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10 best dryers (vending machines) - Rating 20210

We present the top 10 rating of the best dryers (automatic machines) for the home. The rating of clothes dryers includes the best machines in terms of price and quality. We have selected the best dryers for you according to user reviews and expert opinion.

Today, the demand for individual dryers leaves much to be desired, which is easily explained by additional costs and the need for additional space. For obvious reasons, many people buy washer dryers, but even powerful appliances will never achieve perfect results, although they will consume much more energy, and combined solutions are very expensive. It is important to understand that the main task of even a top-end washing machine is to wash, not dry. At the same time, today there are several models of dryers that can be installed on washing machines. In our ranking of the best dryers of 2021, we look at both economical and premium solutions that offer a different installation method and allow you to get the maximum comfort of use.

In our subjective opinion, it is much more profitable, both in terms of energy costs and in terms of drying / washing efficiency, to choose two full-fledged devices. A combined washing machine (with a powerful spin) is also expensive, but it will never allow you to get such an effective drying as a budget, but highly specialized machine.

Best Budget Condenser Dryers

The main advantage of this class of technologies is the way moisture is removed: unlike ventilated machines, condensate dryers condense liquid in a separate tank. As a result, they can be used in almost any room, including those with poor ventilation. True, such products are much more complicated, from time to time it is necessary to check for the presence of condensate.

Beko DF 7412 GAW

10 best dryers (vending machines) - Rating 20211

The top 10 dryers are opened by the entry-level model of the Beko DF 7412 GAW series, which can hold up to 7 kg of clothes. The drying system is equipped with a relatively good heat pump, and the energy consumption level is “A ++” standard. In addition, a drying sensor is provided, a fairly high-quality drum, complemented by a backlight, sort of. For ease of use, 15 programs are available that allow you to quickly select the appropriate operating mode. It is worth noting the presence of a quick mode of operation, which allows you to dry clothes in just 14 minutes. There is a delayed start, and the device is controlled by a handle. You can check the operation of the machine thanks to the digital screen.


  • fast mode;
  • many programs;
  • economy of the model;
  • there is a heat pump.


  • not the most expensive items.

Hoover DXW H10A2TCEX-07

Top 10 dryers (vending machines) - 20212 place

If you do not know which condensation dryer to choose, we recommend that you pay attention to the Hoover DXW H10A2TCEX-07 model, which attracts not only with its affordable price, but also with good technical characteristics. The model has a large drum that can hold up to 10 kilograms of things, which favorably distinguishes this unit from its analogues. It is worth noting the high-quality chrome-plated door and a large capacity for collecting liquid. This line also has a heat pump, which means higher and faster results. Ease of use is justified by simple rotary switches and a clear screen. Among the useful options, we note the presence of a delayed start, 14 programs and a wide range of applications. You can dry both synthetics and wool without worrying about the integrity of the fabrics.


  • hypoallergenic drying;
  • many programs;
  • good ability;
  • build quality;
  • there is a heat pump.


  • it’s not the cheapest model.

Weissgauff WD 6148 D

10 best dryers (vending machines) - Rating 20213

Another reliable dryer with the right value for money. The Weissgauff WD 6148 D series is equipped with a modern engine and can hold up to 8 kilograms of things, which is the best indicator for most users. The technology attracts with a simple electronic control and an efficient condensate drainage system, the quality of which is even comparable to premium solutions. There is a humidity sensor designed to drain residual moisture. It is worth noting that this manufacturer has fairly high-quality electronics, which very often fails first in this segment of equipment. Also pleased with the quality of lighting, a long power cord (1.5 meters) and a door lock. The noise level reaches 69 dB, which is not ideal.


  • quality price;
  • quality of electronics;
  • modern engine;
  • drying efficiency;
  • optimum capacity.


  • not too quiet model.

Bosch WTX 87KH1

10 best dryers (vending machines) - Rating 20214

The list of dryers is complemented by another reliable condensing type model, which has already established itself in the market as an economical and durable device. This range meets the energy standard A +++ (maximum savings). Particular attention should be paid to proprietary technologies, including AutoClean and Iron Assist. Another advantage is the Smart Dry function, which guarantees gentle laundry care. At the same time, the AutoClean function allows you to avoid cleaning the product from fluff. In turn, Iron Assist technology assumes that the laundry is steamed, and this function helps to smooth out wrinkles. Intelligent mode allows you to automatically select the optimal mode of operation depending on the type of clothing. It also includes a simple TFT screen.


  • gentle care;
  • maximum efficiency;
  • reliable engine;
  • automatic program selection.


  • balance screen.


10 best dryers (vending machines) - Rating 20215

The best condenser dryer of 2021 is the LG DC90V9V9W, equipped with a quality DUAL Inverter Heat Pump ™. The line meets the A +++ energy consumption standard, which explains the rather high price at the initial stage. At the same time, users respond positively to the relatively low noise level. Another plus is the Eco Hybrid™ feature, which also helps save time and energy. There is a self-cleaning system. It is important to note that the condenser is automatically cleaned up to three times per drying cycle. The long service life of the equipment is also due to the presence of a double filter that effectively captures lint particles.


  • clothing protection;
  • profitability model;
  • engine quality;
  • drying efficiency;
  • noise level.


The best heat pump dryers

In this category, as you understand, there are premium condensing machines equipped with good heat pumps. Their design resembles a refrigerator compressor, but the heat is not removed to the outside, but returns to the heating element. As a result, you can significantly save on electricity. Drying naturally occurs faster and more efficiently, and the surrounding area does not heat up. Of the shortcomings, a rather high price should be noted.

