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In modern construction, polyurethane foam has become a very popular material. With its help, fill voids, install windows and doors, create insulation. Due to the adhesion and rapid solidification, it is possible to speed up work of varying complexity. In order to economically and evenly apply the naughty sticky mass, a special gun was invented. These devices are in abundance on the shelves of hardware stores, and choosing a decent option is not always easy. To help you, we have compiled a rating, which included only the best models of amateur and professional foam guns.

The best amateur pistols

5 Park MJ07

A good option in terms of price and quality if you are not going to use a foam gun all the time. It is unlikely to withstand active use, but it will cope with basic repair tasks — filling gaps, fixing door and window frames, sealing the heating system or plumbing. The gun is suitable for any standard cylinders. The design of the model is extremely simple, but in addition to metal elements, it contains plastic, so you can’t count on a long service life and special reliability.

Despite some shortcomings of the budget foam gun, users consider it not the worst option, which is what they say in the reviews. The gun lies comfortably in the hand, the trigger is pressed without much effort — they can work for quite a long time without feeling tired. The model does not withstand increased loads, therefore it is suitable only for domestic, not professional purposes.

4 PITs

It makes no sense to buy an expensive professional tool for self-repair in the apartment. For such purposes, it is better to purchase an affordable PIT gun. It will help you insert doors, fill voids, and fix insulation. In addition to the metal barrel and valve, the inventory is completely made of plastic. The wide retainer securely holds the foam bottle, but the thread is quite delicate and after replacing several containers it licks off. The regulator has a classic shape, with its help you can adjust the thin supply of mounting foam. Thanks to the long tube, it will be possible to reach the most inaccessible places. A third of the length is narrowed, which makes it even easier to work.

Consumers highlight several positive qualities of the PIT pistol. These are accessibility, lightness, ease of use. Since most of the parts are made of plastic, this tool is unlikely to withstand more than one repair.

3 Blast Extra Lite

The most popular Chinese pistol is the Blast Extra Lite model. It is sold at the lowest price, since almost all parts in it are made of polymers. Thanks to this design, the lightest model in its class was obtained. The voluminous handle will be comfortable for a large male hand. The mounting foam is supplied by turning the bent regulator. In a certain position, it can be blocked by sliding the lever into the groove. Wide latch allows you to quickly change the cylinders. Reliable retention of mounting foam provides a needle valve.

Amateur craftsmen and professionals note such qualities of the Blast Extra Lite pistol as affordable price, lightness, and ease of use. Among the shortcomings, one can single out the spontaneous release of foam when the gun falls, the unreliability of the plastic construction, and poor fixation of the cylinder.

2 Stayer Master EconoMax

The Stayer Master EconoMax pistol has the maximum endurance and unpretentiousness. The manufacturer managed to achieve this through the use of a simple design and high-quality materials. The mounting foam supply tube is made of stainless steel, which makes it easy to remove the remains of a dried insulator. The trigger is also made of stainless steel. For reliable fastening of the cylinder, a threaded grip made of aluminum is provided. There is a ball valve at the inlet of the supply system, the outlet channel is locked by a needle mechanism. They differ in reliability and non-failure operation.

Users note the simplicity of design and the endurance of the Stayer Master EconoMax pistol. It is affordable and made from quality materials. Since the tube is not removed from the body, after each use it is necessary to rinse the equipment from the remaining foam.

Today on sale there are many guns for polyurethane foam from different manufacturers. The leading positions in the construction market are occupied by the following companies.

  • Kraftool produces a wide range of medium-sized tools. Foam guns are distinguished by German quality, reliability and durability. Products have a fairly high price, so most often they are bought by professional builders.
  • Matrix is ​​a well-known global manufacturer of construction equipment and power tools. There are official distributors in almost every country. Guns are of good quality, so they are appreciated by finishers and installers.
  • Stayer is a subsidiary of Kraftool. Products are in demand among amateurs and professionals due to their affordable price and ease of use.
  • FINCH INDUSTRIAL TOOLS (FIT), a well-known Canadian manufacturer of tools and accessories for industry and construction, has been selling its products in Russia since 1996. Initially, the offered pistol models were reliable and convenient, and now they have become even more affordable.
  • The history of development of the German company Biber began in 1950. Today, not only Europeans, but also domestic builders have managed to appreciate the advantages of pistols from this company.

