is worth noting the quality of the implementation of proprietary software Armory II, which is great for programming buttons, recording macros. Implemented backlight synchronization.


  • recording macros on the fly;
  • set up different profiles;
  • corporate application;
  • switching speed;
  • backlight sync.


Corsair Gaming K70 RGB

15 best keyboards for PC - Ranked 202115

The best gaming keyboard of 2021 is a premium mechanical modification of an already well-known model. This time we’re talking about the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB series with amazing lighting and improved Cherry MX Red switches. These parts provide a stable, trouble-free and very fast linear response. The activation zone is large. No clicks during operation and no feedback is heard. However, the device has an impressive weight, which is why the scope is being discussed. Anodized aluminum base. The soft wrist pad is worth considering if you enjoy long gaming sessions. There is a built-in memory for storing profile and backlight parameters. The CUE program will help you with this.


  • wonderful switches;
  • proprietary software;
  • aviation aluminum;
  • coating quality;
  • elegant design.


How to choose a good keyboard for your computer?

Today, none of the well-known keyboard manufacturers produces low-quality models. Why? Because there is tough competition in the peripheral segment. The exception is Chinese brands that no one knows about. We strongly do not recommend buying it. As for the parameters to consider, if you do not know how to choose a keyboard, you will not be able to limit yourself to a few suggestions. You must consider:

  1. Resource;
  2. travel key;
  3. Response speed;
  4. The number of simultaneous clicks;
  5. Connection type;
  6. Number of buttons and form factor;
  7. connection type, wired or wireless);
  8. Tactile sensations;
  9. RGB setting (relevant for game models).

If, when buying a keyboard on the Internet, it is not possible to determine any of these parameters, then you can always look at a review or customer reviews, which almost always indicate the shortcomings of a particular technique. At the same time, it should not be forgotten that, in almost all of the above characteristics, mechanical models are superior to island and membrane solutions.

The quality and durability of the buttons depends on the materials. Most often, plastic is used to implement the keys, but this material can be of different quality. Metal options are indeed more reliable and last longer, but they are heavier.

In terms of functionality, there are many controversial points. As practice shows, 90% of keyboards have all the options necessary for work, including multimedia buttons, as well as keys for quickly launching programs, support hot keys. But for gamers, this is not enough. Here it is worth paying attention to macros, that is, programmable functions. As for screens and other «goodies», as practice shows, they are less useless than risks: the more complex the peripheral equipment, the faster individual components fail. It is important not to confuse with backlight. It is available in many models, but it is either not configured or does not turn off at all when the computer is turned off. This may be inconvenient.

What is the best keyboard to buy in 2021?

Therefore, if you do not know which keyboard to buy for work or play, you should first of all focus on products from well-known manufacturers. This will avoid risks. At the same time, as practice shows, for inexperienced buyers, slight differences in the noise level and tactile sensations do not play a special role. If you decide to believe the opinion of the editors, then we consider the following peripherals to be the best models in different segments:

  1. Best budget keyboard — Logitech Keyboard K120
  2. Household kit (wireless mouse and keyboard) — Gembird KBS-7001;
  3. A good laptop scissor model is the Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360;
  4. Best Keyboard for Gaming: Corsair Gaming K70 RGB
  5. Convenient wireless model: Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900;
  6. The best mechanical keyboard in terms of price-quality ratio is ASUS TUF Gaming K7.

Which keyboard model do you like best? OKLICK 510ML 11.49% Defender Legion GK-010DL RU 4.6% SVEN Standard 303 3.45% DELL KB216 8.05% Logitech K120 EER Keyboard 9.2% Gembird KBS-7001 1.15% Logitech K360 Wireless Keyboard 1 , 15% Microsoft QSZ-00011 1.15% Logitech Craft Advanced 8.05% Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 5.75% HyperX Alloy FPS Pro (Cherry MX Red) 9.2% Logitech G G413 Carbon 10.34% Corsair K68 RGB (CHERRY MX Red) 8.05% ASUS TUF Gaming K7 12.64% Corsair Gaming K70 RGB 5.75% Show results 87


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