Hansa TDH 8GH

10 best dryers (vending machines) - Rating 20216

The evaluation of the dryers is complemented by the Hansa TDH 8 GH model, which supports 16 operating programs, including own mode and fast operation. The load of laundry reaches 8 kilograms and the filling level of the condensate tank is indicated. Specifications include high quality round glass door and 180 degree opening angle. The level of energy consumption in this case corresponds to the «A ++» standard. It is worth highlighting a good protection system, which includes protection from children. There is a modest LED display, as well as a comfortable rotary knob with quality buttons. The model is quite modest in size and quiet operation.


  • adequate price;
  • pump quality;
  • condensation indication;
  • small size;
  • good door.


  • it’s not the most expensive engine.

Gorenje DE 92

10 best dryers (vending machines) - Rating 20217

Considering high-performance home dryers, I would like to highlight the Gorenje DE 92 model, which has many useful modes and functions. In particular, protection of things from creasing (AntiCrease technology) is provided, so things are easy to iron after using the equipment. In addition, enjoy intuitive operation and a high-quality digital screen. Excellent efficiency is guaranteed by the alternating rotation of the drum and the durable heat pump. Attention is drawn to the presence of 16 drying programs and a laundry capacity of 9 kg. Ease of use is also due to the indication of the filling of the condensate tank, you can set your own settings. Child lock available, automatic condensate drain. Door opening angle 180 degrees. The body is made of galvanized steel.


  • expensive things;
  • door quality;
  • good ability;
  • many programs.


  • energy rating.

Whirlpool FFT M11 9X2

10 best dryers (vending machines) - Rating 20218

I want to note right away that Whirlpool produces many interesting products in terms of price / quality ratio and sells its electronics to even more famous and expensive brands. The Whirlpool FFT M11 9X2 dryer model is distinguished not only by high-quality control, but also by good parameters. The capacity reaches 9 kilograms and the exclusive 6th SENSE technology is implemented, which is responsible for controlling the humidity in the drum. Not surprisingly, this technology has a long lifespan and low energy levels. In addition, users can keep fresh.


  • good electronics;
  • build quality;
  • own technologies;
  • many programs;
  • economic model.


Samsung DV90TA040AE

10 best dryers (vending machines) - Rating 20219

If you are looking for an affordable and at the same time functional dryer, we recommend that you pay attention to the Samsung DV90TA040AE line. The structure includes a powerful heat pump, but nevertheless the level of energy consumption meets the A +++ standard. It is also worth noting that the model complies with the IEC 61121-2013 standard. The advantages include a reliable door that allows you to monitor what is happening inside. In addition, the engineers of the well-known brand have equipped the device with many useful technologies that provide gentle care and eliminate unnecessary wrinkles on clothes. 3 sensors are available at the same time, which analyze the state of the working process of the equipment. The cleaning system of this unit includes a double layer mesh structure, so there is no need to install an additional filter to protect the heat exchanger.


  • excellent indication;
  • safety system;
  • economic work;
  • compliance with IEC 61121-2013;
  • drying efficiency.


Bosch WQG242A0

The best dryer of 2021 is the premium model of the Bosch WQG242A0 series. The novelty supports many proprietary technologies, some of which we have already considered in the review of its predecessor. In particular, Iron Assist technology (steam treatment to reduce wrinkles) is provided. In addition, there is AutoDry technology that protects clothes from drying out. To signal the presence of the AntiVibration system, which includes 3 springs, powerful supports and 3 shock absorbers. This helps to reduce vibration and premature equipment wear. It is worth noting the rapid drying of up to 1 kilogram of laundry and excellent lighting.


  • excellent lighting;
  • solid foundation;
  • many technologies;
  • good drying;
  • reliable model.


How to choose a good dryer?

If you have already decided that you need such a technique, but do not know how to choose a dryer, we recommend that you pay attention to the main parameters:

  1. Installation method — there are both built-in and freestanding models, which, as you understand, take up a lot of space (like washing machines), but many manufacturers have managed to find a way out. In particular, the equipment is installed above the front «washers» and fixed using suitable adapters;
  2. A heat pump is an element of modern dehumidifiers that removes excess heat from the air through condensation. The same amount of electricity is consumed, but the result becomes many times more efficient;
  3. Energy consumption level: the best indicator is “A +++”;
  4. Programs: In the context of the dryer, we personally perceive this feature very conditionally. Of course, if you are dealing with wool or down, a gentle operation is required. It’s great if the model has a Woolmark certificate, indicating really careful care of things;
  5. Price category: the cost is highly dependent on the availability of a heat pump, the number of programs, energy consumption and additional features. Throwing away luxury items can save you a lot.

What is the best dryer to buy in 2022?

Thus, today you no longer need to worry about the safety of space, because such equipment can be installed on top of washing machines. In addition, there are many relatively inexpensive models that go well with «washing machines» of a similar class. If you do not know which dryer to buy for your home, we recommend that you start your model analysis with reviews of the following products:

  1. Economy dryer — Hoover DXW H10A2TCEX-07;
  2. Good model for the price and quality — LG DC90V9V9W;
  3. Reliable heat pump model — Whirlpool FFT M11 9X2;
  4. Best Premium Dryer — Bosch WQG242A0

Below is a selection of quality washing machines, we also recommend that you familiarize yourself if you have not had time to buy a quality model.


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