1 Bieber Master

The Bieber Master pistol has good quality at an affordable price. The tool is equipped with an elongated stainless steel tube, which has a thinning from the edge to the middle. The pistol grip is conveniently made for the human hand, you can pull the trigger with one or several fingers. The valve trigger drive runs through the entire tube. To remove the remnants of dried mounting foam, you can completely disassemble the inventory. Thanks to the simple design, it is possible to keep the gun in perfect condition. To lock the channels, high-quality valve mechanisms are used.

In the reviews, domestic users highlight several positive qualities of the Bieber Master pistol. This is a democratic price, high quality, reliable design. The model can be used for both domestic and professional purposes.

The best pistols for professionals

5 STAYER Professional PROGun 06861_z01

If you need a professional-level polyurethane foam gun, but the funds do not allow you to purchase an expensive tool, you can pay attention to the budget model of the German brand STAYER. Despite the fact that the production is carried out in China, the gun is made quite soundly, withstands frequent and prolonged use. The advantages of the model include a durable metal case, an ergonomic plastic handle, a needle valve, the ability to regulate the flow of foam.

The model is suitable for both domestic needs and professional activities. In the reviews, users note a very comfortable ergonomic handle, low weight of the product (440 gr.). They like that for a low cost you can purchase a model with the ability to regulate the supply of foam. In operation, the gun is simple and convenient, it lasts quite a long time, and looks like a good professional tool.

4 ZUBR Professional Buran

Polyurethane foam can cause a lot of trouble for the worker if it gets on the skin or clothes. With a hermetic gun ZUBR Professional Buran, you can not be afraid of the appearance of a sticky mass in the wrong place. If the valve is tightly closed, the foam does not harden for a whole week. The tool is designed for economical filling of voids in door and window blocks, for creating an insulating layer, sealing joints and joints. All parts are made with high precision, especially the Teflon-coated brass needle valve. The metal case and stem look reliable.

Professional builders highly appreciate the affordable price and high level of tightness in the ZUBR Professional Buran pistol. With proper use, hands and clothing do not collide with adhesive foam. Difficulties arise when the foam dries in the gun, not everyone likes the shape of the handle.

3 FIT 14270

The main characteristic of the FIT14270 pistol is its high quality. The body of the model is made of durable aluminum alloy. The brass tube is complemented by a plastic handle. Stop valves are nickel plated. This combination of materials makes the tool not only reliable, but also lightweight. The gun is perfect for both domestic purposes and professional use. Thanks to fine adjustment, the supply of mounting foam can be adjusted in a smooth, thin stream. The presence of nozzles allows you to economically spend foam. The gun is easy to clean after work.

Professional builders and home craftsmen praise the FIT 14270 pistol. It is well made, convenient and predictable in operation, and easy to maintain. The disadvantages include an unreliable tube fastening nut, problematic dismantling of the nozzle.

2 Matrix 88669

The most reliable and trouble-free professional pistol is the Matrix 88669 model. This tool has a durable body that is protected from corrosion by a Teflon coating. Thanks to a special spraying, not only the appearance of rust is prevented, but also the adhesive ability is reduced. Cured foam can be easily removed from both the tube and the valves. However, Teflon does not have high strength, so it is not recommended to pick parts with sharp steel objects. Safety of use is provided by two limiters of the handle. So that the fingers of the hand cannot be accidentally pinched.

The advantages of the Matrix 88669 polyurethane foam gun for professionals include easy cleaning of foam, a comfortable handle, a reliable metal case, fine feed adjustment. Among the shortcomings, one can single out a slippery trigger and a high price.

1 Kraftool Industry

The Kraftool Industrie pistol is exceptionally practical. Its reliability and functionality is noted by many professional builders. The advantage of the model is the collapsible design of the tube and spout, which allows for through cleaning. All parts are made from quality materials. The cylinder retainer is made of brass, the threaded part is very strong and durable. With proper operation of the gun, the complete tightness of the inventory is maintained. The copper alloy case is not afraid of mechanical impacts and accidental drops. Even with regular use, the service life reaches 7 years.

Professional builders and installers note a number of positive qualities of the Kraftool Industrie pistol. The tool is high-quality, reliable, durable. It is easy to maintain, while it retains all its properties for many years. The disadvantages include a lot of weight and high price.

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